ToySoft Olympic Celebration Game Giveaway - 2010 Free Copies up for Grabs! First Come, Fist Served So HURRY!

By Adam Zeis on 1 Mar 2010 10:16 am EST
Hockey Gold!

To celebrate the end of the 2010 Olympics, ToySoft is offering up 2010 free copies of their BlackBerry games. Everything is first come, first served, so get in on the action now so you don't miss out. You can choose from Ballz, GoFish, Lucky7Slots, Battleship, TapOMania, WackOMole and PicPuzzle. Hit up the links below and head to the mobile app store, then use the coupon code OHCANADA to receive the 100% discount. After you download, be sure to hit the up the forums and say thanks. You better hurry - these are sure to be snatched up quick!!

PS: yeah, yeah, I lost the bet to Kevin that the USA would win the gold in men's hockey, but at least with the wonder of Photoshop this photo says otherwise :-)

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ToySoft Olympic Celebration Game Giveaway - 2010 Free Copies up for Grabs! First Come, Fist Served So HURRY!


Thanks CrackBerry & ToySoft!!

What a game! Both teams played amazing games, but way to go Canada!! WOOOHOOO!

mobihand may be the WORST app store I have ever used. they make it so hard to buy an app. please crackberry, please dump them! nothing is ever easy with them.

"We're sorry, but the page you requested has produced an error and cannot be displayed.

The appropriate staff have just been alerted for this error and will rectify it as soon as possible.

The error may have been temporary. You may wish to simply go back and try again."

Thanks CB and Toysoft. You made this Monday a lot better! That hockey game was pretty intense!

Thank you very much a) for this great game I was able to watch yesterday - never so such an intense game! and b) thank you ToySoft for this gesture!

good thing you brought your own refs to that game yesterday...and it was great how he got in the way of the game winning goal

I was upset that the olympics came to a close, and this eases the pain a litte....thank you so much cant wait for the summer games now...USA!

LOL, you should have painted a smile on them too, the gold medal does not go well with the looser face... :-)

Thank you CB and Toysoft!!!! Nothing beeter than free goodies for your BlackBerry! You guys are great!

Thank you CB and Toysoft!!!! Nothing better than free goodies for your BlackBerry! You guys are great!

I go mine earlier today, the email confirmation for Lucky 7 didn't have a registration code. It was blank. Weird. I just emailed tech support for help. My SeaBattle came in no problem 2 sec before.

Great game, great finished, great to be a Canadian and now thanks for CB! Great Give away...I was able to grab all those for my Storm.

Thanks CB!!!

Tough loss for the USA, but great game.... Great promotion to help deal with the loss. Thanks ToySoft and CB!

Thank you for the free games. I am not a hockey fan but I was really pulling for the USA to win like I was pulling for the Saints to win the Superbowl. Guess I can't have two winners in the same year! :-) Great game. Very exciting finish when the Americans sent it to overtime. Undefeated in regulation, baby! But, gosh, darn, 6 Gold Medal matches with Canada over the years and we lose ALL of them. I think my brother said it best... we need to get Crosby and a few other Canadians to gain US citizenship and play for America! Yeaaahhh! Oh, and uh, thanks for having the coupon code be "OhCanada" to remind us who won. :-)

So I was able to snag pic puzzle. It downloaded a .jad file. I've searched for what to do now, but to no help.

What am I doing wrong? I also didn't get an email confirmation, but I did get the conf. code when I ordered. Certainly is can't be this hard? [ Yes, I can be this thick, so help me please!)

I was for USA, but was thrilled with the game and the gold staying in North America. Congrats all you hosers!

Already DLed and played it!!!! Cool game! Got something to keep me busy at work. LoL.

Can't get slots though. Keeps saying it the wrong promo code!?

Dang, I just checked and it says that the code is invalid, seems like I came 2 late, but anyways thanks CB and toysoft

If you missed the freebie then here is the code for 50% off on all Toysoft apps. Today only!

coupon code: OH50

Enjoyed a great hockey game and olympics. Canada should be proud. Congrats to Team Canada on the win last night. It's the only time I ever root against Canada. Also thanks for Battleship. I'll enjoy that one. We need a hockey game of some sort (other than air hockey).

Yep thats it .... missed out and got the message for invalid code. Ignore my previous post all .... (blonde moment )


your freaking kidding me....this post has barely been up for half an hour and im late??! im never picking up my sibling from school again!

What a great offer! Just bummed I missed out. Hopefully next time I'll remember to check the forums earlier~ haha

Whats with the photochopped pic showing team USA wearing gold??? They got silver!!!
They lost the gold to CANADA!!!!

I downloaded all with Curve compatible but just one game worked for my Curve 8520 that is puzzle which is quite lame so I deleted all.

Thanks for the freebie

But seriously, cant you americans just accept that you LOST? The world does not revolve around you, your not the be all and end all. Accept there are better teams/countries!!!

These games are definitely good, but should have been free or $.99 all along. For the price they cost they are not good at all. They don't make use of the menu key very well and they are pretty slow. The slots game is the only one that seems to be perfect.

Overall, I'm happy to have them but glad they were free.

My ratings (out of 5):
Ballz - 2
GoFish - 4 (Would be 5 if it was quicker after you beat it and had high scores)
Lucky7 - 4
Battle Ship - 3
WackOMole - 2

I haven't played the others yet.

@smiley88 gave a today only discount code, but when you try it through the CB store, it comes up as an invalid code . . . if you go in through the original link it allows the discount, but forces a credit card; so you cannot use PayPal .. . it's all the same store, so what's the deal?

Will someone please tell me why these guys look like they have Gold or Bronze medals? They won SILVER! Just thought I'd point that out as a Canadian boy living in Florida! :)

"PS: yeah, yeah, I lost the bet to Kevin that the USA would win the gold in men's hockey, but at least with the wonder of Photoshop this photo says otherwise :-)"

Coming from a Canadians point of view, this game was very nerve-raking! When the USA scored that 2nd goal, I thought I was going to die.

Sad that the games are over, the gold medal game in hockey was awesome! I got a mini heartattack in the final minute of normal time.. but we won it in OT... yay Canada! This was a really cool way of celebrating a great end to the games as well as Canada's accmplishments!! great stuff guys!

Are all 2010 copies gone????

Update: Jump to forum shows that all codes are gone. Darn...

Oh well ... thanks anyway...