Tour of the awesome BlackBerry Keep Moving Van

By Adam Zeis on 16 May 2013 03:36 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Keep Moving Tour is in full swing, bring BlackBerry 10 love to everyone across the globe. The most notable and high-profile vessel for the tour are those awesome vans that we've seen more than a few times now. They are popping up all over major cities in the US and showing off the BlackBerry Z10. Manned with a staff of BlackBerry experts, anyone can jump in the van and learn all about BlackBerry 10 from top to bottom.

So far we've seen the vans in places like Toronto for the Z10 launch, Alicia Keys shows in various cities and here at BlackBerry Live 2013

If you haven't checked one out in person, sit back as Kevin runs us through the ins and outs of the BlackBerry Keep Moving Van. 

Learn more about the BlackBerry Keep Moving Tour

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Tour of the awesome BlackBerry Keep Moving Van


Aight, I'll tell you what I believe na sir ... I'll tell you about an Arange ... and yu be buyin it. :)

(had to break silence just to have fun in my parents way of talking).

Sell out.....its Zed10! kidding, u r in American soil it's understandable. That's one pimp bangbro.....i mean van :)

Posted via CB10

lol.... yeah all the apple girls... mix some android girls in to _/ _/. take seat


WOAH! Wrong channel and site dude lol.

But get an Apple fan girl in there and dat man will be talking about ApplePie all night long ;)

That's sick! they need to have a multiplayer game in the back with so many z10's and screens it would be awesome!

I passed the van on the Florida Turnpike on my way back to South Florida yesterday! Gave them a shout out and flashed my BB Live badge at them.

Blast me if you want but I think design wise, this van sucks. The design like so 90s. Car audio/video/design has came a long way and this looks just dated. But to each there own.

didn't see the van parked anywhere near Penn station Friday and Sunday in NYC at their "7th ave" location , either they're hiding or I'm just blind, hoping to get hyped up to actually buy a new BB10 device.. oh well

Super cool van - was kinda cool to have Kevin in full screen....
The website is pretty cool too...icons of the trucks at their current and future locations as well as some videos...check em out !