Top ten driving apps for the BlackBerry Z10

Who says you can't make driving fun? Just remember to be safe and don't let your phone be a distraction when you're behind the wheel. 

By Adam Zeis on 4 Apr 2013 01:42 pm EDT

I don't drive very often during the average week, but when I do I like to geek out. I have all kinds of gadgets in my car and thanks to my BlackBerry Z10, now I have more than ever.

The Z10 makes for a great driving tool/assistant - I can use it for everything from GPS navigation to finding my parked car.

There are a slew of great apps in BlackBerry World for navigation & travel, but we've picked out some of our favorites so you can start your own driving folder and get your tech on in the car.

Keep reading to check out our top ten driving apps for the BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry Maps

BlackBerry Maps has come a long way on BlackBerry 10. While the app wasn't really a favorite on previous devices, it now works like a champ and includes voice guided turn-by-turn navigation that actually works. It's pre-installed on the Z10 and totally free, so you can't really argue with that, right?

BlackBerry Maps an easy to use interface and the search works very well so it's easy to track down a location. While the settings aren't very robust, it still gets the job done. The one thing I'd like to see is landscape support to make better use of the navigation features when driving.

More information/Download BlackBerry Maps

Waze Social GPS maps and traffic

Waze is my top choice for navigation in my car. It's  social GPS app so that means users contribute things like accidents and other traffic hazards to help out other drivers. You can share with friends, earn points along your route and see other friends driving to your destination.

Waze also learns as your drive so it knows your frequent routes and it has full voice guided navigation. Another one that is totally free and definitely worth picking up. 

More information/Download Waze Social GPS maps and traffic


This one is a simple speedometer for your Z10. It uses GPS to mark your speed and you can view as just numbers or on a visual speedometer. There aren't too many options in here but that's ok. The one option that I totally love (like really - it's so geeky and awesome) is the HUD mode which reverses the screen so you can set your Z10 on the dash of your car, then view your speed on the windshield. It sounds trippy but it's actually amazingly cool (yet mildly distracting at first). This one is free but a paid upgrade gets you full screen and kills the ads. 

More information/Download Speedmeter 


I haven't used CamSam much yet but I'm still firing it up when I get in the car. CamSam is a speed and red light camera alert system for your car. It uses GPS to locate any cameras in your area and gives you both an audible and visual warning when you're near one. It shows directional alerts and automatically updates every 5 minutes. 

If you're in an area without a lot of cameras it obviously won't be as useful, but it's still fun to fire it up when you're driving. 

More information/Download CamSam

Car Finder

Car Finder is a must have for anyone that has ever lost their car in a big lot. It's happened to everyone at least once, but with Car Finder you never have to worry about losing track of your ride again. When you park, just tap the icon in the app. It saves the location of your car so you can easily track back to it later. Car Finder has a very cool looking UI and guides you with GPS showing the distance and direction of your vehicle. 

More information/Download Car Finder

Voice Control

Another built-in app, voice control on the Z10 makes the list simply because it's an awesome driving tool. We all know how dangerous it is to use your phone while driving, but with voice control you can cut down that risk. You can fire off emails, SMS or BBM with just your voice so you don't have to take your eyes off the road and get distracted while driving. Once you master the commands you'll be a voice control master. You can even integrate the controls with the Bluetooth system in some vehicles. 

Voice Control is pre-installed on your Z10. 


Who doesn't want the best gas prices? With GasBuddy you can find the cheapest gas around with just one click. Find gas stations near your location and view their prices so you always know where to go. It's a community-sourced app, so the more people that contribute the better it gets - so spread the word :)

More information/Download GasBuddy 


Remember the old Executor keychain? It was a sweet toy that let you fire off missiles, machine guns or lasers at anyone or anything. Now, beExecutor brings the fun to your BlackBerry Z10. You can keep this app open and at the ready and hit one of eight sound effects at your road-raging enemies. It includes a siren, explosions, phasers, machine gun and more. A definite good buy at $0.99. 

More information/Download beExecutor


Spotcast is an awesome app if you're looking to explore the world around you. It lets you find awesome deals all around - happy hour prices, sales, appliances - you name it. Another crowd-sourced app, Spotcast lets you search deals and share what you find to help others discover them as well. Plus it's built for BlackBerry 10 and totally free. Definitely worth the download.

More information/Download Spotcast

BestParking - Find Parking

This one is pretty self explanatory. I find myself driving into NYC quite a bit, so I love having this app handy for those random times when I want to find a cheap place to park. With this app, you just throw in the location, type, arrival time and length of the stay and it spits back a list of ideal locations to park. Much easier than driving around, wasting gas until you find a place on your own.

More information/Download BestParking - Find Parking

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Reader comments

Top ten driving apps for the BlackBerry Z10


Don't forget Osmand. It's a maps app that allows you to download maps for offline use via open street map. And you can record your movements to a gpx track file to upload to runkeeper or the like. I have found it very useful so far.

