Track Your Trails with BerrySki for BlackBerry

By ObiGeorge on 27 Nov 2009 09:12 am EST

BerrySki is an application for all you BlackBerry owners who love to ski or snowboard. It is a fully functional GPS app supporting maps from the United States and Canada (Europe coming soon). BerrySki if packed full of features including the following:

  • Offline Usage: Downloading maps directly to your BlackBerry means you do not need an active internet connection to view maps or your location on them.
  • Location: View your location on the resort, pan/zoom around to decide where you might like to go next.
  • Recording of GPS Tracks: Your GPS capable BlackBerry can record the tracks/routes you have taken for viewing and analyzing later.
  • Track Overlay: You can view your recorded routes overlaid on the resort map, showing you how much of the resort you have covered.
  • Track Animation: You can play your tracks in the form of a red dot moving about the map. The red dot moves on your tracks in proportion to your speed as well.
  • Statistics: You can view all tracks recorded in a detailed manner. Provides you with such analysis as the name and order of each lift and run taken, distance travelled, average speed, and maximum speed. Detailed information is also given on each difficulty level trail.
  • Export Track: Recorded tracks can be exported into .gpx format supported by all mapping software.

BerrySki is a great way to make use of that BlackBerry just sitting in your pocket while your on the slopes. It has multiple pricing starting at $4.99 per season and runs on OS 4.2.

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Reader comments

Track Your Trails with BerrySki for BlackBerry


I guess this is an okay app, but I dont take my storm on the mountain with me. It doesnt do well with cold weather and my foursquare gloves. Infact my phone doesnt work well with my thin burton spring gloves either.

Why doesnt anyone just make an app that gives conditions. One that looks good ,and is super easy to use. One for the storm.

I used the REI app in compatability mode ,but it gets old and the storm has been out for a year. I live 45 min away from the 7springs and I hate driving up there just to have conditions suck ass. So tracking my runs just doesnt make any sense as the phone will sit in the car.


@conditions, as Obi says "make use of that BlackBerry just sitting in your pocket while your on the slopes".
The resort website normally has lifts open/packed powder etc.