Trapster Updated - Adds Virtual Radar, Custom Sound Themes and more

By Adam Zeis on 2 Dec 2009 12:10 pm EST

I got word that Trapster has been released and features some cool new updates. Everyone's favorite speed trap app has been been revamped and is better than ever. The first difference you'll see is the updated UI - so there are no more old school fonts/boxes. There is now a manual location setting for devices without GPS as well (good for devices that block 3rd party apps). The Virtual Radar narrows and elongates based on the speed and direction of travel to help better find "traps". The trap filters let you customize your alert settings to your liking (choose not to be notified of alerts or set threshold). Perhaps the coolest addition is that of the custom sound themes. You can now choose to hear alerts in various voices such as Arnold, Geroge W. Bush, Austin Powers or Yogi and Boo Boo (check out some samples above). To get the latest update, just head over to from your device.

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Trapster Updated - Adds Virtual Radar, Custom Sound Themes and more


We wanted to give CrackBerry the chance to announce it, so we didn't post the link until just now.


It is also now updated on

Please let us know your feedback!

BTW as you probably know, GPS is still blocked to 3rd party apps on the Verizon 8330 Curve and Worldphone even though Google and BlackBerry maps work. But we added a manual location mechanism so 8330 users can still use the app.

The GPS works great on the Verizon Storm and Tour. See the FAQ if you are having issues getting it to find you.


Like this is what we need. More people using there phones while driving. I love my blackberry and everything but I don't think people should use it while they drive.

Don't believe it? Here's proof. Check out the officer's comment: "If you had been using Trapster you would have known I was here 1/2 mile back".

In fact many police departments around the US have notified us that they are faithfully entering their accurate locations in Trapster, and that it is making the roads safer. This is just the first that has stated it on public TV.

Trapster must be used like a nav system, firmly mounted, no typing / texting. All nav systems require at least minimal interaction. And you need a car charger. Holding your phone or texting while driving is dangerous and illegal in many US states and countries.

How is this making the roads safer? Police departments are "faithfully" entering their accurate locations in Trapster so that people WON'T get caught speeding? I don't think so! This would cause the police departments to LOSE money, why would they do that?

This program is BS. It's only purpose is to protect speeders from getting tickets. It doesn't make the roads any safer. If anything it creates more of a hazard. Say someone is speeding along and gets alerted to a trap. The person doesn't see it or pay attention to it until they are close and then they realize, CRAP I've got to slow down fast! So they proceed to slam on the brakes, endangering themselves, endangering others all for the sake of not getting a speeding ticket. This product should be discontinued and I am appalled that Crackberry would even post an article about it.

This is really not any different from someone seeing a cop on the side of the road and doing the same thing really.

Sounds like you turned on your waaaaahhhhhhambulance siren. First, police departments do NOT directly get the money for writing tickets. This creates a direct conflict of interest. The money goes into the general operating fund.

As for how it makes the roads safer, you would have to understand what the purpose of a speed trap is. To you, its revenue generating machine. While it may do that, a speed traps true purpose is to slow people down in a DANGEROUS area or intersection. Its not just to generate money. 2 examples I can cite from my own driving experience. A curvy mountain road with a 25MPH limit and a straight road that is straight for about a mile with a speed limit of 50MPH. Speed traps are set up on the 25MPH road even though people always travel upwards of 60-65MPH on the mile long straight. Why? The curvy road is more dangerous and the mile long has no driveways, its not residential, no intersections, no stop signs. Its just straight road. You almost NEVER see speed traps on it, maybe once in a blue moon. ive been driving that road daily for the past 13 years and seen 1, one, single, uno officer on that straight road. And he didnt even have his radar on. But there is at least a twice a month trap on the slow 25MPH road.

This program doesnt encourage people to do anything they werent already doing anyway. Radar detectors are legal and people still get tickets and speed. All it does is get them to slow down for a dangerous intersection or residential area. Maybe you like high speed pursuits through your front yard? Also speed traps arent in the same place every single day of the week are they? So if someone has trapster, it only remembers that the cops LIKE this spot to set up. Not that they ARE set up here. So it still alerts you even if there is no speed trap. So again, its alerting you to the POSSIBILITY of a speed trap in a dangerous area or intersection and you slow down... for the dangerous area or intersection. How is this bad again? The thought that the cops MIGHT be there is enough to get people to slow down. The police can use this to their advantage as well. Enter in the places you set up traps and a couple places you cant, but want people to slow down... Wow. It works like magic. Why do you think those portable speed displays are such a hit? They hit the guys with radar detectors and they slow down until they see the display.

You are one of those, people shouldnt be responsible for themselves, types arent you? Even if you think you arent, you might want to reread your own posts. The police arent going to magically disappear because a couple people got trapster on their blackberry. They are still going to sit at their traps and they are still going to catch people. 100% of the cops I know HATE to write speeding tickets.

