The top 5 BlackBerry 10 apps for your car

By James Richardson on 21 Jan 2014 10:07 am EST

As you'll see from the above image I always have my BlackBerry docked in my car and a lot of the time it gets used while I'm driving. Clearly touching your BlackBerry while in motion is a definite no no for safety reasons and in most places the police wouldn't be too impressed seeing you typing away on your trusty BlackBerry. 

There are however a selection of apps which I wouldn't want to be without when I'm driving. I don't use them all at the same time - it very much depends on where I'm going, whether I know the route and the length of the journey. So, the following five are what I consider to be the best BlackBerry 10 applications to assist you in the car and get you to your destination as safely as possible. 


BlackBerry Maps

BlackBerry Maps may not be the most feature rich voice navigation solution when looking at all mobile platforms but it does the job and for me does it well. The application comes pre-loaded on all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and although in years gone by we had maps on legacy devices things have come on leaps and bounds since BlackBerry 10 was released. 

With a simple user interface it's just a case of typing into the search bar the address you wish to find and the results will be neatly displayed. Select the one you wish and you'll be shown the route on the map with the options to either view turn by turn instructions or jump straight into voice guided navigation. It gets me to were I need to go so I'm more than happy with what BlackBerry and their partners have achieved with BlackBerry Maps. 

More information/Download BlackBerry Maps for BlackBerry 10



There’s a few speedometer applications in BlackBerry World - some better than others, but I’ve been a big fan of TrueSpeed since day one. We all of course have a speedometer built into the dashboard of our car but for me I find it easier and safer to be able to view a larger digital display on my BlackBerry as opposed to glancing down to look beyond the steering wheel. This certainly won’t be for everyone, but if you do have your BlackBerry 10 device in a car dock/mount it’s a safer option in my opinion. 

TrueSpeed will allow you to not only switch between MPH/KPH and knots but there are also three color choices for the circular speedometer. On a black background your speed is promptly displayed in white for easier viewing and if you don’t use a dock and have a safe place to lay your BlackBerry on the dash you can switch to HUD (Head Up Display) and pretend you are a fighter pilot! 

I have a clean driving license - maybe TrueSpeed is why. 

More information/Download TrueSpeed for BlackBerry 10



SafeDrive is the perfect companion for you in the car if you tend to get a lot of emails as the application will read them out for you - therefore allowing you to keep your eye on the road ahead. Within the settings you can choose from a few different voices and languages and in addition you can select which part of the message you want to be read out. These are: 

  • Entire message
  • Subject only
  • Sender name only
  • Subject and sender name

I tend to only use SafeDrive for long journeys but when you use it is up to you. At the time of publishing this article the app needs to be open in an Active Frame to work but that is set to change in the very near future. 

More information/Download SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10



We’ve featured SayIt a bunch of times here on CrackBerry - mainly as the app gets regular updates and improvements. We do get voice control built into BlackBerry 10 but it is rather limited and SayIt offers so much more than the native version. The app is now headless and with a press of your middle media button you can perform a voice search for a huge selection of things. 

We’ve all heard of Siri on the iPhone and SayIt is the best alternative for BlackBerry 10. You can pretty much ask SayIt anything you like from simple questions - to what’s the weather forecast and the results will be spoken to you as well as displayed on the BlackBerry screen. Once again, we can’t condone using your BlackBerry if it is illegal to do so whilst driving but the option is there. 

More information/Download SayIt for BlackBerry 10


BeMaps 10 Pro - With Google Maps

If searching for local amenities is a must while your in the car then BeMaps 10 Pro will deliver the goods. For navigation BlackBerry Maps does a great job, but due to BeMaps 10 Pro having Google Maps integrated you can be rest assured that finding stuff around you will be a breeze. When it comes to navigating to the place of choice you have two options. The first is to use the list of directions that the app will supply. I’m not super keen on this however BeMaps 10 Pro cleverly will allow you to seamlessly move into BlackBerry Maps if you require voice guided navigation - clever stuff. 

With layers such as traffic, satellite, transit and bike you can alter the mapping choices to your requirements. If you want to locate a local ATM, restaurant, shop etc then BeMaps 10 Pro is the best way of doing so on BlackBerry 10. Also a perfect application if you are visiting an unfamiliar city or on holiday. As well as finding what you need the app will ensure you won't get lost.

More information/Download BeMaps 10 Pro for BlackBerry 10


Hit the Road!

