The top productivity applications for BlackBerry 10

op productivity applications for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 25 Jan 2014 11:35 am EST

A short while ago be brought you a poll asking if apps or games were most important to you as BlackBerry 10 users. There was a clear winner, by a mile, and that was 'Apps - productivity is key for me'. 

So on that note I thought it was worthy of sharing my top 5 productivity apps. I don't mind admitting that I don't use them all daily, but I have the peace of mind that they are there on my BlackBerry for when I do need them. 

With BES10 growing in the enterprise market, BlackBerry will hopefully regain some of its market share it has lost out to other operating systems in the last couple of years.

With a fantastic selection of both native and third party productivity apps this should go a long way in helping the BlackBerry sales force do their business in addition the security side of things of course. 

So here you go. Productivity at your fingertips....


Whether you need to just log notes, images or voice notes Evernote has you covered. With integration into the BlackBerry 'Remember' app if offers more than just securing your important notes on your BlackBerry. If you use another smartphone in addition to your BlackBerry the Evernote app will be available and there's also a desktop app for Mac and PC as well as the good old web browser. 

With seamless syncing between all devices, Evernote is the ultimate application for you to manage your important notes on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. You'll also find it in your BlackBerry Hub so you can share files/images etc to it with ease. It doesn't get much better than this for productivity. 


Baked into BlackBerry 10 - Remember is yet another fine way of storing your valued files. I must admit - I don't use it as much as I should but where it does come in very handy for me (and on a daily basis) is that from within your BlackBerry Hub you can flag important emails and they will automatically get ported into the Remember app for easy access - either from a straight search from your home screen or from within the app itself. 

You can create as many folders as you need and even choose there colors with makes the app look a little more attractive. If you've recently purchased a BlackBerry 10 smartphone and are a little confused to what Remember does be sure to hit up Simons video above where he explains all. 

Docs to Go

I think this one speaks for itself. We've been able to create Word and Excel documents on BlackBerry for a long time but since BlackBerry actually purchased Docs to Go things have become a lot more fluid. Creating PowerPoint presentations is not yet possible - and to be honest that may well be a task - but viewing them on your BlackBerry is a breeze. 

You'll discover Docs to Go baked into the BlackBerry 10 OS and for business users in particular it's a godsend. Having the ability to create and edit documents on the go is super easy and with features such as changing the fonts, type size etc it almost brings the desktop version to the palm of your hand. 

As you would expect - once a document is created you can either save it or simply share it via any of the accounts you have set up in your BlackBerry Hub. 

For a quick look at how to use Docs to Go on BlackBerry 10 you can refer to our previous editorial. 


We only featured Enpass a short while back on CrackBerry but it's been my password keeper of choice for some time now. Like many other popular apps this one too is multi platform so if you use another smartphone in addition to your BlackBerry 10 one, you'll have instant access to all your saved data. With PC and Mac apps too I find it to be the perfect solution for keeping 'stuff' safe. 

Enpass has Dropbox syncing options so if you did change to a new BlackBerry it only takes a few seconds to get the app restored, which is the one feature that sold it to me more than any other. With a clean user friendly interface, Enpass has all your Password storage needs rolled up into one today package.

Don't believe me? Give the free version a whirl and see what you think

BlackBerry Hub

The BlackBerry Hub I suppose isn't technically an app, but due to its wonderful abilities it has to feature in this article. Having all your accounts in one place knocks the socks off of all other OS's in my book - whether they be emails, social networks, instant messaging etc. 

From the one list you can share, prioritize, flag, file etc and all with a touch and smooth swipe to the right. 

Creating a message doesn't get easier too. Press the create tab - choose which account you want to use and you're off - simple. And not forgetting the 'Peek' option from your home screen to check what notifications yu may have. 

The BlackBerry Hub is possibly the thing I love most about BlackBerry 10. In terms of productivity - put it up against iOS, Android and Windows Phone and it blows them out of the water in my opinion - and I have all these devices, so I'm not just saying this

Productivity at it's best

That's my selection - have you got productivity apps that you couldn’t live without on your BlackBerry? Let us know in the comments? 

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The top productivity applications for BlackBerry 10


Agree. It saved me a couple of times where I had to create a presentation in under 2 hours with no access to my laptop.

Posted via CB10

It is also very handy for in the field. Snap a few pictures, add some quick notes, export the file. Be sure to take your photos in landscape. Then email the presentation to whomever. What's nice is each picture comes into their desktop browser opened and notes attached. Literally takes only a few minutes to make emails amazing.

