Top 8 Reasons Why Palm Pre’s Got Nothin’ on BlackBerry

Curve Pre Hiyaaa
By Al Sacco on 11 Jun 2009 07:06 am EDT

The Pre is here; Palm recently released the much-anticipated Pre smartphone to the world-and the fate of the company very much depends on whether or not the device is a hit. Palm, former king of the PDA market, is attempting to pull itself back to the forefront of the smartphone game with the likes of RIM and Apple, and the Pre will no doubt be instrumental to its success...or lack thereof.

A while back, I penned a piece for CrackBerry called "Top 10 Reasons Why the iPhone Is NO BlackBerry," in which I pointed out why Apple's iPhone might be fine for your kid brother or all the Mac-heads at school or work, even your mom, but it doesn't hold a candle to BlackBerry when the two are stacked up next to each other (I'll be weighing in on the state of this ongoing debate soon now that the iPhone 3G S has been announced).

While the Pre is certainly exciting and I look forward to some quality thumbs-on time with it, I didn't rush out to pick one up this week, nor will I be trading in my beloved ‘Berry for a Palm device anytime soon; the Palm Pre's simply no BlackBerry.

How can I be so sure? Well, I've spent some time with the Pre, read all the reviews and studiously studied that spec sheet. While it would've been ideal to spend a couple of weeks with the Pre before deeming it a second-class option when compared to BlackBerry, I honestly didn't need to.

Pop on that there jump for my reasons why.

Top Eight Reasons Why Palm's Pre's Got Nothin' on BlackBerry

8) Pre, First webOS Device, Could Be Flash in the Pan

The Pre is Palm's first device to run its latest mobile operating system (OS), called webOS, and that's both thrilling and a risk from a user perspective. It's exciting because the device packs a number of cool features and functionality that nobody, no BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile user, no one outside of Palm/Sprint, has ever seen in depth. The cool new "deck of cards" interface feature, for example, which lets you flick open applications off screen with the slide of finger.

However, the first-gen Pre will also no-doubt experience some "growing pains" as all brand new technologies do. Remember the first gen iPhone and how its touch screen initially wowed everyone? But that was about it until iPhone 3G came along... Or the T-Mobile G1, which was cool to tinker with for a while thanks to the cool (then) new Android build, which showed potential, but ultimately proved to be more of a toy than a real productivity device.

I predict that the Pre will turn out much the same way. Sure you'll have your die-hard fans-the Treo-Til-Deathers, Pre-Headz, and of course, Smartphone Experts' very own Pre Central crew.

But it'll take Palm at least a year or so, and probably two or three devices, before webOS can grow and mature into any sort of true BlackBerry or iPhone, Windows Mobile, etc., competitor. By that time, RIM and BlackBerry will have taken the game to even higher levels. Just imagine what that might look like...

7) Sprint Owns Pre Users Until AT LEAST 2010

The Pre is currently a CDMA device, and Sprint is the exclusive U.S. carrier. That might be all fine and good if you live in an area with decent Sprint wireless coverage, and/or you're already a Sprint customer-or are ready to become one. But folks like me, who mostly use GSM devices and carriers because it's easier to unlock handhelds and switch back and forth between networks and devices, well, we're up crap's creek until Sprint's Pre contract expires and AT&T jumps on the webOS bandwagon.

Note: I reside in the Boston-area, and though I've never been a Sprint customer, I know from friends and colleagues who do use Sprint that wireless coverage in my area is less than exceptional. So I would have to sacrifice network quality in order to employ the Pre.

I'd also have to choose from one of Sprint's specific service plans, which may or may not work for me. I wouldn't be able to use voice and data simultaneously, as I can with my 3G GSM BlackBerry. And traveling internationally could be a pain in the ass, because most countries outside North America employ GSM.

Not so with BlackBerry. I can purchase multiple BlackBerry devices from every major U.S. carrier, both CDMA and GSM. The BlackBerry Bold and Storm are the only RIM devices that are currently carrier specific in the United States-AT&T has the Bold, while Verizon Wireless offers the Storm. The Bold can be unlocked and employed on T-Mobile's network-albeit, sans 3G-and the Storm has a SIM card slot and can also be employed on some GSM networks.

6) Pre as an Enterprise Device? Not So Fast...

As a staff writer for, I frequently cover enterprise or business-oriented smartphone news and issues, and I can tell you from personal experience speaking with chief information officers, IT managers and their staffs, that most of them are just now considering iPhone support. And Apple announced Exchange support and other business features for the iPhone more than a year ago.

Almost all of these same organizations support BlackBerrys, in most cases. The reason for that is obvious: BlackBerry has been around a long time; its built-in security safeguards are tested and more importantly trusted; and it's fairly simple to manage a BlackBerry environment if you've got the scratch and the manpower.

It's the exact opposite situation for the Pre in the enterprise. The software, webOS, is brand new, untested and unpredictable. Pre works with Microsoft Exchange-in fact, you can sync multiple Exchange accounts with the Pre-but the relationship between the two will be new to IT organizations. And for the most part, IT fears change unless there's a guaranteed, and quickly attainable, return on investment.  That means you might not be able to use a Pre as a work device, even if you want to. 

Furthermore, the hardware itself is brand new, and the common issues-for BlackBerry: trackball problems, loose SIM card slots, stuck keyboards, etc.-haven't been discovered yet. That makes it difficult for IT to quickly resolve problems, and time is money when it comes to business smartphones.

It's true that the Pre is largely aimed at consumers, but Palm has roots in the business world and it would be downright stupid of the company to ignore them.

5) No Expandable Memory/Memory Card Support for Pre!!

The Pre ships with 8GB of internal storage-only seven of which is available to the user, according to Palm's site. That memory can't be expanded either; the Pre doesn't support microSD or any other memory cards.

While most RIM devices don't have nearly as much built-in storage as the Pre or the iPhone-the Bold and Storm have the most, with just 1GB--BlackBerry OS 4.5.0 can support external microSD memory cards up to 8GB; or higher up to 16GB; and 4.6.0 or higher up to 32GB. And BlackBerry memory cards can be swapped, so a user with, say, two 8GB microSD cards in her wallet in addition to the one in her Bold would have access to 24GB of personal data.

Consider that the iPhone just got another memory boost to 32GBs-that memory cannot be expanded--and the Pre's meager 7GB of user accessible storage looks even worse.

