Touchscreen Apple Killer to be called the BlackBerry Storm?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 May 2008 10:41 am EDT

The BlackBerry Storm is Coming...  

It seems Research in Motion's in-development touchscreen phone, the one that RIM's engineers have supposedly nicknamed the AK (Apple Killer) may already have a REAL NAME: the BlackBerry Storm.

Update: Sometimes you gotta work with the info you have! Since posting this, I'd say it looks like I'm 50% right. STORM definitely is/was the internal codename for RIM's touchscreen device... saying it'll be the final brand they launch with - maybe a bit premature (though with such a cool name it would be a shame for them not to use it! Bets are it REMAINS the go to market name). Turns out the snapping up of the blackberrystorm domains is from a registrar other than the one RIM normally uses, signaling it's somebody close to RIM knowing the codename that grabbed these in hopes of getting a small cash out down the road should the name stick. Does this news suck? NOPE... at least now we have a name to refer to this new device by other than "touchscreen BlackBerry" or "AK".  And in this case we have a Silver Lining, Read This Full Post - if there isn't a touchscreen device called the STORM, you can win a BlackBerry Curve! Just login to CrackBerry and leave a comment on this post. If STORM never makes it from being just a codename and into a final product name, your odds of winning just went way up! **

You could call it a hunch, you could call it insider information/speculation, or you could call it a fact.  Actually, you can call it all of the above. It's not just that we've heard thunderous rumblings of the Storm name from trusted peeps, but hit up any domain Whois Look Up service and you'll find every domain name for BlackBerryStorm is already registered. was registered in late 2007 and then on January 31st 2008 the rest of the domains (.net, .org,, .mobi, etc.) were all registered. The Whois info has been protected, but this is a pretty solid indicator that a marketing/branding decision in regards to the touchscreen BlackBerry have been made (above and beyond just an internal codename for the device) as someone has now secured the domains while remaining somewhat secretive in their plans (cough cough... RIM... cough). Hopefully the name sticks - I'd love to own a BlackBerry Storm. BlackBerry Thunder could be cool too, but just doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

What's funny here is that when it comes to the sooner-to-be-released BlackBerry 9000, the name game appears to be less clear. The 9000 has internally been referred to as the Meteor (RIM has a history of picking galatic codenames for internal reference to devices - remember the Pearl 2 was the Komet), but most feel that it won't hit the market as that. Maybe it will just be the 9000, with RIM saving a cool sounding name like the Storm for a break-through product that a touchscreen BlackBerry promises to be. Regardless, we're still holding a contest to guess the 9000's name.

As for the BlackBerry Storm rumor, I'm very confident in it. Yes, like all bloggers I've made some rumor-mill mistakes before, but in this case I think my odds of getting it right are pretty solid. So much so that I'm willing to back it up. I switched up to a new BlackBerry 8320 a couple of weeks ago, but my old 8300 is still sitting here and is looking minty. Login to and leave a comment on this post. If I MISS on this rumor and we don't see a touchscreen device called the BlackBerry Storm, I'll personally send a lucky winner my old 8300.

What do you think of the name?

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Touchscreen Apple Killer to be called the BlackBerry Storm?!


All this exciting Blackberry news this week is making me want all these devices NOW !!....The 9000, Kickstart & now The Storm ! the Blackberry Storm & it's lightning will strike down the Apple Tree ;)

I just got off the phone with T-Mobile and there is a release date in December of 2008 for the new BlackBerry "AK"

I just found out about the new BB AK oh my gosh --- I can't wait to get it ... how much it will cost? Well, I guess I don't care as long is a Black Berry -- How cares ??? Right !! heheh

"Don't worry, BB happy"

Went into the Verizon store yesterday to ask when I could early upgrade my husband's phone to a Pearl. He told me that in December they'll be changing the pricing on the BB Pearl (lowering it) so that's the time to do it. That tells me that in December there should be at least one new BB offering at Verizon - it would be sweet if it's the storm. If it is, maybe I'll just upgrade my phone and give him my Pearl, hmmmm.

this does sound like an interesting package,just got the Omnia which is superb with the windows 6.1 software,but i will be keeping an on this phone as a possible next phone.

