Torontonians have lots of love for BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 10 Jun 2014 03:42 pm EDT

While BlackBerry CEO John Chen was busy talking to the Jakarta Post about sales of the BlackBerry Z3, profits for BlackBerry and the possibility of launching phablets if the market calls for it, some interesting news from BlackBerry's homebase of Canada also came through. According to iQmetrix, who provides retail management software for the North American wireless industry there's a lot of love for BlackBerry in Toronto.

Taking data from over 15,000 store locations across North America, iQmetrix has found that 23% of all phone sales in Toronto can be attributed to BlackBerry which even outsold the iPhone and accounts for 29% of all BlackBerry sales across the U.S. and Canada. Of course, Samsung and Apple still lead the pack over all of North America with figures breaking down like this over the past six months.

  • Samsung: 39%
  • Apple: 28%
  • BlackBerry: 6%
  • LG: 5.4%
  • HTC: 3.9%
  • Motorola: 3.2%
  • Huawei: 2.9%
  • Sony: 1.9%

Is it the best news? Not really. But it shows in some areas there's still plenty of love out there for BlackBerry within North America and that's a good thing. The figures come from the past six months, December 2013 - May 2014 however they don't break down which BlackBerry devices were being sold be it BlackBerry 7 or BlackBerry 10, just that they were BlackBerry smartphones. Here's to hoping any phablets John Chen has in mind also see a North American release.

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Torontonians have lots of love for BlackBerry


Supported the whole country for the longest time way before all the other cities started booming. And still does!

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Always has been and always has supported BlackBerry probably MORE than the city of Waterloo/London.

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Fortunately I read the " I kid " part or this post would have had a different tone.

STL100-3 | Rogers |

Rob Ford enjoys the security of BBM for contacting his crack dealer :) seriously though, that's awesome!

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Rob Ford uses an iPhone. That's why we know the details of his texts with his dealer.

And I love my Q10!

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First good thing I have heard that happens in Toronto. Now I hope the rest of Canada won't say oh " Toronto likes Blackberry I will never try that."

Not really sure what you mean by your comment. Unless you're from somewhere where there is absolutely no Toronto news. But the reality is that more happens in Toronto than any other city in Canada.

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Toronto keeps getting ranked as the best city in the world in every way possible... are you living under a rock or just a pure hater?

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Actually I thought it was more so Vancouver, even though I'm from Toronto and think it's an awesome place to live.

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo App all the way!!!

The city and people of vancouver are just like their hockey...always think thing their a cut Above but in reality, they're actually a step behind. Except for the cost of everything. That's tops on the list

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Shame on the rest of Canada... they have to be 100% BlackBerry! I'm from Germany and i love my BlackBerry Z30! BlackBerry forever!

A few years ago every kid in my school had a BlackBerry, it was brilliant!

BlackBerry Z30 STA-100-2 running :D

Well, I have to say, that I like Canada. I was in Vancouver and the Rockies. It would be great, if more Canadians use BlackBerrys. The Z30 is a great smartphone, and it's a product of their country.

Posted via CB10 with my awesome BlackBerry Z30. BlackBerry 10 rocks!

Really buddy, then open your eyes I personally have a z30 my kids and wife have z10s and the more my kids show off their phones the more the other kids want one, also since the price drop on the z10s the more of my extended family buys the m and after using them for a bit they are amazed at how good bb10 is

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Lol in my family I have 1 z10(thats me) and 3 q10's,

All ive been saying is they dont sell z30 anywhere here in the greater toronto area

Yes, the Z30 is a great device and BlackBerry 10 is great, runs fast and is very fast to handle. More and more people of our BlackBerry Community here in Germany switch to a Z30, and they love it. I use my Z30 every day and very much. The battery is very very good and I have no problems, it's running stable. And you know, BlackBerry 10 is only a year old. And it's going on and on. BlackBerry 10 is and will be the best Smartphone OS.

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Same sh+t here in Germany: we all love to eat Büsumer Krabben (Crabs- fished in the North Sea /German Sea, right in the neighborhood)- and we get crabs from Thailand named "Krabben Büsumer Art" (Crabs Büsum Style)...

Strange world!

