The Top 25 Things BlackBerry Users Would Like to See Improved in BlackBerry 10!

By Bla1ze on 19 Mar 2014 04:05 pm EDT

In a previous post here on CrackBerry, Kevin asked the Nation what their top 5 improvements to BlackBerry 10 wish list would be. After combing through all of the comments and taking the time to prioritize them all, we've come up with a pretty decent list of the top 25 things. Kevin kicked off the suggestions with five of his own, which a lot of users agreed with, and from there over 1200 people unloaded their list of wants. There were hundreds of ideas submitted. The Top 25 doesn't cover them all, but it does cover a lot. 

It was an interesting journey to go through the suggestions and see what the everyone felt was important. There was an extremely wide array of answers presented. Some of them were indeed expected while a few others took us by surprise. And sometimes there was disagreement in the comments about what was a good idea or not. Things like UI design for example tend to spark a debate.

Keep in mind, we only wanted to focus on the actual BlackBerry 10 OS usage and not, for example, how BlackBerry 10 updates are handled. We already know that pretty much everyone would like to see faster OS updates come to BlackBerry 10 devices. This list is about the experience and improvements that could be made to the operating system itself along with added functionality.

So without further ado, we present our list of the top 25 wanted improvements for BlackBerry 10 as laid out by you, the CrackBerry community. We've listed the top 25 starting at number 25 and working our way down to the #1 most wanted thing. You can use the Next Page button (below) to click through one at a time, or the drop down menu to jump to a specific page. Enjoy the show. And let's get it done #TEAMBLACKBERRY!

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The Top 25 Things BlackBerry Users Would Like to See Improved in BlackBerry 10!



Does Kevin or someone @ Crackberry have connections to blackberry to forward the list
...I think it's a great list that blackberry can take feedback from and improve future os updates. for all Android all from your blackberry 10 browser

I'm sure BlackBerry is not oblivious to Crackberry. They would probably have to spend thousand on focus groups for information like this if they did it on their own. I imagine focus groups are more scientific and controlled, but this one was free for them and had input from hundreds of dedicated users. That is very valuable information.

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Michael Clewley just tweeted that he's seen the list and will send an email reply to Crackberry pronto.

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Would be interesting to know what was on BlackBerry's on top 25 things to "improve" on BB10.

Have to believe that many of these are one their list also... but it takes time.

Yes, wireless printing, contacts issues and direct APK's.

How did Google Play services get in at number one?? :/

Savvas John Savva, Owner of Skill 7 Youth Football Coaching - - Z10 UK EE

Ots because Kevin wanted it there :P

No mention of multi window /2 apps running side by aide :/

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Yep its at 1 because Kevin wants it and no point in pissing off the boss.

I am good with all 25. Only thing I disagree with is the #1 choice. Infact it would be 25 on my list.

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Yeah, google play services will make android apps more useful. But, really, we will need better app permission control here.

Note that google did introduce support for controlling app permissions before reverting it (search for AppOps). I don't mind if this breaks a few apps. If I can't control permissions, there is no way I'm gonna install apks anyway. With permission control, I may give it a shot to see if it works. So, BlackBerry shouldn't have a problem enabling this out of the box in support of being a secure device.

A second point about permissions is about native BlackBerry apps. I would like to see a permission added to control internet access. With 10.2.1 going headless, this will give me much needed control over apps (and my mobile data usage)

It was actually listed as Google Play/ Services......I, personally, am more concerned with the Services half of that. That may be a game changer for BlackBerry if they can pull that off and keep their security reputation.

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My main votes goes to sorting the Contact app and rebuild BlackBerry Link from scratch. Link needs to sync PIM like Desktop Manages does: Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks.

I hope that they fix CardDAV with it. Without email address it's completely broken and even with a workaround it duplicates contacts created on the phone and doesn't show old contacts on the server at all with ownCloud.

