TreoCentral's Final Take on the BlackBerry Bold

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Dec 2008 03:43 am EST

WMExperts final take on the BlackBerry Bold!

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Our Treo-loving gal Jennifer's time with my BlackBerry Bold has come to an end. The verdict? She loved it! Jennifer liked the Curve she used last year in the first Round Robin, and for her the Bold's brilliant display and overall speediness kicked it up a notch. Be sure to head on over to to read her full review!!!

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TreoCentral's Final Take on the BlackBerry Bold


LOL!! for sure she loved it what's not to love? it's a great device and she gave it a great review I think!

i like this Robin thing. what a great idea to do.

The bold is a nice device and easy to use. I am a current Curve user for work and have a Palm for personal use; but I have defected to the Blackberry side.

Of course she like it; it's a Blackberry BOLD.....
I am glad she had the time to spend with a great device and became familiar with it! I bet she is dreaming about the Bold thrashing her Treo.... She will be converted in a minute, then she'll be writing an article about how the BOLD won her over!

I have been following the round robin and am a HUGE blackberry fan. I just got the storm and I am so glad that is not what is being circulated around as the blackberry device. I think the storm will be a decent device one day but RIM really messed up by not putting a better processor in it. The speed of the bold is getting more compliments than anything and that is what the storm is seriously lacking. Why in the world would they put a slower processor in a device that obviously needs it because of how it is suppose to be used??? Someone really messed that decision up. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the reviews.

If the only thing that Jennifer found annoying with the Bold was a lack of a dedicated button for the period, then she should switch immediately! Why didn't anyone tell her to just hit space twice? :)

Just want to say that it was a great review. i love the bold and now after her review it makes me want to get on even more.

After reading her review, there's no doubt that she's open minded to the Bold, and probably wouldn't hesitate to suggest it to somebody in the market for a BB. I enjoyed her review very much and props to the Round Robin for picking this individual for a reviewer!

I think it would be great if an editor from one of the smart phone sites defected after their reviews in the round robin. Go Bold!

I have been very happy with mine. I think if Jennifer kept using it she would never want to go back to a previous phone.

Every post I read about the Bold make me want it more. I work my devices like mad and I finally think I worked my Curve so hard she is beginning to show signs of needing a break... Thanks!

Nice to see she loved it. The BB and Treo have similar enough form factors that I imagine it was easy enough for her to pick it up and use it.

Its all about the Bold! Got 1 more converted the other day! Now we got another good review and 1 more person 2 praise best berry out there! (Of course that is IMHO!)

my brother was at a presentation yesterday at upenn given by the commissioner of the FCC, and he couldnt help but notice that she was toting a bold...

The more you use a BB the more you'll love it...EVERYONE should give it a try. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

January 21. Date is marked on my calendar. That is the day I shall join my Bold brethren. Can't wait. Was holding out for the 8900 since I am a Curve user, but once I saw a working Bold at my local ATT store, it was ova!!!! COME TO PAPA!!!!!! It is killing me to wait, but for the diff in $$$, I will wait for my upgrade. I know it will be great. The screen, keyboard, shape.....excuse me, I need a minute. WOW. I have a confession: I strayed. Fell for the hype and bought an iPhone. I know, I know. You NEVER leave your true love. It just sounded so good. Speedy internet. Slick touch screen. Felt very nice in my hand. Built in iPod. I lusted. Had to have it. Then I woke up one morning, rolled over and looked at it. WHAT HAD I DONE!!! Could I be forgiven?? Put my SIM back in the Curve and begged forgiveness. With my Curve on my hip, all is right again. It will be hard to leave her again, we have been through thick and thin. But, in some way, I think it understands. And it approves.

Come on Jan 21!!!!!!!!!

I'm not surprised that she loved the device. The Bold is a very functional tool, and I am impressed with it daily.

People still use those? Welcome to the 21st century, Jennifer. Jennifer is also a writer for where she will be reviewing an LCD HDTV in the TV round robin.

PS - Where'd you get that awesome robin theme for the Bold? It seems to pop right out!

Haha. After all the praise I read, I just don't get how she still prefers her Palm. Yes, there's a period, but that comes with a much more cramped keyboard. (No matter how used to the keyboard you are, you have to admit that the Bold is going to be easier, so that pretty much cancels the convenience of a period anyway.) Yes everything you need is on the main screen, but that's just clutter, imo. I like that I don't have to have so much on my screen so I can enjoy my perty wallpaper. Also, there's all those shortcut keys, so I don't get the complaint there. Additionally, the BlackBerry is just faster, nicer and more fun.

She needs to just admit that she will come over to the dark side, already.


