Treo or BlackBerry? Wayne Rash Needs Your Help!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Nov 2007 08:12 am EST

Wayne Rash eWeek

When first launched, Wayne Rash over at eWeek was quick to help spread the word.

It's time to return the favor... Wayne needs the Community's help! He's looking to replace his Motorola V3 RAZR and is contemplating between a new Treo or BlackBerry. He's checked out the Smartphone Round Robin and loves it, but still could use some direct input to help him with his decision. It seems to me that right now he's leaning towards the Treo, and we just can't let that happen! :-)

Check out Wayne's Should I Buy a Treo? post and be sure to comment and help get him on the BlackBerry bandwagon!!

* Update: Looks like it's working...check out Wayne's follow-up post Or Maybe I Should Buy a BlackBerry? *

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Treo or BlackBerry? Wayne Rash Needs Your Help!


Think about it like this: You will find lots of guys who switched from Treo to Blackberry, but it is very rare to find someone who switched from a Blackberry to a Treo.

Focus on the Operating System, not the Phone. The Palm O/S is more versatile and is stable. If you like to tweak and try new things, the Palm is your O/S. The BB O/S is less versatile, but even more stable... and it is designed to be a very efficient one-handed O/S. I can not over-emphasize how wonderful the one-handed-ness of a BB really is. Once you have a PDA that works as smoothly and quickly as the BB, you will not want to use anything else.

I'm getting lots of response to my pondering of smart phones. What's interesting is the breadth of opinion. I've gotten comments from Pro-Treo people, pro-BlackBerry people, Pro-WM6 people, and one or two who don't like any of them.

But your experiences are sure providing a lot of useful input.

This is great!


Wayne Rash

Prior to my getting a blackberry 8830 I went through 3 Sprint Treo's in a 2 week period. The first one Just stopped working after 1 week, the next one when I went to charge it got so hot it started a fire and the third one just had other problems. The fact that I was so disgusted with the reception also didn't help. I researched (after the fact) and found out that I was not the only one having problem with the treo phone.

I have used both and truly believe both devices are great. There are a few differences. The biggest is the touchscreen. I think touch screens are great, but there are some huge drawbacks. First is durability I went through 3 Treos in 1 and a half years because of the touchscreen. My is still working and my Curve is kicking after a year.

The only thing I like about the Treo more than my curve is the threaded text messaging which makes things sooooo much simpler.

The only drawback of the curve is the long start-up time. And I can't play my songs from my iTunes. But I use an iPod for that anyway.

Dude trust me when I say Buy a blackberry Curve. It is the best phone I have ever owned.

Don't get me wrong, the Palm Treo is a fine pda for mostly anything a PIM user can throw at it, but in general the Curve (especially T-mobile's 8320) trumps anything Palm has had to had to offer. Once you start using a Blackberry, you will become instantly aware of why is it so hard to switch off of the device to another comparable model. Two words come to mind: speed and stability. For the record, any type of messaging done on the BB OS can be so quickly that one would marvel at the difference between any other device (especially Windows Mobile 6). WM6 can be a headache just to do basic functions, as it requires you to run through one or two submenus just to send a message.

A Treo 700p or 755 with Palm OS is a nice device, but for the money the Curve has many more technological advances which makes it a stellar performer (Wi-Fi calling or GPS, Stereo bluetooth, better camera). And yes I have used all the OS's I have commented on...most recently had an excursion with a T-mobile Wing. After a few trial days with the device I wanted to throw it out of a window (it was such a headache). Sure on the BB you don't have the flashy Windows apps, but in the long run you should desire a device that will make you more productive and save TIME. And for one final note...PUSH EMAIL owns!

Wayne --

Great minds must think alike. I have a Verizon V3 RAZR, had a Treo 680, and have a BlackBerry. Let me give you some quick info.

I still use the RAZR as my small phone in my pocket. It goes with me everywhere. It has never given me a day of trouble.

I used to use a Treo 680. It is the best Treo ever and has some superior capabilities due to software. For example, you can download entire Zagat databases and Documents to Go for Office documents works really well. (The base system has 64MB and it expands with 2GB cards.) The problem is that connecting to an enterprise email system is horrible. The Good software drained my battery way too quickly.

I tried a BB two years ago and switched back to the Treo. But, the new BB Curve has won me over. The primary reason is the WiFi connection. I have signal over WiFi in places where my Treo went dark. Also, the battery life is significantly better and the connection to the Enterprise Server is excellent. I do miss two things. First, I really miss Documents to Go, local Zagat databases, and I miss Roboform. (Ascendo and Splash ID are poor seconds.) Second, I dislike the need to download items that the Treo stored locally, such as maps. I should also mention that the 3.5mm headset jack is annoying because none of my existing headsets fit. BUT -- the WiFi connectivity, better battery life, and superior email pus more than make up for it.

Good luck in your choice. I can tell you more. (Wayne, you know how to reach me.)