There you have it - my top 5 choices. If you feel that I've missed an important one off the list feel free to hit up the comments and sound off. It's also worth noting that if you are going to use GPS apps in the car then your BlackBerry will consume more battery power so it's well worth having an in-car charger onboard.


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The top 5 BlackBerry 10 apps for your car


I have problems with BlackBerry maps not being able to find what I'm looking for... side loaded Google maps is a must.

Posted via CB10

Waze (which is an android port) works great whole driving. And the best part it shows us the medium to heavy traffic roads ahead of us so we can plan our journey..
Cool app.

Posted via Awesome Astro flying10.2.1.1925 on CB10. For a regular dose of Quotes, subscribe C001190A9 .

Calling it a "joke" is not a great "blanket statement." BlackBerry Maps works perfectly for me. And I love the integration with other native apps, like contacts and BlackBerry travel. I guess it depends on where you live in the world as to its effectiveness.

I have to agree. I've never had a problem with BB Maps. Now, I do live in a city where walking, bus and subway turn-by-turn instructions aren't necessary so I guess that might frustrate me if I took a trip where I had to get around with something other than driving directions.

I don't know what size of city you need to live in for it to work properly, but it lets me down almost every time I use it, and I live in Calgary, Alberta, which has a population of over a million. The other day, I tried searching for a pub called Boomtown and it gave me a list of places from all over the country and even in the states, but nothing in Calgary, even though I know exactly where it is. I tried it in Google maps that I side loaded and it was the first thing that popped up. This is only one example of countless I could describe. It is years behind the competition.

Posted via CB10

OK, so "where you live and how you use it" might be more accurate.

I live in Colorado, but use BB Maps every time I travel in the states. I typically make sure I have the address in my contacts or BB Maps before heading out, which has worked for me. I have had to search for something from time to time, and it works more often than not (but I certainly won't claim every time). All in all, I agree with this article. I use BB Maps for driving directions, and then I'll often turn to BeMaps 10 Pro when I need to search for something nearby and I'm on foot.

I like BB Maps, and use it as my go to for routes, but you are right, if I put in name of place then it finds stuff 100s of KM away (even across border in US) but doesn't find the place in my city. Not sure, maybe it has to do with how the business names are listed, if at all, on internet?

I live in Toronto, BlackBerry maps is good navigation if you steady have the address like say from foursquare, now if you need it to find a point of interest then it's hit and miss hut the novation is good the turn by turn and voice dictation

Posted via CB10

I've travelled extensively across the UK since Feb 13 (just under 30k miles) only using BlackBerry Maps.
Think it got me going in a circle once, other than that it's got me where I wanted to go, on time too. Im impressed with it.

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I have used it in multiple states in the US and in areas that are in the middle of nowhere but it has never pointed me in the wrong direction. They could add walking and public transportation directions for people that need it.

Posted From My AT&T BlackBerry Z10

I've had side loaded versions of google maps that have pointed me in the wrong direction more than once.

Nothings perfect, especially not mapping apps.

Posted via CB10

Hence my using BB Maps, I have consistently found it gives more accurate routing than Google which has steered more than once to dead ends.

I'd add Mireo Don't panic instead of BlackBerry maps. Mireo is a very good navigation app imo.

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Mireo doesn't seem to have Caribbean / Barbados maps. Google maps does and can be used offline.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Mireo also doesn't have Oceania, i.e. Australia - but they say on their site: Contact us, if you're looking for a map which we don't have on offer.
So I did - not only once but never-ever received any kind of response.

So I can't recommend a company who don't bother to reply to questions which they even encourage on their website ...

I have not used Mireo as didn't know much about it. I got Wise Pilot. It has let me down too many times especially when the weather is bad. Have you used wise pilot? And would you say Mireo is better?

I just don't get how we can talk about car driving without mentioning offline navigation, e.g. when you're off grid (lost places without 3G / 4G, very long tunnels, etc.).
Mireo don't panic is ugly as hell, but works perfectly, and with offline maps! (what I needed to accept leaving my Nokia N8 in a drawer)

Posted via CB10

I was about to add this. Thanks for saving me the time :)
I just bought the traffic add on. Hands down the best BB app I have.

Posted via CB10

+1000 for "Don't Panic!"... I've used it on several trips to other cities and it seems up-to-date with the places I want to go, and the directions have been great.... Although I will admit on the LA Freeways the voice suggestions were a little late in letting me know which lane to be in to exit. The line on the map was spot on.

