The top cases for the BlackBerry Z10

By Alicia Erlich on 14 Mar 2014 02:05 pm EDT

With all of the BlackBerry cases currently available on the market and the range that they encompass, it is quite a challenge choosing the right one for you. There are those that are geared for style, ones aimed solely at protection, and others which are a balance of both. As someone who is addicted to cases and abhors the thought of using my device naked, I’ve gone through more than my fair share.

For me the best cases are the ones that offer full protection from accidents, wear and tear, and spills. If you are looking for an accessory to shield your precious BlackBerry Z10 from the grind of daily use, here are our top selections.  


Incipio OVRMLD Flexible Hard-Shell Case 

If you are searching for protection, sometimes you have to sacrifice style in order to do so. The Incipio OVRMLD offers dual protection in a one piece snap-on case. This way you do not have to worry about breaking pieces when swapping batteries or removing. The case itself is semi-rigid so that it not only protects from surface wear and scratches, but is impact resistant as well. It also comes with a holster though there is no sleeper magnet included. For me this is more of an entry style case to bridge the gap between a skin case and the more rugged cases described below but it gets the job done by not letting any harm befall your Z10.

More information/Purchase the Incipio OVRMLD 


Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) Series Case

If you are looking for a dual-layer rugged design and don't mind the available color scheme or the bulkiness this is a sturdy, durable choice. What sets this apart in terms of protection is that it goes out of it's way to protect your corners. Anyone who has dropped their device knows this part is most vulnerable and I have dents on other BlackBerry devices to prove it. The Ballistic corners ensure you get the added shock absorption necessary for drops and falls. It is one of the cases on this list inclined not to show damage or wear and tear easily. This case has an impact resistant polycarbonate shell with a soft inner TPU skin that also offers a firm grip when holding.

More information/Purchase the Ballistic SG Series Case


Otterbox Defender Series Case

If you are looking to completely secure your device the Otterbox Defender is the pinnacle of protection. Yes it is big and bulky and may or may not cause you to adjust how you perform gestures, but it will survive anything you throw at it and more. I still have in my possession the defender for the Bold 9900 and even with the constant abuse the case remains unblemished as the day I bought it. The defender comes with a two-piece polycarbonate inner layer, a silicone outer layer, and a protective plastic screen protector to safeguard the display. Heavy duty protection at it's finest, the only downside is that replacing the battery is somewhat of a chore, so make sure you have the time and a spare battery before attempting.

More information/Purchase Otterbox Defender Series Case


Seidio ACTIVE with Kickstand

Now if there is one case that I have used going back to my legacy days it is the Seidio Active case and holster combination. All you have to do is look at the BlackBerry App Roundup image to know that this is the case that earned the honor of staying on my Z10 the longest as it is reliable for daily use. This basically means that it withstood multiple, and normally fatal, falls and drops and lived to tell the tale. While Seidio may have rebranded the Active series as the DILEX, it still features a dual-layer design for maximum protection, yet is thin and lightweight, that is comprised of a hard exterior skeleton and a polymer interior. As an added measure of protection you can pick up the matching holster with sleeper magnet as well.  

More information/Purchase Seidio Active Case


BlackBerry Flip Shell Case

As I said before, there are cases that balance style and protection and the flip shell happens to fit into that category. It sports a magnetic flip closure which means with the cover closed not only do you get full protection all around but also the option to automatically dim your display to save power. Once opened, you can fold into a kickstand to conveniently listen to or view the multimedia stored on your device. It fits your Z10 perfectly and the minute you snap it into place it remains secure and won't easily be dislodged without some effort. 

More information/Purchase the BlackBerry Flip Shell Case


CrackBerry Crunk Case

What list would this be if I didn't include the Crunk Case. I own all three colors and for a flexible TPU design it is does a great job protecting your Z10. All of your ports are accessible, it is easy to remove and install, and comes embedded with the beautiful CB logo. No reason why you shouldn't pick up one, or all three, to safeguard your device against scratches and drops. Each offers an enhanced grip without the additional bulk.