4) The Pre's Not Built to Last-But It Did Cut the Cheese

I spent time with the Pre on two separate occasions in Sprint VIP rooms at CES 2009 and CTIA Spring 2009. Though, I wasn't really allowed to experiment with the device on my own-Sprint reps wouldn't actually let it out of their hands for more than a few seconds at a time-I was struck by how thin, light and flimsy the Pre's plastic housing was.

It's also a slider device, which leaves more room for "accidents," since there's a separate hinge that's not present in candy-bar style device, like BlackBerrys.

RIM's handhelds aren't exactly built-to-last, by any means-especially its latest devices like the Pearl 8220 and Curve 8900-but I've yet to handle a BlackBerry that felt nearly as flimsy as the Pre did.

At the time, I suspected the reason for Sprint's squeamishness at the shows was because the device would eventually be manufactured with another, more sturdy material and the company didn't want members of the press to get the wrong impression. And to be honest, I haven't yet touched an official production unit, so I'm not sure whether or not that's the case.

However, after reading a number of reviews pointing out the Pre's apparent lack of durability, I feel comfortable in saying that the Pre's build quality needs work. I baby my devices, but I also take them everywhere I go, so I need a smartphone that can take a lickin' and keep on a'tickin'. I'm not so sure the Pre fits that bill, but my BlackBerry Bold's still going strong after seven months of heavy use. Mmmmm.

The Pre can reportedly be used to slice your favorite cheese, however, so there's that .

3) There's Only One Pre... For Better or for Worse

The Pre is Palm's first and only webOS-based device-though we've already seen leaked images and heard rumors about another webOS smartphone dubbed "Eos."
So anybody who wants in on the webOS goodness needs to purchase a Pre-and sign a new Sprint contract, as mentioned above.

That's not ideal for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that people, like smartphones, come in lots of different sizes. Smartphones are not-or better yet, should not-be one size fits all. We're not talking about baseball caps here. Folks with larger hands will fare better with slightly larger devices with decent-sized keyboards and buttons. And vice-versa: Smaller people, children or women, will most likely be better suited with smaller devices than large, hefty handhelds.

The Pre leaves no wiggle room; if you want a webOS device, you're using the Pre or nothing. And that sucks. I understand that webOS is a brand new concept, and Palm can't just start pumpin' out devices like Mr. Softee with ice-cream-sandwiches in the middle of July. But that still doesn't change the fact that BlackBerry users have a hell of a lot more options when it comes to devices...and carriers...and features...and accessories...and get the point.

Speaking of applications...

2) The Palm Pre's App Catalogue Is Weak Like Your Little Cousin

2009 has been the year of the smartphone app store. Apple started it all last summer with the introduction of its iTunes App Store, currently the largest such destination in the business with some 35,000 native applications listed. Then RIM followed suit with BlackBerry App World, and Microsoft and Nokia weren't much farther behind.

What does that all mean? There's a lot of attention and energy being devoted to mobile applications today, now more than ever before, and the company that wows the most users, will likely reign supreme.

RIM, Microsoft and Nokia also have some catching up to do if their app store offerings are to rival iTunes, but all three of these platforms already have loyal developer bases and the potential-monetary or otherwise--of creating great apps for BlackBerrys, Win-Mo devices and Nokia handhelds is already apparent to app creators.

Palm and its App Catalogue face challenges in that the company is entering the app store game late, and because the webOS platform is so new, it'll have to draw developers from other platforms and convince new users that the software is worth paying for-or at least downloading.

One of Palm's intentions with webOS is to make it easier for developers to craft applications, since it's built with standard Web technologies such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS. So it might not be as difficult to craft webOS applications as, say, BlackBerry apps. But it's also a slightly risky proposition since no one even knows if webOS will exist in a year or two.


1) Pre's Keyboard Is for Pixies and Lilliputians

Finally, the Palm Pre's keyboard is just too small. Even the Curve 8900, which also has a relatively small keyboard, is more functional, because the keys themselves are slightly more upraised and they're more responsive. The Pre's buttons are very tiny and "flat," like a combination of the buttons on Palm's popular Centro and Treo Pro devices, which makes it somewhat difficult to depress only the key you want-especially if you've got large hands like me.

True, the device has a touch screen and a physical full QWERTY keyboard, which gives it a leg up on any existing BlackBerry. (Magnum, anyone? ) But there's no Pre on-screen keyboard, and what good is a full QWERTY if it's frustratingly tiny and difficult to use regularly?

I might pick the Pre over any BlackBerry device with a SureType or SurePress keyboard because it has a physical keyboard, but that's one of the best things about BlackBerry; I don't have to choose a Pearl or Storm, there are plenty of other options.

There's only one Pre. That means you've got to take the good with the bad if you want to ride.

So there you have it: My top eight reasons I won't be trading in my BlackBerry for a Palm Pre in the near future. What do you think? What did I miss or overlook? There are so many things to consider, I'm all ears...


Al Sacco is a staff writer with His Mobile WorkHorse blog was recently nominated for an American Business Media award for excellence in business journalism.

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Top 8 Reasons Why Palm Pre’s Got Nothin’ on BlackBerry


Just like the photo illustrates, cheaply made phone. The keyboard alone will be it's own demise.

Fun article as always Al! Good stuff. And thanks to Rene at theiphoneblog for the graphic (good team work to beat up on the Pre.. lol).

Have seen a couple of Palm Pre's in action over this week. I can definitely add a couple more qualms to the list:

# 9: Battery Life. It's on the sucky side. Under what I call limited/normal use, it'll just last the day, but if you start to use it more or enter a situation where the coverage isn't great (dropping signal/picking it up again) then the Pre has issues lasting the day. One night the Pre was dead by 7pm - I still had half a battery left on my 8520.

Other First Hand Observations...

Stuck with Sprint (Radio / Coverage). Of course this is a carrier thing and not just a PRE thing (and it's mentioned above), but the fact the Pre is currently available only from one carrier kind of puts the issue into the device category for now. Around Miami beach here (here for a week...think hotel elevators, bars, roof tops, etc.), the Pre has been dropping out of coverage a lot more than my BlackBerry. Regardless of where you live/work/play, you can always find a BlackBerry that will run great in your area... but if you really want the Pre you'll have to deal with some annoyances if Sprint doesn't kick butt where you use it.

Build Quality/Consistency. Played with a few Pres now and am surprised at the hinge play while closed (it's like you ca slide the bottom half of the phone back and forth). On some units it's not bad...and on others there's sooo much play it feels broken. If you're ever thinking about buying one, test that out before you take it home!

Keyboard. Yeah.... while usable, it definitely sucks when compared to something like a Bold or 8900's keyboard. I'm definitely willing to race anybody who wants to compete on a speed/accuracy test on that one (ooo...future blog post for sure!).

