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The top news apps for BlackBerry 10

The top news apps for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 3 Feb 2014 03:24 pm EST

Chances are that if you own a smartphone you’ll be interested in news in some way or another. It maybe regular current affairs, sports or entertainment just to name a few and here on BlackBerry 10 we have a great selection to choose from. 

You’ll notice as you read through the list I have chosen that one of them is an Android application. If you are now running BlackBerry 10.2.1 and have not yet discovered how easy it is to get Android apps onto your BlackBerry 10 device just follow the instructions that you’ll be guided to. 

Roll up, roll up, get you’re news ‘ere...



If you don't have the CrackBerry app (CB10) already on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone you may well be guilty of the most terrible crime ever. I suspect that if you are reading this though you are probably law abiding and may even be accessing this article through the app itself. 

If you haven't checked it out you'll be surprised to know that it isn't just a news blog. You'll also find full access to the CrackBerry forums and with the ability to login to your Mobile Nations account you can create/reply to forums posts until your hearts content. 

Jump into the settings and you can tweak how you like the app to appear when you open it, change your forum signature and even enable/disable forum and article notifications. 

What's not to love. The best and award winning BlackBerry 10 app is ours! 

More information/Download CB10 for BlackBerry 10


NYTimes for BlackBerry 10

The New York Times app may well be a great one but it does have one draw back and that’s that it is a subscription based application. That said - if you buy the paper on a daily basis why not scrap that idea, save a tree and read all the news on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone? 

With sharing abilities via the BlackBerry Hub you can keep your buddies abreast of what’s going on in the world in true BlackBerry 10 fashion. This one won’t be for everyone, but it’s still a cracker in my eye

Product Features:

  • Be the first to know about events as soon as they occur with Breaking News Alerts.
  • Easily flow from section to section and sneak peek to the next article without leaving your current article.
  • Create your own Times content library, then access it later from another computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Sync the latest news directly to your device for online or offline reading.
  • Share favorite articles, photos and videos with friends and dedicated BlackBerry groups (with BBM 6.0 or higher), or via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

More information/Download NYTimes for BlackBerry 10


Sky News (Android) 

The Sky News app was always a firm favorite of mine on BlackBerry 7 and unfortunately it’s never made an appearance for BlackBerry 10. However, since the upgrade to BlackBerry 10.2.1 getting the Android version of the app is now a piece of cake (instructions via the link below). 

I’m not sure why it’s been my go-to news app of choice - maybe it’s just the way that I've always found it to be efficient in terms of updating with breaking news etc. It looks good too - based on a black background. 

With tabs at the top of the display you can easily access what is important to you - such as UK News, US News, Technology, Entertainment, Sports etc. 

It’s a great all rounder and although it’s not native BlackBerry 10 (which would still be nice to see) it does the job.

Download Snap for BB10 for all your Android app needs


The Daily Mail (UK) 

This one is a bit regional I’m afraid, but as here in the UK our BlackBerry subscriber base is nice and big I thought it was well worthy of being in the ’top’ selection. When it came to having a look at the Daily Mail app on video I combined it with a few others as you’ll see above. The ‘Mail’ has been the one that has stayed on my BlackBerry 10 device and I tend to check it most days - just to keep up to date with what’s happening in the news. 

The app is typical native BlackBerry 10 with quick access to categories from the menu tab. Tap on a story you want to read and you’ll have it full screen with the ability to share via your BlackBerry Hub as well as increase/decrease the font size if you need to. 

All the important stuff wrapped up in one tidy little package. Nice job Daily Mail. 

More information/Download The Daily Mail for BlackBerry 10


The Score

If you’re into sports then this is the BlackBerry 10 app you ‘need’ on your device. We posted a while back that The Score had introduced score notification into the app which certainly pleased many folk. 

Totally free to download, you can keep up to date with the following live sports results straight to you’re BlackBerry 10 smartphone: 

  • Football (NFL, CFL, NCAAF)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAAB - including March Madness, NCAAWB)
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • Soccer / Footy (EPL / Premier League, UEFA Champions League, LIGA, Bundesliga, SERIE A, MLS)
  • Golf (PGA, EPGA, LPGA) 
  • Auto Racing (NASCAR, F1)
  • Lacrosse (NLL)

More information/Download The Score for BlackBerry 10


Entertainment News 

Like to keep up to date with the gossip in the celebrity world? Entertainment News will have you covered and although it's not the best BlackBerry 10 application on the eye, it's the content that counts with this one. 

