Transform Shell Case for the BlackBerry Z10 combines multimedia function with style

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Feb 2013 07:40 pm EST

With the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 we're seeing a lot of great accessories emerge both from BlackBerry and third party manufacturers. One such OEM BlackBerry case is the new Transform Hard Shell for the BlackBerry Z10 which combines style with multimedia function.

In regular use the Transform Shell both looks great and feels great in the hand, while providing bump and scratch protection to the Z10. However, the real attention-getting feature of the case is the ability to quickly and easily transform it into a kickstand for the Z10. Half of the case pops off and folds back, providing a stable stand and optimal landscape viewing angle for watching movies and videos. We showed off the Transform Case in this Netflix on BlackBerry 10 video, and a whole bunch of you in the comments wanted to know more about it. Clearly, the ability to quickly shift from case to stand is a compelling concept.

The BlackBerry Transform Shell is available in black, white and red for the Z10. The exterior plastic of the case has a soft touch feel to it, offering just the right amount of grip. It's an easy case to put your Z10 into, it holds on tight, but if and when you to need remove your Z10 it's also an easy case to take off. 

The corners of the case have a little extra bulk to them for added protection from drops, and the corners are tall enough that they extend beyond the height of the display. If you put your Z10 face down on a table with this case, the case will prevent the display from touching the surface it's resting on. The Transform Shell is cut in such a way that you still have easy access to all of your ports and buttons.  

Overall, it's a great case for the Z10, especially if you're going to put the video player to use on a frequent basis. It's funny - earlier this year when I was flying to Las Vegas for CES, the person sitting beside me was watching a movie for the entire flight on their Galaxy S3. For two hours straight, the guy held the phone in his hand while he watched the movie. Even funnier, when the flight landed, he pulled a Bold 9900 out of his pocket and fired up his email. I can't help but think the Z10 and this case were made exactly for him. 

The BlackBerry Transform Case retails for $34.99, but you can get it for less at Check out the video and photos below for an even closer look!

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Reader comments

Transform Shell Case for the BlackBerry Z10 combines multimedia function with style


Looks like a nice case, I usually like my devices naked though. But ill have to cover up my z10 when I get it. When are you guys going to post your review of the defender case? I remember you said something about that in a live stream.

One further advantage is this will fit in the new media dock when one half is flipped back in the landscape posistion.

^this ... makes it cool. One of the reasons i don't use a case with my 9900 is because i can't use the charging cradle. This solves that problem.

I love using docks and that's why I have always kept my BlackBerry phones naked but now I will be getting this for my Z10.

I do like the look of this case but I really do wonder just how well it protects the screen. I generally keep my phone in its own pocket, or with something just like a notepad or something. I do wonder why the lack of gorilla glass though.

I also wonder how much protection this adds from drops, I don't go out and drop my phone but a little piece of mind would be nice

I agree with the prior post about protecting the screens.. This case seems more of a "kickstand" than an actual case. I would be interested in a case that has a flip sort of cover (like an ipad, etc) that flips over to protect the screen and is held in place by magnetism or something..

Review for that is coming soon too... it's called the BlackBerry Flip Shell Case.

As for terminology, yeah, I guess the official name for this is the Transform Shell... I still refer to it as a case, but you're right.. it's the bare essentials, vs. a more complete enclosure. 

I look forward to that review. But of the 2, this vs the flip, which would give more protection against a fall?

Have had since I bought this most excellent phone. Like watching crackle on it. Am glad to see we might do Netflix some time. Mean time am very happy with the z10 and case. kelly...

Screen is protected by screen protector that I bought separate. Am good with the combo. kelly...

I really like the concept behind this case and am on the fence between it and the BlackBerry Flip Shell case which I assume is a smaller version of the Playbook Convertible case.
I normally like my phones naked and just put some form of screen film protection on them. I like the phone to remain small and minimalistic.
Would this case add a lot of bulk to the phone? Also I wonder how long the long hinge part will last before breaking.
Also does anybody who already have a Z10 have a screen film on it? Does it make the screen less sensitive or make view less vivid.
I am debating adding Ghost Armor to mine when I get mine.

