Track Your BlackBerry Data Usage With Mobile Data Alerter

By Bla1ze on 29 Apr 2009 11:06 am EDT
e-Office Mobile Data Tracker!

Travelling abroad and worried about roaming data usage? On a limited data plan and need to know how much data usage you are incurring? Or maybe you're just curious how much data is being used by an application? Then eOffice has just the application for you, e Office Mobile Data Alerter allows you to keep a watchful eye on all your data usage be it local usage on your home carrier or WiFi network or when travelling abroad on another carrier's network.

It also allows you to set up specified alerts, so for example if you have only a 500MB data plan you can set up an alert to go off at 400MB letting you know you are 100MB away from owing your carrier some extra coin. Built in is an application viewer as well, so you can see what applications are currently running thus allowing you to shut down any that may not be in use but are sucking back data. Great Features, nice looking UI and extremely useful. For more information and pricing info, visit the link below.

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Unfortunately this is not a free app as was indicated.

pricing per year excl. VAT
single user licence € 20,-
10 user business license pack € 185,-
100 user business license pack € 1.750,-
1000 user business license pack € 15.000,


This is not a free application, unfortunately.... back to the drawing board in searching for a good data tracker.


This is obviously intended for enterprise users. Most BlackBerry handhelds in Europe are used by business people, not by pro/consumers. However, for the time being we will keep this app FOR FREE, test the waters and then decide what to charge. Let us know your opinions and suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Thierry Lammers

e-office mobile
The Netherlands

Mandy Nicholson

Hi Thierry

Could you sell this app to non-business blackberry users for a one-off fee rather than a yearly fee. Say something up to £10?



there was a app like this but for long distance call!


Seems like a nice app. However the developers site indicates it is not free.


but it looks like they service Enterpirse users and this is not really intended for a stand alone user. Also, as the others have pointed out.. this is not free.. obviously!


Got my hopes up for a second there. I used to use MiniMoni until I upgraded to 4.5 OS. :(

Kevin Michaluk

Updated the post re: pricing. Bla1ze must have been blogging at 4am again and accidentally missed that :)

Caught it quick. All good.


I was about to get my credit card and see how I can buy this thing ... There's no way in hell i'm paying that kind of money though :(


32.00!!! CDN, Rogers sends out a text when you,ve reached 80% limit? Who would pay that much money for this?


exactly, as long as i know when i hit 80%, even though ive never hit 20%, this would be a neat app for free but not for a penny more then that


man what a ripoff of pricing jesus christ what is wrong with these people


Man, 20 Euros? It better come with a web browser that supports Flash and Flash video along with a true SIP client for that kind of money.


LOL at most of these comments. Yeh 20 Euros is a true rape indeed.


No CDMA support...
Please note as well that this will work on GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks only. In particular there is no support for CDMA


Umm...Alright, where is the link or description of the way to try/buy this? Am I the only one who can't find a the .jad file, or a way to get it via email or SMS????


Umm...Alright, where is the link or description of the way to try/buy this? Am I the only one who can't find a the .jad file, or a way to get it via email or SMS????


I'm s0orry for my last 2 cpomments. MiniMoni rocks, and it's freeee! :)


Why can't someone build something similar to let me know how much data I'm actually using????


i tried to instal it for my BB BOLD...
first i had an error, the app wont open...
and then my bb got really slow and the reboots are really long...
i deleted the app and rebooted, still was very long.. hope it will be allright now..
anyway..i really wanted and need this app...
to bad..

edit- just realized its not free...nevermind


Should be labelled a BES-only utility.

It's absoultely inacurrate on BIS.


should work on BIS and BES. Please let us know your device type and OS version you are running and we'll try to solve it.


Free Over the air download available at


I have this running on my 8900 - the data doesn't show accurately, nor does it update with any sort of real time use.

EDIT: added my info


i was about to get it for the app watcher. it was great to see which app is on.


I just tried this app on my 8900 running OS 5.0.

I noticed that memory cleaning in options now has the status "enabled" locked. I can no longer disable it. Anyone noticed this?


Soo..i downloaded it to my 8900 using .206 OS and it works fine...i didnt pay for i missing something? or is this a free trial and expires after a period of time?


Just installed this on my storm, looked at the about screen and it says 'Licence: Trial expires 05-05-2009'


this would be great, if Verizon didnt disable wifi access..


how accurate is the data, cause i am sure i browsed for a couple of mb and it only shows that i have used a couple of kb


there were some issues with the data not being accurate initially with the 4.5 version of the blackberry. but i got in touch with the guys at mobile data alerter, and the issue was fixed with an updated version to download. the service was way beyond my expectation.

i think it's an excellent product. i personally think that i would spend 20 euros, wish it was a bit cheaper. cause the alternative would be to spend a huge bill with the provider on using the data package. it give me a outlook to how much exactly i am using now, and i opt to use the wifi where available.

the interface show here is the old one, the new one looks pretty cool


data is not accurate at all.. using 8320 4.5


I want to find out if this software monitor Data useage during tethering of Blackberry. Do you have any idea

Senri Shiki

That's why my boot up are over 10 minutes long. *%#!@