With stories, photos and videos being uploaded to the app throughout the day it's a great place to stop by and find out what the rich and famous are up to. From music bands to movie stars, Entertainment News will keep you in the celeb loop. 

More information/Download Entertainment News for BlackBerry 10


That's a wrap!

There we go - I'm hoping there should be something for everyone in the selection above. If we’ve missed one out you think deserves to be in the ‘top’ collection, hit up the comments and tell us which and why? 



Economist, bloomberg wall street journal?

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

I love reader mode when I have to read an article when I'm away from the desktop.



Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 


Exactly, what about those?

Posted via CB10


CB10 a news app? Definitely has the latest news regarding Blackberry. But still, is it a news app?

Q10 \m/

Brian Persaud

I agree cb10 does not fit in this category.

Posted via CB10


Sounds ancient but I actually prefer homescreen bookmarking the Google news site. Also like the Reddit in Motion subredits for tech news

Posted via CB10


I second that. Bookmarked the Google news in my browser too. Use it every day.

Posted via CB10


RSS Hub?

Posted via CB10


Also homescreen bookmark the site. Much more accurate listing of news vs the truncated list in the app

Posted via CB10


CNN, USA Today?

Posted via CB10


I'm guessing apps that are location sensitive are left off the list. CB's a global site so local TV and newspaper apps will vary country.

I personally use CBC. But I think this list could be better. I hear good things about RSS hub too.


The title says "news" not Corporate sponsored propaganda! ;) lol

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2


The Guardian, which has an awesome app!

Posted via CB10


This is exactly what I was thinking too.

Posted via CB10


+1 to this! I've had apps from both the Guardian and the Telegraph on my Q10 for several months. And I'm in the US. Both apps are terrific!

Posted via my Q10, SQN100-2,


I agree.

The again somebody who reads the daily mail would know nothing of such newspapers he he he.

Posted via CB10


Given how frequently wrong it is, it's debatable whether you can actually call the Daily Mail a newspaper.

The Guardian app on the other hand is brilliant. It even works in China unlike the actual website.


The Guardian gets my vote followed by the BBC News android app.

Posted via CB10


I had the BBC and Sky News apps on the iPhone but personally I think the BBC mobile site is more useful.

Posted via CB10


The Telegraph, even if it's still in BETA it is a great app!


Lol!! I was thinking the same thing.


Bloomberg has an excellent native app.

Posted via CB10


To whoever made this're kidding, right?

Posted via CB10


+1 the Guardian. For German speaking readers Sueddeutsche Zeitung is a very good quality app.

Posted via CB10


Actually, I find that simply using my browser works quite well for my local newspaper.

Posted via CB10


No bloom Berg or WSJ?

Posted via CB10


The Score app is a hot mess, it has no business being on this list

Posted via CB10


I agree, The Score app is average at best. Seems clunky, and boring. Espn mobile, Cbssports, MLB AT BAT, NFL, and NHL apps are all better options.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.


Agree the Score app straight awful

Posted via CB10


Thought it was just me. Glad you guys posted this because I'm not like the app too much either. Seems really sluggish and the interface isn't the best to navigate. I may delete it.


I agreee 100%. That app is horrible on BB10. I like theScore ffrom BB7.1 days. The best way to get that on BB10 is to load the android APK. It is much better than the "Native" BB10 app. I put quotes around Native because to be honest, that app doesn't feel native at all.


The Score? Really? It's not even top 20! Nothing but issues with that app and no support!

Posted via CB10


The Score might not be the best app out there, but it does send goal notifications. If there is another app that does please let me know. The stupid red notification spark gets annoying because it won't go away.


Euronews and Die Welt

Posted via CB10


Sure put your UK news on but don't include CBCs news app for Canada. =P

Swordsmanship Channel C000C9AF6


NewsBlur 4 teh rss.

Posted via CB10


CNN México, CNN Expansión Euronews, Dvice, and Space TV.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 


Nothing good listed :|


I use the Globe and Mail App everyday. I think it is really good.

Posted via CB10


I only use Crackberry lol, and I've never heard of the others?

Posted Via CB10 Running On Z10STL100-2 Using OS Version


miss BB News which was available for legacy OS... Really, really miss that app.


+1 miss BlackBerry News

Posted via CB10


"you’re news ‘ere..."

James, I don't know why you're telling me that I am news; I've never done anything newsworthy in my life. You must be confusing me with Justin Bieber; that child's farts are news.


can see the cb10 app wit dark theme...luvly...i want it...any help?..

