Transform your BlackBerry device into a Windows Phone 7 wannabe with Mo7 from drkapprenticeDESIGNS

By Jared DiPane on 16 Jul 2011 03:26 pm EDT

It should come as no shock to any of us OS replica themes have been around for a long time, and for some reason we love them so much, giving us a feel of another platform with the greatness of the BlackBerry behind it. The folks at drkapprenticeDESIGNS appear to have spent quite a large amount of time and effort and are happy to bring us Mo7, a Windows Phone 7 replica that carries quite a few options along with it. With 3 homescreens, 7 color choices, 4 opacity options and 23 icons at your fingertips, to say it is customizable would be an understatment. In addition to all of this there are a few hot keys set in the theme, as well as a fold away dock, which is quite neat to watch in action. Check out the video above of the theme in action, and be sure to pick up your own copy today while it is on sale for only $1.99!

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Transform your BlackBerry device into a Windows Phone 7 wannabe with Mo7 from drkapprenticeDESIGNS


glad you like it. Sorry about the song... I was trying to pick something new that would appeal to 'most' people.

Maybe on a Torch or Storm that theme works, but on a regular Bold? Don't see the point. The whole idea of WP7 was for those ginormous touch screen phones and the only things that comes close is the Storm or Torch.

And please (please), drop that insipid song. Tell me about the theme or play some neutral music, not tired old hip-hop :(

There is a Storm and Torch version, which is equally as good, if not better than the Bold version. But I must say, it runs extremely well on the Bold! Coming from a Storm2, I LOVED themes and I'm happy that developers make time to make themes for Bold as well.

Sorry about the song... I wanted something popular that would appeal to what I assumed was the majority... But if you really don't like it that much, just mute (it only takes a click...)
I may do another version with a more neutral song.

It's all good. I was only voicing a personal opinion about the screen size and how that is part of the appeal for WP7, not that developers *shouldn't* make themes for the Bold. Seemed to work very well in the video.

However, as a business man, remember your personal taste in music doesn't necessarily carry over to the *majority* of people. Which is why most companies go with something less genre specific, like the music HTC uses or the music from the Torch commercials.

But, regardless, it's still a nice looking theme and I have nothing but love for BB developers :D

I would like to see it include the standard Microsoft "importance sensor" so it can properly "blue screen" when you're doing something really critical.........

These themes are lame. What kind of moron will mistake a BB for another phone because it's running a theme? Also, it is not like other phones are inherently better looking than the BB's default theme.

these themes aren't made to trick others... they are for people who like an OS's UI or icons/layout but LOVE their BB and want the functionality and abilities of a BB.

Its all about personal preference with themeing, and changing things up every once in a while ;)

I guess we all have personal choices and as for me, I don't like the replica themes or icons, just not appealing enough. I also feel that if I really wanted a windows 7 I'd buy a new one instead.

For those waiting for the OS7 devices, I don't see the point in getting a new theme in the first place. I only watched a fraction of the video because i realized that even if i was interested it would be like doing the work to mount your playbook in a Ford escort when you already have plans to get the Ford Mustang. I'd rather get the Challenger (NICE) but you get my point.

Not to soon as TB7 becomes available to the development community...we will be porting this over to the newest devices....

And you can have the Challenger....Mustangs all the way! :)

I'm a BB themes lover and I can say that I love this theme. OS replica themes are fun! I don't know how the Window Mobile 7 operates but this one runs great on my Bold. Very creative and no lag. Berryweather and Batteryex owners might want to check the forum for the matching skin for this theme :)