Top 10 Tips for the BlackBerry 10 Hub

BlackBerry Z10 Hub
By Simon Sage on 12 Feb 2013 04:03 pm EST

So you just got your brand new BlackBerry Z10 and are already knee-deep in the Hub. At first, there's an awful lot that's familiar here to BlackBerry veterans, but there are a whole bunch of tips and tricks that old-schoolers and noobies alike may miss at first.

BlackBerry always had a unified inbox, but the BlackBerry 10 Hub is much more than that. Seeing as this is where every kind of notification is lumped together, it seemed important to highlight some less-than-obvious tips that can make getting around the Hub a ton easier.

Without further ado, here are our top ten BlackBerry 10 Hub tips!


1. Peek into the Hub from anywhere by swiping up and to the right from the bottom of the screen.

2. Swiping up from the bottom of the Hub while keeping a finger on screen pulls in a compact sidebar with a notification count, similar to the standard peek gesture.

3. Instead of long-pressing, releasing, and tapping again on the contextual menu, drag your finger following the pop-up and release on the command you wish to select. Additional contextual options are hidden behind an overflow menu represented by an icon with three dots.

4. Long press a date marker to mark prior opened in the contextual menu.

5. Scroll up past the top of your messages to see your upcoming calendar items.

6. Tap the bottom-left icon to filter which notifications are shown in the Hub.

7. To select multiple messages, long press on a single one and pick Select More.

8. To remove sections from the Hub, tap the overflow menu button in the bottom-right, go to Settings, Hub Management, and toggle at will.

9. To hide the unread count from the Hub filter pane, tap the overflow menu in the bottom-right, tap Settings, and Display and Actions. After toggling Display Message Count, the count will still show up from the lock screen.

10. To jump back to Hub filter navigation, swipe to the right from the back button in the bottom left (see video explanation). This will summon a compact root-level filter menu, so you can jump elsewhere without having to swipe back multiple times to get to the primary Hub screen. 

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BlackBerry Z10 owners, what hidden gems have you found in the Hub? Are there any shortcuts you miss from the old BlackBerry OS? 

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Reader comments

Top 10 Tips for the BlackBerry 10 Hub


+2 also, a section for Z10 / bb10 how-to videos would be awesome. unless it already exists and i've missed it. in which case, nevermind.

I agree with Jenks.

When I pull up from the bottom of the hub, I see a little sidebar appear to the right. It has one little icon, a closed envelope, with the number 5 immediately under it.

If I move my finger back to the bottom, the sidebar goes away and I'm back to the hub. If I lift my finger from the glass or swipe to the right, I leave the hub & go back to the home screen.

Fine, I get it. But what are these 5 messages or notifications? I've gone through everything and don't see anything that is still marked unopened. At the top of the hub, I used tip # 4. The envelope icon is still at 5.

And why can't I tap on that icon to see those 5 messages, alerts, whatever they are?

When I am in the Hub and I swipe up from the bottom, it gives me a glimpse of the next card (home screen or running apps) on the right side of the screen. If I keep swiping up with my finger, it simply reveals the home or apps card completely. So, number 2 confuses me a little too.

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Question: So with Twitter, exactly what shows up in the hub? Is it the @ mentions and the DMs? or can you choose between the two? Like I only want DMs in the Hub and a spark over the Twitter icon with the @ mentions and everything else.

Being able to customize what shows up exactly in the Hub with an app like Twitter would be huge to me.

number 2 is wrong, if you slide up it just puts the home screen into view not a sidebar, if you keep swiping up it moves to the center of the screen and your back on the home screen, it jsut thinks you are about to peek back to where you were after peeking into the hub.

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I can'ttap the bottom icons on the hub.. Like search, write message and the 3 vertical dots. Even if I go to the text message icon on the home screen, I can't tap those would only show me the existing messages, but I can't make a new one. I can't access the hub settings because of this problem also.:(

I would like a large button on the home screen to get to the hub. Any hope for that?? I'm always trying to tiny 3 lines to the left of the different screen dots. A tap is ore efficient than a two direction swipe.

You are missing the best one...
Hub reset:
- make sure the hub icon is set up as one of the middle icons on the bottom of your home screen.
- from any app or position in the hub. Swipe up, tap the correct small dot at the bottom of your home or multitasking screen. Move finger position slightly and tap the hub icon. This resets the hub. The swipe double tap shortcut can be used for text messages also. Swiping right should only be used to go back to unfinished business in the hub. Then again touching the email icon on the bottom of the home/multitasking screen is easier than swiping right.