Posted via Red Z10

I like Osmand a great deal as well, as it has car, bike and walking settings and is very user friendly. I recommend it to anyone who wants a great alternative to the native maps.

nice! i already most of these and agree that they are awesome. I prefer using Ulysse Speedometer because the decimal in the Speedometer really throws me off.

@ESCON I don't know if you've found it yet, but I recently installed "Dashcam" from Blackberry World on my Z10. Seems to work pretty well, but it needs more options for file storage and GPS tagging.

I love having HUD. Our new car came with it and I just love it.

Wonder what happens to HUD of Speedometer app when you take a BT call?
And otherwise, does it keep screen lit? Probably best to use while plugged in to car charger, so long as everything reaches.

This is how you CB10, son!

Waze is pretty nice. Love the 3D effects and how the screen changes colors from day and night driving

It is pretty cool. I wish more people would use it because it gives us all better traffic information in the long run. BlackBerry Maps could use some of the features that Wayz does.

BB Maps coverage is fail - half of EU is desert... Even on markets where Z10 is officially available. Waze freezes ma phone :(

"Ten years ago, in 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they did not commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortunes. If you had a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire ... The A-Team!"

Would love to see some decent apps that provide walking directions and public transport info as well. Those options are unavailable on apps like blackberry maps

Posted via CB10

No mention of Magellan Compass? I bought it for my PlayBook and didn't use it much, but it was a free download on my z10 because I bought it for the PB. I have been using it a lot now...

Very good detail, choice of maps provider, onboard storage for those maps that allow it (not Google) and every feature under the sun.

It took a while to learn because it is so complex, but once figured out it is awesome.

Posted via CB10

Magellan Compass is my favorite. I've used it around the US and several countries, including rural India, and found I could count on it. It was one of the first apps I bought when the PB was released, and the developer has done a great job with updates.

Some nice apps there, but downloaded Waze & first attempt to find a gas station took me to one that's been closed (and now derelict) for at least two years

Though I haven't yet used it much, I believe WAZE is social, and that users can post/make updates, to correct things like that.

What Miro DOn't Panic? Offline Maps and super accurate interface, BB Maps could learn a lot for their bare bones client. All of Western Europe was £20 with lifetime updates and offline maps. Bargain. Great interface as well as using the same TomTom data as the Maps app.

+1 for Mireo! Wow! Super fast, accurate, smooth and beautiful to look at. Doesn't use any data (I've tested it with data off) and comes highly recommended by me!

Very good app but it froze on me twice during the 7-day trial period and had me coming off the hiway to reset. If they can fix that, I would gladly pay the $20 for it! I emailed the developers and they are very engaging and quick to respond. I have suggested audible street name calling to enhance what is already a good app.

I asked about that and walking, and they responded within a couple of hours, really nice guys. No plans for walking directions as yet, I have Google Maps side-loaded anyway, so it's not that big a deal. Just miss having everything in one offline place coming from Nokia Maps.

I think the street names is more them waiting on TTY support or the like.

right? my focus immediately shifted away from any apps to "how the hell do i get a custom-color z10?!?!" I actually skipped the article to read through the comments to see if anyone had any insight on that first, then went back and read the article, lol...

we can't be the only ones wondering about that.. so please, someone help us out.

It seemed to surface near the same time as the blue 'limited edition' featured the other day. Forum posts and pics around the same time -- Phantom Skinz Chromatics? (I am not affiliated with Phantom Skinz in any way. I do hold BB stock, however.)

Look very closely to edges of device and you can still see some black around the colored sticker. I was a lil disappointed but still intrigued.

BlackBerry Maps doesn't work in many countries, could you let us know why is that and when it is supposed to be working in Europe?

Posted via CB10

Works in NL, just hard to find addresses i could find easy with my 6 year old medion navigation device. So I just wait for Navigon to release their version for BB10. I just love their navigation software, especially scenic route option.

I've tried out Cam Sam and it works pretty good, and it's easy to add mobile locations or new static ones, simple and effective a great app.

And love Waze as well, works really well for new areas of town, also have spot cast which works with BlackBerry maps and that is a good app too

From the Zed of Rockivy

All i need from Maps is the traffic overlay from BlackBerry Traffic with ETA information and it would be 100% perfect in my book. They can add this info at the bottom of the maps screen.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I think it needs a whole lot more than that including landscape mode, tap to get location address, have the map move around the cursor while you're moving or changing directions... it needs work.

Might be worth adding a PSA about using handheld devices whilst driving. I know I'm bad for taking calls while driving, but I find that any app that takes your attention away from the road (like punching in coordinates or anything that requires you to find something or punch in something on your screen) is just dangerous. It puts you and all other drivers around you at risk.
Rant completed.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

There's nothing including this post that speaks specifically to drivers. Besides, if you're the sole occupant and if you're traveling somewhere unfamiliar the coordinates should be loaded before starting the trip.

