Track your bowling stats on the go with Bowling Score Tracker 2 - 50 copies to be won!

By Jared DiPane on 15 Apr 2011 01:07 pm EDT

Bowling Stats

If you are a BlackBerry user and an avid bowler, keeping track of your scores and stats on the go may not be the easiest thing you have experienced. The folks over at Coolfred Software hit us up to let us know that Bowling Score Tracker 2 is an easy way for all users to keep track of all their bowling stats in a simple, easy fashion. The application will allow users to enter their scores, and to keep track of their league stats as well. You can track multiple bowlers, view charts that show scores over various games, and comments and so much more, all from within the very simple interface of the application. After all the information has been entered it can be exported to a CSV which can then be imported to your favorite spreadsheet client. The application does run a price tag of $5.99, but if you are a bowler involved in different leagues, and looking for ways to keep track of your stats, this is a must have.

Contest: We have 50 copies to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT. 

More information / download of Bowling Score Tracker 2

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Reader comments

Track your bowling stats on the go with Bowling Score Tracker 2 - 50 copies to be won!


Finally an app that will enable me to get my average that night rather than having to go home and manually calculate it or wait till the next week to find out.

Would've been really handy for one of my bowling social events I had a few week-ends ago, but I'd still love to give this one a go.

I have Bowling Score Tracker 1 and love it. I would love to have Score Tracker 2 for next bowling season.

This would be a great app to have. I have a 215 average and would love to track my stats on my Blackberry. Hopefully this contest isn't completely random and goes to an app collector. Please pick me for this contest.

I want this.....! I usually just keep track in my memos in my phone, and this sure does sound way easier!

Does anyone remember the game show "Bowling for Dollars"? I'd like to win a copy. The league I'm in is about over, but I will start another in a few weeks.

I'd love this. My son is an avid (and fairly successful) bowler. I've been tracking his scores manually in Memopad - this looks a lot better!

I'll use this to keep track of my candlepin scores. After all, candlepin is the only way to bowl.

i bowl in 2 leagues and practice a lot, this will come be very handy for me. holllleeerrrrrr! hahaha


After 20 years of not bowling....I'm back. I saw a bowler with an ipad that had a bowling tracker program and thought it was cool, wanted one.

Please include me me!

Wow! This reminds me of bowling. Been playing it seriously in recent years but been on 'rest mood' for few months now. This will definitely kick me back into the game and even easier for me to keep up with the scores!

I've been waiting for a bowling stat tracker for the berry for a while now! Maybe I can leave the idevice home on league nights!

I play bowling and will play next week for fundraising. I would love to start tracking down my scores (although I am not good at it but having lots of fun).

Thanks :)

Bowling stats---Awesome!!!! I just got back from the USBC National Bowling Tournament in Reno....had a great time....what an excellent way of keeping stats and averages....PICK ME !!

Are you all 5 or 10 pin bowlers!?!?! I'm a 5 pin bowler in Vancouver. Average 230. I would love this app. But theres only a minor detail missing. My league we bowl 4 games, not 3. If only you can add as many games as you want. Especially if you have tournament trials, and it's 10 games!!!

I would BUY this if it had those capabilities for sure!

Count the former TSN Pins Game Contestant of 2005 in for the free app! :D