Toysoft Updates: Sea Battle Game Now Available For BlackBerry Storm And PictureID Updated

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jul 2009 09:03 am EDT

Sea Battle

Back in April Kevin checked out Sea Battle, a great game that was only available for trackball devices. I got an email from Danny at Toysoft today letting me know that Sea Battle is now BlackBerry Storm ready. Sea Battle is a Battleship game with great clean graphics and cool animations. Each player starts with 5 ships, and the first to destroy the opponent's fleet wins. It runs very smooth on the Storm and takes full advantage of the device's features. This is a great time killer and a steal at only $1.99. Pick up Sea Battle in the CrackBerry App Store.

Toysoft has also updated their popular PictureID app. PictureID allows you to utilize full-screen caller ID on your device. We checked out PictureID when it first came out, and a load of bug fixes and revamps has spruced up PictureID 2.1. PictureID is available for $9.99.  

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Toysoft Updates: Sea Battle Game Now Available For BlackBerry Storm And PictureID Updated


This is a great time waster and really fun but fyi if you dont set permissions to allow for everything you will get an uncaught java exception

seems that we got report that if you start in Portrait mode it will produce this error in os 148. can someone confirm this?

can you guys try holding in landscape mode and then start the game?

this does not happen in OS v121.

OK I have downloaded 3 different time changing the permissions with no luck keep getting the error. I would hold off purchasing this software until fixed. Or maybe there is something that I'm doing wrong.

I got the errors too. Then I tried to reset via MeterBerry and I got more errors so I did a battery pull. I'll post if it works once it's booted.

This is broken. You don't necessarily have to wait before buying it or anything... It will be fixed!

Can you link up with someone else who also has a BB and play against each other? If so, then I am definitely gonna buy!

I did get it to work, the problem is if your using stop tilt you need to disable from your app screen. I have given toysoft an email so hopefully they can fix this.

It works... But you have to start it in landscape or it will drop an error. mclarryjr gave me the idea because I DID get to the screen to put in the key, but yea... It'll be fixed in no time!

Beta 1.0.1
Installed and Set Allow on all settings. Started the program and asked for Key or Trial mode. Clicked Trial. Instructions came up. Cleared the Instruction screen, but as soon as I start to lay out the 1st ship, 3/4 of the Keyboard (starting from left to right)came up. The ship would overlay the keypads, but would not rotate by swiping the screen. I ended up laying out the remaining ships with the keyboard showing. As soon as the last ship was set, the keyboard disappeared and the game started. I also noticed the Target where the Torpedo was meant to hit, it would explode, show a Yellow X, or it wouldn't do nothing at all, as if the Torpedo was a Dud.

I got it to work and won a game...its not bad. Some feedback:

-I noticed a lot of screen flickering
-when I go into options, the previous X's on the screen are missing
-red X'x should be red not yellow
-when ships are destroyed, they should turn black instead of being greyed out.

The best thing is for developers to pre-set all the permissions so that the users don't have to do that. When users have to muck around in settings, things go wrong.

Fun game, well put together.

There is definitely some graphical glitching, though it's not too much of a problem.

I would also have the ships disappear once destroyed (rather than being grayed out), though that's just preference and hardly an issue.

Thanks for the updates! I got into part of a game and it's definitely fun. It'll be one of those things I play in bed if I can't fall asleep! haha.

Cool, always thought those Mimes were a little Off-Bubble. Specially when they are Sweeping or caught up inside an invisible Box.
Anyways, here's where I read it.
CrackBerry Apps.
Each player starts with five ships: Carrier, Battleship, Submarine, Frigate and mime sweeper. The first play destroys all the enemy’s ships wins the game.

Keep up the Great Work, customer service is awesome!!!!

Game works well for me, all my permissiosn are set to allow and I have had NO problems so far. Game is well designed and has a good user interface.

Slight screen flicker at times but nothing that cant be worked past. I know the issue is being worked on as we speak so I am not worried about it.

Well worth the money and if I was on Ebay.

A+++ ;)

Ok, here are my comments:

1.Noise level is too loud and can't lower it. I wish I had the option to turn it off or simply leave on vibrate. I think with both on the battery level will drop considerably.
2.Screen flickering. I see this a lot towards the end of the game.
3.Its confusing setting up the ships to be either vertically or horizontally. Couldn't really figure out how the game changed it but after a while it went from one to the other.
4.No game options/instructions? Maybe because I was testing the beta I couldn't get anything else going. I with there was a way I could figure out how the game works, how to switch from vertical to horizontal ship layouts, sound level, etc.

For switching from horizontal to vertical and vice versa, you need to swipe across the screen - and when I say swipe across the screen, I mean the whole screen, a small swipe will not do. Go from one side of the screen to the other and it works best, then just touch the ship and move it around :)

The noise level should be adjustable in the options, and you do have the option to shut it off, just hit the berry button and go to "Prefs..." and uncheck "Enable Sound FX" and you can also uncheck "Vibrate" if you wanted, or just adjust the volume from in there, 1-10.

Great game played the trial worked pretty well.


Aside from that sounds / animation are pretty sweet.

Fix the screen flickering and you got yourself a sale.

it appears the flickering is caused by custom themes. can you try turning off the theme and see if that is the problem?

will have to double check the code and see why the flickering.

Just download the beta version, the game looks fun aside from some glitches that I think all of us had encounter. For game play I rate this 4/5 can wait for the fixes.

I have very little Flicker. Running on OS ver.148. Closed all running programs,and started the game. This has been my all time favorite Board Game growing up. I'm GLAD to see it on my Storm!!!

Just a little unclear in the description. Are you playing against the game or can you play against another BB user?

well i purchased this game and now my storm is ruined.. not bricked ruined. no charge no nothing, guys at verizon tried two different batteries and two different chargers and the thing wont turn on. so now i am waiting on a replacement storm.. thanks so much for this great game.. i could of smashed my phone for free but instead i paid two dollars for someone else to do it