Posted via CB10

I don't think so. It behaves like PowerPoint. If editing a photo with something else is available, then you could definitely bring that photo in.

Posted via CB10

Looks like its been taken down from BlackBerry World. Good thing I haven't deleted it from my phone because it's quite handy.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10STL100-1/

Gotta be Video Shrinker this app should be baked into BB10 because without it you cant send a video to friends family and work cause there to big to send. Video Shrinker is worth the money if you like sending videos

Posted via CB10

I am addicted to the Hub, Remember app and just started using Evernote.

BB Uniq BB Bold -Z10 with 1925

Same for me, I'd love to have remember with more folder colors and direct integration into BBLINK instead of having to use Evernote though.

High Notes is the best app on BBworld for me. It's honestly the only thing besides the Q10 keyboard that has cemented me in the BBOS ecosystem.

Enpass? No native Linux support? Not hardcore at all and not a top productivity tool. Definitely not over KeePass.

SQN100-1 | STA100-3

I like Print to Go too, but would like to see it have an option to print to device, or DropBox , etc. This would be a way of converting files to pdf documents, which can be further annotated in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For productivity, Documents To Go. Hands down.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Documents To Go for BB10 is good, as long as it is basic stuff. It had more features when I was using it with Android 4 years ago and on my old BB 9650.
I'd like to see some updates in the near future. Like being able to insert a row in a spreadsheet.

Posted via CB10

Exactly! People that say Docs To Go on BB10 is great didn't use it on the legacy devices. I was able to inser pic into my reports for work. It's pretty sad that BB10 didn't have those features from the get go.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

OMG. Can this possibly still be true? Have spent the past hour surfing to find this out: I assumed it must be a feature I'm just not clever enough to find. Makes Docs to Go absolutely useless IMHO.

I'd like to be able to add items in spreadsheets that have formulas in them. Currently I have to make note of the information I wish to enter in the spreadsheet and then add it when I get to my computer. It's a nuisance to say the least.

Yeah, I found this out when I was playing around with a spreadsheet I have to use everyday, only to find docs couldn't calculate the functions!
Very disappointed !

Posted via CB10

Great article.

I want to find DocsToGo documentation for all things it offers or that you can do, not the front page advertisement.

It's more limiting to users by including it vs including a full document within each BlackBerry or online from its update app on bbworld. Until hen users are limited.

Waiting for  BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Thanks James, never used Enpass but, the Native app I think should be on your list is password keeper, and with import / export makes that BlackBerry App more awesome!
Keeps all my generated passwords alphabetically in-line and easily accessible for me.

I think it is the Cloud Backup option that he liked over the BlackBerry Password Keeper app. As many of us are installing leaks, and many of those don't work well with restores. So a password apps that can sync to the cloud and back it's self up does have advantages.

Cloud Services is something that BlackBerry is sorely missing right now. As well as a way to backup and restore individual applications.

Can't you export your encrypted Password Keeper file on to Dropbox and Box? I believe it's possible, but I could be mistaken.

When I switched from the 9930 to the Q10 and downloads Password Keeper all my passwords automatically appeared. I think they are saved onto the BlackBerry ID right?

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

@ sin.... Password Keeper is a great app and I use it, but if you have to switch phones - like I did from Z10 to Z30 - sucks because you have to reenter all of your username and password information into Password Keeper all over again.

James' point is that with Enpass you can back information up in Dropbox.

CB10 from the Z30

Password Keeper is fantastic. Built by BlackBerry and carries the great brand of security. Why trust your credentials and personal info with anyone other than Blackberry? Cloud backup to an of shore 3rd party gives me the willies.
BB Link Swap Device should take care of moving to another BB10 device and the new export/ import works great.

Posted via CB10

I use Enpass but without cloud because of what one poster mentioned, "personal information being handled by an off shore third party gives me the willy's ".

Posted via CB10

I believe the cloud backup is to dropbox but I'm still with you. As good as the app looks, I'm still not going to to trust it due to the offshore development house.

Posted via CB10

I don't trust Enpass totally either that's why I don't install desktop Enpass. But, for me, it's the many different types of passwords and logins w/icons I prefer.

Posted via CB10

We need a app developed by blackberry to find my blackberry Like that app apple developed find my iphone, and in addition a cloud based Os so that I can store all my phone content picture contact and notes are most important!

Posted via CB10

Well the ability to locate, wipe or lock your phone and display a message are all built into BlackBerry right out of the box, it's called BlackBerry protect. You should find a gold shield in setting and just toggle the ability to locate your phone to "on", then log onto

But definitely I'd also like to see a secure BlackBerry service to backup my phone OTA!

