Pack Light with BlackBerry Travel Accessories

By Adam Zeis on 1 Feb 2010 12:29 pm EST

When traveling with your BlackBerry you want to pack as light as possible. Trying to remember all those chargers, cases and cords can be a real pain. To get the most out of your device and still pack light, there are some key accessories you can take along. A spare battery charger can come in very handy, especially when paired up with an extended battery. You may also want to check out some retractable USB cables to cut down on the cord tangles. Check out the video above for a quick look at some of my favorite travel accessories.

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Pack Light with BlackBerry Travel Accessories


Spare battery, RIM spare battery charger, one foot USB cable and my laptop, that covers me completely, the laptop always goes with me.

This is why I look forward to the powermat batteries that will come out later this year. You can just plop down one of their batteries on the mat, and will be charged and ready when you need. it. plus the one in the phone. Love that powermat (once the batteries come out) I won't be caught dead with the extra battery door cover. Can't put a case on it.

I only travel with my one charger(also data cable if I travel with laptop), no case, and nothing extra...if I had a case, I'd just leave it on my device...I see no need for anything extra...maybe an extended battery, maybe

I travel a fair amount for work and have spent years trying to reduce the amount of stuff I carry. Someone once told me you will never wish you had heavier luggage!

To that end I have embraced the netbook, realized that a pair of swim trunks is lighter than a workout outfit and running shoes and completely eliminated the BB Charger from my luggage but rather take the USB cable. It not only charges my BB but also allows me to use my BB as a modem if need be as well as giving me access to my USB external HD.

it sounds like you either dont care or dont want to make the video, or maybe you just woke up, either way the tone of voice was making it very hard to watch the video let alone absorb what you are trying to talk about

Sorry .. I have been known to talk a bit fast when I do videos. I'll try to slow it down a bit - understandable that it makes it hard to take it all in.

You just sold me on the retractable microUSB cable. I didn't know that the extended battery was the same size as a regular battery, I may invest in one as well as the external charger, although the Bold's extended charger had the USB connection for double charging and the Tour/Storm one does not. :(

I have the Seidio extended life battery w/ the extended life battery door. The extended life battery you show in the video for the Tour appears to be thinner than the one that requires the larger battery door like I have? Will this mini-charger work with my setup?

With execellent battery life on the 9700, is it really necessary to have a spare battery? I would think charging every night might be sufficient without carrying the extra weight. I bring a standard micro-usb cable and an apple ipod/iphone charger (by far the smallest 1 amp charger).

I travel frequently and have a ton of do-dads and gizmos that make my airport layovers/motel stays much less irratating. Between the eBook, PSP, bluetooth, iPod and Berry, etc., I would have normally have to pack 1/2 dozen chargers. When I discovered the iGo charger with interchangable tips(and 12VDC cigarette lighter adapter), I was really happy. Now I have to carry 1 charger and a handful of replacement tips that easily fit in my carry-on. They were all a little pricey after the charger and tips but well worth the money. I've also taken to using the Turn by turn navigation app on my Tour instead of packing another GPS device. Good article.