Tracking packages from your BlackBerry Smartphone

BlackBerry Packages
By Adam Zeis on 15 Sep 2011 02:16 pm EDT

I'm a tech geek -- I like gadgets. More often than not I find myself ordering "stuff" just for the sake of getting something new. It's pretty much always been this way and there is really no solid explanation for it, it's just how I am. It can be anything from a new phone to an accessory to a video game or what have you. Right along with that, I'm also a fan of tracking my stuff. I love to watch it move along its route and know right when it will land at my door. When I'm away from my computer that is sometimes a struggle, but thankfully there are a few ways to keep track of your stuff right from your BlackBerry. Most big name carriers provide easy to use mobile sites that you can access from your BlackBerry browser and some even have apps. You can also grab one of the many third-party apps that lets you drop in tracking numbers from multiple carriers so everything is in one spot. Keep reading for some of my favorite tracking methods.

Tracking Packages from the Browser

The easiest way to track your packages is through the BlackBerry browser. Most carriers have a mobile site that allos for easy viewing on BlackBerry where you simply enter your tracking number and you're good to go. This is a great solution for those who don't want an extra app they won't use often as there is nothing to install on the device. Some favorites include:

Canda Post:

Other carriers like DHL and Purolator don't seem to have "streamlined" mobile sites for tracking, however with the ease of the browser on new OS 6 and OS 7 devices the full sites seem to do an ok job and are just a bit tougher to navigate. You can always check with whatever carrier you choose as most will redirect to the mobile site when using your BlackBerry browser if available. 

Carrier Mobile Apps

Plenty of carriers offer mobile apps for BlackBerry that let you track items as well as find stores, creat labels and more. These are great tools if you want to easily track packages or make use of a carriers services often.

UPS Mobile

UPS Mobile

UPS Mobile is a free download that lets you track packages, locate stores, create labels and even estimate shipping costs. It's free through BlackBerry App World.

More information/download of UPS Mobile

FedEx Mobile

FedEx Mobile

FedEx Mobile lets you track packages and keep an eye on important shipments. With the mobile app you can even sync to your account at

More information/download of FedEx Mobile

Canada Post Corporation

Canada Post App

The Canada Post app gives you package tracking as well as the ability to create personalize stamps, find locations and postal codes and more. 

More information/download of Canada Post Corporation

Third-Party Package Tracking Apps

Of course if you track packages quite often you may want to go with a paid, third-party app that allows you to track multiple shipments in one place. If you use any international carriers these are a great alterantive as they offer and all-in-one solution. There are plenty of these available for download and each offers the ability to save and track packages.

Package Tracking

Package TrackingPackage Tracking

This app gives you access to over 40 carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canda Post, Purolator and many more. For international carriers this one is a great solution. Available for $3.99 in BlackBerry App World.

More information/download of Package Tracking

Mobile Package Tracker

Mobile Package TrackerMobile Package Tracker

Mobile Package Tracker only gives you the option to track packages, but also to name shipments,  email tracking info and more. Supports UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail, Purolator and many more. Available for $3.99 in BlackBerry App World.

More information/download of Mobile Package Tracker

Track Away!

So if you're like me and want to keep tabs on all of your traveling packages from your BlackBerry, there are plenty of great options. Casual trackers may prefer to just stick to a carriers mobile site, while others may splurge for an all-in-one tracking app. No matter which you choose you'll be able to keep up with just where your packages are at all times so no more guessing when you'll get that shiny new BlackBerry on your doorstep :-)

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Reader comments

Tracking packages from your BlackBerry Smartphone


I like that site also jin-n-juice. I drive for FedEx and I'm always asked about package tracking. I give them that site so I can get on with my rt.

What the duece? I can't download canada post app on my 9700 on att? Kinda lame don't they realize people might sometimes ship to america (especially when sending unlocked 9900 hehe).

Any FREE apps out there to track canada post? I know I can go to their site but that's a pain because you can't save a direct link that includes the tracking number..

Can you download the craptastic app from here?:

Before you do, it is important to note that Canada Post has the worst package tracking ever. I got this package two days ago:

...i should note that I don't live in Calgary, but it's still "being processed" at their "facility".

...and for a direct link to the craptastic tracking for your package, replace XXXXXX in this url with your tracking number:

I want BlackBerry to be like iPhone/iPod where you can click on a tracking number in an email and it automatically takes you to that shipper's tracking site, specific for your package. I love that. One thing iOS does better for sure.

you left out using the trackthis website in combination with twitter DM. I prefer this method as I am pushed updates and do not have to involve any additional software.

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