Well, I think, that's another problem ;-) If you want a German smartphone, then you are too late. Siemens handys are history...
But if you take the best of the smartphone world, you have to use BlackBerry!

Yes they did but unfortunately they've now moved on to Samsung or iphones! I still see a lot of Blackberry devices in the UK but mostly old ones, very rarely see BB10.

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I'm a little curious... As stated, "Taking data from over 15,000 store locations across North America"

What about online sales, direct from carrier sales, and corporate sales, etc...? Do these numbers come into play?

I haven't purchased a BlackBerry from "A store" in years! I'd say a good chunk of people and companies don't deal with retailers for purchasing BlackBerries. Would the numbers be different if this is taken into consideration?

How about Nokia? Just wanted to compare how windows is doing compare to BlackBerry

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I've actually never seen a windows phone out of the store, I live in waterloo but I'm always in toronto and other cties at elast once a week. For some reason I always end up watching for phones too.

In Toronto? Barely see any Windows / Nokia phones at all. And many of the BlackBerry devices and still legacy...

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Loving my BlackBerry(s) in Toronto. You see quite a few but not much. I go to an auction every once in a while and always see BlackBerry devices. Z30 and Q10 mostly. I think they are doing well in Toronto. The problem is they need this same adoption everywhere else. We are right in BlackBerry's backyard and many here are invested in BlackBerry's success.

Would like to see what BlackBerry sales are in Ottawa!!!! All the gov worker there use BlackBerry.

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I see lots in the wild. Lots of 9900s though, I guess government is cheap. At least I can be happy my firm was an early adopter of BB10, starting at the end of last summer, though I haven't seen anyone with a Z30 yet.

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Gov's are both cheap and slow to adopt new tech. Im in the GTA everyday and the first z30 I ever saw was in Keswick (north of Toronto) a few weeks back. They are like the unicorn of smartphones.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Government of Ontario and City of Toronto have now updated to BES10 and new contracts primarily focus on bb10 devices (although others are available). Not sure about the Federal government, but suspect it's similar. Legacy devices and licenses are all being upgraded, slowly but surely. The downside is that some non-bb phones are now being offered (at a higher price).

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Good to hear!!!! Feds are still on legacy devices. Unfortunately they are taking their sweet time. Once they make the switch (probably around the end 2014) we should see sales rise and I think word of mouth will start spreading again and we will see BlackBerry become popular again :)

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The Montreal numbers surprise me. Feels like Apple crushes Samsung there (agree that there's not a lot of BB love when the CrackBerry team isn't in town).

It's hard to spot BlackBerrys in MTL, esp BlackBerry 10 devices. Mostly I see iPhones and Samsungs. I even handed my BlackBerry to a friend to film me and she stared at it for a while (was a Q10 at the time) and asked, "Is this a new BlackBerry? I thought they went out of business?"

In the wild, I see more legacy BlackBerry devices. Occasionally see BlackBerry 10 and possibly a PlayBook, but all are on corporate/business types, so not sure if it's because they are company phones, they find them better for work, a bit of both, etc. Very rarely do I see the average (non-business) type with it. (even I'm guilty of fitting into the business type with a BlackBerry generalization... while we have a BYOD policy, I use BlackBerry because it is a workhorse, as I am nonstop emailing. Only recently, within the last year, have I been using the "entertainment" aspects of the phone).

Posted from my Z10/Q10/Z30

Here in Berlin, I've only seen 4 BB10 devices 3x Z10 and 1x Q10 all business people. I tried to hook up one person with the Porsche Design Clock but he wasn't interested :(

"Classic" better be a Bold 

I thoughts German are more intelligence enough to stay away from iPhone and Android

 Slicing using my 

I remember two years ago when a woman in HR got a new Curve and the first time she said was "what no iPhone, now I have to carry two phones"all are IT guy could do was shake his head say "no way "

"Classic" better be a Bold 

Hmmm- have a look to Merkel our re-re-relected chancellor and you will recognize HOW "intelligent" germans are.... you better trust street people to take care of your credit card and Rolex!

Technically you don't vote for Merkel, you vote for a Parlament and they vote for who will be the Chancellor. But Merkel is not that good, she can just hold her breath longer then others.