More information/Purchase CrackBerry Crunk Case


By all means this is not a comprehensive list and there were bound to be ones that didn’t make the cut. If we left out any of your favorites let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

The top cases for the BlackBerry Z10


I really want a dock for the Z30 with USB and HDMI connection

My Top Apps: 1.Crackberry 2.Gasbuddy 3.USA Today 4. Word of the Day PLUS 5. Super Hexagon

We need custom cases

For example ; you can have a picture of your choice printed on your case. It was available like a decade ago and I think it is nice to have personal pictures on it.

Posted via CB10

Cases for the 30 are slim pickins. I'm gonna
Have to go for an otter box defender. Nothing else I see suits me or just doesn't offer enough protection. Buying a z30 is a big investment for me.

Posted via CB10

Wow really?

Against my advice, one of my guys got OB Defender for his Z10. IMO was awful. The sides sloping in impeded ease for some gestures. (I'm sure you get used to it.)

Worst thing was built in screen protector not being taut enough over screen. Much more deliberate tapping required and sometimes clicked like a Storm.
He went and exchanged it for a BB Transform within 2 weeks.

Conversely the Commuter for Z30 is quite nice. Too bad no Z10 Commuter.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

I ended up completely removing the built in screen protector and adding a different one. Significantly better.

However I found that after a while the rubber that wraps around the plastic became stretched out and doesn't stay tight, so I recommend not using the defender

Posted via CB10

Absolutely right about the OtterBox Defender... I am a current user of it for my Z10, and for the first few weeks. I tried my best to give it a chance... the thing just got more irritating by the day.

It's like the screen protector and side slope I trust on cripples effective gesturing, even "clicking" on anything was hit or miss! I eventually got SO fed up that busted out the screen protector so I could actually use the phone properly.

Now the bottom lip of the silicone has distended and exposes the hard shell grove and the belt clip constantly FAILS at keeping my phone secure on my side. Everytime I get out of my car with this thing on it falls! I run down a stairs too hard and it falls.... just abysmally poor for a $50 case!!!

Posted via CB10

OEM flip case. I have the white one on my white Z10.

Only problem, it's white and needs a wash and a rub with warm soap water regularly.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Would be one of the shortest posts of the year unfortunately. :(

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

Otterbox Commuter.

I have the Otterbox Defender on my Z30 and the Commuter is less bulky but they both offer excellent dual layer protector. Advantage of the Defender case is its has a built in screen protector.

Ya I've been sporting the BlackBerry transform case since the day I bought my Z10.

It adds little in the way of protection to a screen drop but the back and corners of the phone are protected without all the bulk. Closest to naked as it gets!

Posted via CB10

Yep, I loved my black Transform for my Z10!
I also had a Capdase Xpose soft shell case.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

I just got a transform today and I'm not impressed. It doesn't fit very tight and does little for protection. Ordered a defender today.

Posted via CB10

It's not supposed to fit extremely tight due to the kickstand feature. I had the Transform case on my Z10 since I got it last March, and I never had any issues. I also have the Flip Shell case, but I didn’t like it as much. Dropped it more times than I can remember! It even saved my phone when a drunk girl swatted it out of my hand onto concrete after poking fun at her iphone that had just suffered a broken screen! Can’t wait for my Z30 Transform case to arrive on Monday!

Posted via CB10

I wish I didn't need a case,but I,'d surely put on the green one for the weekend,my Transform is looking good and helped keep my 10 alive and well,Knock on wood...

In red! It be lacking a bit for protection but it makes up for that in style. Plus it's unique to BlackBerry!
Oddly enough, I wasn't a big fan at first but it quickly grew on me & I haven't seen anything remotely as stylish to replace it. Don't really like the transform case for the Z30. It's just not the same.

Posted via CB10

The Otter Box For the Z10 is a little challenging if you have fat thumbs for gesturing like the article said. You really have to catch the edge to get the gesturing to work but i wouldn't trade that case for anything. Otter Box did really well with the Z30 case. Just wish it was 100% water proof

Posted via CB10

Unfortunately they blew it with the holster. A HD case like the Otter is going to be put into some rough action but the holster barely secures it. I've left my Z10 lying on the ground and left behind a few times before I solved the problem by super-glueing a fat #6 rubber band to the holster near the top. I'd kill for a Lifepro like holster/ case.

BlackBerry Flip Shell Case is a complete crap! I had to replace it after 2 weeks of use. The upper part of the cover was completely separated into independent layers.

Blackberry transform hard shell is awesome.

