The top 5 weather apps for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 24 Mar 2014 02:24 pm EDT

When it comes to weather apps for BlackBerry 10 we have a pretty big selection to choose from. I'll be honest and say that there are some which are not so good, but there are also some real beauties. 

We do of course get a free native weather app from BlackBerry pre-loaded onto our BB10 devices and for many folk this will give you the vital information you need. But as always, it's great to have choices and below in my top five you'll see a mix of both free and paid apps, plus some with a twist. In addition, they are all available for every BlackBerry 10 device. 

Of course, with me being in the UK most of my screen shots will be of rain. Will we get much of a summer this year? That's one I'm not prepared to bet on!

Bring on the sunshine...


BlackBerry Weather


As I mentioned above - BlackBerry Weather will be on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone by default - or it should be at least. Powered by AccuWeather the app gives you instant access to the current weather conditions with the ability to swipe to the left for the next days forecast and you can do this up to four times - giving you a five day forecast including the day you are on. 

At the base of the display are two main tabs. The one with the current conditions icon is what I've just described, but if you dive into the other tab you'll get the conditions hour by hour - handy if planning a trip out. 

With the ability to add multiple locations and animated graphics when you load a screen this is the weather app I tend to use the most. I just like it's simplicity and user friendly UI. 

More information/Download BlackBerry Weather for BlackBerry 10




Also free to download is AccuWeather's own app which gives a little more detail than the native BlackBerry one. You can see this right from when you load up the app - with wind speed, UV index, humidity etc all visible, along with the current conditions. 

Hitting the menu tab at the bottom left of the display will bring up a list of other features - such as hourly, daily, lifestyle, maps, video and news. The lifestyle one is particularly handy if you suffer from allergies such as hayfever or asthma as it will predict which activities may affect you. 

With hourly and daily forecast tabs at the base of the screen and also the ability to add further locations it once again makes for a great all round free weather app for BlackBerry 10. 

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BeWeather Pro


If you want the Daddy of all BlackBerry 10 weather apps then BeWeather Pro has to be it. As well as being feature rich in comparison with some of the other apps we've looked at it's UI is beautiful all round - even down to it's Active Frame. 

It will set you back three bucks, but if what's going on with the weather is vitally important to you then it will be money well worth spending. There is a free version of the app too, but clearly you get more when you part with your cash. 

Features include:

  • 100% Ad-Free
  • Weather data provided by Weather Underground, includes 7 day and 24 hour forecasts
  • Current conditions including "Feels like" temperature, wind, pressure, dew point, humidity.
  • Get more accurate weather data by switching to a nearby weather stations for any location
  • Built-in animated radar maps (US only)
  • Built-in animated satellite maps (Worldwide)
  • Instant weather advisory notifications via PUSH technology (US only) 
  • Automatically tracks your location via GPS/cell and always delivers the weather data where you are at
  • Sunrise/Sunset times and moon phase 
  • Select one of many custom iconsets for your weather forecast. Comes with 150+ FREE iconsets!
  • Beautiful homescreen active frame showing current conditions for any number of locations
  • Fully native BlackBerry® 10 Cascades application

More information/Download BeWeatherPro for BlackBerry 10​




While Instavenue isn't technically a weather application it does have the weather integrated. There's a bunch of weather skins you can overlay on any photos you take and easily share them via your social networks. 

Missed our review of Instavenue? You can catch up here.

 More information/Download Instavenue for BlackBerry 10


The Last Weather App

If you are easily offended then you won't want to download this one. The Last Weather App delivers the current conditions with a few profanities thrown in for good measure. For many folk it's funny and will give you a smile but it certainly won't be for everyone. 

It's both basic and comical - if you like that sort of thing, but probably not an app you would want your kids to see!

More information/Download The Last Weather App for BlackBerry 10


Come rain or shine BlackBerry 10 has you covered

There we have my top five. I'm hoping there should be something for everyone in the selection - from the serious, to the fun. Feel free to hit up the comments with your weather app of choice. It will be interesting to see if many of you are using other apps I've not listed. 

Reader comments

The top 5 weather apps for BlackBerry 10


The Weather Network works the best for me here in Ontario. Be Weather pro is a great design, but "WIND" and "Real Feel" don't work is Waaaay off!
Here in Canada, we need to know how windy and cold it actually is.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Wow. I honestly didn't read this first, but I wrote almost the exact same thing.

BeWeather is very inaccurate.

Posted via CB10

Even though I steer clear of BeBuzz (having to keep re buying it on BBOS sort of put me off) I also like Be Weather. I did on my old legacy devices as well. The dockable, dynamic homescreen icon was great.

Now if only they'd put in a backup settings option. Seriously, how can such a great app miss such a basic and useful feature?