"Classic" better be a Bold 

I've seen quite a few. But definitely not like it was a couple of years ago, when every kid had the 9360. I guess many of them switched platforms when their contracts were up, instead of moving to BB10, maybe because the Z10 and Q10 were too expensive.

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There were so many Crackberry forum posts around the BB10 launch complaining about Montreal sales reps. Telus especially. Of course, the problem persisted everywhere, but nothing like Montreal it seemed.


Some interesting numbers for sure. I'm curious how that compares since BB10 was released. I've noticed just casually on the subway that there seem to be way more BB10 handsets around of late. Hopefully its not just my hopeful imagination.

That's why I moved from Montreal, to be a bit closer to Waterloo. And just from looking on which phones are people holding on the GO trains in the morning I can say, that Toronto is a great BlackBerry city.

Posted on CB10 via Amazing BlackBerry (don'care which BlackBerry as long as it is BlackBerry)

I take VIA into Toronto and am seeing a lot of Z10's out there on VIA and on the Subway. Incidentally, VIA still uses the BB7's for ticket verification.

4 out of the 10 guys I work with have z10s and a 5th has a 9700. I work in construction. In Toronto. The center of the universe :)

Via CB10 Runnin Z10STL100-3/

The financial post that covers this release has comments that are hilariously bad. There's one guy who literally just berates anyone for saying anything positive about blackberry

Good thing they did not walk into a phone store and ask about BB's? All they would of been told is BB is going out of business and get a IP or SS

It surprises me that not even in Toronto, the BlackBerry-City, BlackBerry has a majority... Why don't do Canadians buy a Canadian smartphone??? They're the only ones who can compete with the U.S. in terms of mobile OS and a majority doesn't even trust in their own fellows...

Not surprising, I've seen quite a few BB10 devices in downtown Toronto. Some on the subway others in and around the area. Most of them are Z10's and Q10's. Have yet to see a Z30 on anyone.

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I've only seen one Z30 in the wild in Vancouver aside from my wife's and mine... and that person turned out to be a BlackBerry rep!
The stores stock next to none.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

Yep, aside from my own I've only seen it with someone who turned out to be a BlackBerry employee.

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I just saw someone the other night at a store with a Z30; I almost stopped to comment on how great it is to see that, but I decided not to because it seemed weird :)

Also, I just saw that an old gf who is a very modern, hip woman and who blogs a lot, posted her selfie on Facebook taken with a q10. Again, I almost commented but didn't. I just thought how nice it is to see.

Here in Barrie I see a lot of Z10 and Q10, but I also see that a couple of large firms (one accounting and one legal) where they have all gone to iPhone. I hate seeing that.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Here in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia I see lots of BlackBerry's in the wild, mostly BlackBerry 10 devices.

Yes we love Blackberry here in T.O. Haters will hate, but then again that's why it sucks to be you...
And by the way go Jays!!! And Blackberry all the way!!!

The Toronto numbers are largely because the larger companies have finally begun rolling out BB10 for all employees that carry a cellphone and legacy devices are starting to be listed as end of life. My company just allowed us to upgrade our legacy devices to BB10 recently. Many don't realize that enterprises are slow to upgrade anything as a risk management practice and due to costs just like Windows XP is still largely used.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Totally agree. Most of us Bay Street folks had to wait for the official blessing from corporate IT. At least the silver lining is that I ended up with a Z30. :-)

Yep, my buddy working on Bay Street only just recently got his Z10 for this reason too.

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You will start seeing more of this as BB10/12 rolls out more. You will also see consumer spin off.

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Thanks Toronto. You are helping Ontario and the nation. Those not so patriotic should take a cue because it's the citizens that lose jobs, not Koreans. BlackBerry has best phone.

I work for best buy and we don't even sell a single BlackBerry device unless it's unlocked on our website. Big issue there since we sell almost 1 of every 5 phones in the US

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I'm here in Vancouver 9% is about right. There's vary poor support from the carriers here I had 2 friends that saw my Z10 and were wanting to get one for themselves, but when they went into their carriers to get them they were both talked into getting something else, one got got an iPhone 4s, the other got a Galaxy 3. They were both disappointed with their phones and have sworn to get a BlackBerry next time, but we see.