One thing you didn't mention in Enterprise use is that it won't work if the Exchange servers has security policies. We can't have a policy requiring a password, or remotely wipe through Exchange.

How can you give a comparison on a phone you never used. Thanks for the reasons the reviewers don't like the Pre.

Outstanding review. The only two things that made the pre got my attention are the interface and the wireless recharge of the battery. The only phone that will take me away from my blackberry is another blackberry.

Thanks for the review.

It is a phone just like the Iphone and Blackberries before it trying to find a place in the smartphone market,the same kind of negative comments can be said about those phones also. I have a Bold but on crappy AT&T network, that's not much to brag about. Stating things like it being unable to be used overseas(Pre), how many of you eggheads actually go overseas? Not many I'm sure, so is that really that big a deal? Every phone has their pluses and minuses, we should enjoy any "smartphone" that comes out because it benefits us consumers in the long run, because if there were just one brand of phone, you would be wishing you had something else to compare or choose from, so why dump on it as oppose to welcome them for stepping up the competition so that now Rim and Apple and whomever else has to step up their game which will make better phones/selections/choices for us all.

I love how they mention growing pains. Well what happened with the storm.. lol seems that it fell of the face of the planet for 7 months in rims eyes. As a storm owner I would never suggest to anyone to get a storm. This device is so far flawed for the expense of a $500 phone. The talk of the phone not built to last. I agree that it would be better to be made out of something other than plastic but I had a slide phone before my storm for over a year with not problems with it but have owned the storm since feb and I am on my 4th. Built to last the storm is not. Enough rant. Just thought it was ironic that they are bashing a phone they havent tried hands on like they stated and praising BB, which they have a flawed device themselves. Would I switch to Sprint for the pre- no but if verizon had rights I would not be with the storm very long.

I have to agree with most everything said here but I will say that for the expandable memory on any blackberry to be wourth having they need to allow you store apps on it and I know there is an app that lets you do this but I have heard it doesnt work very well.

As far as durability I 100% agree especialy since I was pushed in a pool over the weeknd and after 2 days of frustration my Storm dryed out and returned to full use, got to love it.

For those who want this phone and good service wait 6 months its coming to Verizon and as a fellow Bostonian I love Verizon service. P.S. the iPhone will also be on Verizon in 2010 (confirmed by a family member who works for Verizon).

The app store is nice but I do think they need to set it up so you can look up apps by phone model, as a storm owner I dont want to download an app especialy one I pay for and not have it work correctly on my device, with the iphone its easy cause its for the iphone or the ipod touch not anything else.

I am one of the wee people that is going to try the Pre, I have 30 days before I have to give it up. Then if I don't like it it there is always the Onyx or The Tour. Now with that said I have had laid hands on it and briefly tried it out. And it is gorgeous man. The one thing that the Pre can do that the Blackberry can't is multitask thru many windows and it doesn't have synergy. And it is cool how you can throw away/delete cards and email. And make fun of Sprint if you want. The plans on Verizon and Att are ridiculous; too much for my pocketbook, I'm a student whos paying her on tuition.

The everything plan from Sprint 69.00 works for me. And one thing you forgot to mention there are upgrade plans too.

Another plus is the speed, I put it up against the 8830. It was screaming fast. I have to use it with the Bold to make a fair judgement. There are some things that are keeping me away like the keyboard which I could type on, and the battery life. No phone can best a blackberry when it comes to battery life. Just don't get a storm.

I find the fancier the phone, less the battery life. They have found work arounds. With all that said I am a crackberry girl and I find it hard to let go even when there is something delicious like the Pre hanging around.

And who's to say that they'll only be one? Everyone is whispering about Eos or Pixie. But the Pre 2 is coming...

I will keep my BB on the side just in case : ) But I will Never, Ever, get an iphone.

I guess you ignored the Storm while writing this.

I dont know why we always have to argue what's the best phone.

Different people, have different needs. I can see the pre being a great phone for lots of people and an outstanding iphone alternative.

Sprint service is a great (I live in the Boston area - it's by far the best I've used). And their plans are cheap and include extras like GPS.

Articles like this should be focused on what Blackberries do better, and should be more inclined to use them. When you just ignore what the Pre can do very well - like multitasking, syncing, web - you discredit yourself.

I guess you ignored the Storm while writing this.

I dont know why we always have to argue what's the best phone.

Different people, have different needs. I can see the pre being a great phone for lots of people and an outstanding iphone alternative.

Sprint service is a great (I live in the Boston area - it's by far the best I've used). And their plans are cheap and include extras like GPS.

Articles like this should be focused on what Blackberries do better, and should be more inclined to use them. When you just ignore what the Pre can do very well - like multitasking, syncing, web - you discredit yourself.

I've owned 2 generations of blackberry (7100 and 8100) and I've been loyal to BB for years. However, their OS and how we interact are pretty weak IMO. WebOS is by far THE best Phone OS i've ever used. Away with the connection between phone and computer, yet you still have the option to do it. App catalog Over The Air. As of now, Pre is more for consumer oriented to get in the market and in time it'll get into business world. I can't help but wonder how fast it would be for developers to build apps and security. So far they managed to push about 25 apps on the first week. They're just as easy as building a website. That said, it's only a matter of time before Pre gets to where Blackberry are. I imagine it won't be very long based on WebOS.

I think the major factor has to be the new-ness and the fact that the Pre is the only device on the webOS. I know you have to start somewhere, but it will be interesting to see what Palm does in the near future to follow up the Pre and start a 'line' such as the Blackberry line featuring the Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm, etc...

I think the major factor has to be the new-ness and the fact that the Pre is the only device on the webOS. I know you have to start somewhere, but it will be interesting to see what Palm does in the near future to follow up the Pre and start a 'line' such as the Blackberry line featuring the Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm, etc...

Hah i agree that PRE isnt a blackberry because PRE kicks blackberry in the you know where. ANd for comparison i will use the storm against the PRE

Here are my own top 8 reasons:
8. USER INTERFACE -- hmmm do i need to explain here?
7. SPEED --- lets not even start doing this. please try opening 8 apps on the storm. Lets see if you can even use it.
6. STABILIY - ok, has anyone that has owned a storm hasnt pulled their battery at least once a week?
5.WIFI - ok dokily, i am not explaining this.
4. TOUCH SCREEN - well ok i have to admit storm has this clicking thing that i truly adore. But who cares about it but me?
3. APPS: come on it just came out. How many apps were there when the storm came out?
2. PRE as first generation phone - how many reviewers gave the storm a 2 thumbs up at launch? Uh none.
1. BUILT TO LAST? the storm? built to last? hmmm. lemme see, i am on my 4th device as of this writing. THe PRE has a better chance of lasting. But then again we'll just have to wait how many PRE's i will return for different reasons.

