Transformers Sound Effect by Transformers Movie

Transformers Sound Effect by Transformers Movie

Autobots! Transform and roll out! 

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Transformers Movie

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Transformers Sound Effect by Transformers Movie



so my question to you do you change your alert sound for when you receive a text?? I would love to use this Transformers sound as my text alert! I have the BB Bold.

the sound icon, scroll down to "set ring tones/Alerts" and click on it. Then click on "messages", then click on "sms text". Then click on the "ring tone" block and start scrolling to find the transformer tone. Hope this helps?

Can someone please help wit this.. it is my first time using this and i tried downloading a ringtone.. how exactly do i do that. It saves it to my computer but how do I get onto my phone. thanks!

If you can access your email from your phone then have the ringtone sent to your email and download it from your there. i just did it. it works.

you download the ring tone right to your media card from the internet.

Step one ) make sure your media card is connected to your computer via USB to USB2 or supporting cable to your Blackberry device.

Step Two ) click on "Download now!" should bring a new window up

Step three ) navigate throgh the menus to get to your media card. On PC's go to "my computer" - then to "D/E/F" drive what ever it might be and it will pop up "Blacberry" folder, then open that and go to "ringtones" and save it.....

YES it will work with any CELL PHONE that plays MP3.... ANY PHONE.... doesnt have to be a BB or a smart phone.....

love the reaction people have to this ring tone. I get my im's forwarded to my phone, so my friend looooves sending me texts saying "Autobots! Rollout!"