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I was super annoyed about having duplicate contacts, so I would go through and delete all the extraneous ones only to have them reappear every time I backed my phone up, or updated the software, or whatever...then I discovered the 'Link' feature and have not had an issue since...I actually find it quite useful with BB Maps integration when I set calendar appointments and such...

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Going to highjack this spot to add one more: improved app association. Every time I wanna open a YouTube video from a reddit post I keep getting asked if I want to open it on FastTube every time. Even though I have pressed to set it as the default!

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Ability to search for stuff that is on snap / amazon since these devices don't have them pre sideloaded. That would help vs hoping the sideloaded app works properly once installed from snap / amazon / apktrain / whatever! Maybe BlackBerry can certify these apps somehow or better yet, figure out how to get native versions from the developer through incentives. (Your android app is very popular on the BB10 platform, increase your exposure with a native app. Here's how to get started, etc.) Throw cash at them if possible, gain US market share at any cost.. well not any cost but this issue needs more attention. Having more and more native apps only help the BB10 experience.


Anyway, does blackberry see these suggestions? I'm just wondering because all of these are wonderful, if someone is listening.

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Contacts, agreed. Then voice dialing. Then printing. It irritates me every time I try to voice dial in the car, but it fails because at the moment my connection is 3G.

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I have had no problems with contacts since I deleted Skype. It didn't work for me anyway.

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Same here. Some apps really mess up the contacts, including Skype and Telegram (Android).

Other than that, I do think that the contacts app should hide duplicate information (like a phone number that is shown three times because it comes from three different sources) and more generally, BlackBerry 10 should recognise phone numbers even if differently formatted (e.g. +44 123456 7890 or +441234567890).

I can't believe things like 3, 4, and 5 beat wireless printing and better link. Priorities, people!

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I think the idea is that a more modern user experience, in terms of display and apps, will get modern people to buy the phone... Blackberry sales are low and they have to figure out a way to be cool again... and that won't happen on an outdated UI without a good app experience...

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If they think UI (cosmetic) appearance is higher priority than features, I think the list is for iOS users. I can't agree that BB10 UI is outdated considering its barely over a year old. Have people returned the phone for how it looks, or for lack of functionality? If BlackBerry made a bunch of changes to the UI and made no improvements to the 20+ other things in the list, I'd lose it.

Again it's on the list because it was on Kevin's personal list, even after a load of comments mentioning about the UI being acceptable how it is as well as comments speaking against GP Services it's still on the list.

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Agreed. I think it looks fine the way it is. Most people I have talked to who use ios7 don't like the new look (personally, I'm an agnostic on that one). Why now just being back row ability to have custom themes?

I completely agree with the music player and the contacts being a much larger issue than crashing flappy bird; were you f'n serious???

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

UI style is very important to the feel and first impressions of it. BB10 is already feature packed by now so I don't see why not. UI would help immensely in not just first impressions but in marketing. People tend to like pretty things, and pretty things are easier to market.

And who says it's a zero sum game?

Agreed. People who want Google Play and Android applications can buy a Google Android smartphone from a plethora of vendors. Removal of the BlackBerry Android Player and refocus on native BlackBerry 10 applications.

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Never said that the quality of BB10 apps isn't there, but BlackBerry world is empty and I'd rather have something than nothing

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Ofcourse BB10 apps are great, but BBworld is lacking apps, so we need Android app support. There is nothing wrong with that. If you hate Android, simple don't download ported apps.

How many apps can a person really use anyways? Everyone bitches about apps but I bet the majority of "useful" apps are in BB. If you want a gazillion apps go buy an android /itoy then....that's all those phones are good for anyways. BlackBerry's platform is not to be a gaming's powerful business phone. This is exactly what a lot of people just don't get.

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It is that attitude that has made BlackBerry less than 1% of the American market... let's keep going in the same direction... (Y)

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What about the Bank of America App and all the other business and productivity apps that are on Android but not on BB10? Not everything in the Android app store is a toy.