So there goes ladies and gentlemen. My own not so hot 8 reasons why PRE surely isnt a blackberry. AND I AGREE.

I agree the user interface is nice, but omg... the sharp edges are very uncomfortable (my buddy at work has a pre)

6. I don't pull my battery once a week. In fact, I don't remember the last time I had to pull my battery or use "quick pull". I just set my phone to restart every morning, just like I do with my work computer. Never an issue.

4. Your argument here is that you like the storms touch screen, but who else would even care? Come on...

3. There were apps for blackberries that just needed to be converted to the storm. Now, there are hundreds of Storm specific apps. I don't believe you'll see that with the Pre in a few months

As for the others, you ignored the writers main comment: There are many different flavors of Blackberry to choose from. Pick any carrier you want and there are multiple BB's to choose from. Thats simply not the case with the Pre.

BTW, I've had a Storm since launch. The OS isn't nearly as smooth, but it does everything I want and it's stable. That's much more than I can say for the Pre.

I've not used a Pre. I've followed the ads and checked out the specs on the web page. I admit being somewhat interested in the phone (except for that 20th century keyboard).

8. User interface on the Storm is perfect with pretty much any OS after .131. With .148 I have no complaints at all.

7. No worries about speed. Things open when I say. They close equally fast.

6. Have not done a necessary battery pull in weeks. I did pull the battery the other day to charge the spare. That doesn't count.

5. I don't need Wi-fi. I tethered my phone to my laptop the other day in the absence of a public Wi-fi connection - you'd be dead in the water.

4. Touch screen is a non-issue. Except that it's too bad the Pre doesn't have an on-screen keyboard.

3. Agreed about the apps.

2. I hope the Pre works out for you as well as the Storm has worked for me.

1. I'm on my 1st Storm 7 months in. I've dropped it. I don't use a case. I carry it in a pocket with my keys. There are a couple of spots on the battery door that have worn to white - otherwise the phone looks like new. Let us know how your Pre holds up. It's a new phone after all.

Best of luck.

Show me on my Storm where I can expand memory. Oh, I'm sorry, I have an 8g card but am not allowed to install apps on to it. What a stupid "security" feature. Proprietary is more like it. Free the SD Card, RIM!

I had used Palm Pilots forever!

Then in 2005 I bought a brand new and much hyped "Palm LifeDrive" ($500), which was going to be the proverbial "do all", laptop in my palm!

Very shortly after, Palm STOPPED offering support for the device, and couldn't decide whether they wanted to be Palm or PalmOne.

The LifeDrive proved to be a failure (IMHO), and ended up in my trash can - literally!

Ever since then, I have been VERY wary of anything that bears the Palm (or PalmOne) brand!

I wish all Pre owners/users the best of luck

although i wont be getting a pre, i'm back to an iphone for the moment, the argument of allowing memory cards to me is not a valid one. IF i were allowed to store apps on this memory card, then yes, that would be a very large deciding factor. but all i can do with that memory card is store media, or files. i cant run any programs off of it, and it doesnt help the memory leak which is inevitable in all berrys.

I had a chance to check out the Pre over the weekend and I was impressed with the WebOS. The housing is a little flimsy, but I've seen worse. The keyboard wasn't that bad. I'm not sure if I can get used to a slider. I really like a physical keyboard on the face of the device. I didn't like the curved screen on front. Visually, it just doesn't appeal to me. The web browser was top notch. I would say just as good as the iphone. The multimedia player concerned me. I went to popular sites like,, and and couldn't get the videos to play. The lack of video recording was also concerning. Now I know that video capture on phones will be limited in quality, however, it is a nice feature when wanting to take videos on the go. The Pre is a great device, but I think it will be a difficult move for BlackBerry users. We have been spoiled and have high expectations of the devices we use. The Pre (like all other smartphones) fall short of BlackBerry devices.

Don't forget that the Palm Pre can't be fitted with a rubber/silicone/plastic protective sleeve. I predict a lot of cracked devices, and scratches -- soon enough...

Also, Palm Pre has an 1100 capacity battery, compared to the higher-end Blackberries at 1400-1500 capacity. Perhaps the Pre is so much more efficient so as to make up the difference, but perhaps not...

By far the weakest arguments you can make.

I'm surprised you didn't make one of the 8 reasons "It's not made by RIM."

RIM is falling behind the competition with the limitations of it's OS. They haven't done anything innovative since the Pearl and 8830; which makes the fans scared of the competition.

I wouldn't have put some of those things in the list. For example, Enterprise Email support. That's a personal choice for admins. Some are so stuck in their ways they still wipe their butts the same day in and day out. They have blinders on. Fact is, anything that can use the ActiveSync conduits of Exchange to sync EVERYTHING in the mailbox "out of the box", will beat any BB when it comes to cost savings. I wouldn't pay RIM more money for the BES sync capabilities when I could have it for free by going iPhone or Pre or even other WinMo device, especially in today's economy. RIM will learn this one way or another down the line.

And the whole "limited to 8GB of memory". Hey, I'd rather be limited to 8GB of app memory instead of 128MB of app memory. That's right, you can't install apps on the memory cards put into Blackberries, so again... what good is the memory if all you can store on it is media?

Before you write an artible comparing apples to oranges, I'd suggest you do some serious fact checking. It's not always as black and white as some of you on here like to make it out. Don't get me wrong, I love a Blackberry device too, but I'm also realistic when it comes to comparing it to other handsets.

Maybe, but any Exchange admin that is concerned about security will have a policy on the server requiring a device password, at least a 4 number pin with an idle lockout. As soon as that policy is required, the Pre won't work since it doesn't support that. Obviously it may be fixed through an update, but we don't know when or if that will happen.

