Track your calorie intake with Body Buddy

Track your calorie intake with Body Buddy
By DJ Reyes on 24 Mar 2014 12:23 pm EDT

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I'll start to increase my workouts — I get a little lazy during the winter. As well as working out, I try to eat right too. There was an app on BlackBerry OS called My Fitness Pal that let you track your calorie intake. Enter your meal, portion size, etc and then it counted your calories. You could also enter any of your workouts and then it would calculate your burnt calories. It certainly helps when you can see how many calories you are eating each day. Sadly, the app wasn't brought to BlackBerry 10 and while you can port the Android version, there are some who want a native experience. This is where Body Buddy comes in. It basically does what My Fitness Pal does but gives you a native BlackBerry 10 experience in the process.

When you first load the app it goes through a setup process, you can skip it but you may as well set everything up right there to get started. The setup stage consists of entering your sex, age, weight and height details. You then choose what kind of weight-loss goal you want to achieve. In then works out how many calories you should be eating a day. Once complete, you're on your way.

Body Buddy weight-loss goal  Body Buddy calorie count

To add to your journal just tap Add Journal Entry in the Today section. Then just choose what you want to add — breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner or exercise. There is also an option to add your weight in there too. It is suggested you add a weight if you are going to be adding any exercises to your journal. When adding meals you can just enter the type of meal and it will carry out a search. Alternatively, you can scan the barcode of the product. I tend to do this with snacks. After adding a meal it will deduct from your daily calorie count. When you add an exercise it will then add these calories burned to your calorie count.

Body Body Add to Journal  Body Buddy Food Search

You can view your Journal or see your History by using the tabs along the bottom. There is also an option to export your journal, this can be found in the overflow menu.

Body Buddy Journal  Body Buddy History

Body Buddy also allows you to download Nike+ information if you have an account. It can also automatically download your weight from a Withings scale, if you use one. You can enter account details for these in the Settings, which can be found by swiping down from the top. Great bonus features for anyone who uses these.

Body Buddy Nike+  Body Buddy Withings Scale

Body Buddy is free to download. You get a 60-day trial of the Pro version, so you can get full use of all the features stated above. After the 60-day trial period is over you will be given the option to upgrade or continue with a free version. The free version won't give you the ability to carry out a food search or exercise search. You would have to enter details in manually. The full pro version costs $2.99. 60 days is a good enough time to let you decide whether you want it or not anyhow. You can go ahead and purchase the full version anytime. You don't have to wait until your 60-day trial is up. Body Buddy is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

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Reader comments

Track your calorie intake with Body Buddy


No it doesn't track macros, only calories.

My Fitness Pal tracks macros which is in Snap.

Posted from my Z30 via CB10 app

I,m impressed with you Porsche Design Phone,I guess if you are wanting to loose a huge amount of weight the app is a good one,now I'm off to the Chinesse Buffet,hahaha

Tried this app however Fat Secret which is an Android app is a million times better. Get it with Snap!

Posted via CB10

I use body buddy since 10 month, really love a fast native app. Have also installed MyFitnessPal via Snap but it's a pain in the ass with that slow load times. Would hope Body Buddy would integrate a Macro Nutrients Chart to track my meals so I can balance the protein, carb and fat intake when I don't stick to my meal plan.

Posted via CB10

Does it sync with myfitnesspal?

If not the dev should definitely contact mfp. He'd get a larger range of foods. With all macro-nutrients and water intake.

Posted via CB10

No, it looks like you can sync with Nike+ and Withings. Which I don't have either of so cannot comment on how it syncs.

I've been using the app for about three weeks and have no complaints. Smooth UI and very responsive on the Zed30.. Pulls data quickly and like the ability to add your items.

Haven't used any similar apps so don't have a reference point but overall I've been very happy with it to this point. Haven't lost any weight but it really does make you think twice about that extra dessert. LOL

Posted via CB10 using my Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

I contacted MyFitnessPal almost 2 weeks ago about getting a developer account and access to their API for my app (Couch 2AnyK Pro). I still haven't heard anything back besides the initial 'we got your request' email stating that they are currently in "closed beta" for their api and working out the kinks, and that they are only accepting a limited number of developers at this time.

I'm still hoping to hear back eventually, but it doesn't seem to be easy right now for any Developers, let alone BlackBerry Developers, to get access to the MyFitnessPal API.


I have been using My Fitness Pal for the last 7 weeks and have lost already about 15 pounds. There is no app for this yet, so I have just been accessing the website from my BlackBerry Z30.

Posted via the Z30 on CB10

Would love this. Just need more info on foods for fat, protein, etc. and Fitbit support. I have Fitbit scale and Fitbit. M step tracker then I would be good

Posted via Z10 @ CrackBerry App

I used it for a few months.

Problem is the app erases data after a few months.

Very difficult to add foods, bar code reader does not work.

I went to the pro version and it was no different then free one.

I ever wrote the maker and expressed my concerns. Was even written back with a list of promises. Nothing changed.

The app has never been updated either. Don't waste your 2.99. Its only worth the free version. As long as you are using it for fun and not for an actual tracker of food and exercise.

Posted via CB10

Been using it sine August. It's okay, but many calory listings are wrong. It's helped me lose 75 pounds though. Basic, but keeps me accountable.

Calorie counts are useless without knowing the macro nutrients - protein, carbs and fat, including the types of fat. Want to lose weight - cut out the white deaths - sugar, potatoes, white flour, white rice. Avoid all chips, crackers, cookies, pretzels and anything with added sugar. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store and stay out of the aisles. Easy.

Posted via CB10

Body Buddy is much faster and cleaner than my fitness pal. I haven't seen an update in Body Buddy in a long time. If the Dev is following this please add nutritional information.

Keeping things fresh is very important

Posted using my amazing and intelligent Z10

Tried Body Buddy and switched to Loose It as it has a ton more food options and meal creations. You can scan bar codes and add lot's of details on the nutritional value.
Lost 21 pounds since November great android app works flawlessly on my Z10.

Posted via CB10

It has to integrate with everything... endomondo, fit bit, runtastic, tictrac... like MFP does.

That's a deal breaker for me.

Posted via CB10

DJ - Good app. Thanks for the suggestion. Though not sure it is operating correctly on my Z10. Please forward your 9982 to my attention so I can compare performance.


I really love body buddy! Helps me keep track of all I'm eating. And it tells me the amount of calorie intake for my size.