BlackBerry needs Android for many of these apps in order to be competitive, but if you don't want Android, don't download any Android and you'll have the pure BlackBerry experience!

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What bugs me is most of the Crackberry writers have iPhone and Android devices as well as BlackBerry's. Play games on those devices. Be productive on BB.

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I'm one of the folks that want to see Google Play Services on BB10, because I want everything that BB10 has but just more apps (BlackBerry World will never ever catch up IMO).

However, even with GPS, we need BB10 to support *notifications* in Android apps without requiring the developer to modify their app! What is the use of Hangouts on BB10 if it has to be in an active frame to get notifications? Google ain't gonna be modifying it any time soon to work with BB10.

Finally, the performance of Android apps on BB10 is sometimes appalling (not always though -- many apps run at native speeds such as Netflix). Apps like Google Maps, tumblr, Google Earth, etc... run far better on my Dad's lower spec'd Galaxy Nexus than on the more powerful hardware of my Z10.

Also, Android apps seem to "freeze" for a second or more when returning to them from another app. Sometimes you have to wait for the screen to redraw itself again (and sometimes it won't until you touch the screen).

"All the awesomeness of BB 10.2.1 and BBW + the enormous app selection of Google Play to fill any gaps" is the dream.

But the Android experience today is extremely clunky and not ready for prime time. No wonder BlackBerry are not actively promoting 10.2.1 and direct APK installs.

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Android integration should be the next priority for BB10. Improve the performance and notification. Nokia X replaces Google Services with Microsoft services. Almost every Android app works on Nokia X (according to the review on youtube) even the ones with Google Play services. Can BB do something like that?

I donno. My Nexus 7 absolutely sucks apps run as good if not better on my z10. I personally think Android is a low quality cancer and that's really what you're seeing with these half ass apps. I'm one for saying Google Services can take a hike. I think it's important to keep Android apps though since they are second priority of mobile developers and realistically, for most apps BlackBerry is simply not a priority so who knows when it will finally come. New apps will only be available to BlackBerry users this way

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Yeah I agree, android comes with its own set of really strange and bad problems. Since I have two android tablets and somehow managed to pull all my hair out over it. Making me be really thankful that my phone is a bb.

Google play services might have improved but it is still pretty buggy to run apps - both on BlackBerry and on itself - regardless of version.

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Agreed. I'm shocked that's number one, and it's the only thing that's guaranteed never to happen, because it's the big stick that Google uses to force people onto "real" android.

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Swear iPhone has the services doesn't it? Don't quote me on that I'm not completely sure but pretty sure..

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How about an option to enable Google services if you want them? The problem with getting an android phone is that I have to deal with android and its user interface all of the time as opposed to just getting the apps that I want.

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I would not want Google Services present on my BlackBerry. Having APK installation is a good middle ground.


Yes, here we go again.
Google Play Services and APK installs...

Let BlackBerry be BlackBerry and improve NATIVE BB services to kick Google's privacy invading backside!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Then get rid of Snap and the ability to download Android apps. Either go all the way with it or get rid of the option. Having a half baked option doesn't cut it.

I've supporting the idea of having Google Services avaiable during past 2 days here on Crackberry.
I am really surprised by the tone the people taking a stand against it.
1. Apple products are running Google services hence we don't just need to get an Android Phone. Apple will do just fine. Same way I want Blackberry to have Google apps and services working on it.

2. When I want Google service on my blackberry, its to make my experience with my phone better. Its not mandatory every Blackberry user has to use it when/if Google service get into BB10. If you want it, use it or just ignore.

3. @Q10Bold: Don't you have any android apps running on your phone? If you do, then why are you asking others to get an Android phone? Either Blackberry should build a eco system as Apple or Google for its useres, or give us choice to use them. I do understand its Google that refusing to provide their services on BB10 and I am not blaming Blackberry for it. At the same time, I don't blame Google to treat Blackberry as a competitor and doing everything it can silently to undermine a BB comeback.