And it works if all you have is GPS signal. And since the maps are pre-loaded you don't waste your data plan minutes running it.

I agree. I've used Mireo almost since I got the Q10. Don't Panic works very well and the regular updates are great.

I am often surprised at how accurate the speed warnings are. They have been within metres of the posted signs.

The fact that the app works offline is a major bonus.

Posted via CB10

I got it for $12.99 I think. On sale (canada). It does go on for half price occasionally. Worth every penny.
Traffic updates is an extra add on. I bought that about 6 mths after using the app for $10 ( ish).

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Waze would be great if they updated their app in blackberry world. My friend (Samsung galaxy user) and I were both using waze to try and find a quicker route to the airport. Hers had map data for new road constructions that had previously been finished within our city, mine however showed that we were driving in a field... disappointment to say the least.

Posted via CB10

Sideload the android version, or if you are running 10.2.1 just install the latest APK. I works so much better

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I think I found out why. When they made the app for BB10, they were still an independent company and I'm pretty sure their Map data used to come from Tom Tom. Now as they are owned by Google, obviously their map data is Google's, however the BB10 version of their app is still using Tom Tom. Unfortunately, as I have just confirmed, Tom Tom has not updated their highways for my city, leaving out the major upgrade in the Southeast, Stoney Trail. The same omission is seen in Waze, BlackBerry Maps, and Tom Tom's website.

Therefore Tom Tom is to blame!

I always fire up Waze as soon as I get in the car. Not only do you get directions but it will warn you if there are police ahead. A must for me and my BMW

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You wouldn't believe how slow I drive,But there are always speed traps that could ruin my day,they call them traps because they are set up where you can easily make an error and well ,you

I like Waze. Google Maps 7.3 is great too.

BlackBerry Maps has trouble finding businesses. It also seems to put the search results that are insanely far away from you over ones that are closer. It's also slow to zoom in / out.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

Plzzzzz developers do something for India maps.... we are unable to use it here and it's saying that not available for your country......... it's been an year that BlackBerry 10 got released in India but still it's not working......

If you ppl want BlackBerry to compete in India with others mobile company so Plzzzzz look into this matter and sort it out

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry maps still not available in India...
We need the maps to work..
BTW.. Waze works well

Posted via CB10

I LOVE Mireo DON'T Panic, and I think DashPlayer is a great app as well. The big buttons are great, and I like that I can tailor the colors to match the vehicle.

Another Waze fan here. The traffic alerts have saved me multiple times on my daily commute. There is a sense of camaraderie in reporting and confirming potential hazards and slow downs with other users.

Waze is great, especially when you are a montreal canadians fan and need to find waze to beat the Leafs ;)

Seriously, I swear by it, I know my daily route and if waze tells me differently, i generally listen to it as it saves me time

Time is money, and the Canadians aren't going to be in it,I hope the leafs kill them,not a fan of our Habs,many years ago it was a different story.Traffic from the West Island to downtown is murder when they play.Not many options to get there but I guess a look at Waze before heading out would make sense,if there was an accident along the way.

Waze all the way, was coming back from VA a few weeks ago, it routed me off the highway on a right side ramp, drove me through the neighborhood and dumped me back on the highway in left lane ramp 2 miles down the road and kept me on 95 through Philly. All lanes were backed up prior to that ramp exiting right. Which was the initial route I was on. Easily saved me an hour waiting to cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge back to NJ.

Blackberry maps really is not good at all. Its just weak all round and can be unreliable. I've stopped questioning why it was never resolved. With 10.2.1 hopefully Google navigation will work nice and smooth!

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Another vote for Mireo Don't Panic. The biggest advantage over BlackBerry, Google and Waze being that all the maps are stored on the phone not downloaded as you go. After all, what's the point of a navigation app that stops working, or takes ages to update or re-route, as soon as you get into a remote area? Price is pretty reasonable too compared to other platforms and it's the sort of 3rd party native development we should all be encouraging.

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Give Magellan Compass a try. I personally think it's the best option available. Also BlackBerry maps has never steered me wrong, but Google maps has.

Posted via CB10

I've found that BlackBerry Maps can get things totally wrong when searching for an address. This happened to us once and I vowed to never use it again. BeMaps Pro FTW.

