BlackBerry Tour Themes Now Available from Bplay?

By Adam Zeis on 6 Aug 2009 01:17 pm EDT

Solar Slideshow on the Tour

I was just cruising the forums and came across a few threads about Tour themes. It looks like Bplay dropped a few without notice yesterday and some users are reporting that they are working fine. While there is still no word on a new verison of the Plazmic CDK, it seems like Bplay's themes are all working without a hitch. They only have a few offerings for the time being, but more should be on the way. You can choose from Solar Slideshow, iBerry 2.0, Baseball and Saltwater to name a few. If you're a new Tour owner itching to get your theme on, head over to and check them out. Be sure to leave a comment and tell us your findings.

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BlackBerry Tour Themes Now Available from Bplay?


Well gee, it's just super that BPlay has themes for the Tour. Now, how about an updated SDK so I can have the default Tour theme with a Today screen? Grrr... For as much as I love my BlackBerry, I despise RIM sometimes.

I sign on to everything you just said. I like the look of the default theme... I just want a Today option. I don't get why RIM doesn't have Plazmic ready for release at the same time they release the phone. Since my calendar isn't on my home screen, I forget to check it.

new to blackberry and was wondering what the "today theme means". to me, it sounds like it might be similar to microsoft outlook's "outlook today" option where it shows what events are happening for the that the case? if so, that would be super nice.

It's basically a theme that displays your upcoming calendar entries, unread emails, missed phone calls, etc. on the home screen, without you have to click on the calendar or message app. The type of info displayed on the home screen depends on the configuration of that particular today theme.

Sure they have TOUR themes out now, but they are the ugliest themes ever!

Bplay themes have never been the best. I will be holding off till someone drops some actual nice looking themes.

Next time give me a little mention next time you gank my image without asking and post it on the homepage Adam. Lol

Hey...why don't you go pick a fight with someone who won't totally own you like I will. It's in your own best interest bud.

yeah i did purchase one and he did post the ugly pic. I bought the iberry plus today because i need it and it looks a whole bunch nicer and it runs fast and smooth i know you iphone haters wont like it but i needed a today theme asap

As soon as Plazmic releases the new compatable CDK i will be making the (much loved) Se7en Berry and Sticker Berry ver for it and posting them along side the others on Crackberry and Mobihand sites.

I wouldn't say it's ugly. Though there is no need for the random word "Sun" on the left. I'm sure we know that giant orange thing is ;)

Also the background behind the clock and date needs to flow evenly. Not be chunked squares that fade to black.

Ive spent more then a few hours building wallpaper ,If my art work got front page CB I would expect my name attached as well.

I'll never buy from those guys again. They just reformatted from something else and the screens fonts are so small as to be completely useless. Rip off artists if you ask me.

Seems like each time I refresh the Themes pages for the Tour, more themes are popping up.

I am not a huge fan either, but hey, we have theme's now.

If they played with the previous version, does it violate the TOS from RIM?

I would be very dissapointed if one theme developer got the CDK before everyone else. It would be simply unfair to those other developers that make money from the sale or donations from their theme work. (Not to mention those of us that make our own)

If they somehow got their hands on the CDK before other developers, it would open up all sorts of issues.

I bought the iBerry 2.0 theme and....I regret it. The font is way too small. My advice- stick with the Precision Zen until some real themes are released.

I got the space theme yesterday from bplay and I couldn't find alot of my icons after the install and none of my 3rd party apps for some reason

What do you think about Pocket Day Pro? I realize it's not actually a theme, but it does seem to have all the stuff on the home screen you've mentioned - I moved from a Curve to Tour so I miss all the info on the home screen. Looking forward to input; thanks from Iowa.

The iBerry 2.0 Today theme is not worth buying... Fonts are WAY to small, you can't read the calendar or messages. I think if I get a magnifying glass, I might be able to read it.

The Solar theme is ok, but I am back using the pre-loaded themes.

I suggest to anyone to hold off
I purchased a theme iBerry Today Plus, though it worked, once you start to move icons around it freezes and you lose navigation through your icons,

These Themes if Free would be well worth the download but spending money on them is not worth it, unless they get back to me about Free upgrades,

if they do I'll post as such. but right now stay away