4. I think Crackberry should have a poll asking how many of the readers wants option to have Google apps and services available on BB10.

If BlackBerry added all if these features it would be the best phone OS imho. The contacts app is definitely one to prioritise.

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Themes, more headless triggers, less Android apps and a harder push for native and easier dev.
Other than that, pretty much, I've gotten almost everything I've wanted out of this phone.

Print to PDF straight from the Browser (like on Gnome / Ubuntu Linux).

Browser add-ons, ad-blocker, cookie manager

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

+1. I am surprised this didn't make the list. Infact kick out Google services and put this one in.

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Surely there's a better way to present this than 26 separate page loads? ugh... after 4 pages, that was enough.
"Jump to" doesn't appear to work in Chrome.

I used Chrome to put it together, so not sure what's wrong with your version. Maybe check for updates or look at what plugins you have installed that might be jacking it up.

Hey Bla1ze... totally off topic, but how do u like that schoolboy Q album.. see the album cover in the section about media player improvements

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I was using Chrome to read this story and had the same issue. Chrome is up to date. I guess that's what I get for using a PC instead of my Q10.

Agreed. A single, scrollable post might have been less tedious.

Just checked using Chrome, and the Jump To option is working fine here.

Now that I've had time to read the article on CB10 (thank you, no separate pages!), well done gentlemen. Really well thought out and articulated.

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Using Chrome "Version 33.0.1750.154 m" and it's up to date. Windows 7 64-bit.
Didn't work on my Firefox 27.1 either, but does on v28. Perhaps my firewall/proxy didn't like something about it, as I've closed and reopened and it's working now.
I Dunno...

Have to agree here. 10 seconds + per page to load because of all the adds and only 5-10 seconds to read through text on most of the pages.

Was beautifully scrollable on my CrackBerry 10 app!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

CB10 app scrolled through beautifully on my z30; never want to to the Web to read CB. A lot of sites does this mini pages now; it drives me crazy, but it must improve their click rate (10 pg clicks vs 1 is a hell of a boost to ad revenue)

Anyway, as I said, the CB10 app works beautifully (other than trying to find replies to comments when the list gets really long - off topic, I know).

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

It was a tiring exercise to work my way through it, by the time I was at the end I had forgotten what I had seen on the first few pages.

Wow. Great article! I like the idea of many of these improvement.

My new smashed Mini C0031C543 and a little bit of cross-country riding C00339A43.

Improved Permissions Options - 19 of 25

I think the user should have the ability to set global runtime restrictions at the very least. Like not allowing any android apps Location Services. Why does Candy Crush Saga even need GPS?

There is a company that has an app called singles around me. They have filed a patent for an app called Position Shift which is designed to send a shifted version of your coordinates back out to any app that asks for your location coordinates

I understand what location tracking is and that with android it can't be set. But Blackberry 10 OS should be able to stop the Android runtime from actually accessing the phones GPS.

I agree. I can block any permissions for BlackBerry native apps. Sometimes the app doesn't mention it, sometimes it will not work. Why not give us the same control over Android apps? The greater risk, as I see it, is that Android apps will get a lot more information from me than any BlackBerry app.

I thought about putting the apps down the right side of the screen so an select one when you swipe up. So, emails and notifications on one side and open apps on the other. Swipe one direction for the hub and swipe the other way to get to whichever app you select. My worry would be that but would be confusing... but it would also be amazing once you get the hang of it.

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Better camera, panoramic ability, better rotation detection. Just off the top of my head.

Also need to sort pics by date, instead of always showing the earliest first.

Long way to go to make BB10 what it should be.

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BlackBerry OS 10 used to have alphabetically ordered options under Settings but a recent update somehow randomly orders these options. Another example of piss-poor quality assurance. Who's in charge of the development team? ID10T

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Great list! Now, just show it to Me. Chen or someone inside BlackBerry that could really make it real. We need all of this options asap.

