TrainSchedule GPS Updated - 50 Free Copies to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 1 Sep 2009 10:40 am EDT

We checked out TrainSchedule a while back, and I must say I've been a big fan all along. The app allows you to easily view train schedules, map your trip and more. TrainSchedule has just been updated to version 2.2 which includes live train delay updates (from NJ Transit, LIRR, SEPTA, MARC and Metrolink) and other real-time information. This is an awesome update, and only adds to the great functionality of the app. To celebrate we are giving away 50 free copies of TrainSchedule (a 3 month subscription). To enter, just leave a comment on this post. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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TrainSchedule GPS Updated - 50 Free Copies to Give Away



I must say... comuting every day through train requires a good sense of timing and many times the paper time table just doesn't do it.
This is one thing that I truly Need rather than want.
I really hope to win this... keeping my fingers crossed here :) and since my Tour has a GPS it can truly utilize the functionality of this application.
Thanks CB for offering and thanks for giving me one :P

I just got a job in NYC and have been commuting by train from Jersey every day. This would definitely help me figure out the trains especially when I have to stay a little longer than expected.

I gotta say, Before this came along, i was using google maps mobile on my unlocked storm for public transit. GMM is free, and therefore i dealt with it for almost a year. But its quirky, cant update my location quick enough when on the acela, and doesnt update info enough. TrainSchedule does it the right way. No more browsing to web sites on my bb for accurate rail info!

This would be so useful when taking trains that I normally don't. I'm usually on septa and would be on their website and it would take forever to find what time the train was.

Man, gas prices last year forced to have to join the public transit crowd. LOL, this would really improve my efficiency moving a round. Fingers crossed that I can win my first contest.

This would definitely come in handy with my commute to school this year! Looking forward to trying this out!!

this app would come in handy for me i live in NY and on long island and with no car yet ... boy i take full advantage of NY's great public transportation ... i love how i can take the lirr and then metro north upstate or NJ transit .. im always on these trains .. i basically know the map .. id love this application .. i can always be on schedule with it ...

Yeah, I commute 3 and a half hours every day from Long Island to NYC and have never won anything here!!!!!!!! If anyone deserves and needs this app, it is I!

I am in Los Angeles and this program would certainly help my cause. Thanx Crackberry for this offer.

I'm about to move to philadelphia & start using septa and njtransit so this would be the perfect app for my new bold! The delay updates sounds like an awesome feature. Hope I get to try this one

I'm a big fan of AMTRAK in the NE Corridor. It's a little harder to use the service across the country, but it is still a great way to travel if you have the time.

I am about to travel to NY and this application is one that I am going to have to get for sure. If I could win one of the free copies that would be awesome, but if not I will still buy.

I've never heard of this app, as I'm new to the blackberry world. This sounds like it would be much easier than logging onto the LIRR site in the browser to figure out train times. I hope I get the chance to try it out for free.

i wish i had something like this traveling on the Chicago Metra railway. It beats having to flip through the schedule constantly.

This would be great for me to have considering I live in Philly and have season tickets for Rutgers football.

Even the example shot showing Princeton and's ME the app was meant for! (OK, I go from Princeton Junction to NYC and back).

Fingers crossed!!!

This sounds like a great app, and exactly what I need for my new Tour. Please send me a copy. If the app works as described, I promise to promote the app to all my fellow commuters. Thanks!

I take two NJ Transit trains and then two MTA trains in the City each way for a grand total of 28 miles and eight trains later! All for a wasted $200, late trains, and the bane of my existance!

I tried the trial, and I love it because it help m save time in the morning, and at night when I'm coming back from a long day at school. I just hope I get a free code. Email-

Hummm seems like an interesting app to have especially since I take NJ Transit sometimes. Hope I win a copy.

Thanks Crackberry you guys are the best when it comes to contest offers.

Interesting. Google Maps is giving us this but you have to dig a bit to get at it. I'd be up for trying this out.

With all the traveling I do on a daily basis this is one app I really need...I am so sick of just missing a train because I am out and about and miss it by minutes or see it pulling away without me. And taxis are too much...This would be an awesome app to add to my phone, especially since i dont have a job and i am always on the train to the city for interviews...GIMMEEEE PLEASE...keep up da good work on the Crackberry Nation

This is not a post to win because I don't even think there are any trains in LA, but it would have been a great app to have when I was still in NY.