Trend Micro highlights some of the security features of BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 16 Sep 2013 04:54 pm EDT

Back in February, BlackBerry teamed up with Trend Micro to use their App Scanning Service to further analyze apps submitted to BlackBerry World in addition to the already existing proprietary application analyzing system in use by BlackBerry. Outside of that, BlackBerry has also been working with Trend Micro to develop further solutions for protecting BlackBerry customers against emerging mobile security concerns.

BlackBerry has always been known for their security with it being a core part of the operating system and with BlackBerry 10 they've added even more layers of security than ever before. Some of that security though isn't necessarily consumer facing, so you might not be fully aware of its existence.

So in-between their work with BlackBerry, Trend Micro has come up with a nice infographic that highlights just some of the security features built into BlackBerry 10 in their Smarphone Spotlight. You can check out the image below or head on over to the Trend Micro website to view the full-res image.

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Trend Micro highlights some of the security features of BlackBerry 10


Trend Micro is the best security solution when it comes to desktop s in my opinion. Good decision of BlackBerry to go with them

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And Btw, if BlackBerry had chosen symantec I would criticize them for choosing that company

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I personally use trend micro since 2009. I find their security suite much better than symantec

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I think they would care (look at how many home security services and products exist), but they just aren't aware that their devices are vulnerable. To most, as long as your device isn't physically stolen, it is safe. And even when it is stolen, the event is attributed to a home/car/purse/pant pocket security vulnerabilty.

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I am not contending the fact that people love to be secure, that goes without saying... But when it comes to phones, it takes the back burner to apps, games, thin profile, (insert almost anything here), etc.

Ergo, advertising like this is useless.

We agree that people like to be secure. Thus the only reason they 'do not care about a more secure device' is because they are not aware that their device is less secure.

Other than individually hacking into everyone's devices to 'teach them a lesson', how else do you suggest consumers should be educated about smartphone security?

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BlackBerry is doing as good of a job as they can in that department. Even the average consumer knows BlackBerry is known for two things: keyboards and security.

Which brings me back to my main point, which is they do not care.

"...the only reason they 'do not care about a more secure device' is because they are not aware that their device is less secure." BINGO!
They'll only scream once their very private information is floating around the Internet. It's too late then to do anything about it.

Ah- another comment from a BlackBerry fan who lives to trash the stupid consumer...They DO CARE. It's that the consumer knows the NSA can crack anything. It is the BlackBerry fan's arrogance that leads them to believe BlackBerry can't be cracked. I can't believe people actually believe that. There is no phone that can't be cracked, and BlackBerry will never admit it.

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Good to know you consider yourself the only person in the world with critical thinking skills. From the comments on CB, it's a wonder how the "average consumer" manages to get through his/her day.

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I was reading an article yesterday, it seems that BlackBerry was supposedly the network that the NSA had the hardest time cracking into (the article actually claimed that an NSA person said they couldn't get into it at all). I get the feeling this related more to BES than to BIS or even whatever services the BB10 phones run over, which I think is now just the standard TCP-IP if I recall, but it makes me a think that BlackBerry still has the best security of any manufacturer out there.

For reference, the article was on Yahoo, I think coming from CBC.

This isn't just the best comment of the day or the week... I think it's one of the best this year on Crackberry...

From the Z...

wow, I'm honoured! THANKS!

(you'll notice the U in "hono_red" ... that's ALSO "Canadjan, eh!")


Even if what you say is true, you're still suggesting the wrong approach. I'll take my chances with a leaky boat with one small hole in it versus another with 1500 similar sized holes all over!
Also, no one was trashing consumers here. Just saying the average consumer doesn't pay attention to security - they love short & simple passwords or no passwords at all. Most install apps and accept whatever permissions the developer suggests without any question.

You mean "couldn't care less".

But you're right most consumers don't even think about security risks in their digital lives beyond hiding things from their other halves with passwords or pin, so it's never worked as a selling point in consumer land for BlackBerry. It does help sell phones and services to the business world though.

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If true, there are a couple things that should be pointed out:
1. They were not able to access everything, unlike Android and iOS (as far as I read).
2. This was the older BBOS, not BB10.

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Crackberry is in copy paste modez


Security is one of the biggest reasons I love my BlackBerry so much. That's why I could never go Android.

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This should part of what Bbry promotes with bb10, the details matter to consumers.

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I agree.

The common consumer doesn't care about security at this time. All they want are useless apps, games, instagram and netflix.

What's it gonna take for people to realize that security and privacy of all the personal information stored on a smartphone is important?

Maybe Blackberry should throw some ads similar to the PC vs Windows ad, I know a shitload of morons who think their Mac is unhackable. I mean yea Windows still dominates, but that def helped Apple get the sales going.

I think it would be cool if some entity started doing mainstream advertising for Linux.

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Who would pay for it. Is Linux not a free, open-source operating system? That sounds like the LEAST secure to me.