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Great post. I can agree with pretty well everything.

+ damn good tune to display the music part :p

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Ability to backup at will bbm messages and restore them, currently it's hit or miss and I don't really want to keep months of bbm chats in my bbm, but instead archive and keep offline with the ability to view archives if I wish of old conversations this could be part of protect or included in the bbm app itself back up all or individual conversations

From my Zed 30 running

I think the list is nice! However, I'm pretty sure some would agree it's not exhaustive, not that everything can be added though. That said, since blackberry devices are about functionality, i think a big MISS from the list that was not sufficiently discussed is the ability to not just pin apps to the home screen but to be accessible even when the screen is locked. It's about access to what's used most often even while the phone is locked. This is the reason behind the new locked screen notification feature from BlackBerry, right? So, what about having such apps tiled vertically to the right of the screen while locked? Just an idea.

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No! I am desperately looking forward to a mobile data/ WiFi usage counter as a feature. All 3rd party apps sucks!!!!

On 10.2.1? Go into settings > app manager > device manager then click on whichever app you want. It shows you what resources each app is using.

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> And the ability to play folders through file manager.

I currently manage that by creating playlists for all my *many* song folders (NONE of which are artist-or-album name). It would be better is the player handled folders natively.

Another feature I'd strongly like to see added to the music app is an option to enable the display to stay on and unlocked when playing music while the phone is plugged into a power source.

The use case is using the phone for music in the car. It adds difficulty to wake and unlock the phone to manage the player, or merely when I want to see the album art.

Please BlackBerry, fix the contact issues and bring blackberry protect from the past

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This list is serious and on point.

Also with 10.2.1 I've been getting missing plug ins on so many embedded videos.

When I first got my z10 with 10.1 there wasn't a video I couldn't play. Not one single one any video on any site in could play. Matter fact any media but now I'm getting missing plug in icons.

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I feel like the calendar could use some improvement! Especially when entering new appointments! Even the OS6 calendar was better to me...

AS it is apparent we aren't going to get developers to come to us..... full access to Android. Tweak the Android Player so that the other 25% of Android Apps will work.

Don't wont to kill any developer... but look at some of the big apps that are download for BBW and incorporate those features into the OS. HUB+++ or Power Tools shouldn't be Apps they should be part of the system. (just like the flashlight and device monitor have been incorporated)

Allow a Blank Home Screen

Get rid of all of the sharp edges and corners in most "windows". Put a little for finesse into the overall UI design. It's been a year now....

iBook - copy it.

BlackBerry buy them out and integrate. What an even more awesome OS, if that goodness was OOTB!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Possibility to hide photos and videos from image app and documents in general!!!!!!

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Great article. The contacts is my major concern. I hope that's a priority for BlackBerry.

Second, I found the next page a bit annoying. Not sure if this was the first time you guys did it. But I would have preferred everything on one page rather than go through page by page.

it's a cheap way of generating more page hits. Every site with a number or picture gallery list throws them on subsequent pages. Gets the hit count up.

And while we're at it, can we get rid of the stupid 'Around the Web' click bait pics below each article before the comments section? Classy.

Interesting to know. Not sure about the 'Around the Web' .... I've got AdBlock installed so I don't see any advertising. My page is completely clean. I see nothing extra.

Great List, on par with what I as an avid BlackBerry 10 user demands, i would also like to add the ability to have the LED light flash green when in network coverage (Throwback to the BBOS days)

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I have to say this list pretty much nails it. If we could get all of these things improved bb10 would without a doubt, be the best UI out there. It already is, but imagine if it was this polished!


It has a really good user experience (UX) but the user interface's (UI) style needs an overhaul. Make things look better and updated.

The biggest pain point is making my subjects wait for me to finish choosing which faces are the best to save to take an additional shot. I would prefer to take as many shots in time shift mode as I wish (save them all) and let me go back and edit them later.

