Track Your Footprints With GPSed

By James Falconer on 17 Jan 2008 09:00 am EST
GPSed - Mapping Your Impressions

Here's an interesting new app I discovered today. It's called GPSed, and basically it allows you to Map your 'GPS Tracks' from your GPS enabled Berry.

Looks like GPSed is very compatible with the BlackBerry. On their download page you can download the mobile application for everything from the 8830 to the 5810!? Really! Check it out! (And if anyone out there has a 5810 I want to know whether this works on it!!!)

I'm assuming the GPS functionality of the app will only work properly on devices with GPS (duh!). My 8800 seems to do the trick.

You can get GPSed OTA at Or visit the website for more info!

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Track Your Footprints With GPSed


I have downloaded this app to my 8830 from Verizon and it doesn't work. I run auto-config and it everything passes and it sets up correctly. But when I start a track I get no data in the track. The track screen shows the track is active and the gps track is "Available" but no other data fields get populated and when I try to save or send the track it complains that there are no track points. Any one else having any luck with this on the 8830?


Hmm... funny, I get the exact same thing using a Blackberry Pearl. I am on Cingular. I can get the track to start but no data in the track? Also have difficulties sending the completed tracks via BIS connection.

I sent a note to on 1/14/08 but heard nothing back. Resent it just now.

I downloaded for BB 8800 AT&T....wont let me establish a connection. Keeps saying "attempted to open a connection to a location inside the firewall and outside the firewall which is not allowed by your IT Policy."

Dear users, GPS functionality might be blocked by your mobile carrier. Then we recommend to contact your System Administrator. If not, we will be glad to help you if you fulfill your request to our Support Team.