Mirror Don't Panic is the best navigation app. BlackBerry maps is a paltry and incomplete system by comparison. And for only $9.99 totally worth it.

Posted via CB10

Sorry I meant Mireo Don't Panic. Excellent and totally complete maps and POI. Saved me 4 hours of driving from Toronto to Miami!!

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I thought you'd also mention Mireo Don't Panic. Best Navigation app with ability to store offline maps on SD card.

I've also found Waze to be an excellent app. It is an android port but runs quite well for me. I like the social aspects too. For example, when i am picking my wife up somewhere, I will share my drive with her so she can see my position and eta and come out right when I get there.

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I have great luck with BlackBerry Maps and use it consistently. I also use my NFC with a smart tag in my car for my stereo and hands free driving. Love it.

BB Uniq BB Bold -Z10 with 1925

I personally replaced BlackBerry Maps with Waze. It's mapping is accurate, quick and has voice navigation too.
Second, Flash HUD for a heads up display.

But I prefer not using my phone in the car unless I have to.

BlackBerry Maps is not good. Although it has improved since BB10.0, it's still poor in comparison to the competition. It's slow, often can't find satellites, and required a good data connection to work properly.
I'm really surprised that Mireo Don't Panic isn't in this list! That app is like THE best navigation app on BB10, period. It's fast, fluid, easy to use, and most importantly, uses offline (TomTom) maps with lifetime update warranty. So you can even use it when you're lost in the middle of nowhere! For only €15,00 for the western Europe map, it's a bargain if you ask me.

I always keep my BlackBerry safely secure in my pocket. I may missed some calls or sms, but in case of an emergency say like an accident. I know where to locate my phone for that matter instead wasting more valuable time searching around.

Q10.1055 Malaysia via CB10

I only use two of these 5 apps. That being Blackberry Maps and Sayit. Sayit is powerful, I love it. Blackberry Maps is very good, fast, but the final destination seems a bit off. Just recently, a car load of Android and iPhone users and I were mapping directions to a location. Me, with the Z10, Verizon 10.1 and Blackberry maps were kicking butt the whole way there.

We were first to access the app, enter directions, start the route, announce approaching streets. BB and me had them all beat. However, when it came to the last leg of the destination, BB Maps read out "your destination is on the right"! OMG, Android and iOS were reading "destination on the left"! We all saw that within 200 yards, to the right was a field. To the left was the location. Yep, not so accurate this time.

Oh well, I had them both for a few.

Go BB!

the list could easily be added to, one of my favorites in Mireo don't panic, Offline navigation
it is available for a 7 day free trial, and then for $20, you get lifetime maps,
the perfect alternative if you don't want to use your data

Posted via CB10

I have 10.2.1 O/S. I have Google Maps apx installed. It works great, even the street view.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry Maps - I don't know why they got rid of the Blackberry Traffic app that I relied on with my OS 7.x devices. The traffic options in BB Maps will not avoid traffic at all, mentions accidents that aren't there, doesn't work if you have bypasses (Toronto has a road over another road and the BB9900 could tell but BB10 can't tell where I am). It's just not reliable and even when it says 12km of traffic ahead, doesn't give you options to avoid it. No ETA options either like the old BB Traffic.
Safe Drive - seeing how Blackberry is aiming to be the best for Enterprise, why wouldn't this work with BES accounts? Seems silly. Who wants to hear their Hotmail/gmail emails read to them? Also read it doesn't support Bluetooth so it uses the speakerphone? Don't get it. DriveSafe.LY was our go to app but guess what? No BB10 support. BOO.

Waze is missing. I use it every day. They are now part of the Google group and being sued by coyote in France.

Posted via CB10

Add one more for Mireo Don't Panic as it is my #1 choice when I'm traveling outside of my data coverage. (2GB North America is on my SD card gives me directions without any roaming fees)

Posted via CB10

If you have a spouse or other person wanting to know where you are at, or whether you are stuck in traffic, check out Follow Me.

Follow me allows users to send text messages to a specific number at specific intervals, containing a map link showing where the traveler is. You can also set waypoints to let people know when you have entered a certain area (ie thr grocery store, Costco).

Anyways, I love it since hubby drives in scary traffic every day, and with Follow Me, I know approximately where he is, whether he is stuck in traffic, and about when to expect him home.

