Transform your BlackBerry device with The iPhone Simulator by BlingBerry Themes

By Jared DiPane on 1 Oct 2010 02:32 pm EDT

Over the years we have seen many different OS replica themes come across our forums, some replace just the icons while others go for a whole device overhaul, and this is exactly what BlingBerry Themes has done with their latest. The iPhone Simulator is a very fitting name for this theme as it will leave users wondering if they are really playing with a simulator, or still using their BlackBerry device. The attention to detail in this theme is unmatched by any other theme, from the way the custom folder icons were created, to the custom SVG work which allows the look of multitasking how it is done on the iOS devices. Also, included in this theme is a calendar application which allows the icon to change dates, which gives an even truer experience to the iOS devices, because every detail counts. Words really don't do true justice for this theme, so check out the video above, and be sure to grab your very own copy today from the CrackBerry Store for $3.99 while it's on sale.



This looked pretty slick! Definitely going to give it a try.

On a side note, I liked the video they put together on this. They didn't try to make it look like a hard rock video.


I am interested in that calendar app for correct date more than anything, lol. But the theme does look great


I had the pleasure of beta testing this theme and I must say, it is, as usual from Andrew Hastings, outstanding on every level. His attention to detail is--and has always been--top of the line, the very best. The them operation is flawless and the icons and overall appearance are simply out of this world.

One standout feature that is particularly exciting is the REAL calendar update icon. Finally we have this capability!

This is my third theme from BlingBerry and, as is to be expected, they continue to offer the very best themes out there.


Anyone know if this works for the Torch?


Or any other qwerty bb?


We haven't had a chance to create a promotional video for non-touch devices, but it does support the following models:

Bold 9700
Bold 9650
Tour 9630
Bold 9000
Curve 8900

You can see a product tour for non-touch devices here:

It runs VERY well on these devices.


So it does work for the Torch?


Sorry, I should have mentioned earlier.

No Torch support yet. The theme development tools for the Torch are still in early beta, and are extremely buggy. We won't be releasing it for the Torch until a few issues are cleared up.


When you do make it for Torch, can you also make a "not iPhone" one of these. I like the features but I actually prefer the BB icons to the iPhone ones.



I've had this theme for over a week now and I must say, it is great! Andrew has really done a nice job with this. If it looks to be of interest to you, then I'd definitely say "go for it". It seems to be very well done and performs well.


I'm no iPhone lover, but do respect those that stand by it. The only thing I cant help thinking is, if you want the iPhone user-interface etc, why not get an iPhone?


The iPhone doesn't work as a phone.

I'm not really joking here, if you travel overseas you'll find that whether the iPhone works there is 50/50 at best, even if they sell iPhones in that country. One of the major reason i tossed the iPhone.


great skin for those who like the iphone interface. me on the other hand cringes at the thought of changing the BB UI to this, haha

very professionally done and deserves its price point.


Really, it's awesome on my 9700. It is crisp, smooth, and more functional than any other them I've tried. The Calendar app is an added bonus and easy to install. Well worth the money.


I think the app was very well done but it is a HUGE memory drain on my Storm 1 with noticeable lag moving around. I've gone from 26mb down to 12mb in a couple of hours running virtually no apps. On something with more memory it probably works nice but can't recommend on the Storm1.


I think the app was very well done but it is a HUGE memory drain on my Storm 1 with noticeable lag moving around. I've gone from 26mb down to 12mb in a couple of hours running virtually no apps. Switching back to the default theme immmediately and substanially regained memory. On something with more memory it probably works nicely but can't recommend on the Storm1.


but am not a fan of the iphone and don't want a theme for it. But I do like this theme developer