Trapeez now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Alicia Erlich on 17 May 2014 09:12 am EDT

For current users of Tumblr, you're probably familiar with the third party native client Trapeez by Kisai Labs. This application allows users to view their feed, reblog, like posts, search tags, post photos & text, and much more right from their BlackBerry. It also features the ability to choose which blog to post to, modify publish options (Publish Now, Add to Queue, Save as Draft, or Private), and choose a format (HTML, Plain Text, or Markdown).

Once you've installed the beta, you'll find that this version comes with the following updates and fixes.

Fixes in this release

  • Unicode character fixes
  • Speed improvements to feed
  • Flat icon and theme

If you haven't tried Trapeez yet, this is certainly the time to do so. I've been using the beta version and performance wise it has been running smooth. You can go ahead and grab it directly from the BlackBerry Beta Zone app. More importantly, don't forget to submit your feedback, including bug reports and feature requests, from there as well.

You can sign up for a BlackBerry Beta Zone account for free. Please note, that Beta Zone is not available in all regions.

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Reader comments

Trapeez now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


"For current users of Tumblr, you're probably familiar with the third party native client Trapeez by Kisai Labs"

Read the line

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I'm pretty sure CB staff consider any non-Android app "native" regardless of whether it's coded using Air, Webworks, or Cascades.

So I don't think the line you quoted answers the question.

Posted via CB10

The "drama" is, AIR will be phased out with 10.3, so no one wants to be stuck with a bunch of apps that don't work anymore or need porting.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

There's way too many social media services to choose from; on that note I choose BBM Groups and Channels!

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Yes, That's because channels is actually couple something useful
like BBM .

Posted via CB10

There's A LOT of the Tumblr features missing in the app. There are also a few bugs that have gone unnoticed even with this update. I'm glad to see a native apps come to BlackBerry but I opted for the Android Tumblr over it on my Z10. I kept Trapeez on my Q10 solely to because Tumblr doesn't fit properly on it.

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? That's odd. Android Tumblr fits perfectly on my Z10.

Do you keep the Android Player "back bar" maybe? I don't find its needed to use the app.

Posted via CB10

Will keep Trapeez installed but Tumblr Android is staying too. Until I can save images from it I can't use it.

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Hey Jcarty, I had the paid version although slow loved the idea of being able to save pics to your phone. I upgraded to this beta version and I can't long press to have a save option :(
This version although fast not faster it lags a bit to render pics sometimes.
Pls bring back the save option

Posted via CB10

Just a heads-up, if you have the BlackBerry World version, you'll need to uninstall that before installing the Beta Zone version or the BZ version will hang during install.

It has a bit less features than Umbrlla. Hope they can at least catch up to that app.. they have inbox and save pics, and if anyone gets headless and hub, I will buy or re-download. For now, Android Tumblr it is.

Posted via CB10 app with my trusty Z10

this is nice looking app. what i do not get it is why it is so hard to make it access all likes and subscriptions.i do not see much improvement with official version.