INNOVATION! That clicking thing on the Storm is not sending me. And I forgot about the memory leak and when the little hour glass hangs...ummm, having second thoughts

Okay, I'm a sucker. Had to go to the Sprint store and play. No Pre for me, not in this lifetime! Agree with all 8 reasons and then some. As a former Treo guy, 180 and 260, I am shocked at what a cheaply made device this is. Now to be totally fair I am comparing the Pre to a two month old Storm that has never done a random re-boot, never frozen, never dropped memory below 32 MB and maintains a charge for 18 hours or more with heavy email use. I absolutely love clicking away on my Storm screen. I guess I am the only happy Storm camper in town. After trying to type, add a contact and calender item I handed my Storm to the Sprint rep and said "Would you trade me your new, personal Pre for my Storm?" Without hesitation he said, "Wish you were serious, I would make that deal in a heartbeat." Nuff said.

me too lol i have alot of themes installed and apps and i hold steady at 25 to pulls or nothing droped my stom a couple of times 2 i think most ppl who hate the storm either suck at using berries in general or didnt wait for .148

It's quite obvious that someone is jealous of the pre. WeboS is > that dinosaur Os that R.I.M keep packaging blackberries with. I like blackberries but its funny how people that loves blackberries ride R.I.M's cock like it has the cure for A.I.D.S or something. The Pre is a challenger to the game a very good one at that. It's a breath of fresh air whether you admit it or not. No phone is perfect when it is first (c) storm and bold. R.I.M needs to step it's game up A.S.A.P everybody knows that. I bet if the Pre and Iphone came to Verizon the same people dissing the two phones will jump ship faster than a somali pirate on american cargo.

I'm so sick of hearing people bash the Pre's lack of apps in their appstore! How stupid is this? It hasn't even been out a week! The Storm didn't have an app store (or not a good one) when it came out either. And I have to say that it is still rather pathetic. The Android didn't have one at all for a little while after it's release. Give the Pre 6 months and you'll see a ton of apps in there! And probably for a much better price (aka free) than the Storm has.

Speaking of which, the only reason I would bash the Pre's app store is the cost of apps when we figure out their price scheme. But even then, anything else pretty much beats the blackberry. Why on earth would I want to pay $4.99 for an app that I can get for free on my ipod touch? The blackberry app store is ridiculous in how few apps are for free, and even fewer good ones.

That must mean the Pre isn't that bad. Well, not as bad as the iphone and it's 10 reasons. Kudos Palm! As a former Treo user, it's good to see innovations instead of milking that cash cow.

Bashing on the WebOS is just plain stupid, you have to give credit to these guys, they outdid themselves on the OS for the pre.

Well let me get this straight
1. Your beloved blackberry storm is on a CDMA network but its not ok for a Palm Pre to be on a CDMA network
2. palm pre doesn't crash as much as a stupid blackberry. one light drop and you have to wait five minutes for it to reboot(sucks!)
3. The blackberry os is very sluggish especially for 8300, 8100, and 8800 users. not only is it sluggish the interface looks like crap
4. The blackberry app world is horrible ! all the applications are too expensive and there aren't that many applications in the first place.
5. I know that palm pre doesn't have have a micro card slot, but who has a 8gb memory card slot in their blackberry? The palm pre has 7 gb internal memory and that would be great for me. As far as music goes you could sync it up to itunes and if you need more use your iPod ! With the "carry two 8gb memory cards in your wallet" idea, that has to be the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard !

First off Yea the storm being a CDMA device is just fine. (it's A world phone) and it's on America's greatest network (like it or not you know it's true)

and second "if you need more use your iPod ! With the "carry two 8gb memory cards in your wallet" idea, that has to be the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard !"

carrying 2 DEVICES is the most ridiculous idea i have ever herd! I stopped carrying around my Mp3 CD player (Yea WHAT!) and my cellphone back when the LG chocolate 1 came out. (3G device that came out a year before iphone 1 BTW)

Not that many applications ehh? nah I won't go there *cogh over 140,000 cough*

Oh and BTW my storm has survived many a drop with out rebooting. and thanks to my otterbox defender case it's 100% scratch free!
you just put your own foot in mouth enjoy pre fanboy!

I think there are a lot of advantages to having a Blackberry. But the points that you outline here all sound rather self-conscious. (I own an iPhone, a Bold and now, a Pre.)

Sure the OS could be a flash in the pan. It may also snow today. What kind of advantage is this? WebOS is a stark departure from the approach that other companies are taking relying on Windows Mobile to compete. The fact that they've taking a different approach and have developed a fairly compelling experience (and it is -- I'm testing it out), subjects it to risk. Anytime you step out and do something different, there's risk. But this isn't a reason to discount it. Every OS is new at some point. Even the Blackberry OS. And from the looks of 5.0, maybe RIM can afford to take a few more risks.

Of course the app catalog is weak. The device launched a week ago. My iPhone launched with NO apps. App stores don't launch with 1000 apps on day 1.

The keyboard is particularly weak. Especially when compared to my Bold's keyboard. But what a list like this does is discount the fact that it's the sum of the *experience* that makes this phone compelling. If you approach this by siloing iff features, you'll never really get what makes this endeavor cool.

Seems as though many commentators have forgotten that this is a BlackBerry blog, not an iPhone or Pre blog. And for a market entry device seem to be ok,, but I don't think it's a Palm saver. They better have something else in their back pocket!

... no excuse. I don't care if it's on or, if you're doing a comparative analysis of the devices, come correct with your facts. There are certainly some things that make the Berry more compelling. However, these are fanboy points. Talk about the weakness of the battery or the fact that it's got a small screen. Talking about how the app store is small when it hasn't been out for seven days is weak.

Just because the Pre isn't tailored to YOUR NEEDS doesn't mean that it's a bad device.

Maybe if you took care of your phone, it would last longer. Have you had the Pre for an extended period of time like you would your BlackBerry? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Maybe the Pre is designed for people who want a fun, new device. BlackBerries are targeted at a specific group of people. Same thing with the iPhone, G1 and the Pre. How dare you presume that the Pre is an everything device, because it isn't.

For crying out loud, not every smart phone out there is tailored to meet a businesses needs. Pearl (Flip) and the Palm Centro can hardly be classified as business material.

Plus, it's a new device. Do you excpet something new to come out to be absolutely perfect? Not in anybody's real world. If you expect something to be perfect the time it debuts, you've got one thing coming.

I don't think your 8 reasons are hardly fair (though I think I may be looking for a different word here). In fact I would go as far to say you are reaching for things to find wrong with pre over BB or even iphone.

Reason 8 I think the fact that in two days they sold 100,000 and it took apple a whole week to get 150,000 sales says something about the pre. I've had less problems with it so far than I have had with my BB for the same amount of time from purchase. These growing pains you refer to aren't evident to me as of right now. Sure there are bugs reported that need to be ironed out but even RIM has many many bugs to work out of their latest OSes so bugs can't be used as a measuring stick to say reason 8 a reason pre is no BB.

