TrainSchedule Now Available In App World - Put Train Schedules On Your BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 4 Jul 2009 07:08 am EDT
TranSchedule TranSchedule

I just checked out TrainSchedule from and must say I really like it. It puts train schedules at your fingertips and makes your daily commute or that weekend trip a lot easier to handle. After installing the app, you are presented with a list of trains - everything from Amtrak to the Long Island Railroad. You simply pick a line, install the schedule and you're done.  You can download multiple schedules, map your trip with GPS and even integrate railroads for connecting trips. This is a fantastic application for those that commute on the train or just want to have multiple schedules handy.  A free trial is available OTA from or in the CrackBerry App Store. The full version is also available to purchase in BlackBerry App World (for six months of service).

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TrainSchedule Now Available In App World - Put Train Schedules On Your BlackBerry


I have a program that does it for free. It's called "Browser."

Seriously, a $6 subscription for a 280 KB program? BB app developers really need to wake up.

I know conductors on NJ Transit and they run on "sally time" meaning they are never on time, etc.
Would the app tell you if there was no service that day and that buses were running instead?

The GREAT thing about this application is it downloads the schedules to your device. I find it very useful, because if you are running about from subway to subway, or any area without a wireless signal you have access to all of your schedules,its great. I can also see my Amtrak, MBTA and NY transit on one app, without going to multiple sites. Its a lot more powerful than anything I have found through the browser on a mobile.

I made a quick review of the app here:

Key features:
-works on any java enabled phone
-all schedules are up to date
-works with all train lines as if they are one network
-does not require one to have an internet connection

it's awesome, especially since it works without service (which is usually when i start to wonder when the train is coming... underground), BUT at $6 ever 6 months, that's a little expensive for an app especially if i plan to use it... forever? i'll skip till i find a better solution.

extra noice!!! this is definitely wats up, since the PATH, NJIT & MTA mobile sites suck ballz when it comes to showing schedules....

I downloaded this on the Storm, quickly fell in love with it and just as quickly uninstalled it. It is very buggy on 4.7. I set up a schedule and then wanted to do a swap to see the return schedule and it would not let me click on OK. It was stuck on Swap button. Also the Keyboard was always there. Very Annoying. Anyone else have this on Storm? Was it a compatability mode thing?

One version is $4.50 and the other $7.50? The $7.50 version better make your coffee and carry your briefcase for that kind of money