Combine 21 and 3 together.

When you swipe up you see a live image of the app running (imagine demo mode from pb)
On the bottom bar like the playbook instead of docked apps, you have the same bar but it lists the app icons that are open.

Active frames are useless, at least this way you can see the app running playbook style but also quickly find the app you are looking for to jump into.

Also why not have left and right swipe from the drop down settings toggle menu, you could put some select widgets there such as calendar, weather, last actions aka called this person or open this app.

Somebody give this list to BB!

Posted via CB10

Better maps and better voice control should be the top priority right now. If they can get thst fixed everything will be on par with the other os.

Which would pretty much eliminate the need for services provided outside of the BlackBerry experience.

Google Maps, Google Now / Siri etc.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

The permissions issue is really not just a simple misunderstanding that would be fixed with better descriptions. What we want, from a privacy and security centric company like RIM is the ability to control permissions more finely and the ability to refuse any permission on any given app. If the Android emulation layer needs access to contacts and other items and these cannot be disabled on android, I should be able on bb10, to deny it and maybe the OS has to give it a made up contact, etc.

With this kind of permission control we don't risk losing personal data through leaky apps nearly as much and will be more inclined to use them.

Posted via CB10

Just a basic symlink to a folder or file with generic data.

Any half-skilled bash/commandline scripter could do that.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Whereas the fine-grained permissions issue is a bit harder to do.

Get yourself a filesystem explorer or commandline app, and have a poke around QNX.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Imagine this... You are a business man (or woman) out of the office, on the road. You have written some documents or excel sheets or taken some photos or whatever. Of course with your new (BES connected) BlackBerry 10 device! And now you can print your work directly to any of your printers IN THE OFFICE. You definitely have the connection to them because you are VPN connected through BES. Wouldn't this be a awesome and helpful feature for all enterprise BlackBerry users?

Rearranging the icons on the screen would be nice (Kevin's idea).

Posted via CB10

All very valid points my number 1 is the contacts issue. It needs addressing ASAP as well as the blackberry protect. I just don't understand it worked flawlessly on legacy devices, then moving forward on to OS10 it's useless? Hopefully we will see all 25 points addressed in future 10.3.

Posted Via my Z30

I disagree, but for the happiness of other users, an option to toggle would be nice, especially on the Z's in landscape mode

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I am curious why you disagree. I find moving between apps on bb10 to be painful. PlayBook I find more simple and elegant.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for asking and not simply bashing me. Very much appreciated.

Yes, I do own a Playbook. It's good for a tablet OS, no doubt.

The Playbook way as it is has max. 3 apps visible, until you need to swipe left or right to see what else is open. I find the side swipe to switch or scroll between apps disruptive to the workflow. One swipe up on the screen, I can see the Active Frames, another one, bang, I can see the rest of them if there are more than four.

As a Q10 owner, I can reach everything, swipe up, switch, swipe up, close, etc with my thumb. It's more like Windows, the Desktop Wall or the original Cinnamon Desktop on Linux Mint (hit the hot corner upper left, and all screens / open apps are visible, that's one single muscle memory action, that reveals everything, if not, (on BB10) do it again and it will). The Q's smaller screen vs. the Playbook makes it just ideal the way it is, just IMHO.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I agree. I like to go from one app to another without going to home screen.
However, some of the apps having a right swipe gesture and it will trigger the app switch.
If BB can come up with a way to implement app switch, it would be awesome and unique.

1. Improve apps loading times
2. Improve web browser performance (laggy scroll + laggy input + optimize cpu consumption)
3. Partner up with big players for native apps: google (youtube, analytics, google+, maps, etc), facebook, adobe (included acrobat sux in terms of performance), twitter, skype, etc.

Posted via CB10

No good giving away apps if you have to delete them because device memory is full. Apps on SD card essential.