Reason 7 This maybe issue for someone who refuses to use CDMA and I understand CDMA is not good for some international travels however the percentage of consumers who would need a smartphone to work that way is very small out of the whole smartphone consumer market. 2ndly sprint is willing to listen to poorer signal/coverage areas and by voicing the concern to them and doing some leg work you can get better signal/coverage in said areas. Voice and data simultaneously is solved with wifi what area doesn't have wifi hotspots or someone who hasn't secured their home wifi now a days you can quickly and easily connect to, unless you are in the middle of no where. Sprint is the 3rd largest at over 50 million subscribers and ATT over 78 million Verison i believe is somewhere in the middle. They all have more than plenty of existing customers to sell to. Not to mention we still have no idea how many customers are switching or have switched for the pre. When I was in the store getting the pre the 19 people ahead of me all were new customers switching from other carriers a handful of which were ATT customers. Not to mention the pre won't stay exclusive to sprint forever we already know there was a GSM prototype during the months leading up to release and verison being CDMA as well can easily have the pre after the sprint exclusive as well.

Reason 6 The pre has never been marketed as a enterprise device, but as a device for the middle ground between those users and the my cell is a toy users. This doesn't mean it can't be used as such since it is more than capable of being a device at both ends as well. But companies failures to timely adapt to the rapid change of the smartphone market isn't a failure of the devices or companies making the devices.

Reason 5 Another niche group here. The only people who need one or more microSD cards are those using their phone as a replacement for a MP3 player or portable movie player (which in my opinion is silly). 7GB is more than enough to go app crazy and still probably have space left over.

Reason 4 I have my pre in hand right now and it appears to be as solid as my 8330 is. The slider is very sturdy and I have used other slider devices that the slider is very flimsy. I don't foresee any problems with the slider ever.

Reason 3 This is where I think you really reach for a reason. I think one of RIMs faults is they have too many devices and therefore sacrifices in quality so each suffer as a result. I think one of the reasons apple is so successful with the iphone is because it is a generational device when the hardware is outgrown or outdated they replace the old with a new instead of trying to have phones for every niche out there.

Reason 2 I've pointed this out else where and not only is it a low blow of apple to ignore classic which can run all previous palmOS apps on the pre here too it is a low blow. There are as many if not more palmOS apps available to the pre as there are iphone apps and assuming apple didn't low blow RIM more apps than blackberry as well. Not to mention the fact that being less than one week access to the mainstream, devs writing for native webOS apps this is also hardly a reasonable point to make in comparison to any other established mobile OS.

Reason 1 The KB on the pre is nearly identical in size and shape to most of the BBs. I found it effortless to begin to use it over my 8330. It is so close to the same it is as if I'm typing on my 8330. I'm not the only one to point out the effortless transition from other device KBs. I've heard hardly any body not like the KB and out of those very few continued to not like it after a few days or so use. Even if after using it for a while the KB isn't quite like the experience of using another devices KB the screen real estate and other superior features outweighs the very minor KB experience difference. And that isn't just my opinion alone either. There are, in the opinions of many, just too many aspects superior to other smartphones that what ever tiny things we find we liked better on other devices isn't enough to warrant not using the pre.

for the longest time i was a palm fan then i got my blackberry and have been hocked ever since but u are tearing the pre and palm apart here with out even giving it a shot. of cousre BB has more apps cause it has been out for more the 5 days and within the next couple of months there will be more webos phones as for sprint i have my bb on sprint and there is nothing worng with it for me the only i would have to say is i get it for $50 cheaper then any other carrier. As for the it department they usually love palm products because they are so esay to work with and im sure in due time they will have no porblem with the pre. i myself am going to stick with my bb until all the problems with the pre are worked out but i had to do the same thing with teh storm.

1) "Pre, First webOS Device, Could Be Flash in the Pan"

The Palm Pre's introduction is the best introduction by any smartphone ever. They've managed to surpass everything blackberry did and is already in direct competition with Apple's iPhone.


2) "Sprint Owns Pre Users Until AT LEAST 2010"

So what? What does that have anything to do with Blackberry kicking its ass? The phone and functionality of the Pre is still light years ahead.


3) "Pre as an Enterprise Device? Not So Fast..."

Who cares? This phone is a success to the rest of the population. What does it matter if blackberry went out and had salesmen go to companies to offer blackberries to for use in their network? The population is what matters here bobo head.


4) "No Expandable Memory/Memory Card Support for Pre!!"

Like it's really the end of the world and you can't live with 8gb's... I mean common... this is why blackberry is better? You remember floppy discs?... lets' get serious here you spoiled brat.


5) "The Pre's Not Built to Last-But It Did Cut the Cheese"

Not only does it cut cheese but I can use to slice faces off of punks such as yourself for uneducated articles.


6) "There's Only One Pre... For Better or for Worse"

And theres one iPhone...kicks blackberrys ass bigtime in the market. Your such a predictable fanboy.


7) "The Palm Pre's App Catalogue Is Weak Like Your Little Cousin"

The palm pre is much easier to develop apps for than any other phone. In about a year you'll see apps being developed like theres no tomorrow.

By the way... if we include all of Palms past apps and use the Pre's emulator to run them... who has more apps then bitch?


8) "Pre's Keyboard Is for Pixies and Lilliputians"

Personal opinion... and stupid to say the least. It's in your Storm forums where ppl complain and wish they had a slide out keyboard. What palm did with it is intelligent. Screen real-estate is valuable. The keyboard is smart.


So in the end the article FAILED...

I expected a Blackberry bias and can agree with some of the criticisms. However, I have been using a Blackberry Bold for the past few months and I am not impressed with the device or the OS. This is actually the worst BB I have ever owned. I am forced to pull the battery at least 4 times per week. The battery cover comes off easily.

Yes, the Pre only has 7GB available to the user but at least it is available. My Bold has 1GB built but less than 30MB available for applications. This is BS. I can't install apps on my memory card like other OSes will allow.

The Bold may be a better enterprise device. The Pre is a better device than the storm. I have several friends who are suffering with the storm and wish they purchased Iphones instead.

Blackberries do one thing and do it extremely well - Email. The devices are mediocre at best when you try to use other functionality like web browsing, etc.

This is coming from a guy who doesnt have sprint or has stated not even played with the phone fully.. what a great review? err not... sorry but pre is a good phone a little buggy just like every other phone in its realease but a pretty damn good one

I can type WAY faster and more accurately on the PRE than on the STORM. This whole article reads like a bunch of sour grapes. My grandmother used to say "Only a blind man goes around saying that eyes smell bad." You are truly blind if you think that WebOS is a "flash in the pan".

