The top journal and diary apps for BlackBerry

By Alicia Erlich on 30 Jun 2014 10:29 am EDT

Over the years being able to document those special memories, events, and ideas has taken on different forms. Growing up I carried a journal and my camera with me wherever I went. Later on my laptop took over that important role which inevitable led to my BlackBerry becoming the next step in that progression. Between all those planners, diaries, and digital memories I discovered how essential it was to preserve each and every one of these snapshots of our lives.

Whether it be reminiscing over the candid moments with friends and family or laughing over the fun times and trips there is nothing better than preserving each of these moments for the future. As I am fond of documenting each and every occasion here are a few applications to help you get started on your very own digital scrapbook.

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The top journal and diary apps for BlackBerry


Candid is great. Only issue is that even after uninstalling it on a second device, it still takes up it's own tab on the Hub and regularly asks to verify account information. Have no idea how this is possible even after uninstalling and restarting phone.

Frosty white Q10/

I am looking for good journal app, unfortunately I didn't yet found one.
First, the design is almost always lacking, I want my diary to be beautiful ;-)
A day in life has good design, but as you can see from BlackBerry World comments is riddled with performance and usability issues.
Export of data to pdf is very important.
Ability to include various multimedia too.

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+1 on exportability.

You don't want your data and precious work stuck in an app and no chance to get it out...

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After 7 meses of the use decided to change an estimation with well on fine. Because failings, marked by me below, appeared uncritical. GPS in journeys did not trick into, and a cold start after frequent work began to take place quickly. Fully so did not use memory. Recently passed to the model of 16GB, but only in an order to load the large-scale maps (Magellan Compass) of a few countries for work in offlayn. By the way, who there grumbled about absence of offlayn maps..

A Day in Life is in need of an update. I use it several times a week, and have been since it was released for the PlayBook. But... the screen lag blows, unless you want a simulation of how apps would perform on a device using a 150 MHz CPU.

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Why not just use Evernote? Create a stack called "diary", and make a new note for every diary entry. Number them or date them, and you're set.

That's what I do.

Just have a template, if you have 'questions' you want to 'answer' everyday. Every Sunday put up the notes for the coming week/month/whatever. May sounds like a lot of work, but when the template is done it takes a few minutes every time. If there is a better way, feel free to let me know.

Evernote is brilliant. And free.

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I use Dayly and am pleased with it. It is simple, allows for edits after the fact and has a back up service. It can be slow cat times and I am not sure how I will view the content 2 years from
Now but...

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What's wrong with docs to go? I just label my files by date and there it is. Other than being free with any BB, another added benefit is that since it saves files in doc format, I can use anything I want to anywhere I want to at any point in the future and still be able to see what i've written about. White space and a keyboard is all I need since i'm not a photo buff or scrapbooker.

Evernote is what I use. It allows for text, photos, and audio notes and you have the added bonus of saving to the cloud and accessing it from other devices.

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Candid is free so I'm trying that one. It reminds me a bit like Twitter. A few people post something long but most people write just a few sentences. There aren't too many posts per day so that's a bummer. It also reminds me of a message board, except the topics are completely random.

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I haven't thought about using Evernote though I have it. Will try this. I use Candid but some features I do not like. There is room for a lot of improvement on Candid.

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