Funny how the useful apps like Gasbuddy and the parking app are free, yet the fart app, BeExecutor, you have to pay for.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

There are several apps for iOS that put four large icons on the screen, phone, gps, music and settings. I don't know how to do this or I would.

Anyone looking for hud mode, if you have previously bought gadget box, the speedometer within that application also has a hud setting that works well.

Adam, you DRIVE into the city? Seriously? Park your car and use the PATH/NYC subway my friend!
You're welcome!

BBMaps is fine, accurate and looks good, but lacks POI's badly, so you often have to browse for post/zip codes first.

Waze constantly crashed on me. Mireo also had screen issues, and the developers never once responded to my EM's. Now my free trial has expired, and I'm not paying for an app I had issues with during the trial.

I paid for Wisepilot. It never once let me down on the 9900, and has yet to do so on the Z10. It's also very user friendly for 3D directions on foot. I think, altho' some GPS maps do give good service for nothing, you do also get what you pay for, to an extent.

Posted via CB10

I agree with landscape support for BlackBerry Maps and while we're at it. BlackBerry should throw in "Direction of Driving" and "Current Speed". I'm using BlackBerry Maps 10 all the time now. I bought wind shield mount holder last year but just started to use it everyday now because of BlackBerry Maps.

The fact that BlackBerry Maps is "recommended" despite not having street view, vastly incomplete data, and frustrating interface throws this entire list as suspect. Start being honest about the flaws of BB10 please.

This app has stopped functioning on my BlackBerry Z 10 since the update of March 8th
I have contacted BB developers numerous response
Why is that?

Posted via CB10

What.... no Mireo DON'T PANIC? This is a great app...Better than expected.

Posted via CB10

Hey thanks Adam! Spotcast (apparently by some from Poynt) looks good, Scans loyalty cards great (other apps would scan but the barcodes looked different than on card, thought number right, here the barcode looks exact). There's a lot of stuff in this already, and hopefully more to come. Cool.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a NYC commuter, I love BB Map on the z10 but I hate that it does not offer transit options ( an essential for a ny commuter ) :(

I can't live without maps. It's very accurate and as food as those 200$ gps. :) traveled in and out of town with It and little data usage too

Posted via CB10

Still not operational most of the app in India, like bb map, camsam, etc. Must need to update.

Posted via CB10

Another vote for Osmand. I recently emailed the developer and the plus version was updated to be on par with the Android version.

I think once we get a new Android player it will be better still. Nevertheless, osmand is hard to beat, no matter whether it is the fee or the paid for version.
The free maps make the small fee worth it - and for Europe the maps are really good, it even knows how university buildings are called. Then again Europeans have the best maps. I would call osmand a must have in Europe - at least the free version and can recommend the paid for version as well.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry Maps does not work in India! I have found a great Navigation App for India.. MapmyIndia. It works like a charm and is very accurate.

i guess BB Maps are not available in India but BB has collaborated with MapMyIndia and the MapMyIndia Premium App is available as a free for life download for BB10 users..

I started using BB maps when I first got my phone in February - I had no problems. I decided to try Waze since it was free anyway. It has frozen a couple of times, but only when I have switched to another app, not while I've been driving. It definitely saved me from getting into a traffic jam - I wondered why it was changing my route but as I was getting of the hwy early I saw the start of the jam just ahead. I have also received advance warning of radar traps a few times, and it's easy to report them yourself even while driving, just hit a couple of buttons and you're done.

I do use several of these and they work great. However, I haven't found an app that will read your texts, E-mails etc to you like Vlingo or If it is built into OS10, I haven't figured it out on my Z10 yet? Anyone know?

What about that $5 Google Map App? How well does that work vs. BB Map (I know it doesn't have turn-by-turn nav), but how's the search, street view, satellite view, etc...?

There are half a dozen Google map clients on the app store. Any of them worth it? Quite confusing as to which is best?

Posted via CB10

The best GPS app is "MIREO DON'T PANIC". Although it is not free, but it doesn't require gprs data as it downloads map on your phone and turn your Z10 to a high end GPS device.
I am sure it is the best because I am saying it after purchasing and testing several GPS apps.
Don't forget to keep your phone charger on your trip.

Today (7-8-2013) discovered new navigation program from Russia, it's called Navitel, installed de 30 day trial today. It has offline maps and even though it's not mentioned in the description, also Western Europe etc. I've seen that Western Europe maps will set you back 43 Euro, but with free updates.

Are you kidding me guys ??? Yanosik a new Blackberry app which is available in Poland and Lithuania .. is the best at those two countries why you do not even mention it ??? informs about traffic cameras , speed cameras and municipal police speed radars, about construction works and accidents on roads. It is based on community GPS and GPRS sygnal to inform you .

Everyone who travels Poland and Lithuania Should have it if he want not to pay any tickets !!!