To the people who say their storm is a good phone: what planet are you from?! You're in denial because the storm sux and you know it!

The people who don't like the Storm are the people who were too stupid to learn how to use it. Especially now with the newer software.

i know lol people say storm sucks the os sucked thats rims fault but the phone looks better and has a better build quality than the pre the screen does jiggle but its a large button and the back plate on it is metal unlike the cheap plastic the pre is made out of but the pre isnt a bad phone though i would like one to play with but would i buy one with a 2 year contract hmmm no not really and the pre is supposed to save palm which it probably wont it would be just another G-1 fun to play with but completely useless at doing real work.

I am so sick and tired of people giving reasons why there phones are better!!! Each Smartphone is different and it depends on the person. I like my 9530 it has been a great phone for me and I have not had any problems with it. And I am pretty sure there are huge IPhone Fans and know I see it's some huge Palm Pre Fans which is good.

We could sit here all day long and go back and fourth with which spec is better. Could both phones be better? Well of course but that's what makes us want them even more the advancement of technology!! So all you Palm Fan I am glad you have joined the race. But chill with all the Palm Pre is better talks how could you really know? You have only had the phone for about 5- 6 days.. Think about it like this they released it last week right well in about another week or so they will start on the next generation.

People can say all they want about the PRE, bottomline is i made a mistake giving into the hype of the storm and hence the storm really tore my heart out. Blackberry has ruined its reputation because of the storm and how they developed it so poorly that the PRE actually stood far and beyond what the storm or any blackberry can do. ANd yes i have a storm and on the fourth device for that matter.
So, tomorrow i will go marching down sprint store and get myself a PRE and ditch verizon and blackberry all at once. Oh and what would i do with my old storm? I will have to use it as a door stopper !!!!

I'm a longtime BlackBerry fan. No disrespect meant to Palm or any of the other fine companies, but what I like about BlackBerrys is that they just plain work and work well. So, I really expected to see things that would be real issues. Perhaps it is the Treo legacy, but I expected reports of the device freezing and rebooting itself almost every day. I expected a discussion about how the device was inherantly insecure because of the new WebOS. But IMHO, the only legitimate issues out of the 8 that appear are a flimsy build quality and a keyboard that may be too small for some people.

I've heard of damning by feint praise, but these 8 reasons are really weak ... it's almost like it is being praised by feint damning.

Perhaps this article is just pre-mature. I look forward to reading an updated version after the final production unit has really been used, analyzed, and reviewed. This seems more like a publicity stunt I'd find on the iPhanboi sites rather than the solid analysis I'm accustomed to reading here on

Just as a preface, I'm a Sprint Curve 8330 user, and I love my BB. But the Palm Pre is better.

8) Pre, First webOS Device, Could Be Flash in the Pan

I don't know what flash in the pan means, but the webOS is certainly not it. Anyone who's used the device in person knows how cool and feature-rich it is. Of course it's 1.0 software, but OTA updates ensure that it will improve faster than the BB OS. BB users have to wait for months before simple bugs get fixed on carrier-approved OS builds.

7) Sprint Owns Pre Users Until AT LEAST 2010

I would argue that exclusivity actually improves the market for smartphone buyers. Count how many BlackBerries are on Sprint with Wi-Fi. That's right: 0. Why does the Pre have Wi-Fi? Because Palm controls the carrier, and they want their phone to be perfect. How did the iPhone push out constant OS updates? Exclusivity. How did they start the App Store? Exclusivity. Exclusivity gives the manufacturers power over the carriers, and it actually benefits the consumers, manufacturers, AND carriers.

6) Pre as an Enterprise Device? Not So Fast...

Enterprise always gets left behind; it shouldn't be used as an excuse for why a hot new phone isn't good. I suppose Windows 7 and Mac OS X are bad too, because your office doesn't officially support them yet. I don't know about you, but I'm happy I'm not still using Windows 95 just because it's stable.

5) No Expandable Memory/Memory Card Support for Pre!!

BlackBerries can't run programs on external memory. There's also an extra cost. AND expandable memory can't be used on other devices such as cameras because they read and write too slowly. Expandable memory is overrated for people who haven't already invested in it, and the people who have invested in it are complaining because their investments won't last and they are finally coming to terms with it. Also, it would be criminal for a media phone to not have onboard memory (like all the consumer BlackBerries).

4) The Pre's Not Built to Last-But It Did Cut the Cheese

I'm not concerned at all about the Pre's durability. As you said yourself, even the Curve "looks and feels" a bit plasticky and cheap, but it's never let you down. I would argue the Pre will do the same, but I suppose only time will tell. (Nobody has used it enough to know for sure.) Also, the strength of the material doesn't always reflect how long something will last (glass on the iPhone breaks all the time).

3) There's Only One Pre... For Better or for Worse

There is a benefit to having one phone: they make it better. Think about if BlackBerry had two OSes to keep up. Each would suffer because their time would be split between the two. Likewise here. Having fewer devices improves the quality of each. RIM can make a crappy BlackBerry and nobody will care, but it hurts RIM's image in the long run.

2) The Palm Pre's App Catalogue Is Weak Like Your Little Cousin

Oh no! Only 25 apps one week after a phone is released! It's probably gonna stay that way for the next year and the rest of my life! My life is ruined!

1) Pre's Keyboard Is for Pixies and Lilliputians

The keyboard is not as good as a BlackBerry keyboard, but nothing is. It's not really a fair comparison. However, it is better than a lot of other keyboards, and it's really not that bad.

We got the display phones a few days ago at RadioShack and they suck!!!!! Man, as much as people complain about the Storm's keyboard, I'd pick that any day over the Pre. The buttons feel like pieces of sand stuck in between pieces of paper, they're so tiny my kid sister even has trouble typing quickly or accurately. This ain't looking good for Palm... too bad tough, I loved my first Treo.

My daughter and I each have a Storm. Previously, we had iPhones. While the hardware is generally more impressive then the iPhone 3G, the Storm's software is so bad that it chased us away from BlackBerry, perhaps for a long time. Too many unrecognized taps to be useful. Too frustrating to use software using an unreliable input method. I just got a Pre, which I know is a bit risky if enough people don't do the same, but I have to tell you that using the keyboard is far better than text input on the Storm and the experience with the Pre has been nothing but beautiful. The Pre's processing power and memory are more limited than the iPhone 3G S, but I expect that it will be adequate for most users needs and I'd take the WebOS over the iPhone's software any day. Dare I say that people who are concerned about the Pre's limited capacity might look first to HTC's Touch Pro 2 which I consider to be more of a heavy hitter. I'd never recommend anyone buy the Storm as compared to the Pre or the Touch Pro 2. It ought to be considered a sin against consumers for RIM to release a product that was so not ready for prime time. I can't comment about other BlackBerrys.

