Trapeez for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.2

By Bla1ze on 9 May 2013 07:52 pm EDT

It has been quite a while since Kisai Labs has released an update to their Tumblr client Trapeez, but now that Blaq is out there they've had a bit more time to go ahead and work on things. A new update is now appearing in BlackBerry World and is ready for download. This release has quite a few changes in it and is marked as being version Thankfully, Kisai Labs has laid out the full change log for us so we can all see what's been addressed:

New Additions
  • Q10 support
  • Application menu
  • Post options – Now select which blog to post to, what format to post in and when to post
  • BBM integration
  • Revamped UI – Two tabs + overflow with easy access to Reload and Compose
  • Performance tweaks
  • Primary feeds now hold position when reblogging or composing a new post
  • FIXED: Unreliable follow/unfollow button

That's a nice list of changes and honestly, I've been running the beta version on my BlackBerry Q10 for the past few days now and it's been running pretty flawless. If you've already purchased Trapeez, be sure to get the update as soon as possible as it addresses many of the issues you might have come across with the app. If you're new to the app, you can pick it up in BlackBerry World for $1.99. 

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Trapeez for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.2


Got it now. Had to uninstall, twice. Not sure what that was about. Then on third install it's working. :) before that it kept giving me the error i emailed in earlier in the week

Just give me the ability to post a video and I can live with the app, that's all I want

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

The biggest disappointment in my BB life came when they announced there wont be a version for legacy devices after they had us all pumped up about a tumblr client app. *goes to cry in app world corner*

I think some of you bloggers are suffering a little bit from expert blindness these days... It would be nice to include even a very brief description of what the app actually does...

I can't follow anyone. Before I couldn't post anything, now I can't follow. Really disappointed considering I've purchased all the apps made by these devs.

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately there are lot of issues with this app. It is not possible to view all likes or followings. At some point gets unresponsive and it is not possible to do likes etc. This app needs a lot more work.

Posted via CB10