Toysoft $0.99 Storm Applications Sale Today Only!

By Adam Zeis on 28 Aug 2009 12:03 pm EDT


Storm owners - if you're looking for a cool app or game to play with over the weekend, check out some great offerings from Toysoft that are only $0.99 today. You can choose from 10 all together and snag some great savings through the end of the day. Greats like Ballz and Fake Call, as well as newcomer Wack-O-Mole are all on sale. This is for the Storm versions only, so everyone else is sadly out of luck. Check out the full offering below.

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Toysoft $0.99 Storm Applications Sale Today Only!


Why is Seabattle listed when it clearly states on the linked page that it is NOT compatible with Storm? See the very last line under compatibility taken from link below.

SeaBattle 1945 is an outstanding classic Battleship™ game with stunning, beautiful graphics and superb special effects and animation. The goal is to find and destroy your enemy’s ships before they destroy you.

Each player starts with five ships: Carrier, Battleship, Submarine, Frigate and mime sweeper. The first play destroys all the enemy’s ships wins the game.


* BlackBerry® OS 4.3 and Higher
* 600K of Main Memory

Note: If you have problems running SeaBattle then goto the Settings and disable SoundFX.

Also permissions must be set to all ALLOW in the Options application for SeaBattle.

Please try before you purchase.

* Features:
* * Stunning graphics
* * Animation and Sound FX
* * Toggle between Yours and Enemy map
* * Manual or Random ship placements
* * Large or Small map
* Compatibility:
* * Pearl
* * Curve
* * Bold
* * NOT Compatible with the Storm

Adam accidentally linked it to the wrong one. Link is fixed now.  Developers should list all version for different devices on the same page to avoid confusion, but in this case the dev had a separate product id set up for a different version.

Good afternoon to all, I just register on this page so I ask all that read my problem try to guide me were to post my problem or feedback if this is not the way to do it. having said that I have 3 days trying to get my phone to start, here are the 2 problems that I am having: 1. I updated my os recently and the phone those not turn on and the light flashes twice and after I update the software it tells me "Unable to reconnect to the device during a multi-stage load operation." them I turn the phone on and just goes to the sand clock and them turns off and just starts to do the same thing over and over. ANY SUGGESTIONS thanks

Tip calculator for storm is great. You have save feature, and a save to calendar feature. Great for Expense reports.

Im happy with it.

Apps are pretty well made. Except don't start app in Landscape mode.

I can report that Ballz rocks! I happened to get a free copy when it first came out (The developer gave out 10 freebies). It's a fun little time waster.