Posted via CB10

BB Maps is a joke, no navigation in my area, I had to buy "Don't Panic" to get proper sat-nav. I would put "Don't Panic" in 1st place.

Sorry BlackBerry Maps is the worst maps app ever. I don't know how it works in your country but I ve test it in Romania, Australia, Thailand and Singapore and it is not at all reliable. Imagine that the maps are loading so hard and with lag, rending is terrible, and it is far better to seek into a paper map. Here in Romania I use Mireo Don't Panic which is one of the best. And it works like a pure GPS map not a Internet assisted map( like Google map...)

Proudly Z10 owner !

Foursquare is missing! Daily user for me. Oh and to chime in on the BlackBerry maps thing. I use it daily, several times daily in fact. I work for two men and a truck and BlackBerry maps is the reliable one. The trucks have iphones for Nav, but as we all know apple maps is a joke(properly used). So BlackBerry maps it is and it may have the wrong side of the street. But 9 times out of 10 it's the way to go.
BlackBerry for the win!!

Posted via CB10

Why does the native blackberry maps say map not available for india. Didn't u consider india as a country :( . Why don't u support Google maps like other phone even iphone has Google maps. Really don't wanna waste money for any other craPpy maps in blackberry world. So please Google maps soon

Posted via CB10

Holy crap! I too have a BlackBerry Q10 and a Suzuki Swift. Could spot that dashboard from a mile away :)

Posted via CB10/Q10

Looks like I'm the only one putting in a shout for Wisepilot. Excellent turn by turn navigation, with speed warnings, best lane and a quick response

Same here with Wisepilot but it has let me down a whole lot especially in bas weather. It's quite slow to start the turn by turn. Feel like I've wasted my money buying the fill package for a year. With the majority going for Mireo I might have to give it a try.

I always see on here so many people complain about BB maps. It always works for me. It defiantly can use some updates or maybe it can remain the way it is providing BlackBerry makes it possible to set another map as default and get the same level of integration.

I know it the top five but maybe it should have been top 10 as a few others defiantly are contenders for the top five spot.
like Waze and Mireo
I like and use Mireo because it is a fully offline GPS app so if and when you lose your data signal it still works without problems. All the other GPS maps need internet access to get you where you need to be.

What confuses me if the fact they TomTom is the mapping service for Blackberry maps and they don't provide an app for Blackberry but they have for the iPhoney.

I Agree with you on BlackBerry maps. I've had few problems with it it here in the states - and that was before the last update. As for Waze, every time someone mentions it I wonder why I don't use it. Then I download it again and see all of the permissions needed - which can't be deselected on a port. Not sure why access to files is needed. And I find it amusing that with the google ownership this isn't a problem with people. I'm not paranoid about Google in particular but many people are.

I must admit I never paid much attention to the permissions it requires. I never gave any thought to it until now. I stopped using it since the Google purchased them but have not deleted it. I guess I will do so now. I for one do not trust Google. I limit my usage of anything Google. Never thought I would ever have said this in the past but I even trust M$ more than I trust Google.

Except you can't set the the blackberry screen to not dim when plugged in!

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Hi good afternoon. I wonder if there is any application that can read aloud who is calling for BlackBerry 10 as the Drive Safely is not available for models with operating system 10

Posted via CB10

One really great feature on BlackBerry maps I was able to utilize last week... a friend sent me an address via bbm... when I held my finger on it.. the option to directly link the address to maps came up... this is an example of the fantastic integration that bb10 has... saved me from cutting an pasting. Just curious... Do the other map aps mentioned offer this?

via CB10 on my fabulous z10  device

For India, add the free MapmyIndia app. It's awesome. Voice guided, turn by turn navigation for the entire country, free for BB10 users. Better than any other mapping application in India for BB. And India is a good market for BB.

I can recommend M8 from Tel map. I find it very good, with accurate full postcode address search in the UK. Tel map have provided a Sat Nav app on older model Blackberry's for many years. The native Z10 app is even better!

Posted via CB10

Guys, thanks for the heads up on Mireo Don't Panic. It's just what I need for where I travel. It's a pity BlackBerry Maps does not allow local storage of maps.

Posted via CB10 on my  Z10

After searching and downloading may Apps trying to find the one that works on GPS and do not use my phone service or WiFi data, and NavFree3 for BB10 was the only one that really works and with accurate maps. It's free to downlaod and use. Also, you are able to install maps for many other countries and not only North America.