Posted via CB10


That's exactly what I was gonna ask! Not seeing a dark theme option in the settings. What's up with that?

Posted via CB10


Just use android Crackberry app with night modus. It's better overall also.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App (Z10 /1926)

Paul Mouzer

Luv blackberry luv CB10

Posted via CB10


Think the title of this needs an edit... I thought this was going to be about news readers... e.g. rss apps. Please do a follow up on this. Need me some rock solid offline caching/support! Thanks.

Posted via CB10


Drudge? You missed Drudge? Seriously?

Posted via CB10


Common, what is the readership of Drudge? :)


The same could be said for the NY Times. The Times is definitely the wrong place to get unbiased, factual news.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 STL100-4


I'm also a fan of the CBC News app; it's quite good.

Cheers. :)


The Score app sucks. Slow, freezes, crashes. Junk!

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10


Most of these news apps look wonderful on the BlackBerry 10 mobile browser.

Posted via CB10


The New York Times gives you three free articles reads per day.

Posted via CB10


True, BUT... I happily discovered that if you read the NYT over a local wifi connection instead of your carrier's network (in my case, Verizon), you can read as many articles as you want, sans ads. :-)

Posted via my Q10, SQN100-2,

Michael Myers1

Taptu is a great app that allows you to get all your news in one spot. I have a Blackberry stream that merges Crackberry, BerryReview, N4BB and any other Blackberry news source into one stream.

In fact I don't use Taptu for anything but BB news.


Al Jazeera, CBC News, Huffington Post Apps are all good for news. I also link to BBC News in my browser shortcuts.

Posted via CB10


Twitter is still my go to news app.

Posted via CB10


yes, this has become mine too.

Fardan Musaev

How to make a black background in the CrackBerry app? ))

Posted via CB10


Posted via CB10... Z30STA100-2/


Black background in CB10 app is available on OLED devices only... Q10 and Z30

Posted via CB10... Z30STA100-2/

The Aficionado

Feedminder is really great too. Native RSS and twitter, and you can add filters which give you hub notifications

Posted from my 9900, z10, z30 or PlayBook


Just use the android Crackberry App with night modus ""

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App (Z10 /1926)


NYT gives you 3 free articles a day. Pushes breaking news and is native. It is not only one of the best news apps, it is one of the best BB10 apps hands down.


See my post on the previous page. If you read the NYT app over a local wifi connection instead of your carrier's network, you can read unlimited articles.

Posted via my Q10, SQN100-2,


Hmm I can't edit my posts in here. My previous post about the NYT app (scroll up) is what I meant.

Posted via my Q10, SQN100-2,


If you don't need notifications I'd switch in bleacher report for the score, it's cascades and so fluid and has support, the score seem to have abandoned BlackBerry and it's still got a glitch where the notification spark will not clear away

Posted via CB10


Wow, what a terrible list! Half of these aren't what I think of as 'news' apps...CB (which I use everyday, but it's not a 'news' app!), The Score, and Entertainment News???

Here's my list (from Canadian perspective):

Twitter - this is my main source for news now so if space was limited on my BB I could delete most of below (except perhaps *):

Flipboard (BB or Android)
Taptu (BB or Android)
News Republic (Android or BB)
News 360 (Android or BB)
*CBC News (BB)
*CTV News (BB)

Although technically not a 'news' app *Feedly (Android) adds feeds (all your old Google News etc) of news, blogs, RSS etc.

I would have included Pulse, but since it became Linkedin Pulse I can't seem to add what I like so it falls off now.

My two bits.


Can't find sky news app.

Yes it's a BlackBerry. If you have something bad to say... speak to Easton!


Grab Pulse or Taptu and set it up exactly how you want.

Posted via CB10


Fuck u blackberry since I have done update nothing is working no skype no any android app this is the device I have the wrost in my life assholes fuck u again solve my problem or swear I ll never suggest anyone to buy this kinda a fucking phone....bring a nice update not a complicated do that do this the hell alwayz we have rumor for the app here and there fuck u once again

Posted via CB10


Tell us how you really feel, naughty 26.


The problem may not be the phone, jus' sayin'...

Posted via the incredible BlackBerry Z10


Y'all forgot about Al Jazeera an The Guardian!

Posted via CB10


I agree with primusd - this is sorely missing at least one news program that has Offline capability that works! I uninstalled it several months ago, but the NY Times program - Built for BlackBerry 10 - would end up crashing when I asked it to cache the news for offline reading, and of course then it would only cache the blurb - not the full article. It also drove me nuts that notifications would not link directly to the notification article - sometimes the article didn't even exist.