This is a great idea. I would love to see a blackberry that has the touch screen like the Iphone. Something like the Verizon Voyager would be cool but as a blackberry.

That is one of the worst comments i have ever heard, the Voyager for Verizon Wireless is one of the most non user friendly devices on the market today. I hope that RIM can make a quality product that lives up to their name as the best communications company in the buisiness. A touch scree would be fantastic dont get me wrong but the full Qwetry keyboard is a must and they need to focus on asdding additional features not included on Apple's IPhone.

Sounds pretty lame to me. I just can't see someone calling it the "The Storm". Maybe it's just me. Hope your wrong and my name gets drawn! haha

Yeah, I guess if I'm wrong on this it's not a bad thing....

BUT...if you want your chance to win you need to LOGIN to the site. Need to have your username listed on the comment so I can contact the winner (should it not be named the Storm of course) via email!

The new touchscreen interface and bigger screen resolution probably means that most apps will need to be rewritten to run on this device. Which means that it will probably take longer for 3rd party software to appear on the market for this device than it has for others.

Storm is cool, but maybe a little dramatic. Kind of makes you want to thump your chest and growl as you say it. "Hey guys, check out my new Storm...Grrr".

I just hope they come out with these devices quicker than the new OS for the Curve. I'm tired of waiting!!

I'm still wondering if i'd like the touch screen or not; aslong as there is a physical keyboard!!!

Sounds sick though, can't wait to hear more : )

Storm, it's a strong name but it's catchy. I like it!
Too many things to wait for: first the OS 4.5, BB 9000,the kickstart and now the Storm!!!! I would like to see them soon.

How cool would it be to just name it Blackberry Armageddon ???
And the launch day could be code named Doomsday...
Defo AKO (Apple Knock Out)...
Please don't disappoint us RIM :P

I can just see all the great headlines that will be conjured up using this name, so I really hope it's real. Either way, a berry with a touch screen is going to impress a whole lot of people, myself included.

I'm not very good in english (because i'm french..) but i would like to say a big thank you to the crackberry's writers.
Every day I try to translate your news!
In France, the BB just starts to be known to general public. And because of this it's hard to find information in french!

About the name of the next BB. I love !!! But I love the keyboard of my 8310 so a touchscreen...
But I think the name is good!

Still Thank You !!

I do not care what it is called Storm, or Wind, or Thunder or even Lightning, all I care is if it is a touchscreen. I love the trackball, but a touchscreen would be a nice addition to the BB family.

Has any timetable been set for this Blackberry Storm to be released? Or at least projections?

Kevin, as much as I would like you to be wrong so I can hopefully win your 8300, i want you to be right this time. Storm would be perfect name, it's both short and catchy. I'm sure if RIM does make touchscreen device they are not going to make same mistake Apple did. I believe Storm will give you some kind of feedback as you type, whether it be small vibrations or something else.

BlackBerry Storm? How are they going to rationalize this one, haha? I remember it took me weeks to get somebody at RIM to tell me why the 83xx line is called the Curve.

Their official line is "It's for the well-rounded life."

Eh, good enough.

Theirs also rumblings of a "Un-numerically" assigned device called "Javelin"..but Storm would be cool as well.

WES is the key to MOST of your questions Muhahaha!

Yeah, Hopefully WES will answer all of these questions. All I know is Javelin is a horrible name...


haha :-)

i like the name, personally i'm rubbish at nameing things, if it were left to me, it'd be the "Blackberry Steve" the touch screen is a good idea, but i think that a slide out keyboard would be a good thing, i personally am not a fan of tyipng on a touch screen

I'm thinking that it'll keep the name the storm... of course, if we're both wrong you can still send me your 8300, lol!!

