Toysoft’s headless apps on sale for 50% off for three days only

By Alicia Erlich on 10 Feb 2014 08:30 am EST

As a long time BlackBerry developer, Toysoft chose the next three days to discount a select few of their popular headless applications. Starting today, Monday February 10th, through Wednesday February 12th, the BlackBerry 10 apps listed below will be on sale for 50% off, or as little as $.99.  

Most of these applications you should recognize, as they are useful and high quality utility productivity tools that have been featured before. The developer provides a high level of customer support and updates them often with fixes and enhancements.

For those meaning to grab one of these great apps, be sure to browse the selection and take advantage of this generous discount. A link to their entire catalog is also provided below. If you're not seeing the updated pricing, it might still be working it's way into the system. Just hit refresh and it should appear for you soon.

More information and download all of Toysoft Development Apps 

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Toysoft’s headless apps on sale for 50% off for three days only


Get get the profile changer to support dev. I still want to see BlackBerry integrates the features into core BlackBerry 10 os like we are having with BlackBerry OS.

~ it's not a phone, it's a 

Since 10.2.1 when dev's gained access to portions of OS to make parts of apps have that ability. In case you didn't know it's a pretty big deal.

Come on 10.3!

And some devs stuck around long enough and worked more to give users what they want. I think they should get a gold seal beside their Built for BlackBerry designation.

Posted via CB10

Not a fan of Toysoft. They deleted my constructively critical review of their timelapse application on BlackBerry world so as to only present favourable reviews

That happened to me before with a different dev. It is really annoying to have action like that taken; it implies a "like" comment with 5 stars is more meaningful than a comment containing information people might actually want to know. You may want to try reviewing again though.... I don't know how that works between BlackBerry and the devs, but something may have changed because I've been able to go back recently and review the same way and it stuck this time.

Agreed this happened to me with another Dev. They shouldn't have the option to delete reviews. The should be able to reply, but not delete.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Totally agree. If BlackBerry World is setup correctly, each PIN (device) that has downloaded the app is entitled to review as they see fit. Hopefully everyone reviews fairly, but the end result should resemble a TRUE reflection of that app's performance. No more deleting reviews!

The review system is completely worthless as it stands.

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Is Power Tools the only program that allows one to resize images on-the-fly ?

(Oh, how I wished resizing was baked into the built in image editor!!!)

All you do is select Share to Open In from the Pictures app and then select Power Tools. It will then open the screen to resize or shredder the file. You can do this with any app that have Share and Open In support.

That confirms what I suspected. I was just curious whether other applications have similar functionality as I want to explore all options. Cheers!

Article says, "BlackBerry 10 apps listed below will be on sale for 50% off, or as little as $.99. "

Profile Changer Pro is 33% off.

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BlackBerry need to step it up big time on these headless apps. Do a contest or something? But we are lacking big time with headless apps. As I was testing out a few apps on 1 mobile app and there are some very nice and unbelievable headless apps and we need them running on blackberry10 . Its 2014 BlackBerry let's get this ball rolling and let's get these dev to work !

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What are the main differences between Voice Recorder and Call Recorder Pro? At first glance it appears that one is a voice recorder that can record calls and the other is a call recorder that can record voice. It appears that the Call Recorder app can be set to record calls automatically, but other than that are there large differences? I wonder why these are two separate programs?.

I gave a five star review for Power Tools just yesterday. It is an excellent app. However, I had one piece of criticism for it, which I emailed the developer about. His response was almost immediate and he said he will fix the problem in a coming update. In short, excellent app, excellent support.

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Just tried out Phone Call Recorder. Checked the app settings, then made a phone call. Worked excellent! The LED comes on to let you know it's recording, then when the phone call is over, an active notification lets you know it was successfully recorded. Clicking on the notification takes you to the recorded file. Alternatively, you can access the notification in the Hub, or get the file from File Manager or directly from the app. Pretty great sound quality, too.

You do need to turn speaker phone on during the call.

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Anyone know what the difference is between Profile Changer Pro and Profile Changer for BlackBerry 10?

They are both headless and appear to do the same thing. I bought the Pro due to it being on sale, but I see the other one is a higher revision and 2 weeks newer.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10STL100-3/

It's a shame these apps aren't tested fully before being "promoted" on here. Color led message does not work on my Z10 updated to the newest OS version. Support is poor too.
Others may have had a more positive experience but I'm left feeling very disappointed.

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