Treo vs. BlackBerry - An In-Depth Analysis - Part II

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Mar 2008 11:51 am EDT

Treo vs. BlackBerry

Part I of Treo vs. BlackBerry - An In-Depth Analysis was a BIG HIT, and Part II is now up at our sibling site to deliver the knockout punch. Head on over and take a read (you can report back here with comments, or leave them at TC). Enjoy!

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Treo vs. BlackBerry - An In-Depth Analysis - Part II


I am former Treo 650 user and this comes as no suprise to me. I now own a BB Curve 8310 and this phone blows the Treo and Centro away. The best that Palm could come up with is the Centro!? Are you serious??? The exodus from Palm to Blackberry has been astonishing and the reason is clear..the BB is reliable, beautiful and simply works.

Great job!!! As a former 650 "victim" I agree with pretty much every single thing you wrote. I suffered through 3 650's in a 2 yr period b/c of the fact I'm stubborn (my husband is a longtime bberry user and told me I wouldn't like a treo) and the fact that I refused to pay Cingular for another phone with similar necessary functions when I feel like I never really had a fully operational pda with the treo and I had paid quite a bit for it (much more than it was really worth). When my last treo finally died I was forced to take a stand with Cingular and just refused to pay for a Curve or accept another Treo. I ended up getting my curve for free and my life has been a million times less complicated since that day. There is something to be said about a device that just WORKS, no spectacular bells and whistles, only operates as advertised. I learned the hard way that reliability is so much more important that being the first person you know to perform a cool/new function on their phone..............allegedly

I recently went to an 8703e after 2 years on a Treo 650 and a month on the Centro.

The only thing I miss is real IMAP folder synchronization like Chatteremail provides. This was my only letdown in making the switch, but everything more than makes up for it.

I’m speechless... to break down two phones that much and be able to type it all out is amazing to me, aside from that seems that the BB in his opinion will be the better phone ultimately over time.
But that is also all written based on how he uses his phone and what he uses his phone for... I still think its a 50/50 toss up... there is a fair amount of people out there that still only really use smart phones for two basic reasons... e-mail and talking on.
So in my opinion I think this could go both ways for eternity... or until one just dominates another.

You state that BES is expensive. I'd like to temper that by saying that it's free -at least for the first 15 users. You can run the express version which is fully featured but limits you to 15 users. Every BB device comes with 1 CAL which you have to obtain via filling out a form on the BB website. I've been running our BES server for my company for a year now without any problems.

Also, you need to be running MS Exchange Server (or Lotus, or one of the others) for it to work. I'm doing that anyway. I leveraged existing (pronounced OLD) assets and run BES on a fairly old pc workstation.


I was not aware that BES is free for the first 15 users as an "express" version - this is the first I've heard of that. If you have a link to that for the other users here, it would be very much appreciated.


Okay, in true BB fashion, they moved the site. They do this to me every time I need to add a device to my server. Royal pain in the you know what. Just google for:

"BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express" and you should find the current location.


I've also recently switched from a Treo (650) to a Blackberry (8830), due to a job change. I've had many of the same experiences you have. While I miss some of my Palm OS programs (e.g., Handyshopper and Datebook 5), the stability of the BB is wonderful. My Treo would spotaneously reset throughout the day. The BB battery life is also much better. Also, from a "gadget geek" perspective, I love having a built in GPS. Thanks for the article.