Posted via CB10

I love beweather but I do find it feature lacking as well, specifically getting more detailed forecasts for the future

I scrolled through whole article thinking, I bet it's not here... Then eureka!

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

I'm new to BB10 and couldn't really find a weather app I liked. I ended up going with the Yahoo Weather app for Android.

Yahoo uses the Weather Channel data. But I do agree Yahoo is also my favourite weather app. It's clean and easy to navigate.

But which one is best for battery life? BeWeather non-pro is TERRIBLE for battery life. BB one seems fine according to system logs though it doesn't have the extra features of the other ones. Will probably try the accuweather app again.

Woke up to -20 C today and spring started a week ago. Gotta say The Last Weather app made me laugh a little. Then i spent 10 minutes scraping my windows clean and crying lol.

Posted via CB10

Weather Network for me. Most accurate for Toronto weather, I find, and simple controls with current, 24 hour and two week forecast just a swipe away.

Posted via CB10

I used the first three but after loading 10.2 via Sachesi I opted to stick BlackBerry Weather only. I didn't see a need for three weather apps. I can always reload the others because they are linked to my BlackBerry World account.

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks the stock app is just fine. Does what i need it to do, but maybe I'm not a big enough weather nerd or something

Buy a bb, get a droid for free

Me too, well I got rid of the free BeWeather anyway. Now I only have BB Weather and of course Last Weather App.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

Being a bit of a app/weather nerd, natively I have both Accuweather apps on my Z10, as well as The Weather Channel and The Weather Network.

On the Android side I have 1Weather and Yahoo Weather which are both really slick (nice sun and moon positions, etc).

The Weather Network didn't make the list??

I got BeWeather during the Christmas free app giveaway and I still use The Weather Network as my go-to weather app

Posted via CB10

Beweather hasn't had an update for ever, the Ui is not something to brag about, on BlackBerry OS they were kings but on OS 10 for the 9.99$ that I paid rip off, deleted long ago and Weather Plus is the go app for me now.

Posted via CB10

I love The Last weather app. But I am very much in love with the Weather Network app. Surprised it's not there on the list

You missed the app for The Weather Network. It's a great app in my opinion and give a range of weather info.

Posted via CB10

I think the greatness of all of these are to just leave them in an active frame so you can see the temperature.

BeWeather! And I tie in the BeBuzz LED alerts to be notified of any weather alerts since I travel. THE best weather app for BB10.

I don't understand the praise for BeWeather. From a visual perspective, yes, it's quite beautiful. But from a CONTENT perspective, it's downright anemic. I like an app with a real forecast component. I need more than a little sun icon or a cute little raincloud... And no snow accumulation amounts, either. Weather Channel, or Yahoo's weather app (Android) definitely fit the bill for me.

more accurate for my location (northern italy) ilmeteo
always predict very precisely when it's about to rain

I find frequent disagreement between the native app and BeWeather Pro. One will say it's -9 outside and the other one will say it's -2, same city, same time. I don't trust either of them, frankly.

I purchased BeWeather Pro because I heard many great things about it. However, I rarely use it as I find it is not as good as I had hoped.

I've got BeWeather and the native app.

I found I didn't really use them a lot. No need, if you know the next day's gonna be just like the previous one here in the tropics.

Look southeast, if there are clouds, we get rain, if there are none, it's gonna be fine. Not hard to do in a city oriented north-south, and streets are like checkerboard...

The only thing you really wanna know, is it gonna rain? Or is there a cyclone / hurricane approaching? Never really sure if a weather app would show such warnings...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I liked the BeWeather legacy version far better than the OS10 variant, pretty pictures or not

Posted via CB10

Weather Network works very well in Canada and worked also very well in Chile. Be weather was not accurate and have removed.

Posted via CB10

I was a BeWeather guy, but fell in love with the simplicity of BlackBerry Weather.

I also downloaded the android version of Weather Bug...used to be my favorite app on OS7...really wish they would make a native app for BB10.

Via my awesome Zed-10

All data from Accuweather is not very accurate in Germany for some reason. Still not sure what is the best weather app in my part of the world.

Posted via CB10

I use the preloaded one, BeWeather and Weather plus, which is also very cool! I still think I need another one... am I a weather freak?!? :) live Be Weather though!

The magnificent BlackBerry  Z10 ‎

I don't find Be Weather to be very accurate in North America. I have used it in Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Ontario and Ohio.

Looks great but Accuweather is way better.

Posted via CB10

I the animation on BeWeather, but it's not always the most accurate

Via my awesome Zed-10

Be Weather Pro is my app of choice although I do use the Weather Channel app too. As farmers we constantly monitor the weather. BeWeather Pro's ability to change weather station locations to those which are close to the rural locations we live and farm makes it worth the $.