Posted via CB10

Sorry but only the hub is legit (and it is the best) . BlackBerry is missing many productivity apps. Thinking, the better grocery apps, some of the work IM apps like Jabber. The hub is the best though.

Posted via CB10

Great article. Print to go for sure is awesome. I like the remember app but slick tasks has recently taken top spot.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

I had Slick Tasks on the legacy devices. I don't use my Q10 in my GTD system at the moment. I'm curious though, is Slick Tasks worth the buy?

Posted via CB10

Slick Tasks is definitely worth the buy. Extremely useful app with due dates, due times, repeating tasks and calendar integration. Well worth checking out!

Posted via CB10

Yeah it's worth it. It pretty much replaces remember because it links to your calendar. The UI is really nice.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON! the way are a cutie pie. Turn the Gorgeous down a bit.....actually....keep it at 10.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Before I seriously considered sideloading Android apps on my Q10, I used Remember the Milk - check it out in BlackBerry World!

I used it for a few months, and since have switched to a competing product, since I find their Android app better for my needs. RTM is still plenty flexible.

Docs to Go needs the ability to insert pictures.

Also I use BlackBerry Password Keeper for my password security.

Posted via CB10

Desperately needs insert pics! I had to use my 9930 to complete reports for work and transfer to the Q10 using NFC just to email them my employer.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I do love and use Enpass daily, the only downside being that it doesn't support Linux. If anyone else is using enpass and wants it on Linux, please shoot their support a mail and let them know, as I did so and they said they would do a linux version if demand is there

Posted via CB10

The thought of using an OS without The Hub is mildly horrifying. I just started using Remember a few months ago and now have it thoroughly integrated into my process. BTW, "it's" is a contraction for "it is" -- so the proper way to finish off your article would be "Productivity at its best." As Sheldon Cooper would put it, "You're welcome." =)

Posted via CB10

I tried going from bb10 to kitkat. Gave my best for two months.. couldn't stand it I love hub too much!

Developer of Corky Notes, Lazy Lists, and MAKE

I agree... I use Lastpass on every device I have, Z30, Nexus 7, iPad, laptop and desktop. More than just a password keeper as it autofills your username and password which saves you looking up passwords and flipping between applications.

Strange, how is it possible that ClipMan is missing in this list?

ClipMan is especially made to improve your productivity across all apps and the whole OS. Not only for a single task. :-)

Jeah, Clipman is the best. I had it opened all the time the past 6 months. Since it runs headless it feels like integrated directly into the system. Thanks a lot for creating it. I stopped counting how often it saved my day! :-)

I love my Q10, but without Clipman it wouldn't be the same.

Wow! Thanks for mentioning Clipman. Where has this app been all my life? I just downloaded. I would probably not even get half the use I do out of my Berries without CB!

Posted via CB10 with "Z" best

Not headless in most current OS versions. Needs to be headless in order to be used regularly.

Posted via CB10

It depends, but you're right. You need to keep it running in the Active Frame to let it store all clipboard content. But you have also the option to share stuff to ClipMan in case you have it closed at the moment.

But luckily, as soon as you update to firmware 10.2.1 you will be able to get the newest ClipMan release which runs also headless in the background including a "successfully stored notification" via the front LED. And it is a simple free update, not a new app:

This is my top app. I use it on a daily basis to get files from my Box account. It's integrated so seamlessly that remote drives appear to just be another local folder.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

BlackBerry remember and calendar would be my choices, my business now relies on these features heavily, with all the staff connected and in sync!

I have my family's shopping list all synchronised and my teams to do lists so nobody has to even pick up the phone to know what they have to do for the day!

Posted via CB10

How are you using remember to sync with other phones? I could use this I think. Right now I use a BlackBerry group. If you would take the time to explain, I would appreciate it.

Posted via CB10

Can any one explain what is the benefit of using Enpass? Sure I know that it stores passwords and similar information but what is the added benefit compared storing this information on Evernote for example??

Posted via CB10

Encryption level, if you wanna trust Evernote's encryption at all. Remember, these services are a juicy target for crackers, cybercrims and data thieves.

KeePass' database should be virtually unbreakable and can theoretically be stored anywhere if you set it up properly. A good master password, instead of a locally stored key file. Never store the key or key file together with the database in the cloud.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Docs To Go should already be on your phone and BlackBerry Express is for 10.2+ I believe.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Docs to Go on my old Pearl was much better. Way faster, no unnecessary loading time, it was actually convenient to make note of something whenever I wanted. The BB10 version is good, but inconvenient for a quick note

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry needs a great "printing from device" feature. I hate having to go open my laptop and print to my wireless printer, when I originally viewed what I was printing on my phone. Other than that, I'm solid on productivity for my needs.