Kev, I really think this would likely be a codename that will never make it to market. The domains are not owned by RIM. Someone, likely within RIM or with a carrier, registered the domain thinking they would get a pay day later on when RIM offers to purchase it. RIM registers their domains through CSC Corporate Domains (, whereas these (storm and metero) are registered through For the other codenames (of this device and another), they are also registered domains through Network Solutions (once again, not RIM).

I think this indicates you are correct in saying these are new devies coming out, but the domain registration does not indicate RIM purchase of the domains (it shows CSC Corporate Domains even when the owner's record is protected) or the release name of the new device.

ahhh welll... if that's the case it's too bad - need better tipsters I guess! :-)

Not a horrible thing though - at least we can refer to the device as something other than touchscreen blackberry or AK as what's currently been used in the blogosphere - STORM is way cooler, though maybe they'll change up the codename now that this is more in the open. I wish worked for RIM somedays...all the answers would be known.

AND... if Storm doesn't see the light of day then the odds of somebody on these comments winning my BlackBerry Curve just went wayyy up! Not a bad consolation.

All in All, still not a bad exercise in blogging.

Just out of curosity, is this new "Storm" supposed to look just like the iPhone?

Just curious as to the use of the picture above. Or, being the Apple killer, was the iPhone prop used?


That's the iPhone being struck by lightning by the RIM storm on the horizon!

Waiting on pics of the touchscreen berry to emerge....only time will tell whether it looks like an iPhone or not!

I own both a Blackberry and an iPhone, they do two complete different things for me. Yet I find myself in the midst of the battle...which side... which side...aaahhhhh


I want a curve. I believe RIM will pay the price of getting the domains. A very small price considering they will make so much more money selling this device.

I like the name, its quick and easy to remember. with a name like storm, there will be all kinds of need add ons and neat names to associate with it that go along with 'storm'. buy a 'rain coat' for your storm here on crackberry!! or the storm has swept across the land and flooded the towns with something better then the iphone.
i also like the simple name of 'Rush' or 'Evolution' or 'Meteor'. i cant wait til it comes out...a must have im sure. then i can give my 8830 to my 12, he will love it!

I dont know. BLACK is not a good name but I like it. LOL. Just post and hope that I can win. Plz. I am too poor to buy a license for JiveTalk. Anyone can help ? I will give you all my theme collection. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Not a bad name. I cant believe sprint wont release there curve though. Ill be so stuck on that for the next 6 months that I cant think about anything else cause they forced my hand in buying my wife a pearl. hmm, may bee ill be forced into offering up this pearl for some sort of prize after the curve comes out. Am I allowed to do that??

I think it will bring a lot of people to BB if it is executed well. Personally I'd rather have a keyboard but I think my wife will be one of the first in line. Is the name really that big of a deal????

I like the name. It's gets your attention and it would be easy to market to the public. They'll probably stay with the name.

i kinda dont like the name storm... it may sound cool but actually saying... "i have the storm" kinda doesnt sound right to me... but we'll see...

I thing the Storm Or the Storm are not cool as the THE BOLD
they needs to rethink the name, maybe NEO the one....LOL
or something more interesting but pure. Storm is not quite it for me.

what makes RIM think this storm will be the apple killer? does the devise have more to offer than the Iphone?

The storm is an iphone wannabe and pale substitute. Just like a Canadian to copy us Yanks then bitch about us. Keep it in Canada where it belongs. I owned a Blackberry until the iphone 3g came out and don't miss that piece of $h!t. Jim Balsille is a weezle too with not an original idea to his name. Good luck RIm...your time has come and gone. time to dry up in the land of wanna be's...Canada.

The storm is an iphone wannabe and pale substitute. Just like a Canadian to copy us Yanks then bitch about us. Keep it in Canada where it belongs. I owned a Blackberry until the iphone 3g came out and don't miss that piece of $h!t. Jim Balsille is a weezle too with not an original idea to his name. Good luck RIm...your time has come and gone. time to dry up in the land of wanna be's...Canada.