My bitchin' Z30 BlackBerry

I primarily use the BlackBerry native app but for more details on weather warnings which there has been far to many this winter I like to use the Environment Canada mobile site.

Posted via CB10

My weather app has lied to me all week, keeps promising it's going to get warmer.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

BeWeather Pro all the way and the best part I got it for free during the Christmas give away

Posted via CB10

Definitely The Weather Network app is the most accurate, at least for Canada. After all, we take winter seriously here.

Powered by BlackBerry!

I love BEWeather, but I wish I could pick which locations I want to get alerts about. I used to be able to on BBOS, but can't figure it out on the BB10 version...

Posted via CB10

BeWeather Pro is definitely not the "Daddy of all weather apps on BB10 ." CrackBerry has been spewing this nonsense since the day this app was released. (Same thing with SayIt, but many are finally beginning to realize its shortcomings on their own; SEE posts after last CrackBerry article about it, AND reviews in BlackBerry World.) As a user of BeWeather Pro for almost a year, along with several other weather apps on my device (huge weather junkie here), the only thing BeWeather Pro is the "Daddy of" in comparison to other weather apps on BB10, is its beautiful visual representation of weather. However, if you are looking for a weather app that provides consistent/correct representation of weather, you may want to go with AccuWeather (Either version). The version that doesn't come pre-installed on the device provides an animated background depending on the weather you seek if you are into graphics, but both are much more consistent/correct than BeWeather Pro. BlackBerry NEEDS to bring back some form of MyCast weather for BB10. That was the best weather app, hands down, on the old BlackBerry OS.

Posted via CB10

BeWeather is overrated IMO. It looks great but I find it to be inaccurate (at least in Canada). And not just forecasts, but even inaccurate in its current weather (and extremely inaccurate in its 'RealFeel' temp).

I *wish* Accuweather made an ad-free version of their full-featured app. I would easily pay 99 cents or so for it.

TheWeatherNetwork app doesn't look great, but it is very accurate as well.

Posted via CB10

I use blackberry weather. But I just saw "The Last Weather App" for the first time on this post. I love the context...

Posted via CB10

Yup, if you work outside or your job depends on the weather, I find that you need The Weather Network app! Here in Northern Alberta Canada

Posted via CB10

I find the Weather Network app really good and most accurate for the 2-4 days out. Also I find the WN info correctly shows the right current conditions (such as bloody cold these past few months). Unfortunately the WN doesn't have radar and the BlackBerry App has poor radar maps for Ontario. Surprised the Weather Network was not in your list.

Posted via CB10

I had BeWeather on my 9650 and was hoping I didn't have to buy it again with my Q10 but I have to. I like that it tracks your location and every thing else.

arTie's berry "Q10"

The Weather Network is the best app for Canada. I've tried several others and it is the most accurate and works well. Really surprised it didn't make the list!

Posted via CB10

I had BeWeather Pro installed but it was very slow to update weather of Indian cities. It used to show weather recorded 2-3 hours back generally. It never used to show the current weather and would update at an interval of 3 hours. Contacted the developer but did not get any response. Finally deleted it. But out of all the weather apps i had, BeWeather was the most aesthetic

I'm with the others here who mentioned The Weather Channel app. For me it works best. Too bad it didn't make the round-up.

Posted via CB10

I'm pleasantly surprised that you included the "Last Weather App".

While I don't have much interest in installing it myself because I think the novelty would wear off rather quickly, I always get a chuckle when I see that thing. :D

I use BlackBerry weather, however I use the one from the .1047 build as it gives more options on the bottom so no need to go into the side menu.
On top of that, the best thing about this version is that the maps opens inside of the app so it opens quicker than opening into the browser.
Seems as though I can't post a picture in this section, or I would show a scene shot of the .1047 version .

Posted via CB10

I like Accuweather. Its best feature for the Northeastern US is pretty accurate radar maps including the rain-snow line and being able to play a couple of hours of history so you can judge what's coming. Forecasts are reasonably accurate. Responsive and fast on Z10, with10.2.1.

In the BB browser, I also like the National Weather Service website with regional and local radar loops of precipitation intensity and movement.

Example Northeast US loop:

Posted via CB10

I have tried many and well none seem to work and so I'll keep my Storm active or my Torch active as my secondary lines till somebody get it right.
I keep two blackberries on me all the time.
I want headless and it better not drink up my battery like a Cadillac drinks up gas.
As soon as I can I gotta get a fat battery I can get about 6.5 of continuous web use but I want at least eight hours of use I had a weather rain app on my phone and it ate up my battery big time as it automatically updated about once an hour.

Posted via CB10

Come to think of it My Cast was the best of all but no automatic updates other than lightning?
Still it was the best looking map in the world!

Posted via CB10