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It was my understanding that, at least in cryptography, open source is requisite for security. The more eyes looking at something, the more likely holes get plugged I guess. An exploit in proprietary software could be used for a long time before someone in that exclusive group finds and fixes it. That said, I can't speak from any experience, but if you think about it, open source certainly has some advantages.

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Those (except Balance) are available through the 'Security and Privacy' settings. Balance is the only one available for BES.

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Awesome, I'm going to save my £7.50 now and not buy max security... I'll wait for this instead...

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They care, not a lot...
People need to understand nowadays we buy cellphones because of its features and not much about security. Smartphones for fun...i think 70-80% thinks like that. Real life.

My opinion

I've noticed that you can turn off location services without a password, rendering BB Protect's phone locator useless.

I've also noticed the location service icon next to the battery on several occasions with no apps running. I'm assuming an Android port is using it in the background, and I don't like that. I'd like to see what app is using the locator service.

Finally I'm a little disappointed that there's no way to have a device password set and manually lock the phone without having it auto lock after xx minutes.

Agree on the location services should require password. Also restoring to factory settings should keep your password. Mine didn't, although admittedly i was running a leaked OS.

If you hold the power button and you have a pass code it gives you the option of locking the screen, you could increase the lockout time to an hour which might be more convenient.

The lock time is limited to 30 minutes on mine. I'd prefer "Never" and simply choose when to lock it. I think that would significantly increase the use of passwords on phones, without that silly fingerprint reader ;)

If NSA found it hard to hack into BlackBerry with all their experience and machinery behind, then how possible is it for others to hack it. Even if NSA has cracked the cide, you should only worry about them snooping if you are involved in some activities that's less then wholesome. The major worry should be hacking by others who would use information from your phone for example, blackmail. Feel free to add more to this example.

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It's a great little 'artircle,' Bla1ze, and I couldn't agree more. TrendMicro is a phenomenal security solution for all sorts of environments and I've used ONLY it for over a dozen years; NEVER a breach except for the THREE DAYS I let my subscription lapse.

Interesting that most Droid users - most consumers, in fact - are totally oblivious to the security threats their other platform phones present to their privacy and personal data security.
What you don't know WILL hurt you, and I think it's time that people woke up and realize that smell in their nostrils isn't coffee brewing, it's a skunk that's gone off and things are about to get ugly.

Sure, the NSA may (or may not; we don't know 'for sure') have cracked the BBRY cypher, but THAT's not where the s#*t should hit the fan (in THIS case); it's the fact that the "other" O/S itself IS the security threat in that its creator & operator is GIVING IT AWAY as a means of collecting ALL its users' EVERY Keystrokes, travel patterns and personal information, from dates to messages and contacts.

Don't believe it's happening? Just 'google' "Android" with "Security," "Keystroke Tracking," even "Data Collection" and a few more .... THAT should open some eyes.

Just my 2 cents from our penny-less country.
Cheers & Keep Moving!

Security is relative. Like someone said, if your computer is on, it is a security risk (and the same applies for your phone).Its only a matter of time and if a hacker has a choice between a device that takes 4 days (or 4000 years as it states in the article) to crack versus a device that takes 4 hrs, guess which one he will attempt first....
Just like on a computer, don't install apps that you don't use often, (and remove the bloat ware), turn off location services. When you install an app, pay attention to the security settings (they dont need access to your docs and pictures etc if its a weather app or game (for example), turn on only the bare minimum to keep the app working. If possible, don't use any finance apps that access your bank and credit card accounts. Whatever it is that you need to get done can wait (in most cases) till you can get to a computer that has current malware and AV definitions and is not on a public network.
BB's have always been known for their focus on security and if it is good enough for the US President and the DOD, it is good enough for me.

I'm very surprised that the mobile industry is not far more scrutinizing and rejecting of Android products due to the publicly revealed and undeniable leaks of information from Google to the US government. I mean really who wants a few cheezy useless apps badly enough to trade their privacy for them???? even if you have nothing to hide it's just downright disturbing knowing you're indirectly or directly sending a copy of what you say and to whom to the NSA. I mean guys come on.....

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even MORE disturbing is the fact that Google themselves track and store EVERYTHING that takes place on EVERY 'Droid device, and THEY use it to advertise more effectively to YOU in order to make more $$$ off EVEYTHING they know about YOU.

Might as well have a camera crew follow you around, recording EVERYTHING you write, say and places you go - no matter how private or personal - (not to mention the people you do ... ROFLOLOL!!).

NOBODY would willingly sign up for THAT "in perpetuity" solely for the purpose of allowing the owners of said cameras to make more $$$$$ because they know how to better advertise to you.
BUT, because they're doing it quietly and without any big fanfare, AND because YOU have agreed to those terms & conditions via a HUGE user-agreeement that no-one reads OR understands, it's suddenly "the cost of getting a cheap phone."

There's the Facepalm of the modern age for you ....

Lol didn't read a few posts up. At least some of us are aware. Please make everyone aware. Tell everyone. I don't know how anyone could purchase an android device with this knowledge...

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