Although hitting the market a bit late it stil has the potential to take future customers away from Iphone's gravitation.
The marriage of Iphone and AT&T is definetly one that everyone is not interested in.

much like many first editions, there will be a few bugs to work out. It's always best to wait and let the impatients find and test all the bugs in the real world, not just the lab.

Anyone know if the release dates that have been floating around are accurate? I am trying to decide what kind of blackberry to get and don't know if I can wait long enough for this new "storm" to come out.

I like Blackberry devices but, I think RIM is a poorly run company which has no repsect for it customers.

First, they have a bunch of new devices coming out or rumored to be coming out yet, nothing is available! Building up "buzz" around a product release is one thing but, after a while it pisses people off. Mindless teenagers who are willing to wait up all night in the parking lot at BEST BUY to be the first person to buy the newest video game is not their customer. Business people who want to schedule their corporate purchases and who want quality products are their customers. And, we know when we are being jerked around!!!

Second, the idea of making these devices network specific is just stupid and disrespectful of the vast majority of their customers. A company which makes products geared towards business users should not be anti-free market, anti-competition! And, what good reason is there to limit the market for your product??

Third, the quality of most of their new products is lacking. The new track ball on the new Blackberry Curve and BOLD (if it ever comes out)is absolutely horrible!! I haven't seen a single Blackberry device on display at retailers, such as Radio Shack, where the trackball was not broken!! If you use your device a lot, you want something which is well made. A junkie plactic ball is not going cut it for serious, hardcore users. I need something that can take a beating. I need a professional quality device, not a toy which looks good. I need something that is not going to break.

Quiet frankly, I am sick of waiting for RIM to get its act together and come out with a good device. They should be less concerned about the "quantity" of devices they are putting on the market and instead focus on the "quality" of the devices they put on the market.

If they want to learn something from Steve Jobs, they should learn this - COME OUT WITH ONE GREAT DEVICE!! ONE REVOLUTIONARY DEVICE!! (They can offer it in different colors if, it makes them feel good.) COME OUT WITH ONE WELL-MADE DEVICE.

RIM should stop rolling out one half-ass device, after another - like they are in a race. They are hurting their brand! They need to appreciate the fact that e-mail enabled, smart phones are no longer their exclusive territory.

I hope someone from RIM is smart enough to read these blogs!

it's just another wanna be iPhone. It's funny how everyone has to compare themselves to the iPhone, quit trying. iPhone rules!!

it's just another wanna be iPhone. It's funny how everyone has to compare themselves to the iPhone, quit trying. iPhone rules!!

I've read like 20 blogs, some say its called the Storm, some say its called Thunder.. which is it???

Hi - if you are reading this, you are most likely a VZW customer.

Please request of Verizon Wireless, as I just did, that they unlock the GPS/AGPS capabilities of their upcoming BlackBerry Storm so that we can enjoy AGPS/GPS for applications other than just their VZ Navigator which costs $10/month. VZW monopolizes the GPS/AGPS functionality and does not allow any other independent/3rd party applications to use the position-location (GPS/AGPS) capabilities of the BlackBerry. AT&T allows iPhone 3G users to utilize the iPhone's GPS capability regardless of whether the application is AT&T branded or not. Verizon Wireless is still expecting its customers to buy applications from their 'walled garden' application store, even though free alternatives do exist (e.g. case in point - VZ Navigator versus Google Maps).

Please also remind Verizon Wireless that locking down GPS/AGPS capabilities on the BlackBerry as well as any other GPS enabled phone they sell, flies straight in the face of their brand new "any apps/any device" paradigm they announced last year.

Also, threaten to convert to an iPhone 3G user, and make good on that threat, if they do not, within a timeframe you set for yourself.

Hold VZW accountable for their new "any apps/any device" policy! They aren't living up to their word!

I did want the Blackberry Bold, but Verizon doesn't carry it. So I was in my father's email account getting something out and I came across an email from Verizon talking about this phone. Well, I clicked on it and all I can say is, I am soo freaking excited and can't wait for the release of this phone. After having the Pearl and the Curve (loved the Curve) this one looks like it might be the best they have came out with!

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