Toronto Crime Stoppers launch BlackBerry app in hopes to fight the war on crime

By Zach Gilbert on 7 Jul 2012 04:04 pm EDT

Living in fear is something many face every day of their lives, the fear that they will become the victim of a crime. While the truth is that no one can ensure that we as people will ever be able live in a crime free world, there are people who are trying to bring that idea to that fruition. This week Crime Stoppers Toronto has officially launch their tips application onto the BlackBerry Torch 9800, and with more devices to be supported later. This application is no ordinary app, Crime Stoppers has stated that it's the first of it’s kind in North America.

With this new technology the user has the ability to:

  • Record a video or photograph for easy tip submission.
  • Find the nearest police station using GPS and receive turn by turn directions.
  • Check the status of submitted tips.
  • View Toronto’s “Most Wanted”.
  • One touch calling directly to a Crime Stoppers Representative.
  • One touch email composition to submit an email tip.
  • View Toronto’s “Crime of the Week”.
  • Connect with Toronto Crime Stoppers Social Media Pages.
The Crime Stoppers application offers the same options as calling into one of their contact centers. Your information is kept private and will not be disclosed to anyone at the Crime Stoppers team. If any of your tips lead to an arrest or advancement into the case you may actually be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000, help fight crime and get cash seems like a win-win. The application is available in BlackBerry App World for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, but keep checking back to see if your device gets support down the road.

On a side note, if you’re not on the BlackBerry platform you can also download the Crime Stoppers app for iOS and Android in their respective stores.

Download Crime Stoppers for the BlackBerry Torch 9800


I'm curious about the false/true ratio of the tips this app will generate.


Don't forget, the "innocent until proven guilty" rule applies to any tips. Evidence is crucial.


That iPad is ugly.


Damn, twitter post made me think it was a game.


no doubt they are trying to stop the hysteria from the eaton centre shooting


whats wrong with just calling the cops the old fashioned way?


Good luck with that Crime Stoppers. I doubt this will have ANY impact at all in the face of the over staffing, mismanagement, and general Toronto police malfeasance.

The Toronto public are fed up and hostile towards the Toronto police now. The Province and City need to lay off the 2,000 surplus officers, and fire Blair and the police board, to right things.


Getting rid of Rob Ford would be a good start


I agree, but at least we (well someone did?!) elected him. These others cost us much more and are totally unaccountable.


Great Idea, bring it to the US all across the country.


I am bounty hunting!


This will be a killer app (excuse the pun) and should be offered to other cities in Canada and around the world ASAP.

Just the perception that everyone on the street can be armed with a real time crime surveillance and reporting device will make the street a little safer.


I thought the ap was for a BB Torch. Why is he making the presentation on an iPad?


"On a side note, if you’re not on the BlackBerry platform you can also download the Crime Stoppers app for iOS and Android in their respective stores."

The title of the article does make it sound like a BB-only app.


Headline kinda misleading. I initially thought it was for BB only.


I agree, truth is BB was probably an afterthought, that's why 9800 only.


Yeah. Strange it wasn't done for BB7 or the PB but they went back one generation OS to BB6. You may be right. I wonder which iPad that is.


Crackberry is trying to cheat readers ! Epic Fail !


Looks like all iOS to me, not waiting until the 17th minute to see if there is an actual QNX version.


And with the fantastic camera on BB devices I bet the police can't wait for a slew of blurry images.


Most images are sharp.


Use the proper tool for the job. Buy a camera. Enough with the BB camera already.


Hmm, in France you can be accused of complicity in a crime if you recorded it on your phone, even if *you* were the victim ! Yeah, Sarkozy promoted some very nice laws...


I am not french but I liked Sarkozy. He wasn't afraid of offending people or his political correctness for the interest of the country.


Yeah, he was very talented at offending people, and all for the interest of his friends. But I just registered on this site, I don't want to start such flame war, so let's go back to the subject of this post...