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In Serbia really rare to see that someone use Blackberry 10 devices, mostly Apple and Samsung from new... but there is a lot BBOS devices, mostly 9700, 9780, 9900

But as someone wrote, mostly people don't know too much about BB's new devices (no ads at all), and when my friends see my Q5 they react like "hm, new BB device, haven't heard of it"...

also, when I give to people phone to see they react positive, they like how is good a workflow, fluid, abillity to run Android apps, NFC, gestures...

so, i think Blackberry must put finances in marketing and presentation of system it have a great devices...

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Very cool indeed. 6% Blackberry market share for past six months doesn't sound bad at all. Wasn't there some recent data showing Blackberry with market share of less than 1%?

Yes, they did not take into account that I just got a Z30!! So crackberry, how about show some love to the Toronto BlackBerry loyalists?

That explains why I've always been shocked and confused at the dismal overall numbers of BlackBerry uptake ..i live and love in the tdot!

From my z30

I sell BlackBerry phones in Toronto. Sales are good when it comes to the 10s, especially z10 and z30. People have to take time to learn about its neat features. Most of the time I give people a slight tutorial of how to use the features and they are in amazed of what they can do. Picture password is one of the features people love.

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I still use my legacy blackberries for streaming radio (tunein) and video capture (better quality than AMR-NB voice recording), my bold 9900 is due for another week or few days of use soon too, once I am caught in a situation where my Q10's battery is flat empty again. Gotta love legacy. It lives. Playbook also gets a lot of love with angry birds too. I might even attempt to sideload Snap on it, for the hell of it, to see if it even works, for that "real racing" series of games by EA. :D

Once I have gone blackberry, I never will go back to what I used to use (windows CE/mobile 5.x and 6.x).

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I own a white Z10..picked up my wife a black Z10 at Telus during the $199.00 promotion here in Toronto and we swapped the back covers. ' love my Oreo Z10.

OS - Z10 Bell - My FIRST full touch screen phone.

We in Toronto knows whats good for us in real communication devices. For apps, I just go for a cheapo tablet. Best of both world

From what I've picked up, there are two different types of smartphone users. The first is interested in communication and the second is interested in apps. I get a giggle out of people that are amazed at the signal strength that my BlackBerry has when they don't have a signal on their device.

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I wonder how much of the sustained success in Toronto has to do with advertising? The Blue Jays have a deal with BlackBerry and you see BlackBerry logos all over the Rogers Centre.

Posted via CB10

Yes, they did have a contract with the Rogers Center and the Toronto Blue Jays up to last year. Now they've switched to "Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment". The Air Canada Center is now filled with BlackBerry advertising. You also see ads while watching the Leafs and Raptors.
Seeing these figures today, you would think this had a lot to do with it.


I love Toronto, used to live in mississauga for a year and a half, if you can make it in Toronto you can make it anywhere

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I would love a Z50 (Z30 on Roids). Love the screen size. A Phablet is also a great idea. Though I do think they need to come out with a re-vamped PlayBook running BB10.

A BB10 based Tablet would Technologically far exceed any iPad to date.

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Yet WestJet can't justify either a native BlackBerry App or even an Android port to BBW. Stating only 3% of their guests use BlackBerry. Hmmmmmm????

Posted via CB10

WP doesn't have much market share in Canada. The big 3 don't promote WP either. I don't know anyone (friend, family, coworkers) that use WP.

Posted via CB10 - Z30STA100-5/

That is interesting and always why I ask the question...why don't the CEO and all the top brass show up for stuff in Toronto...yet they go to New York and other areas...wake up and smell the roses...Toronto is a key strong something with it!!!


It's interesting how in the one chart of top sold phones across North America, obviously Samsung and apple are at the top but BlackBerry is 3rd

Posted via CB10

I simply don't understand... if I was canadian, I would support my own countrys product BlackBerry.. shame on Montreal.

Posted via CB10

I see quite a few blackberry 10 phones in the vancouver area. Never seen a windows phone or know anyone who has one.