And the guy who posted originally is right. Its just as dangerous when people see the cop and mash the brakes. As opposed to trapster which probably warns with a mile or half mile off that there is a speed trap ahead. Most people who are "speeding" arent doing so recklessly 20MPH+. Thats a rare case. They are doing between 7-13MPH over the limit. Something that can be undone by simply rolling off the gas pedal.

Oh and how are other endangered by me slamming on my brakes? Maybe you are tailgater and dont want to rear end someone? Try following a safe 2-3 car lengths behind the car in front of you. It should give you plenty of time to react. Id make a tailgatester app but Im sure you wouldnt like it. After all it would let you know that you might be coming to a spot where a cop might be sitting and might be bothered to give you a ticket.

Either that or you are the safest driver ever who never does anything wrong on the road.

I know that police departments don't directly get the money. It goes into the general operating fund but the bigger that fund is, the more they have to spend on raises, upgrades, etc, etc.

Part of the purpose of a speed trap is to be a revenue generating machine. At least here in Canada it is. Almost all of the speed traps that I have seen are always on a section of straight road. You have only seen ONE trap on a straight road in 13 years!? Give me a break! Police want to stop lead foot drivers that tear along long stretches. On the highway I usually go about 10kms over the speed limit and a lot of drivers fly by me like I am standing still (must be going at least 40-50kms over the speed limit). I have never seen police on curvy roads because to stop someone on a curvy road would be much more dangerous than to stop someone on a straight road, especially for the cop standing outside the driver's door.

I believe that people are responsible for their own actions. A lot of people need to slow down when driving and stop being reckless.

You can endanger someone else by slamming on your brakes if there is someone in the other lane beside you and you lose control.

I try to be the safest driver on the road but I am human like anyone else. There are a lot of reckless drivers (at least where I live) and Trapster, along with other programs/devices, are just ways to circumvent the LAW. All of these devices should be banned. Radar detectors have been banned here in Ontario.

Snippet from an article on talking about Trapster:

"Is this thing nefarious? You bet. Counter-productive to the interests of cops trying to nab speeders? Absolutely. Aimed at making cops less safe? Not exactly (and certainly not for the officer who is tactically sound and technologically aware)."

This product has one purpose and that's for people who speed to be alerted to where police have a trap set up so they know to slow down and avoid a ticket (or possible license suspension). How is this much different from a radar detector? The technology behind the two are vastly different but the end result is pretty much the same.

This cop, and Ill give their senor editor the benefit of the doubt that he was a cop, doesnt know the first thing about enforcing traffic laws. First he says "nab speeders." Officers charged with traffic duty arent out to "nab" people. They are out to make sure that everyone gets to and from their destination safely. To this guy its all about punishing the people that are bad, not protecting those they are innocent. Because like I explained above, if it gets people to slow down at dangerous areas and intersections. If you bothered to read the comments section at the bottom, the police officers posting already do EXACTLY what I said they would do. And for the same reasons I said they SHOULD do it! The only guys who have their panties in a bunch are you and the author of the article you quoted.

It should be about punishing the people that are bad yet at the same time protecting the innocent. People who use Trapster (or radar detectors) to speed and then slow down for traps are bad people.

The comments from a few cops say that they provide false traps and then sit a mile or so up the road. LOL. So much for faithful reporting of traps by police!

"I downloaded it and submit random speed traps and then sit a mile north or south of it. Is it wrong to mess with people?"

"I do the same as bcso974. At the start of my shift, I place speed traps in the areas that I can not sit at due to no line markings and then park a mile or so up the road. At the end of the shift I remove them, I still have yet to see anything change on traffic though."

"From what I've been able to see on Trapster, the information is bogus anyway; there are rarely "speed traps" in the areas identified. Drivers are relying on technology for everything and no longer using there senses."

To the first comment, No it's not wrong to mess with people that are using technology to get out of a ticket. Might as well use the technology against them.

Also as my other post states, the CEO from Trapster himself said that he doesn't care what data gets tracked. Basically it comes down to generating revenue via location based ads. This software is big brother watching every move you make.

Another snippet from the same article. This is what the CEO of Trapster had to say:

“As a businessman, I don’t care whether my users are reporting speed traps or bubble gum wrappers, my business model is that eventually we’ll put in location-based ads, and we have a lot of car companies that want to buy generic data from us. Not email addresses or phone numbers or people’s names. That kind of information isn’t actually worth that much anymore. The kind of information the car companies want to buy is stuff like traffic information.”

For example, let’s say that the Trapster servers, which can “see” the GPS location all of the users who have downloaded the Trapster application and have it running on their phones, observes that a single iPhone owner is moving along at 25 miles an hour on the I-5 — the main North-South artery on the West Coast. That presents an interesting data point.

Now, let’s say we have that same kind of data from a hundred, a thousand, maybe even ten thousand cars up and down the I-5. Now we begin to have some very useful information about traffic throughout California, Oregon, and Washington. Now, figure that database also includes I-95, I-80, I-40, I-30, and countless state roads and highways.

