Transitions Theme from Z Man Designs for All Devices

By Jared DiPane on 29 Oct 2009 09:06 am EDT

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Z Man Designs hasve outdone themselves yet again and come out with another unique theme for us. Transitions, the newest release from Z Man Designs, offers a clean, extremely functional home screen for users with a look so clean its bound to make you pick it up. This theme offers four fixed categories on the home screen, apps, messaging, media and settings, which hold other icons within them.

The first category, apps, allows the user to define three applications of their choice to show in this location. The second category, messaging, is split in half and the left side offers ease of use in being able to compose a new message, and the right side offers you the messages folder, as well as your calendar. Media is the next category in the row, which has icons for opening media folder, launching videos, and showing the music collection. The final category is settings, which gives the user quick access to edit phone options as well as launch the browser, and manage connections. While being able to offer users many options at their fingertips, they managed to keep the look very clean, and have come up with all custom icons for us that have not been seen.

If you want an extremely functional theme with a completely unique concept, be sure to check this theme out. Transitions is available for all devices and is only $2.00. Also, be sure to check out the Z Man Designs contest at where you can enter to win a lifetime of Z Man themes for free.

Giveaway: The first 50 people to download this theme from our mobile app store via this link can use the coupon code CBTRANSITIONS to receive 100% off!

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Reader comments

Transitions Theme from Z Man Designs for All Devices


As the others have stated, coupon isn't working. However this theme looks to good to pass up so I bought it already at 2 bucks which is a steal. Plus lifetime updates!! Excellent way to build a good relationship with your customers.

Give it a solid 4/5. The icons are great and the look is very clean. There's no lag whatsoever..which is great. But I do find the navigation a little difficult though.....

I must be #53 as the coupon did not work for me either. But i did d/l the free trial. I will see how this app differs from my Wallpaper Changer App. If it's worth it, I may just invest the $2 bucks.

when in your main application list, set the 3 icons you want to appear in the app screen from the main screen as the first 3 icons...

be sure to click the link in this post, not just any old link, and then enter the code, i just checked the code, and its still valid.

Sure enough, it's working for me now. Could of had it for nothing. Oh well like I said before $2.00 is a great deal for this theme.

Initial reaction: Theme looks great. Since this is 5.0 compatible I thought the white borders on landscape on the storm would be gone but unfortunately they are still there. Thanks CB for the free theme!

You don't have to worry, you just have to wait :)

Once a new theme builder is released, I will update this theme (as well as my others) to function and look great on OS 5.0 devices (primarily Storm) and all the updates are 100% FREE!!

But all you can customize is first 3 on apps? I like theme and yes fee is amazing I just wish you could add more to that section. I have many useful apps and hate going to main application (bb button) screen to access

Thank you to everyone for the amazing response so far! I'm glad everyone is digging it.

Unfortunately, all the freebie codes have been used up, but I'm giving away some more cool stuff and other promotions via my website:

Thank you again CrackBerry community. You guys and gals ROCK!!!

The zman. Thanks again. Really love the theme but maybe in next update can you allow us to add more than three apps to app area and maybe edit which icons are under the other 3 categories ? Thanks !

You're more than welcome. Thank you for the support. I will absolutely take that into consideration for a next update.

Another suggestion I would make is to make the time function so that it can be clicked on and it will take you to the clock.

Yes. I hope you don't mind suggestions. ;). Thanks zman. The theme is easy on the eyes. Like how previous poster said have area for clock to be click you can also add the click to 1xev to bring up manage connections and click anywhere in main background to bring up main application screen (full icons similar to bb button). Not tryin to nitpicking. Just offering suggestions to already a great theme

great theme.smooth on my storm running 5.0. only a few things.i dont like the app list menu. its not clear. the back ground is not appealing to the eye and too little icons to view in potrait view, in landscape its better but not good enough. maybe if you can change background colour and make icons stand out more.also more icons on apps tab pliz,and the clock is overlapping the alarm icon. everything else is great .

is anyone else having problems with image ghosting? I'm using the Storm and in landscape mode I'm having this problem....

I just paid for the theme. It would be good free, but it really lags on my tour. Don't waste your money if you can't get it for free.

very smooth and fast on my bold. i like it alot.

-additional apps icon would be nice
-quicklaunch button
-weather on home screen but that might take even more room

I second this request!

I miss having Quicklaunch and weather icon on my home screen from my previous theme.

Hi LOVE the theme getting ready to grab it. $2 is an AMAZING deal n liftime updates just add to that fact. 1 question though, is this theme Storm2 compatible?

Ok Downloaded it anyway and it IS compatable with the storm2. im experiencing the ghosting issue in landscape mode, but I understand thats not the developers fault and an update will be provided once its possible to correct on 5.0.

Gotta say on the storm there is PLENTY of room above the sliders for weather (ala HTC sense UI). Also there is plenty of room for a fourth and possibly fifth app icon on the main screen, though five would probably be a stretch. Im sure your tired of hearing that though/

All in all this is a GREAT theme, maybe the best so far and it has TONS of potential. I can't wait to see what improvements future updates will have. Im glad I purchased it now and not later when you come to your senses and start charging $5 or so for it. Even though I would still pay it.... yes people it's that good. Stop being cheap this theme practically reinvents the UI, ESPECIALLY for storm owners.

Z - Keep up the excellent work.

Ok well coupon was expired but wanted to try out the theme anyways so I purchased it.

1) Any way to change defaults, like if i click on the settings tab in the bar can I have it display the Edit phone options to the left but on the right Sounds / Connections / Clock?

2) Is it possible to make the connection bars on the home screen clickable to the connections button? Time on home screen to the clock and such like all the new 5.0 themes do?

It's a pretty cool theme I think with the above explained it will be my default, until then it's rotting away in my options / themes dir because I am so used to clicking for my clock and connections all day :/


I already pain for theme from crackberry but mobihand rejected the order with no explanation even after charging me $2. I then called NO ANSWERS WHY GOT REJECTION!!!
FINALLY ! I did buy same from Came with same stupid verification thing. still waiting to get them after paying twice for theme for more than 12 hrs now!!!
Please help me Z-man, My order numbers are 1720508( 1746744(
I am very unhappy with the customer service( I dont mind rejecting a order,please give me a reason why after paying for something you still get rejected orders)

Hope to get theme soon

Any theme i've used outside of the stock zen theme on my Storm has eventually gotten my memory down to <2mb by the end of the day.


(and since I was able to get it for free) at a great price to boot!

However I am having issues with memory while using the theme. It starts off well holding rather steady near the initial 26 MB I have free. But after a couple of hours it just inexplicably starts dropping fast toward 12MB. If anyone knows a possible solution for this, I would gladly appreciate it. seems memory issues are related to BBM 5 and other apps.

What I would like is the ability to change the apps/functions available within the 4 main screen icons.