Posted via CB10

Like iOS 7, which looks like an acid trip gone bad?

The early, trip-popping Steve Jobs would have been proud of it, I guess. Watched the movie or read the bio?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I prefer native apps instead of should get us native apps and get a deal with devolpers...

Posted via CB10

A feature I'd love it the ability to switch of the reply now on the toast notification because it's close to the "x" sometimes I end up hitting it accidentally. Not a huge thing but would be nice to have the option to switch that off without switching off the whole pop up

Posted via CB10

BB link still doesn't do Notes to Remember sync. This is the biggest single lost piece of functionality since introduction of BB10. WHY??? So fundamental. WHEN if Ever will it be restored?

What I would love to see is while your using your phone and someone calling and you really don't want to answer but while your phone still ringing you still can be able to resume doing whatever you were initially doing until that person hangs up it just indicates you have a miss call.

Posted via CB10

agree with all of them, but modifiable led notifications, and several audio, video and subtitle support feature might have been added.

I totally agree all the things that needs an update.

But though my love for BlackBerry will never ever end.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

I love the way you can change from app to app in the PlayBook (side gesture) and also the live screen when you minimize the app. And to access settings in an app by gesture from the corner


Open sourcing of BB10 is the right way to allow users to extend it the way they'd like to!

Posted via CB10

+1 to the entire article, I would prioritise differently but agree on everything.

Posted via CB10

A dark theme All Around is in order,
The device is called "BlackBerry" everything about the BlackBerry should be black including the hub & emails.
This is why I miss my BlackBerry Torch cause i was able to change the entire device into a black theme with the BlackBerry Theme Studio.
BTW: The BlackBerry Theme Studio should be updated so it can work with newer devices.

I'm sure Kevin has Mr Chen's number and email address.

Obviously he has been sworn to secrecy so Crackberry can get the lowdown on any events at BlackBerry - how else do you get interviews with Thorsten Heins and John Chen ?

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Q20 not concepts.

We need a Z20 (5 inches) and a Z50 (6 inches phablet) or an announcement of a PlayBook 2 (with 1080p screen and BB10.2. 1)

BlackBerry doesn't need to make a lot of devices but anything they produce has have to be competitively priced and of a high standard.

If BlackBerry wants to recover their market share. Release the TATen!!!

BlackBerry has been driving with the handbrake on regarding The Astonishing Tribe - enough already!!!! Let them off their lead.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!!

Posted via CB10

Great list! Please forward it to BlackBerry and I expect it to be implemented into 10.5.5

 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH

I regret BB never used TAT to their fullest potential while the founding members were still there. Imagine what BB10 could have really been, sorry I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.

PLEASE make those ugly grey "read" icons in the hub go from ugly grey to original colour except lighter when read. Hard to distinguish between them. I love the vibrant colour when it's unread, keep it like that just lighten the colour up to tell what's read n unread. Seems like a simple fix

I am glad to see I am not alone in my desire for card style app Managment and home screen. Add that and a damn dedicated physical period key and I will stay with BlackBerry forever.

I was torn away from my WebOS by that evil mean hands of leo...

Posted via CB10

Wireless printing is key!!! Also please make better integration in the BBM app, We need a better Universal Translator with Auto detect language in BBM.

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Pet peeve I would love to see a fix for or maybe I'm missing it. Not sure how to explain this but I can't seem to figure out how to copy an email address for an address that is NOT in my contacts.

Let's say I got an email from someone and I want to copy that email without adding them to my contacts, I can't do it.

Even if I hit reply or forward I get this blue box with the name associated with the email and I can tap it to see the address or delete the email but I can't copy it?

This should be easy! Am I missing something or is this a needed fix?

Next..why can't I quickly copy an email address from within my contacts? I have to go to edit to copy?

This is an email should be easier.