The GIF Exchange C001B7B16ً

Once BlackBerry stabilizes, their balance sheet, you will see a major push from them on the consumer side & not before, which is smart!
Good on T.O. for showing support for BlackBerry! Maybe they should think about getting an NHL franchise now.... HA! Sry I couldn't resist!

Posted via CB10

Just heard Quebec City will not get an NHL franchise,wouldn't it be awesome if BB managed to get one there,Kaboom!!!! HaHa!! I wouldn't want to see JC fist pumping over his enthusiasm though ,LOL!!

Toronto: Business
New York: Business
Calgary: Business

BlackBerry is business.

Posted via CB10

I've seen a total of *2* Z30's since their launch. Seen a few Z10's and Q10's, but honestly, I don't know if these phone sales account for corporate purchases made for people that live outside the GTA, cause it's really iPhone and Samsung territory here.

Posted via CB10

I hope this is a beginning of the turnaround for Blackberry. Once its start rolling, it's going to gain momentum.

Hope for very successful launch of their Classic and windermere phones to build a stronger base!!!

Very confident in ceo Chen!!!

Return to profitability next fiscal year......

Posted via CB10

I have yet to see "aggressive advertising" for blackberry in toronto. I suspect these sales are because of big businesses.

Posted via CB10

Actually, I noticed a ton of advertising in 2013 for BB10. I suspect that's why these numbers you see today are so high for Toronto.


This data has to be flawed. There are 40 million smartphones sold in North America per qtr. ( conservative for holiday qtr). This would mean BBRY sold 2.4 million devices in North America alone to get to 6%! The company only sold 1.7 million in the whole world last quarter. And US carriers have been dropping BBRY! You can't find them in stores. What gives?

Almost everyone in my family uses BB10. My brother and his wife have a Z10 and a Z30, my wife and I use a Z30 and a Q10, my father uses a Z10 and my mother is still rocking a Bold 9900. Big BlackBerry fans here in Nova Scotia, just to many people who like to "wear" an iPhone

Posted via CB10

When I do spot a BB10, I look at whose carrying it as if they are special or something, I know it's weird but true. It really is a exclusive club.
I was an early adopter of the iPhone and it wasn't till 2010 that they started showing up all over the place. Sort of the same thing then when I ran into someone who had one.
It's as if we know something know one else knows.

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Toronto is a shit city with few good paying jobs, and house prices that are now over 1 million dollars each.

Too bad everyone I know is here, otherwise, I would have move away long ago.

Posted via CB10

Have to say it could be a really bad bad news for blackberry. 29% of the sales came from only one city? that sounds really dangerous to me.

39:6, it is Shane, it's over proud of BlackBerry managers, man when you want to open your world for users

Posted via CB10

All I have to say is: if BlackBerry can't get at least #3 position right in their own backyard, they are in deep, DEEP trouble.

They SHOULD be #1 there, tbh.

There are some positive signs from Indonesia. Let's hope the momentum continues.

People use BlackBerry in toronto for business not for personal. Ask anyone they won't like blackberry for personal use. It is sad because what a great OS. My z10 is awesome . I use it for Personal and business .

Posted via CB10

While that's all great for that city, it also means the population of one city is driving an entire third of all devices in two countries. That's a very scary thought!

Posted via CB10

I think the real news here is that Montreal can go to hell.

Brought to you by...My sweet Z30

Really?! I'm disappointed too, but I would rather see some BlackBerry "LOVE" coming out of MONTREAL. Montreal is a great city in many ways. C'MON MONTREAL! I BELIEVE in YOU! You can do it!!!!

Well Toronto scores high for BlackBerry and that is very special to me . Definitely puts a smile on my face. Gay, straight, or otherwise which of course is completely unrelated.  It's a good sign for BlackBerry. Long live BlackBerry.   :)

Posted via CB10

One of the more ignorant comments I have seen on CB. FYI, Yonge Street never sleeps so you should try visiting the downtown core sometime after midnight.

Interesting how no one commented on the seasonality of apple's phones. I would imagine a bulk of their sales come shortly after their new phones are launched in the fall. It would be interesting to see a similar look at the numbers in the fall.

