Profile Changer PRO, Color LED Message, and Power Tools go on sale for a limited time only

By Alicia Erlich on 29 Mar 2014 10:33 am EDT

If you are looking for some bargains this weekend, select BlackBerry 10 applications by Toysoft Development have gone on sale for one week only. From now until Thursday April 3rd, three popular application are on sale in BlackBerry World for as little as $.99.

Most of these applications you should recognize, as they are useful and high quality utility productivity tools that have been featured before. The developer provides a high level of customer support and updates them often with fixes and enhancements.

For those meaning to grab one of these great apps, be sure to browse the selection and take advantage of this generous discount. A link to their entire catalog is also provided below. As someone who is fan of utility applications, especially ones that change the LED of my BlackBerry, it certainly doesn't hurt to give one of these three a try at the lower price.

More information and download all of Toysoft Development Apps

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Profile Changer PRO, Color LED Message, and Power Tools go on sale for a limited time only


Is Power Tools better than Gadget Box? Anyone tried both willing to do a comparison?

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

Power Tools is totally different from Gadget Box.

It runs in the background and can be used to assign notifications and it does Geofencing

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Gadget Box has stuff like rulers, calculators, etc... oops obv u know about that one lol

Power Tools is more like BeBuzz, Hub++, etc with led customizations and profile controls plus quite a bit more...

I have been compairing and debating the powertools, this takes the debate out!
How is it on the battery usage?

I bought it earlier today and I believe it uses a lot if battery compared to my other apps (even using more than Yahtzee Adventures).

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It seems like power tools is the best deal then, since it includes the other tools in it. Or am I wrong here?

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I was wondering the same thing... I know power tools allows scheduling of sound profile changes but can it actively sync up with meetings in your calendar? Or does it only allow you to schedule times so you have to manually go in and match that up daily?

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Power Tools is not integrated with the calendar. Only Profile Changer PRO is. With Profile Changer you can set a new appts and use the busy flag or subject/notes field with a keyword to change profile. like: in meeting. You can not sync with the desktop calendar

def looks like the best deal to me cuz it's the other two apps rolled in one, plus a lot more... even though i'm happy with Hub++ for led notifications, $2 for all the other stuff (message blocking, profile & wallpaper changer, file shredder, etc etc) seems plenty worth it...

Thanks for the great prices, particularly on Profile Changer Pro! I can't wait to not worry about changing my profiles in and out of the office!

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I won't use much other then the LED can someone tell me why I should just spend an extra buck and get powertools? :_)

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I guess just figure stripped down led might better on battery but can probably disable all the other crap lol

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OMG.... day b4 yesterday I purchased profile changer pro....but I am satisfy and happy that I purchased

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I purchased Power Tools a couple of days ago when I saw the sale @ $1.99. I'm disappointed though, I have not been able to get it to work properly. I'll be looking for instructions because it's not entirely intuitive. I haven't given up on it, there seems to be great potential. Maybe when I have more time.

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Just bought Power Tools for my Q10 (work BBID) now...

(Z10 doesn't need it, play phone and wifi hotspot. )

Lots of things to discover, but the biggest challenge is how to make use of the functionality and find ways to make it useful day-to-day

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Color LED no longer works since last update & they no longer offer email support. So their price s/b $0.00

I switched to Hub++ and it's worth the $2.99 for an app that works.

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What do mean no longer offer email? Did you send email to the correct address? Which part doesn't work in color?

Yes, just goes to show yall...patience IS a your parents were right about yet another thing, GO FIGURE am I right? But can anyone further explain the motivation to get PRO profile changer for email sync/calendar sync. What does it do? Anywho, bough the Powertools and took it off my bookmark list...Woopie!!!

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It doesn't include all of the features but I'm wondering whether purchasing Profile Changer Pro will prove pointless with time if they incorporate it into Power Tools.

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Power Tools does not have calendar integration, wifi and bluetooth profile switching. Mean you can switch to a different profile when connected and disconnected to a wifi hotspot or bluetooth device.

Power Tools also does not have cell tower switching.

You only need profile changer pro if you want more control of profile changing thru wifi, bluetooth, cell tower and calendar event. If you just want simple profile changing like a timer or geofencing then Power Tools is good enough.

This is the 3rd profile app I have purchased and it is probably the closest I have been looking for.

For example I don't like how in Hub++ they want you to essentially turn off all system notifications and use their app exclusively. That wouldn't be so bad of their app wasn't so "big" and confusing.

This app on the other hand is more straight forward and you only have to turn off the system notifications that you want to take over in the app. For example you leave LED notifications turned on in the main notification profile and just turn it off inside each app you want to use an alternate color scheme for.

Flip Shush is another example of where I think this app is simpler as it integrates with the main system notification profiles versus making you recreate them in the Hub++ app so it can completely take over all system notification aspects.

The ONLY think I wish this app has that Hub++ has, is the ability to dismiss LED alerts by peeking that the hub. You have to read or delete a message to make it stop. I'm going to ask the company to add this asap.

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Ah, thanks HotFix, I was wondering about having to alter the main notifications (or not) in order for this to work. I'm still having challenges getting Power Tools (LED notifications) to work properly. Example, my z30's LED started flashing white for some unknown reason and I couldn't stop it. I don't have white set up anywhere in the app, unless its a poor attempt at yellow, but I don't think so). The "wave" didn't work, nothing worked. So I rebooted the device, and it seems to be ok now. I rechecked the flag to stop the LED by reading or deleting an email...we'll see if that works now.

Colour LED doesn't work for very long periods. In order to have it working again, it needs to be reset.

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