Trapster makes a triumphant return to BlackBerry App World

Trapster BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 12 Apr 2012 12:02 pm EDT

Remember Trapster? If you had a BlackBerry over a year ago you might, but new users may not recognize the name. Trapster -- dubbed a "speed trap sharing system" -- is essentially an app that lets you track police speed traps and checkpoints (which are now removed) on your mobile device when on the road. Back in March of 2011, the folks at Trapster ran into a few issues with US Senators who claimed the app gave "drunk drivers a free tool to evade checkpoints, putting innocent families and children at risk." After a bit of back and forth, Trapster was promptly removed from BlackBerry App World.

Well we got word today that Trapster is finally back in action on BlackBerry. The app is again available for download and is totally free. If you haven't used Trapster before, it truly is a valuable tool for all road warriors.

"Trapster is a crowdsourced app, so being available again on BlackBerry App World will add to our quickly growing community of over 15 MILLION Drivers. The more drivers on the road using Trapster, the more accurate our app will be. Not only for BlackBerry users, but for Trapster users on any device." ~ Sean P. Farrell - Trapster Product Manager 

You can check out more over at Trapster, or head to BlackBerry App World to download. Welcome back Trapster!!

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Trapster makes a triumphant return to BlackBerry App World


They probably added a GPS-tracking feature to find all people using this app, so police can go after them directly! LOL :-)

I have to say I have to agree with the Senators on this one. The purpose of the app seems to be to allow people to speed without getting caught.

No doubt this is what it will be used for, however, with the zero tolerance we've got in the UK (I think?), 2-3mph can cost you £60 or around $95 - for this reason, I think it CAN be used in a good way, but may not be and could save some non-speeders, but slightly-overs a lot of money!

Isn't this really just the modern equivalent of flashing your lights to oncoming traffic after you pass a speed trap?

Our Senators are all law abiding citizens. Give me an effing break. Maybe they can create an app for our senators to find prositutes?

The problem is that speed traps aren't there to improve safety, the majority of the time they pull people over while motorists are simply going with the flow of traffic (studies after studies have proven that driving with the flow of traffic is the safe thing to do).

Speed traps are cash grabs, nothing more. If the police really want to improve traffic safety, pull over aggressive drivers, tailgaters, people who don't signal, cars who weave in and out of traffic, distracted drivers, people who drives at or below the limit in the fast lane on highways, etc.

Yep, the 4.0.0 version was only 1.6 MB i think its still available thru their website just use your bb browser.

What's next, "trapster for thieves"? Don't break the law and you have nothing to worry about.

It's more than a speed trap app. You can report accidents, school zones, construction, dangerous curves/intersections, toll booths, and much more. It also displays traffic flow based on users that have recently driven that route.

Speed traps are cash grabs, nothing more. If the police really want to improve traffic safety, pull over aggressive drivers, tailgaters, people who don't signal, cars who weave in and out of traffic, distracted drivers, people who drives at or below the limit in the fast lane on highways, etc.

The rate most people speed at (10-15% above the limit) never really is what causes accidents, it's just the easiest to catch and prosecute.

I drive extensively for work and these types of apps are great for us. While you can report a speed trap, you can also report debris on the highway, heavy traffic, accidents, weather etc... So you always know ahead of time what the problem is.

For ex. on a trip to Grand Rapids last week there were 2 major accidents on the highway. I knew well ahead of time and since I already drove 6 hours, did not feel like sitting in a parking lot for 1 1/2 hours when I was 20 minutes away. I figured out an alternate route with no frustrations.

And stop being so righteous about it. Police will often time advertise where their speed traps are. Why shouldnt we as driver help each other. I find these apps makes me a much more aware driver.

Finally, In my opinion Waze is a much better app than Trapsters. I've used both.

That's not saying much about Trapster...

I am a daily user of Waze on my 8530. It is okay, but Waze has stopped development on BlackBerry to focus on iOS and Android. There are some bugs outstanding, like getting it stuck in a menu and can't shut down Waze without rebooting.

I have an Iphone 3GS and Waze is the app I use the most. It's well worth trying. Too many features to mention. It's a free full featured GPS that monitors traffic (your speed included) in real time. The more users the better it gets. I cant say enough good about it.

I'm hoping Waze will do a version for the Playbook. That would be slick.

From what I have seen, the iPhone and Android versions are much better than the newest available BB version.

They are a version ahead, with big changes in version 3, compared to 2.x on BB. And I don't think it works on OS7 devices, but I could be wrong about that.

It would be nice to have it on the playbook but the lack of a cell connection may be an issue.

Playing the Devil's Advocate, this app is the equivalent of an app I'm working on* that allows you to share with the world when your neighbour is away on vacation.

*not working on.


haha nice! i was literally talking to my co worker today in the morning (gave her a ride) about the app and how it was removed from app world but was still avail on ios and android.downloading now

Thanks for the heads up, Team Crackberry. While in App World, I noticed that RIM is offering even more free apps for BB7 customers (Tetris, Need for Speed, new Sims game, etc). I know have a ton of apps that I got gratis when you count the apps RIM gave away for the data outage a few months ago and now the BB7 love.

Geez, it's no different than what truckers and others with CB radios have been doing on the road for decades. CB radio, radar detectors and Trapster all have their place in keeping you, the driver, informed of what's going on around you and keep you from accidentally getting a ticket because you just happened to be cruising along with the speed of traffic. Also, our politicians keep telling us that the speed cameras are there to get us to slow down, well, the warning Trapster gives does the same thing, but you don't have to get a ticket in the mail to learn the lesson.


In some jurisdictions cops will leave an empty cop car visible to traffic as a speed deterrent.

Not much of a difference.

Which one of us has not cruzed along at the speed limit to find ourselves in a speed trap where the speed suddenly changed? This helps us be aware and more responsive drivers.

People send text messages to warn other about speed traps.
Most of the people who use the app would be, avoid from DUI,No license or driving with a stolen car.

Really???? and you base this on....??? No doubt some in-depth analytics. Mind to share with us?

I totally do not fit the profile. I guess I should discontinue using the app.

I'm confused. If you were driving, how would you be able to use your phone and warn people about a speed trap??? I'm not sure but here in NY you are not allowed to use a phone while driving. Do you pull over to perform this task? So not only do you get a speeding ticket, but another ticket using the phone while driving.

Just keep it under 80 mph and you should be good.

there's no texting involved. It's like a GPS screen with the option to report. You push a button to report a road hazard, speed trap, accident, weather etc...

Other users will see it automatically.


I'd love to see someone who's drunk actually have the cognitive thought to load this app, THINK about the info, THINK about an alternate route and then actually go about avoiding the trap.
I've been questionably clear enough to be behind the wheel and the last thing on my mind was my phone and what it could do for me at that moment.

Now, I'd love the ability to avoid counter attack, or checkstops, or roadside checks, or whatever they're called in your neck of the woods for nothing more than they waste MY time.
I'm busy working, and moving FREELY is what is important to me.

Rather than take away my right to free UNRESTRICTED movement, setup stings in bar parking lots, randomly check people leaving pubs and getting in their cars. Get them BEFORE they drive away.

Stop taking away peoples rights in the name of the greater good. This isn't 1939 Germany.

For those who blast this app, I saw a news at some point where a police officer was using trapster to put his speed trap so people automatically slow down at that zone, and he was happy with that (he wanted people to slow down at a place where everyone was speeding) So yeah, it's true that people that do speed use this app, but also there is police officer that use it too.

Interestingly enough, I just happened to remember Trapster yesterday and downloaded it from App World. Then this shows up today...

Funny how things work out.