In Winnipeg, I'm starting to see more bb10 phones show up, including a couple Z30s, one from a contractor fixing my roof.

Posted via CB10

This is Awesome! So Toronto stands tall for BlackBerry. Bring it ON! This is Good news! Here's hoping the rest of Canada will pay attention to this outcome, and catch up or beat Toronto (challenge) in this department including Montreal. Where are you MONTREAL ?!?!?! C'MON! BlackBerry all the way. :)

I used to see BB10 in display at Costco's Wireless Etc. Where I bought my z10. Not anymore. I hope they'll return them on display

Posted via CB10

Can't begin to tell you how hard it was for me to buy a z10. Every store I went to, they did not have a functioning z10, many didn't even have a z10. There were no Z30's anywhere. When I asked people about the z10 every sales person but one said, "Why would you want a Blackberry, you know they are going out of business?" I was able to order a z10, through Att as they seemed to have the best plan for me, would have rather gone for Verizon, but it was too expensive monthly. Then I had to wait to get the phone, they would ship overnight on everything but the way I was ordering the phone. It's no wonder they have low sales. Even if they just maintained one operating phone in the store, surely sales would go up. Oh, but somebody would actually have to show them what to do on the phone. When the big launch for z10 came, there was nothing in best buy, only after months did a store display come up. Guess what, phones didn't work. I know store phones get abused and lock up no matter who makes them, however, this doesn't help blackberry sell phones. Not sure I can even demo a z30, have yet to see one in any store, even went to NH and looked in their stores, nothing, nothing.... Put them in Walmart with the straight talk plan and they would be out the door. Business people know that the monthly fees phone companies charge is a rip off, not all business people have deep corporate funds. I have my phone now, it's working well, I can certainly stay in touch with people so much easier, the hub rocks. Wish others owned the phone such that we could exchange information and tips.

As Bes10/12 rolls out more I am positive we will see a resurgence of BlackBerry to some meaningful degree. Once you get the z30, you will be hooked.

Posted via CB10

I'm one of those BB wielding Torontonians!

Side note: interesting to see that Nokia didn't even make the list

Great news! Even impressive figures for North America!!! 6% is an improvement and it's more than most of the others! I think good things are about to happen!

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

More head offices in TO, so more business users are given blackberries as there work device.

Posted via CB10

Very surprised by the Montreal stats. I see a lot of BlackBerrys here...

Posted via CB10

T Dot Till I die... baby. I rep my city everywhere I go around the world...

BlackBerry Z30. The 1# go to phone

Posted via CB10

If you are in business and you don't use a BlackBerry then you are nothing. Lot of financially elite people in Toronto use BlackBerry. The working class use android or iphone. This is a cold hard fact.

Posted via CB10

I live in Italy where I bought a z10 in March 2013. In a little over a year I have seen two people with a Q10, and one just the other day with a z10. That's it. Now I am on a trip to Toronto and man o man it feels like home! At the airport in Rome, you can see the q10 and q5. That's it. Even there there is very little presence. We need to get to the bottom of what is going on. My Italian friend loves his bold 9900. I talked to him the other day and he thought BlackBerry was out of business. He never saw a z10 or z30.

Posted via CB10

Lots of BlackBerry users in Ottawa as well. I know quite a few people who moved to iOS and Android which have come back to BlackBerry.

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

Way to go Toronto, very proud of you! This is a great story, thanks for posting it. It just goes to show you - don't listen to any of the negative BB hype in the press or from non-BB users. Had we believed everything we hear, you would literally think nobody owns a BlackBerry anymore.

The only reason why blackberry isn't higher in the list is that these phones last as opposed to iPhone who cracking and break all the time

Posted via CB10

There is so much hate around here in Quebec City towards blackberry and honestly I don't understand why.... I mean iPhone you are stuck with what they gave and what they want you to do, android you are stuck with poor battery life and poor security at some point...... I mean I had 2 blackberry before a bold 9700 and a q10 and now I am using a z10 and to be honest.... those were and are the best phones have ever had in my life... battery life is respectable, you are not restraint by BlackBerry and you have one of the most if the most secure phone on the market...... I mean blackberry deserve more love!!!! a lot more!!!!

Posted via CB10