FYI, I spoke with the Ghost Armor folks and they won't have a Z10 design for another couple of weeks (give or take a week). They didn't have a Z10 unit to make their templates. Hopefully something will be available in the timeframe they gave me. In the meantime, I have the Transform Case and a screen protector that'll get me through.

If you can find a Ghost Armor shop or kiosk at your local mall, they will cut a custom protector for you. My guy did it and it is PERFECT (and the newer thin material doesn't get that slightly distorted look when viewed at an angle)

This is the first of many, many BB's I've had that I put a case on. I bought the transform shell immediately, for three reasons.
1. I wanted something to help provide a bit of drop shock protection (just in case - pun intended) 2. it's not bulky feeling due to the cut-away sides. 3. the stand - very simple yet cool design.

They look great, would love to see more of those hi-res photos of each though. Hard to decide. Black phone with red case, white on white....both look great.

I ordered a red one yesterday. It looks like it is easy to remove which is good for swapping batteries. I'm also digging the ability to use it with a changing pod as mentioned above.

Kevin, do you think the corners of the phone will wear from continuously removing and clipping back on the flip/stand portion of the shell?

I'd be pissed if I got a white Z10 with this case and after some use, I start to see wear on the corners of the phone. It would literally send me off the deep end!

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

Might just be me, but does Kevin saying "Kevin out" at the end of the product videos sound weird?

Bold 9000
Playbook 16MB

This case is ingenious for use with the Multimedia dock.
It was always a problem before with prior docks. Always have to remove the silicone skins etc. This solves it. Way to go Accessories team!

SHOCKED that no one has mentioned that this case comes with a screen protector!!!! I was more than pleasantly surprised when I opened the box!

The case is great and phone feels protected but not bulky...and with the screen protector thrown in, it's amazing!

So far, this phone is blowing my mind. I was a button guy through and through...but after 2 days of using my Z10, I get annoyed typing on my computer because the Z10 virtual keypad is just so intuitive and it really learns how you type and what words you want to use. It quickly "learns your writing style".

Anyway, great case for a great phone!

Can someone please confirm this! I even tried calling the number listed in the crackberry store (866) 207-3319 and the guy I spoke to had no more information than what was in the store listing. Not very helpful!

Similar experience first BB without physical keyboard, however thought i would be fine as I hardly ever used the physical on my 9810...and i am loving the intuitive Z10...learns peoples names, places as well as offering me the next word correctly more and more......and just ordered transform case!

I love the look of this case. Is there a holster available? I'm used to having my BB on my hip, so having a way to protect it and have quick access would be a nice option. :)

I can't decide what colour would work best with the white z10!!

I'm digging the red on black though.

I have this case and love it. Not expensive, red looks great, like the stand , very useful. Comes with a screen protector , but I will be buying my normal screen protector. Didn't want case covering the scene because red notifier light is important to me. Hate holsters.

Love this case...purchased the red one and loving it...will be getting in white as well...purchased on

Posted via CB10

As soon as I saw this case I had to have it. I ordered it from Amazon and got a great deal, My White Transfer Case actually got here a day before my Z10. Loving it with my white Z10

I like how the case can be used as a stand for landscape mode - anyone tried it for portrait? I like to read books on the Z10 a lot, as I used to on my Style, and would like it if this case enables one to let the Z10 stand in portrait mode (the way the Flip shell does), as well as landscape mode. Anyone tried this out?

Got mine today and it's awesome! Super fast shipping to swe from crackberry US so just +++++ from me

Posted via CB10

I've been using the Transform case for several months - I have a black one and a red one - really love it. And when using the charging dock, I just flip the case half open. (I prefer the red one, makes the phone easier to spot when I misplace it!)