Posted via CB10

Correct me if I'm wrong here but wouldn't there be driver issues for printing from the phone? Unless they make it a cloud service like what Google is now introducing.

If it wasn't for the HUB, Remembe, Password Keeper and Adobe Reader I would seriously feel short changed as far as productivity goes. I actually feel like I was more productive on my Bold 9930 especially in the Docs To Go App.

I really hope Mr. John Chen pushes BB10 into another level of productivity. It's decent but for Christ's sake it's a BlackBerry and it should dominate regardless.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Worth saying , Kevin mentioned evernote being available for Mac and pc it also works a charm on Linux if you install playonlinux first very compatible. I pop quick notes in the remember app but use evernote when I have more time for better features.

Posted via CB10

Just a thought...while I am certainly not a heavy business user, it is the reason I choose BlackBerry. The apps that come with it work great for me. Truly native and efficient.

Posted via CB10

I'd agree with all the apps that James listed except Enpass.

It's a solid app with nice UI, but I have trust issues and would never use an app for sensitive data, whose servers are overseas (India, I believe, for Enpass).

The native BBRY password app is my go-to solution for passwords.

Posted via CB10

I really have gained a respect for the Remember app, when I first got the Q10 I missed my Memp Pad especially launching into it with a single press of the D key but now I wouldn't go back.

Productivity and utility apps are what BlackBerry is known for so attention Developers please keep moving in these categories.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

If it counts as a productivity app or not I don't know but I also rely on Money Plus daily to manage my finances too.

Posted from BitPusher's Q10

For me I can't believe what a larger screen does for productivity. Yesterday I switched from a Z10 to the Z30. Wow what an amazing phone the 30 is. The larger screen makes all the difference in the world. I'm better on the keyboard, I'm zooming in and out way less, it's just a better experience all the way around. The battery life, talk about productivity. This thing last all day and more. This upgrade that cost me nothing in my Telus plan is so worth it and more. If would have known how much more productive I am on this phone I would have paid full pop on it as soon as it came out.

Posted via CB10

ABI note taking app. Great simple way to save notes and share them.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

@A_walrus the iPhone finder app your talking about is built into bb10 it's also built in bbos4,5,6 it's call BlackBerry Protect. It well give you a map to your phone within meters. It does more as well. It allows you to remotely lock your phone, wipe your phone, make a loud sound to help you find it. Turn off your phone to save the battery until you get to it and it allows you to put a message on the screen all from any computer or smart phone.

Posted via CB10

Docs2Go has less functionality than when I was running Lotus 1-2-3 and WordPerfect under Windows 3.1 on a PC with 640 K of RAM, over 20 years ago. It's embarrassing to have such a half-baked product pre-loaded on a "business" device. I've complained about it on the Beta Zone in several posts; doesn't seem to be getting through to the right people. Anybody have any contacts at DataViz?

I've done the same! I am BBM friends with a CrackBerry editor and this friend asked around even at BlackBerry but I didn't get much information based on my issues. It's very frustrating that such BlackBerry enthusiasts give such hype about Docs To Go when it's "half baked", I'm not surprised that legacy devices have out sold BB10 devices.

I have very seriously considered returning back to the Bold 9930 but I support BlackBerry and hopefully a few more os updates and we will have most of the features back which is a big part of my BlackBerry experience.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Is all good and dandy.

Sorry to say but I'm getting a little tired of these "lists"....

They repeat the same thing again and again... I wish someone would just go to the app store and actually search for a category and try out ALL the apps to find true gems..

Not trying to be that much of a whiner but....

Posted via CB10

My Apps I use :

- All apps mentioned in the post by James plus :

-Super notes, Noted, What to do
- Adobe Writer, Adobe Reader
- Re-Mote PC
- Storymaker as a story board
- BlackBerry Express App
- FastTube for Youtube
- Sayit
- Stocks
- Stock Spot
- Dictionary
- Be maps Pro
- Be weather Pro
- Save and Scan
- Price check
- Dropbox
- Blaq
- Feed Finder
- WSJ, NY TIMES, Reuters, Bloomberg

Posted via CB10

The Hub is great, create an email and you have access to any attachment to send eg. file manager, contact list, video, pictures, Hub Attachment, appointments, and I am sure more to come from blackberry. Beats iOS, Android, Windows. Also BB10 just shares nicely and efficiently.
Love the Effectica App.

