Track your friends or colleagues with Live Tracker Monitor for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Live Tracker Monitor
By James Richardson on 16 Jun 2012 01:43 pm EDT

Today we have been notified of Live Tracker Monitor for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Some may consider the app as a form of spying but I have to disagree and as far as I am concerned it has some great benefits and could even be a life saver. To cut a long story short, with Live Tracker Monitor installed on a PlayBook you are able to track other BlackBerry smartphone users who have the phone app installed anywhere in the world. Sounds good, right?

There are three versions of the PlayBook application: Live Tracker Monitor Enterprise, Live Tracker Monitor Lite and Live Tracker Monitor free, so depending on your requirements will dictate which version of the app you will need to download.

We will of course be putting the app through some vigorous testing over the next week or two so expect to see a full review on CrackBerry soon.

In the meantime you can see the full press release and download links below:

Skylab Mobilesystems Limited is proud to announce the release of Live Tracker Monitor for BlackBerry® PlayBookTM. This unique application for the BlackBerry® platform allows the user to track the whereabouts of anyone who has the free Live Tracker app installed on their BlackBerry® Smartphone. The intuitive user interface and a Special OPS styled color scheme makes Live Tracker Monitor easy to use.

Live Tracker Monitor comes in three versions: Enterprise, Lite & Free. The Enterprise version is ideal for large companies, allowing to track up to a 1000 BlackBerry® Smartphones. The Lite version allows the user to track up to 10 devices and is ideal for small companies or private use. The Free version allows the user to track 2 BlackBerry® Smartphones.

  • Live Tracker Monitor Features
  • Accurate Geolocation through GPS or cell tower triangulation.
  • Comprehensive World Map, ability to zoom into street level.
  • Quick Refresh of Location Points.
  • User-Friendly Interface with Multi-Touch Support.
  • Precise Coordinates for Locations.
  • Intuitive user interface & Special OPS styled color scheme.

Live Tracker Monitor is the ideal solution when tracking the whereabouts of employees, friends or family members. Live Tracker Monitor can be downloaded at BlackBerry App World.

Live Tracker Monitor Enterprise:

Live Tracker Monitor Lite:

Live Tracker Monitor Free:

The free Live Tracker Client app for BlackBerry Smartphone can be found here. -

Reader comments

Track your friends or colleagues with Live Tracker Monitor for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I initially assumed that this app was designed with more thought and intelligence than it takes to sharpen a crayon, but I was mistaken -- and your characterization appears to be spot on: you can track anyone as long as you know their PIN, without their knowledge or consent.

Yep; creepy.

Clarification, it said so in the blog, that the client needs to be installed on the blackberry smartphones to be able to track them. WithouT the client app installed and running, they cannot be tracked.

Skylab Mobilesystems? Like the same people who have posted a ton of crappy "On-Device" GPS apps? Like the same people who have very questionable reviews? (Remember walking in Toronto one day and hiking in Calgary the next?)

I downloaded 2 apps from them before learing my lesson, never again & RIM should vette apps a lot better

I too paid for a GPS app for my playbook that did the same thing free apps did. I also think they remove bad ratings/reviews from their apps too, mine for example. I will never buy another app from these guys, just way too shady for me.

This is good for parents to keep track on there kids but not too good for the employer to track his employes or mate to track there other mates.

Crap, it says I am located off the coast of Africa in the middle of the ocean. Weird, and I always thought I was in Mississauga. Oh well, it was close.

Not sure I want to download this App... The free app for the phone says it was released Aug 2009 and still says in the description it's in BETA????
What's Up With That?

Installed, tried, failed, uninstalled all in 30 mins on 2 device. Apparently we live in a boat off of the African coast. Gordongr hit thr nnail on the head RIM needs to reign in the rouge apps and devs now. People coming on board with BB10 will me most aggrieved (being polite here) if they met with apps like these especially paid ones.

Dear negative commentors, including you, the haters, please wait for CrackBerry to post a FULL review before saying the app doesn't work, or mistraces your location. Thanks.

Then Crackberry should at least do a PARTIAL run through of the application before putting this on the main page. Some testing, at least, to say whether it works or not. Having it up gives the app credibility. Coming back two weeks later saying it doesn't work doesn't build my trust in Crackberry either.
Kind of like the newspaper announcing the first man on mars, then publishing a retraction on page 30 two days later. You just don't do that - Oh wait, that's the National Enquirer.

Relax yourself doc. This only an introduction to the software. They didn't recommend or anything, and they DID say they will be doing some testing, so according to rootB, wait until then.

Whether you or others worried about "stalking" care to admit it or not, there are some genuine uses for this program which were mentioned right there in the description.

Try helping out the general community by responding to the support instead of ranting and raving in here. Your comments would mean a hell of a lot more then !

Sorry Rootbrian but I installed this on two BB and my playbook and it doesnt work. the app says both me and my wife are located in the Gulf of Guinea off the African coast, even tho the last time I checked I was in Mississauga.

Now I dont need crackberry or anyone else telling me that this app doesn't work and I agree that appworld should take more care in checking the apps they put on the site.

Stuff like this is not helping the BB cause. FAIL!!!

GARBAGE! Tried for hours to get it to work on two BB's and Playbook. Doesnt do anything. But I am enjoying my day off the coast of Africa.

I think I will install it. Always wanted to know what it is like to live in Africa (or just off the coast of)...

Installed app on our two Bold 9900s and Playbooks (carrier T-mobile). Works great on both Playbooks with the T-mobile 9900; won't work with unlocked 9900.

This App simply doesn't work. I've had it installed on my PlayBook & 2 Bold 9700's running BB OS 6 and I've only ever been able to get it to work once on one phone and even then the Data was 7 days old - so much for 'Live'.

Did CrackBerry ever get around to doing a full review of this Application?