World news at your fingertips with Trendy News Magazine for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 14 Nov 2013 04:56 am EST

If you like to keep up to date with world news you may want to check out Trendy News Magazine which is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. 

With a black, white and blue user interface and a choice or either English, German or Chinese as the native language, Trendy News provides articles from around the globe, all nicely presented in true BlackBerry fashion. As well as being able to scroll up and down through articles, you can also slide from side to side with related stories - giving you as much news as possible. 

No time to read all the stories now? That's no issue as with a long hold of the article you can save it for later, whether you are online or not. These stories can be accessed from the star tab at the top of the display. 

With trends, topics and search tabs at the base of the screen, Trendy News Magazine is your one stop shop for finding out what's in the headlines. With full sharing options and being BBM connected I think the £0.75/$0.99 price tag is well worth it. Who's with me? 

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World news at your fingertips with Trendy News Magazine for BlackBerry 10


Maybe it's good, but why should I pay for a newsapp, when there are many great news apps for free in the appworld :) and my news feed reader is not free, but can get any news I want :)
I'm using euro news and gnewsreader...

Posted via CB10

Too many good news apps to warrant paying for this. Sorry developer. I'd support but with all the good free media apps from source I can't justify paying for this yet until explained why it's worth the money.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Why does everyone act like $0.99 is a large investment? And why do they expect developers to work for free?

Posted via CB10

Nobody expects developers to work for free but when there are good free apps already available how can you justify paying for the same thing unless you have some competitive advantage.

Posted via CB10

I have to agree with the previous poster 0.99c is no money and I do NOT expect developers to work for free, I have bought (File vault & Voice Recorder) to name two but if you can get virtually the same app for nothing why would you pay for it?
I personally use twitter and have linked to CNN and CNN new day for international news (I live in Jamaica)

Posted via CB10

I got flipboard for free it's makes absolutely no sense to pay a dime for an magazine that surely ain't half as good as flipboard...big ups to d developer tho

Posted via CB10

wow... nice... a BGR article pictured in the device in the photo of this article...

(in the YouTube video thumbnail)

App is great, does what it says. I really enjoy the interface and is user friendly.
And...YES i can give this amount for a usefull app that i like.
Please continue the good job and do more apps.
BlackBerry needs apps.

Tsironis V.