Automatically keep track of your packages with Track a Pack for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 22 Dec 2013 01:34 pm

As a certified gadget and geek lover, more often than not I find myself ordering more and more online. Whether it be Doctor Who DVDs, a nerd themed gaming subscription box, or even the latest smartwatch, there is always a package in transit somewhere that eventually winds up on my doorstep. Being that I work full-time, I do track them to make sure they are delivered on-time. There are a few ways of checking from your BlackBerry but there are a variety of third-party applications at your disposal as well. One such application is Track a Pack, which owes its existence to one of the BlackBerry Jam Camps held this past year. 

Currently, Track a Pack supports tracking parcels shipped via USPS or Canada Post. FedEx and UPS are planned for inclusion later on. For me that is not really an issue as most of the items I receive are shipped via USPS with one of my subscriptions sent with Canada Post which makes this quick and convenient. 

The interface is clean, smooth, and easy to navigate and add packages. Just enter in your tracking number, description, and service and it handles the rest. While it refreshes information automatically based on your selection in settings, there is an option to force a refresh from the side action menu as well. 

Overall, this is a decent tracking alternative for multiple shipments (especially during the holidays) and is not bad coming from a new developer. You can grab it at the link for $.99 for BlackBerry 10.

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That's lame dude. But yay you're first!

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Package Tracker Pro supports a long list of carriers.


Been using Package Tracker Pro for a year with great results for all sorts of carriers and international shipments. Great results. While this app my be good, it seems to pale in comparison at this point...

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Its also am android port. Native apps are a must. No android app should be paid.

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I use Package Tracker Pro and it is a what do you mean by "not anymore"?

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I think he meant that THIS version (which has nothing to do with Package Tracker Pro it seems) is native.


Yes, using it for quite a few months and Package Tracker Pro is great with regular updates and good customer support.

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olalere adepoju

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How about no? You diggin' that?

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I'm definitely going to try it out.

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Why would the developer lock the application to US only?!?

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Same question. Unbelievable

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I really could use this app. Not bad, .99 cents. 4 1/2 stars out of seven reviews. I always register for notification and get alerts. Does this actually bypass the registration process.


Without fedex and ups this app is useless

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As others have stated, Package Tracker Pro - covers tons of carriers. It's my app of choice for package tracking. No disrespect to the author of Track a Pack. Good that he supports Bb10, and maybe he can add carriers quickly and make it useful to a wider audience.


Useless without fedex and ups

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I remember when Viigo had package tracking, weather, and was a GREAT rss news reader. That was a BlackBerry acquisition that was wasted!

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I'm reading your comment on my PlayBook in the app that Viigo became, and I have to agree with you.


That's true :)

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I've always sought after an app to track my package.

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At least this one is "Built for BlackBerry". Although Package Tracker Pro currently works with a lot more carriers, it's an Android port!


So use the app with less functionality simply because it's built for BlackBerry. Us BlackBerry users "do", right? I hope you "do" not get packages shipped from anything but the USPS or Canada Post.

This community sure can be brain dead from time to time...

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JamesA Winsteadjr

Thanks to everyone who suggested Package Tracker Pro. It's easy to setup and the it provides detailed data. I would like native BlackBerry apps, but I'll keep using this app.

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Packettracer free is a native application and supports a large amount of carriers.

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I'll support a native app for sure. This makes my package stalking so much simpler.

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Of course apps are welcomed to BlackBerry os but this is an example of a non needed app. You can set Txt notifications with any carrier directly or through the likes of These are the kinds of apps you see on android and apple. Who needs them. Sorry if I insulted the developer. But try another idea for an app. Really..

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Being able to check status of multiple packages from multiple shippers in one location is MUCH easier than going to each carriers site.


Jasm817 nailed it.

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It would be awesome if this application automatically monitored my email for tracking numbers the same way BlackBerry travel does for flights. When it gets that functionality it will actually save me time and I will buy it.

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This is an awesome app! Been using it for some time now.

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Package Tracker Pro is the best you can find out there at the moment. It supports international carriers and local; Canada Post, UPS, Loomis, Fed Ex, even Hong Kong Post.

Gives detailed information on item in transit and is updated frequently.

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Christophe Piquemal

Well, if it's just for North America... i.e. what? Maybe 20% of BB users... No interest for us in Europe, Asia, Middle East, south America, Africa...