As for theScore, I loved the app on my old BB, iPad, and even PlayBook, but the BB 10 app would always have a notification star as soon as I added any favorite teams and I couldn't get rid of it. Very frustrating! Again, I haven't looked at the app for a couple of months.

Living in NYC, much of the time I want to read the news I'm in the subway and have no data connection, and even if I do I don't want to have to wait to read an article that's been sitting baking for hours and has had plenty of time to load the whole article - or at least the brief news. Frankly, a news app that can't cache and bring up the article referred to in a notification isn't worth the time it takes to downlaad.

Suggestion for a Best Of apps article - include the last update date - then maybe we can decide it's worth seeing if problems that plagued earlier versions might have been resolved.


U forgot news republic ;) that one is the best on android/bb ;)

Posted via Z10 from Lithuania


The daily mail seriously?!

The Guardian app and Al Jazeera are good examples of news apps, The Telegraph despite still being in Beta is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with the BBC mobile site apps.

Posted via CB10


How about RT and Press TV?? The most unbiased news sources that u can find now a days..

Posted via CB10


I know we can't list all the news apps as we have an extensive list available, but no one seems to mention Flip. This app should be on the top of anyone's list.

One app I miss that is not available on BB10 is BlackBerry News.
One reason why I keep my 9900 beside my bed

Posted via CB10


I knew this was from James when I started to read it. A decidedly UK bend on the article. I think CBC news has done a great job on their Built for BlackBerry App. And while I'm not sure about Globe and Mail their app is decent as well. Speaking strictly for Canadian News apps.

Posted via CB10


News 360? My favorite app on my playbook

Posted via CB10


The Economist and Bloomberg. The first gives full access (subscribers) of their weekly magazine. Perhaps the most influential weekly magazine in the world.

And Bloomberg is a great tool to follow market news indexes, stocks, etc.

Posted via CB10


gNewsReader is a great app. I used BlackBerry News / Viigo on the legacy devices, and this works great for RSS feeds. It uses Feedly, so It all syncs together between my device and if I go to Only thing that sucks is there is no Feedly-compatible app for PlayBook, and the site works horribly in the browser (even with Origami).

Posted via CB10


I like gNewsReader - which since Google news went away now supports feedly. Awesome combo.

BRON :: a cron-like task scheduler for BlackBerry 10. Http://


What no mention or reddit in motion or alien flow?



USA today is my fav. Prefer CBS Sports to Score.

Posted via CB10


What the hell! Daily Mail? Weirdo!


Those are real news apps!

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G



Posted via CB10


This post needs to be separated by region.

Swiping and flicking like I'm stuck in a bag of mosquitoes!


I always use The Score, great app

Posted via CB10


We need a Fox News app!

Posted via CB10

Nabil Amr

i Downloaded Snap ( When i Open Any App Like Viber Or Any Thing Like This ) i Get ERROR Maybe Cuz im Using Q10 and maybe cuz it Doesnt have big screen !! or what With LAG Very Slowly App from Snap But Apps From app world is too fast im not talking about internet Speed im talking about app fix th

Posted via CB10


The Economist people. The Economist

Posted via CB10


"The Independent" has a native BB10 app and the London Evening Standard for those of us in London.

Posted via CB10

Kyle Andrei

Downloaded that sky news app and it won't work because there is an update. It is now called Web2go. You should update this post. Sky news does not even open anymore

Posted via CB10


Good stuff, keep 'm coming

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


When I try to install the Daily Mail app it states not available for my phone model. I'm using a Z10 so what's the problem? 10.2 OS


Your Z10 has good taste?

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system


One that I use the most is pressreader. It gives access to thousands of newspapers globally and all are saved for offline reading.

Posted via CB10


Ha ha. News apps for those who like a bit of news with their trivia. (OK, NYT Is a welcome exception.)

AP, WSJ, Bloomberg, Reuters and more all have solid news apps.

You might have also included FeedMinder. That's a news app which can arguably replace many news apps, including Crackberry!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Riggedy Riggs

I noticed that the picture of the Z30 in this article shows the CB10 app in dark theme? How come I don't have this option?

Posted via CB10


Screw the daily mail. I prefer the guardian :)

Posted via CB10


Another +1 for The Guardian app from me. Works offline too. This list is really bad, but of course the CB app will be included, and any reader app that would render CB app redundant will not be.

Posted via CB10