Posted via CB10

Evernote has a free 6 month premium trial for countries around germany. just check it out if your country belongs to one of those.

Well said James, HUB all the way..

It's amazing when you show your 'other' friends, at first they never get it.

And then it starts to dawn...

Posted via CB10

Yes, Draw Express is legit. All apps should aspire to this level of excellence.

Posted via CB10

I am getting more into using apps with BB10 and bigger screen thanks to my Z30. And my favorites are HUB, Remember nicely sync with outlook, recently addition of Evernote, Docs to Go and the one I have been missing was Print to Go which I haven't gotten to work since BB10.

Posted Via CB10 Using my great Z30 Or Z10

Can't beat these apps on bb10 if your a busy and productive person

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

Hi everyone!

Great list, but perhaps only Enpass is showing us something new... Let me introduce my read-it-later app called Backpack. It will be soon, in next coming version, a Pocket client+ as well:

Thanks everyone

It is untrue! Since Evernote on BlackBerry 10 platform is always unavailable in China mainland, just had an update. But, it is quite like a bummer that Evernote China just made its integral optimization into the original one. It looks awful and sluggish! Plz turn back to the Original Version!

Posted via CB10

Agree with choices. However in all fairness I'm yet to try both BlackBerry Remember as well as Evernote. I find Enpass to be a huge relief for password access. Docs to-go is an absolute must. The hub is what makes BlackBerry 10 stand out from the rest.

Posted via CB10

Also worth mentioning-- "Noted" is a great bb10 replacement for MemoPad (which is only available on legacy devices). I use Noted for ongoing lists and Checked! for keeping track of todos

I don't know with you guys but my boss still not convince that I'm doing some "productivities" when I'm using my mobile...

Posted via CB10

On my new I would love to use Old search which would search deeper into Contacts, Memo, Tasks, Calendar etc. That is search into notes and other fields like address. Would love for 10. Now only for Bold. Any similar?

Love love love docs to go. it's 1 of the main reasons I stayed with BlackBerry when I got new phone this summer.


I'm surprised no one mentioned Remember the Milk! RTM is a pretty spiffy cloud-based to do list management app.

Other than that, Remember and the other native apps serve my data up nicely. My keyboard takes care of all of my correspondence, no voice dictation software needed.

I use word to go to write initial design documentation, knowledge articles, or to keep song lyrics.

 CB10 

I haven't found a good project management app for BlackBerry 10. Something that presents some sort of a time line or a chart of activities.

 CB10 

BlackBerry Express
Password Keeper
PlayCloud10 (cloud and print)

BlackBerry Web browser too.


Posted via CB10

All excellent apps! I would add Profile Changer with new 10.2 features

Posted via CB10 on z10.2.1

File manager for me is critical. I need to supplement it with another file management program for special needs. I still don't get much from Evernote. I mean I don't rely on cross platform notes very much. For special needs for cloud storage of notes and documents, pictures etc, I use box.

Posted via CB10

24DA965A where can i find blackberry users in the UK? And can someone please add me, I wanna try out the BBM video!

Posted via CB10

Docts To Go, LinkedIn and WordPress! They are for me; the most productive apps.

I didn't post via CB10

Remember The Milk.

I pay the $25 yearly fee and sync between my PC, Mac and Z30. The non syncing app is free.

Add-ons in my work email client and Gmail Chrome browser add a pane to include all my task. RTM apparently links to Evernote as well though I haven't used this feature.

RSS, Twitter, Email, Calendar
This App connects in so many ways the features make me dizzy. (:

The RTM really is amazing. I use it professionally and am very happy with it.

Posted via CB10

Are cloud services in the plans for BlackBerry? Also, what are some alternatives to Docs2go.

Posted via CB10

Camcard has to been my most used, scanning business cards, saving to the clouds and across multiple platforms

Posted LE Z10

Rapid reminders is a new app that I just bought. Guyss plsss check it out itll make your phone beyond awesome!!

Sometimes I just flick, peek and flow for no reason, you gotta admit the feel is awesome and futuristic!

SafeDrive is very important to my work. When I am on the road it will read off emails to me, and in my business I have to react to new bids that come across my desk as soon as possible so my firm can line up our response before the competition does. SafeDrive will read off a new order, allowing me to focus on the road. What would be fantastic is if there was an app that seamlessly allows me to verbally redirect that email to my team instead of having to pull over to do it. Does anyone know of one?