I can't believe the BB flip case is listed here. I tossed mine out after it became obvious it would just frustrate me. It's impossible to do anything with one hand with that case as the flip cover is constantly getting in the way. Truly a poor design. Under the comments for this case, in the store, people appear to have had lots of issues with the plastic shell breaking also.

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

Since there is no OtterBox Commuter, the AEGIS CASE FOR BLACKBERRY Z10 offers the same kind of protection without being too bulky. Nice case!

Posted via CB10

Naked or Crunk is the way I go. I alternate between the orange and black Crunk cases and still have the White one if I ever need it. Was just such a better deal to order all three colours

Posted via CB10

Incipio Feather Case and a Nite-Ize Phone Clip. Perfect pocket carrying.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I use the CASE•MATE Brush Aluminum since March 2013 and no complaints from me!!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

Rockin' the Crunk Case and loving it. It does the job and looks great in a minimal way.

Posted via CB10

I think otterbox failed my z10 sure the drops and scratches but it sure pulled all dust to my speakers.
All my speakers are non functional!!
The iphone otterbox was much better offered a dust cap over bottom speakers and the side holdster is much better then the vertical holdster.

Ok do q10 top cases next!

Downfall of the Otterbox series for me was when the little side flaps (ears) on the side of the holster loosen over time and the phone would fly out as I walked constantly. Happened with my 9700 and it broke, which is the only reason I upgraded early to the 9900. Had the same headache with the 9900 holster so I gave up on Otterbox.

My wife has one on her iPhone but doesn't use the holster....also on her ipad2. hate how the plastic case ruins the phone by scratching it up so I now roll my Z10 naked.

End rant.

Posted via CB10

These look nice. However, I'm sticking with the OEM case I got from TMobile because it has a kickstand that works both vertical and horizontal.

Posted via CB10

Liking the Roots case for the Z10. My fat thumbs didn't get along with the Otterbox, although I appreciated the full protection and port covers.

Posted via CB10

My problem is I can't stand to have a case on My z10. It just adds to much. The naked feel gets me every time. And for it, I've paid with a couple dings on the sides but overall, including a fall down wooden stairs, nothing had really done much yet! I however refuse to go without a screen protector. Nooope nope nope

Z10 on ST, .1925

What about the SEIDIO Prime Combo case that gives extra battery life? Sounds like a good choice to me. Anyone else tried it?

Posted via CB10

Because the looks with become s(p)oiled soon without the case, if you're not careful. It sure takes a beating, but chips and dents are not nice.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Love the otter box case, but, the main issue I have overall is that the screen protector has an opening for the front facing camera and ear port. It collects dust and dirt inside the case so easy so you have to take it apart to clean every now and then. The rubber wears out but if you boil it for 5 minutes and drop it in cold water and dry it off it snaps right back on with no loose parts at all.

Posted via CB10

How long does that last? I never tried boiling it.... I tried leaving it in the fridge for a couple hours and putting it back on. worked for like 30mins or so and then went back to saggy lips at the bottom.

Posted via CB10

I'm very likely to cut that screen protector off when I get mine and just stick one to the screen

Posted via CB10

Forgot to include the Casemate Tough case. Used it since day 1 and it's taken 4 foot drops onto concrete several times. Case is still perfect. Z10 still looks new.

Posted via CB10

I have used the flip case for almost a year and I love it except:
1. When I am charging and have the flap back, it will make the berry sleep

2. I had (note it says had) an iShieldz screen protector. It discolored badly, but also had a stripe of discolouration right where the crease is in the front of the case, making my screen look odd (was happy to see it was not my z10 screen). Have replaced with Zagg (my usual go to).

I wish this case came in cool colours!

Posted via CB10

I love the style of the Blackberry Flip Shell Case. Unfortunately, I find the build quality to be subpar.

The problem is that the stitching on the edges comes loose easily, and after a couple of months of taking in and out of my pocket it starts to look a little tattered. I haven't found another case that I like any better though, so I grin and bear it. I'm already on my second case, and am considering replacing it with a third soon.
I'm on my second one already, and

I love the Otterbox Defender cases. So much protection, I have one fitted to my Z10, however as Elite 1 says the sides around the screen are angled too far in making it harder to reach the letters closest to the edge. The bottom edge also covers up too much of the screen making it harder to swipe up correctly, it also covers up the BlackBerry logo at the bottom :( . If they just trimmed these edges back it would be great. In saying that, I have dropped it numerous times on concrete and have no fear of my precious Z10 being damaged. Great for tradies, it offers the ultimate protection.