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I'll be really happy if we get an ability to jump from the lock screen straight to the hub. I don't like the idea of opening messages and other notifications by double clicking them (and in fact I don't use it at all, because it's to slow and you have to be quite precise with tapping). What I catch myself on doing is simply swiping up and to the right side in one, continuous gesture when I'm in the lock screen (and then I realize that I have to do it in two separate moves). Don't know why lock screen is treated in the other way than the rest of the OS, where you have one, very intuitive gesture. Maybe it can be a list of 26 things to be improved?

I like it the way it is, 2 taps and you in the message you want to read. (if you don't have a password)

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I would personally like there to be a missed call audible notification. The missed call at least shows on the lock screen with 10.2.1 and the LED light blinks red. But it would be great if you could assign an audible notification that would intermittently beep or ring to alert you to a missed call. The cheapest mobile devices have this feature. They make some sort of sound to alert you.

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wow 25 things eh

i do have that many but it would be way too long to type even in point form :P

""PlayBook Style Task Manager""

Though I like the Task Manager for the PlayBook, I do prefer BB10's at the moment. Though there is room for some tweaking.

Everything else seems like nice suggestions.
I am sure John Chen will read this.

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For android apps the easiest is to "side-load" the snap Google play client it looks exactly like blackberry world app but has all the android play store apps.

Easiest way to side-load is to use the Google Chrome blackberry manager extension

Just google "crackberry snap Google play" and "BB10 PlayBook app manager"

Soo easy, soo nice

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Along with control over the system wide notifications, they should be made black as well. The white color just doesn't go

Although I agree with everything on the list ( I think you hit all the major points) I don't agree with the order. Very well done though. Let's hope BlackBerry follows with some changes :)

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This list!!! I love it!! Now send it to Chen!! PLLEEEEAAAASEEE!
The most important one for me is Openvpn support. I feel locked without it!

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Totally agree on the OpenVPN support. BB should bolster their image as a security-oriented company by implementing it.

I am shocked the Ability to View Chat History by Date and also Search keywords within chats Didn't make it on the List. This is actually a much needed feature that I and many of my Legacy OS users miss on BBM! Please bring this feature back BlackBerry !

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Contacts! Need to be able to set default, etc. Not have it default, as it does now. to automatically store new contact in every account!

Small thing to add to accelerate the software performance while opening apps, these apps should open up in their primary page and not go to the main page to open.

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Don't mess with my contacts... please... I can live with USB outlook sync, but it's got to work both ways!

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The instant preview of BBM when you are in a BBM chat already happens when you enter the chat by the HUB, if you go through the BBM app directly the preview is disable ( just to clarify that)

In the contacts, when you search for someone and close the app, when you go back is still on the las contact you look for, it should reset

Active frames should be optional for each app, I only needed for the Weather, BBM, Whatsapp and a few more; also, it should have setting options like what to show, for example on BBM select between Updates -latest Messages - or a mix and for Picture Gallery Active Frame I should be able to select which folder of pictures I what it to show

For main screen; you should be able to select between classic ( with all the icons like is right now) or carrusel (with a line or 2 of icon which I can roll to any side to look for the one I neer and in the top the the app that are currently running

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Bla1ze, this is one of the best reads on CB for a while. Thank you!
I agree with you on most issues, but I don't think some are a big deal... such as gallery and images, etc.
I recently got the 10.2.1 update from T-Mobile and experiencing it for the first time...WOW what a friggin GODSEND!
I feel like I have a new phone and APK support helped me from jumping ship to another platform JUST in time.
Let's hope BlackBerry adopts some of the point mentioned in this article in the next major update.

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Why when looking at this story on the Web through my computer do I have to click through a bunch of different pages? Terrible.

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Wireless printing
A section in BBWorld for Android selected apps (sort of security checked by BB)
BB10 desktop that would allow BBM and also to use my BB10 device pairing it to any PC/Mac/Linux
Blackberry Balance available for non business customers
Better Music App (Equaliser and lyrics) and Phone App (with detailed logs of the calls)