**I would first like to say that I am not a "fanboy" of either device, and am SIMPLY stating my opinion on the article**

That question happens to be "How can you review/critique/criticize something you haven't really used?"

I mean, I guess this should be expected from a fan-site, but at the same time if your going to be a reputable journalist, you must take into consideration the facts. Fact is, you haven't used the device long enough to have your OWN opinion. Which is why you site other people's. As far as which phone is better, does that REALLY matter? It's a phone. EVERYONE has different: Thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions of what makes a "killer phone". Since you write for a site with the url why not focus on writing stories like your write-ups of blackberry devices which are enjoying to read? As a side-bar, I would like to say that I like the Johnny Cash songs in the background. I digress. I really think that with articles like this the site wastes their time and feeds into stupid "mine is better" type of arguments. Why not leave that non-sense for the iPhone users? If ANY company should be worried about their future it should be APPLE. Seriously, how long until these "iPhoners" realize they are carrying around a hunk of crap? Apple is a GREAT company when it comes to computers and iPods. With the iPhone, they have become extremely greedy, and the device isn't that good. I say it isn't good because I've used one for a length of time and found that, like other users, it had HORRIBLE service. Which, in most cases people will say it isn't the phone's fault. However with the iPhone, it is. Even on different carriers people complain about the reception. We should thank Apple for touchscreens though since apperently we would have NEVER had them without Apple. *Rolls eyes*. I can't wait until the iPhone fad is dead. So I can laugh at these stupid nine year olds snickering at me for having a blackberry. At least making fun of the lack of MMS was good while it lasted. I can still taunt them for not having a keyboard. :)

Im not saying the Pre is bad, because I was anxiously waiting for it and when i heard it was coming to VZW, I was even more excited. But when I went to a sprint store, I was extremely disappointed in the kb!! Way to small. Why did Palm even waste their time on that one? I am a former Palm user. And, yes, I would take my Storm sure type KB in portrait over the Pre physical. If they would have made it at least like my curve KB, then I would have been happy. As far as the rest of the phone, seemed cool. I liked the size and feel. Didn't really get to play with all the other features, because there were people breathing down my neck to check it out. Hopefully, on the next Pre, they'll get the KB right.

I initially was skeptical of the Pre and leaving my 8900 (work) and 9000 (personal), but after having the Pre for a week now, BB can't touch this device. I will say coming from BB the keyboard was a little different, but I am typing just as fast on that as I was my BB. Multi-tasking (not going to happen on BB) is unbelievable! Also I didn't like having my corporate email sync with google, but now I can say I absolutely love it! I have to say BB has done an awesome job, at losing the strictly corporate face, and has done a very nice job of getting day to day consumers. But no company out there can touch the PIM Palm has, and for me time management is EVERYTHING!

It's a good list of inadequacies about the Pre, but I'm keeping in mind that this is the first *NEW* Palm phone in quite a long time. (I don't count the variants of Treo phones & Centros as *NEW* phones.)

Personally, I'm glad that Palm is back in the game, and I'm looking forward to seeing Palm improve upon this first-generation Pre.

That OS looks fabulous...period. And, I would not call the new Palm OS a flash in the pan.

How dare he write an article about how Blackberrys are better than the Pre ON A BLACKBERRY FAN SITE!?!?!?!?! This is just atrocious and should not be accepted.

Congrats to all the people who wrote an actual novel to respond to this article - you have no life.

Just get over the fact that no one is interested in your new phone (or Sprint)and be well.

What really amuses me is... that there a lot of iphone hugging berry hating dingbats who frequently visit this BLACKBERRY dedicated website and dis comments and observations left by others.

Iv got 3 words for you...


why dont you all crybabies go and start up your own website like or or some turd like that.

do you see the site's name???? not

so if you love ur iphones and palms and all those piece-of-turd smartphones out there.... get the hell outta here.

i have 3 berries... been using berries since the 7100 came out... and there's nothing... and i mean NOTHING that can make me buy some other piece of crap so called smartphone out there.

and just so you know...THE PENTAGON... since 1992, they have been having a kinda conferrence every year. Where their top programmers and hackers try and get through the blackberry security systems.

and WHAT MORE???


PEACE \m/ berry for life \m/

let me star off by saying that I am a crackberry addict, and will only ever switch to another phone (Nokia) if my company provides me a BB and I need a phone for personal use.
Now, I'm a service tech for an indirect sprint dealer, and have had access to the pre fro a while, though I dont own one, but the store has an active demo. Compared to my 8100 on T-mo ( i dont pay the bill, family plans ROCK) the pre kicks its a$$. Compared to the 8330 curve, its pretty close. BB still is the king at email and business solutions, but if i have a customer looking for a pda that they can play with too, the Pre is close to the top of the list (i still push the curve first though).
As to your complaint about the app store, come on. How many apps were out there for the 8100 when it was released? Or the Storm for that matter? Give it time, and you'll see plenty of apps. In the week it's been out the number of apps for the phone has doubled.
Usually I'm a palm hater, and will refuse to sell a treo running palm or a centro, but the pre is so far so good. So let's back off for a bit and see what happens before we rush to judgements like this.

This is not, nor was it intended to be a comprehensive review of the Palm Pre. As the OP said, he does not own one nor has he actually used a production unit.

There are a lot of people who read sites like this who are gadget fiends and are looking to get the newest and most popular gadgets. Many of of these same people leap before they actually research and think it through as well as the should.

This article (aimed at people with BlackBerries) is aimed at people who are considering jumping ship to the Pre and giving them some serious things that they should consider (some more important than others obviously) before making that jump. This is something that the article does and does well.

I mean C'Mon with a title like Top 8 Reasons WHY Palm Pre's Got Nothin' on Blackberry, is there anyone who expected this to be a comprehensive review?

The phone looks promising. The only thing I do not like about the phone is the keyboard. I make to many mistakes on that bubble keyboard.

I had a pre up and running with 4 cards(applications) running at once with no problem. 4 e-mail accounts coming into device also. Just took about 4 hours to figure it out though !!!!

I've got one reason for not buying Pre (or any othe Palm device) that trumps them all: Tech Support. Holy sacred cow Batman! I've yet to find worse or more incompetant tech support for any electronics - smartphone or otherwise.

Good article.