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10

Absolutely agree! I did major surgery on mine. I removed the screen protector and then filed down the bottom edge so 3/4 of the Blackberry logo was visible. This made swiping easier, but not 100%. There was still an issue swiping from the side, though not as pronounced as from the bottom and fat fingering letters on the sides. The construction is still strong as I didn't go near the hole in the opening in the bottom part of the case. If you mess up, Otter will mail you another. But for $26 at ATT store, it's ok I guess.
Of course, I bought Munger 3800mA battery, so I'm buck naked now. FML?

Seido all the way. Best of all the cases. Have bought many o' Seido's over the years. The CSR's are pleasant and helpful. Quality is great. Have used the same case on my Z10 for over a year with no problems.

Posted via CB10

Another shout out for the Crackberry Crunk Case. Mostly go black but I love having all 3 colours available.

Crunk it baby!

Posted via CB10

When I first got the OB Defender on my Z10, I really didn't like it at first, partly due to, as some have said, the touch screen isn't as responsive but mostly because of the amount of dust that got in between the screen and the screen protector. I put a Zagg protector on the screen and then put the OB on making sure to smooth out the air bubbles that got caught in between. No more dust gets in and the response of the touchscreen improved dramatically.

Posted via CB10

I bought the original BlackBerry red flip shell case. I hated it. The plastic is brittle, the corner hook broke finally and it scratched my Z10

Posted via CB10 by Z30

My Z10 flip shell is fraying, and separating on the edges. It was nice looking when I got it Dec 26th, but it is falling apart at the seams, literally.

Posted via CB10

Incipio dualpro and OEM leather pouch, as well as OEM transform hard shell case are the best in my humble opinion.

Posted via CB10

I don't know how you guys don't have CASE-MATE on that list thees guys make some unbelievable wicked case. Case Mate is a Very good quality and absolutely strong case. I a have suffered about 5 to 10 very bad drops with my Z10 Case Mate and and my Z10 should of been dead long!!!!!! Time ago. I had this Z10 from when the Z10 was 1st launch and it still looks like brand new! . I am telling everyone thees guys have something very good here and I think you all should check it out. No B-S guys... lol

Posted via CB10

I've really liked the "transform" case. I use it more than my holster these days.

Posted via CB10

Transform shell and Otterbox love both of them, Otterbox at work's (use it for a year now) you have to press a little bit harder but hey I'm a strong guy.

Posted via CB10

I got a pro gel case on Amazon. It's a similar design to the crunk case, but as the name suggests it's made of a gel-like material and coated to provide extra grip when holding your Z10. Oh and it's way more affordable on Amazon compared to these "other sites". I've had it for almost a year now and it's kept my Z10 safe and secure. I've had it fall accidentally a few times, but thanks to the case absorbing the impact, there's been absolutely no damage to my Z10. I use it mostly during the winter months, and my OEM holster in the summer months (to show off my Z10 of course lol). With the pro gel case I have the best of both worlds; style and protection. I highly recommend it.

Otterbox makes good cases but there is a better option for the Z10. Kraken makes a very rugged case just as good. Also it doesn't hide the BlackBerry bar at the bottom of the phone which makes swiping up the same as if you didn't have the case on.

Posted via CB10

I like the i-Blason Armadillo case. It has rubber bumpers for the top and bottom edges and a metal bracket across the back and sides, and a nice cut-out on the back for the BB logo. Unfortunately i-Blason doesn't seem to have them on their website, but you can get them on Amazon.

I've tried  shell case for Z10 but, not happy with its overall package. It kind of gives the phone a bulged exterior. I've now switched to "CaseMate barely there" case and it's superbly designed and has a thin yet durable profile. One downer is that it has a rubber cushioning from inside and has to be removed in order to fit the phone perfectly.

Pavan Sheth on  Zed10

The BlackBerry Transform case is the way to go. It only attaches at the corners, so it doesn't get in the way of gestures, plus it's a nice little kick stand for watching movies.