I ran across your site and thought I had found home! lol. Finally a site where less biased posts seem to prevail. The posters are at least sane and not children (for the most part) and don't stomp their feet like children when someone is critical about their phone (mother it seems sometimes). I like the fact that you actually try to interact with your members and by far more personal than the two biggie sites. However, the biggest thing lacking is daily news! My usual morning consist of grabbing a cup of coffee and sit down and look at my favorite phone blogs BGR, Engadget and now Crackberry. BGR site has become insanely biased with its posters and it's basically a playground fight everyday. You leave the site ticked off, very much a different BGR than days of old. I started making Crackberry my first stop each morning but it seems to be a very quick read from the lack of new info everyday. Maybe this is the format and I am out of line and I apologize if this is the case, but I crave my daily news of the industry and their has to be more going on than a Storm contest on a daily basis at the lead post and then more Round robin reviews. How about the progression of the Blackberry app store, Viigo storm progress, why no themes for storms, what is coming for CES, get my drift. Again, trying to make a change but for now I still head over to Engadget, BGR and PhoneArena to get the news of the day. I appreicate the site but here's hoping for more NEWS on Blackberry and it's major competition.

Thank you,
Newly dedicated fan....

This actually what I really wanted on Verizon. But wont be for awhile. Oh well, guess I'll just deal with my Storm until my next upgrade. I want WiFi and it should have been on the Storm.

Jenn is a convert in the making, although I'm stillfeeling Kevins pain from the first video, where the screen got a good ol' poking from the thought of it being a touchscreen.

Seriously the bold is just the best smartphone out there, if the reviewers cant see it theyre in denial lol.

"And the email was quick as lightning too! Very impressive! Now I'll have to remember to call AT&T and get my PDA data plan back. Luckily, both plans cost the same."

Maybe the reviewer should permanently join Crackberry instead.

I gotta say again and again, i love how open minded everyone is being with the round robin. Seems everyone is giving each device a fair shot to impress them. Just awesome.

And how can you NOT like the Bold, the keyboard, screen and OS just has to win you over!!!

She made a comment about Nintaii and was wishing for a version on her Treo or PC. I used to play that game on EBAUMSWORLD.COM. Can't find it there anymore but if anyone can find it please post!!!

This is a brilliant concept not only in idea but in implementation. With the combined knowledge and experience of all the editors these review really serve as probably the best means of finding the right device for you that I've come across. Thanks for all the time and effort put in by all.

One reason I love the BB is that it's very usable on-the-go. Glad this was something Jennifer noticed about the device.

Awesome thanks for all the updates on the Round Robin. I'm getting the blackberry bold for christmas. This site made me a crackberry addict.

This is so frustrating... I'm watching these intently because I'm looking for a new phone, and each and every review makes it harder for me to decide which platform I want to jump to. Then again, its exciting that, for once, there seem to be so many great smartphone options out there! =)

Gotta love the great reviews.....Now if I could just get you guys to send me a new Bold, I would be happy to review it for ya! :-)

It's pretty cool that everybody seems satisfied with the Bold. I've had mine for about a month and a half now and I'm loving it. Totally addicted to it.

I love it that the blackberry products are getting such high marks. Tell us what we BB users all know....

BB get's the job done... and then some.

I love it that the blackberry products are getting such high marks. Tell us what we BB users all know....

BB get's the job done... and then some.

I love it that the blackberry products are getting such high marks. Tell us what we BB users all know....

BB get's the job done... and then some.

I love it that the blackberry products are getting such high marks. Tell us what we BB users all know....

BB get's the job done... and then some.

I love it that the blackberry products are getting such high marks. Tell us what we BB users all know....

BB get's the job done... and then some.

I love it that the blackberry products are getting such high marks. Tell us what we BB users all know....

BB get's the job done... and then some.

I love it that the blackberry products are getting such high marks. Tell us what we BB users all know....

BB get's the job done... and then some.

I love how open minded people are (mostly) going into the round robin. I also like seeing different people's takes on each device compared to what they are used to using. From trying to push the Bold's non-touch screen, to trying to wake the Palm with it's center button. It just goes to show how working with these devices does have an affect on how we view things. :-)

It's nice to see other smartphone people liking/loving the Bold. I finally got to play with one this past weekend and all it did was make me want to upgrade my Curve to a Bold a lot sooner rather than later (Here's hoping I win, hint hint).

So far the reviews for the Bold in the Round Robin have been positive and that's good. I'm interested to see what the iPhone guy has to say about it.

that I do think the Bold will become part of Jennifer's collection in the near future. Great review

good thing for her she got to review the bold and not the storm. As a first-time crackberry user, I'm really enjoying my bold. I went to a verizon store to play around with a storm, and was that ever a disappointment. I'm not hating on the clickable screen necessarily, but the software was horrible. I'm deffinitely glad ATT delayed the bold until .167 so we could have a nice stable OS for release.

My Blackjack II suffered some irreparable damage and I've been using my old Sony Ericsson dumbphone for about 2 months now. I feel like I'm losing my mind and friends at the same time. I'll drop the coin if I have to, but I might as well shoot for the freebie!

I have to agree with Jennifer that screen is beautiful and crisp...the vivid colors that almost make you want to cry, because it makes you think how far technology has advanced in the last decade or so.

but the user interface with a BlackBerry can not be beat in my not so humble opinion. I bet she winds up missing it. Oh, and I too wish VZW would offer the Bold. I'm not digging the looks of the silver Curve and with all the multimedia capabilities of the BB, why would I want to put finger prints all over the display (Storm)?