Touch updates to v3.4 - Introduces instant photo album capability

By Alicia Erlich on 22 Dec 2012 01:08 pm EST

With the plethora of cross-platform messaging applications available today, one of the ones that stands out has been Touch. The application formerly known as PingChat! underwent various changes over the last year, including a rebranding and redesign to create a more fluid, personal experience. The good folks over at Enflick let us know that this week they have taken that interpersonal connection one step further with their new instant photo album feature that they've dubbed "Collaborative Experiences."

If you are not familiar with Touch, these shared snapshots of your life are called experiences. In prior versions of the application they were only accessible by those who utilized the Touch service. What this update brings to the table is the ability for users to easily add, create and share their online photo albums with their closest friends and family regardless of whether they have the application installed. 

Now anyone in your address book with a valid email address can be invited to view (albeit as read-only) these experiences and photos via the web or from their mobile device. With just a few clicks, you can send emails to designated users that will show them a preview of your images with the corresponding weblink to the actual album. However, for those who wish to comment or upload their own photos as part of the collaborative effort they must install install the application with the provided link.

You can read the full Touch 3.4 announcement below.

When we re-launched as Touch 3.0, we introduced the concept of Experiences for the first time. Experiences is our term for a core feature that lets Touch users share an album of photos with a group of friends. Until now Experiences were not very dynamic, nor were they collaborative. A new Experience had to be shared each time there was a new collection of photos, and the Experience was controlled by one owner.

With Touch 3.4, we are re-introducing Experiences and letting users create shared, real-time photo albums with selected friends and family. Each member is now considered a "part of the experience", and members can capture and share moments as they happen.

It's easy to imagine the possibilities of having a private, shared, collaborative and dynamic photo album that integrates directly into users' phones. With the holiday season on the horizon, friends and families can capture powerful memories as photos are taken, edit and collaborate on their albums as a group, and keep a high quality photo album for years to come.

Touch is more than just a chat application to communicate with those using different platforms. It focuses on sharing multiple photos at a time with not only select friends and family but now those outside of your network as well. This way everyone can join in on the discussion that stem from those images. The application is free to download for devices running OS 4.6 and higher.

What do you think of this latest update? Will you be using this new collaborative feature over the holidays? I know I'll be capturing some embarassing images and adding them to my album to share later on. Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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Reader comments

Touch updates to v3.4 - Introduces instant photo album capability


I've always kept Touch (formerly known as PingChat!) on all of my BlackBerry devices. It runs very well, looks sleek, and the Experiences feature is pretty incredible. I highly recommend RIM to work with Enflick (or purchase) to bring this to all future builds of BBM.

Looks interesting, I want to try it ^^

EDIT: "For some reason we were unable to create your accont. Please ensure all information is correct. Otherwise, please try again later!”

Oh well, maybe I'll try again later.

Retry ;) It happened to me on 1st try, but tried a second time and everything worked fine.


If you don't use this app, you're missing out big time! This is really a well made app. Very smooth, great integration, and doesn't eat up much battery. Also great that unlike Whatsapp, it doesn't use your phone number and doesn't invade your address book.

Now we need a PlayBook version. I tried an Android port but doesn't sign in.

I use a sideloaded 3.2.1. Everything works except the orientation tends to get forced to portrait (need to do a quick flick of the PlayBook to get it back), and obviously no 3.4 features. I'd like to try some newer versions if I can find the .apk.

Gosh damn I am loving this!......Whatsapp pales in comparison to me now, and this has S and R notifications. Perfect.

Wasn't a big fan of pingchat but the gui had looked good.

Used to downloaded pingchat.
Don't like it. Deleted.
New upgrade to touch.
Still think wasted time.
Touch 3.4 upgraded.
(ok.. Give it a fair shot and try chatting this time..)
Love it. Promoted to friends... No whatsapp lagging with this one. Love the S, D and R signs. The feels is fluid and felt as if I'm using a bbm messaging cross-platform..
Cool. Now will try the group chat once all my family members downloaded touch.