Top photo editing apps for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 3 Jul 2014 01:38 pm EDT

Now that summer is officially here with holidays and vacation approaching we all look to whip out our cameras or smartphones to capture those special moments no matter where we are. Since the day I picked up my first BlackBerry, the camera has always functioned as main camera more than the point and click ones I've owned and even more than my DSLR. Being able to point, shoot, and edit an image instantly is one of the features I love about my BlackBerry. With the overabundance of photography applications currently available here are just a few to get you started.

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Top photo editing apps for BlackBerry 10


Should really have made mention of Filterbox though, even if only in the Effetica review. Filterbox is great when you want to edit more quickly and is also perfect for those that want a simpler editing format.

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Well in this case, the firster is right.. would be diff if he said "my first choice is Nobex Radio".. so what's the problem if he made a valid point?

PicsArt is imo the best photo-app AVAILABLE on BB10. Now it is an android poirt, so maybe that was the limitation in not mentioning it.

Even if we're talking BB10 native apps, I'd have to go with PicShopLite over anything here. It is a close second and has almost as many options as PicsArt, and even a few PicsArt doesn't. So those are my two go-to photo apps.

I have tried all the others on this list besides Effectica and they pale in comparison, although some are for different purposes- but if we're just talking about actual editing vs what InstaVenue/Typic+ offer.. PicsArt and/or PicShopLite has many of the features u pay for in Effectica and both are free.

+1 PicsArt is awesome. Has so many features (and even has its own social network!)

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Paid version of Instavenue seems to be stuck on "processing" for me and can't use it.

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The more options the better

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I usually use the built in tools first which are pretty good. If i need to step it up, I use Effetica Pro.

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Same here! Effetica could be more user friendly but I have created some very nice pics.

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I also use Effectica, it's been alright so far. One thing I don't understand, what the hell is with the appeal of "filters"?? I mean, why would you want to take a photo and then make it look worse? Is it just because that's the "cool" thing now so the first thing to advertise about any photo editing tool has to be how many filters it has??? I care more about tools to improve the shadows and highlights and other things to actually improve the photo quality...

I like Photo Studio that I bought the Pro version without regrets. I also have Picmix but more as a back up app. Btw, nice app round-up.

From my sweet black Q10.

I grabbed this when it was free and it still wasn't worth it.

Every picture I try to open with Photo Studio Pro either does not open or opens as a blank picture. I am likely doing something wrong but it seems too overly complicated if that is the case.

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Get #SquareDroid from Snap. (and yes, the hash symbol is actually part of app's name)

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Can you use tools just like MS Paint, draw stuff with your finger, or is it just filters, sepia, overlay, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, RGB etc. ?

Been a bit hesitant to shell out money, it's not exactly a cheap app. But the price might be justified,...

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You can always try the Social version of Effetica to judge for yourself if all functionality you are looking for is there

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Effetica Pro is superb ! It's powerful and super easy to use. It's worth every penny. I highly recommend it too.

I wish the stock editing app allowed you to highlight or add circles to specific areas.

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I've used Typic+ and Effetica Pro. They're both great apps, but they are so different.

I like Typic+. It was fun, and easy to use. It also had a nice work flow to it. I stopped using it because I couldn't upgrade it from the app.

I switched to Effetica Pro. It's more of a photo editor than Typic+. I'm surprised with the results I get using it.

I like Magic photo. Actually I use a number of photo apps to complete some of the more complicated photos I have done.

But Magic photo has the ability to remove unwanted items in an otherwise great photo.

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Instavenue is excellent app but long time ago no have updates, please kindly continue with the excellent support for Blackberry 10 and continue developing.

Does anyone know of an app that I can use to take a photo, add circles and arrows and text?
I have zero use for filters, I'm not posting my dinner on Instagram..

For work I'm usually emailing a picture to show what I'm describing in an email, I hate having to go to the computer to add arrows and text boxes to point to what I'm referring to..

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Do any have the ability to resize as far as pixels are concerned? Most crop but not truly resize.

Effetica Pro and Photo Studio pro both have resize option. Effetica also has the Pad tool that allows you to change a "shape " of the image, for example to make it square for Instagram

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My favorite is MockIt. Easy to use and it gets the job done very well.

Too bad InstaVenue quit working, it freezes on "Contacting Satellite" (reminds me of "Contacting Server" from BBOS) and them it says that the app doesn't have the required permissions, which it does (all of them). I emailed the developer over 2 months ago and never heard back from him. I still have it on my Z30, hoping that it will eventually work again...

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Probably not in this league but handy none the less is PhotoCrush. I use it mainly for cropping, but it does some other simple stuff.

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I use a mixture of Mono Art, Filter Box, PicShop, TouchUp Pro, Photo Studio Pro, Instavue, Typic+, and PicMix, as well as LongExp, an exposure app. Just a few to cover all my needs!
I'm loving Typic+ at the moment though!

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I like the stock editor. And especially the fact that it's baked in!

It needs to be mentioned in this review!

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I use InstaVenue it's a bit slow sometimes but alright. I like typography so you had me with Typic+. Definitely going to try out that and Effetica too especially when I'm going to London for the summer.

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Photo Studio PRO gets the job done all the time! I Mock It is equally as awesome! Love my apps!!!!

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With Photo Studio Pro i am able to resize and crop pictures, then combine it to mosaic and send to social networks.. :)

Mockit works best for me. Hope they would add editing tools such as rectangle, circle, brush etc. to share screenshots...

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Oh and forgot Paper Camera. I have used picshop successfully for serious edititing requirements. Paper camera consistently offers nice effects.

I agree with you about Mockit though. That is a fun one that has its times!

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I like VSCOcam, best photo app ever. I get it by Android library but its not work. Maybe it will work on 10.3 , cam

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I don't really do that much editing. I have picmix installed and some other android apps, but I barely use them.

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