Getting the picture? That’s a lot of very, very valuable information.

“All I have to do to execute on that — all I have to do to get that information — is to get people to leave this application on as they’re driving. There are an awful lot of companies out there trying to get people to report traffic data. The problem is, most people don’t do that. People are not fundamentally benevolent like that. What I find is that people are inherently lazy and not particularly interested in helping each other, unless they connect with something.”

got 3.5 and its much better for storm2 use.

Found a bug. When you click sound themes then click default it goes to a uncaught exception error:java.lang.nullpointerexception error

OK, fixed and posted v 3.5.7. Sorry about that. Same URL, but you will need to reinstall if you already downloaded 3.5.6. Please let us know if you find any more.

One huge advantage of BB over other platforms - on some it would have taken 4-6 weeks to get that fix to you, instead of 4-6 minutes.

Thanks guys! Loving Trapster so far... now all you guys need to do is incorporate a turn-by-turn navigation app with street name voice prompts! :)

Been a big fan of the app for a while now. The new update is great. I like that there is a directional marker on me while I'm driving. Still messing with the Zoom a bit...

Should "leave backlight on" really be the default setting though?? Downloaded a preview of the "Sultry" voice, kinda funny, but I don't use audible alerts.

If you folks ever need any testers, I'd love to help out!

it is super slow on 9700, it won't even load up my location, just a blue dot and a white screen any suggestions?

Just downloaded 3.5.7 now on my Storm. Am looking forward to working with this app.

Wow, I can't believe all the speed traps in my area. I really need this app.

I like the update. It's pretty neat to see the "radar" affect going off in one direction now.

Something I always thought would make this app more useful would be to flag accidents.They are temporary, like speed traps, police will more than likely be present, and it would give users a heads up on potential road problems ahead.

No. There is only one file on the servers. You may need to clear your browser cache if you previously downloaded 3.5.6.

I've installed it but haven't been on the road with it yet. I did a full reboot and found it wasn't in the list of running applications. Does this mean I have to manually turn it on when I get in the car?

It'd be sweet if somehow it did a periodic GPS check to see if you were moving at over 25mph and the program kicked on at that point. Would hate to still get caught knowing I simply didn't turn the app on :-)

I went to with my BB browser. Clicked on the download link. It took me to the download window and 3.5.6 was listed. I clicked the back button and then cleared my browser's cache. When I switched back to the window, I clicked on the download button and it took me to the download page with 3.5.7 listed.

I just DL'd Trapster and upon installing the software on my BB 9000 a message appeared stating that "The application Trapster is attempting to reset the secuirty timer [ ] Allow? or Deny [ ]". My question is what risks are there if I select "Allow",...and do I need to select "Allow" for the App to operate,...or should I just select "Deny"?



I have 3.5.7 on my Storm and it just keeps saying "Searching for location..."

Enable GPS is checked
Allow Assisted GPS is NOT checked.

GPS works as it tracks me on Google Maps.

The "Virtual Radar" should cut down on a lot of unnecessary alerts... I'm looking forward to testing it out on the road.

Like it so far,but from what Im reading Im a "bad guy" since I also use a radardetector to buffer my

For Tmo customers w/ a 9700 I had to use the Trapster >settings> advanced settings> http extension ";deviceside=true" setting.

Hope that helps

Wow when did trapster updated it. I dl it today and just read the posts and see 3.5.7. I put in my browser and it has a pop up window with Application Trapster already exists. Replace version 3.5.6 with 3.5.7?

Trapster 3.6.2 has a bug with my BB Storm 9530 OS I always get the "Searching for Location...".

I found and tried all the tips noted below. My Google Maps works.

I just sent a message to trapster support.

I wonder what OS version hennesseystealth was using. How do I PM on this site? I logged in...?

Why does my BlackBerry not find my GPS location, show "Searching for Location..." or think I'm in California?

This means Trapster can't determine your GPS location.

First, make sure location is turned on. If you have the new Verizon BlackBerry Storm, Storm II, or Tour, location is off by default.

You must go to Options | Advanced | GPS and set GPS Services from 911 to On.

Also, go to Options | Advanced | Applications | Trapster, press the menu button and choose Edit Permissions, and make sure everything is set to "Allow".

Finally, go into Trapster | Settings | GPS and make sure Allow Assisted GPS is set to No and then restart Trapster.

Make sure compatibility mode is off. ???
(Options - Advanced Options - Applications, highlight Trapster click the Menu button and click Disable Compatibility Mode)

If that still doesn't fix the issue, try a battery out restart of your BlackBerry.

A nice supplement to my V1 radar detctor. And I DON'T speed. It's called "situational awareness". It lets me know exactly what kind of things are going on around me as I drive down the road.


I'm the male voice impersonator of Trapster voice applications. Would like some feedback on the voice apps. Follow me on Twitter @jeremy_cage.

I have a Storm too; the update is working well for me.