Top 10 tips for BlackBerry 10 e-mail

The BlackBerry Z10 E-mail application
By Simon Sage on 13 Feb 2013 05:56 pm EST

Though we've already rounded up a lot of tips for the BlackBerry 10 Hub, and e-mail is technically a part of it, there are a lot of nuances about setting up and using e-mail on the BlackBerry Z10 that are good to know. 

E-mail is very much at the heart and soul of BlackBerry, so let us help you get the most out of that experience. Dig into our Top Ten BlackBerry 10 e-mail tips below!


Follow these ten tips to get up to speed with email on BlackBerry 10. And if you'd rather watch than read, be sure to hit up the video above.  

1. To switch between threaded and individual messages, tap the overflow menu button in the bottom-right, go to Settings, and tap Display and Actions. By default it's set to individual messages - we recommend switching to threaded.

2. To attach a file to an e-mail, format a post and set the priority of the email, you have to hide the keyboard within an e-mail. 

3. Change which account e-mails are sent from by tapping the e-mail address drop-down bar at the top of the compose e-mail window.

4. To add BCC recipients, tap the overflow menu button in the bottom-right.

5. Tap the title bar at the top of an inbox to look into specific folders in each account.

6. New Gmail accounts default to IMAP, which has a slower sync cycle; be sure to tap into the Advanced settings to enable Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync when initially setting up. Keep in mind that Google has dropped ActiveSync support for many, but continues to support others - your mileage may vary. 

7. Be sure to enable Download Images Automatically under Display and Actions settings. It's off by default, but with LTE and great rendering, you'll likely want to have it on.

8. Enable or disable synchronization of contacts, calendar, tasks, and memos associated with an e-mail account by diving into Settings, Email accounts, picking an account, tapping Edit Account at the bottom, then flipping the switches at the bottom. You can also turn on or off syncing for specific folders from here.

9. Remember: unlike old BlackBerry devices, you can actually edit quoted e-mails in-line. Hooray!

10. Long press a date and select the option from the contextual menu to mark prior messages opened.

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BlackBerry Z10 owners, what hidden gems have you found while shooting e-mails to and fro? Are there any shortcuts you miss from the old BlackBerry OS? 

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Reader comments

Top 10 tips for BlackBerry 10 e-mail


First maybe? Anyway, is there a way to view folder contents longer than 30 days? I know when you set Gmail up in IOS and Android and synch the folders of messages, you can go back as far as you have history as the folders don't really ge populated until you request the messages. I was never able to do this on my Playbook either. Would be nice to have.


I think BB10 will not be affected when Gmail finally drop activesync. BB10 is using IMAP to sync with Gmail

Why don't you post a comparison on e-mail delivery speed between 9900 and Z10 ? Maybe because we all know who would win ?

Awesome. Thanks crackberry... tip #10 is awesome. I was wondering how this was done. I tried long pressing on an email with no luck, but sure enough, long press the date and the option us there. Beauty.

it has always been that way, you go to the date, press and hold, there's the option, on my 9900 thats how i do it !

10. Long press a date and select the option from the contextual menu to mark prior messages opened.

I have posted a thread regarding the right hand side contextual menus on which there are 3 and you are not using it correctly in the Video.

When you long press the Date a Contextual menu of icons appear (as you show in the video) but you do not press and scroll the icons as you are doing in the video.

Once you long press a date you then touch the black area of the Contextual Menu above the icons and the full menu appears with Icon names, and stays open, no scrolling needed.

Also works if you "long press" an email that you have sent or received, it will turn blue and the icons appear in a contextual menu tap on a black area above the icons and the full menu appears with icon names such as Forward, File and Flag.

These Contextual Menus are available for all Hub items not only Email see my post for screen shots!

I setup my webmail account on my z10 but my phone pulls the emails from my webmail account without leaving a copy on the server. Is there a way to fix it so I can leave a copy on the server?

Don't know what he was saying no sound half way through but I can tell from how he is operating the Email feature that he has missed the "Long Press" until the item turns Blue, then touch a black area of the Contextual Menu and the icons pop out revealing their names and staying on screen until you tap the Blue item again.

Sorry to keep on but Email is something I have used a lot in the past and wish to continue to do so with the Blackberry Z10 hence I watched the video a few times and have noticed errors albeit with no sound half way through, here is another.

You do not need a Two finger swipe to hide the Keyboard to reveal the Overflow Menu in order to send Attachments. (Remember the Z10 was designed to be used one handed on the go) all you do is Swipe To the Right with your thumb on the Email part of the screen and the Keyboard disappears to get it back Tap the Screen anywhere, simple!

Instead of using two finger swipe to hide the keyboard, when you want to attach an attachment to your mail, you can also just long press the spacebar and the keyboard will hide itself.

Simpler than two finger swiping, when using one hand and works more consistently for me than right swiping.

That's very cool very well spotted fului!

So that's two ways not to use two fingers.

The way Blackberry Z10 is meant to used. On The Go One Handed With Flow.

friend is noticing the email hub freezes and requires the 5 swipe from top right corner down.
he had to do it 3 times today, is this an issue , a email setting issue

I don't think you can use activesync anymore with gmail... I just tried and I get the error "service for account (email) is not available. Access shouild be available soon. [error code: 403]

Does this mean this article is no longer correct?

One things for certain, gmail doesn't like me using ActiveSync on my new BB10 device. Never had to use it under BBOS7. And Google calendar doesn't work for me. Syncs from the calendar to BB10 but not in reverse.

Dropping BIS is a crazy decision. The real shame about what is a terrific new device are the terrible compromises on service that have been made to launch this device.

Really poor strategic decision making got RIM into the current mess - I'm not so sure they've weeded out the crazies.

While the BlackBerry Z10 has been working well during these two weeks post-launch, I am concerned about the rough edges which affect the user experience. The hub is a nice idea but needs some refinement. For example, not every application slides to the right when I try to access the BlackBerry Hub. Sure I can swipe upwards and to the right but that is inconsistent with the more natural swipe to the side. For my personal email the lack of marking messages read on the mail server (IMAP) which exists on my BlackBerry Bold with the same email account will hopefully be fixed soon.

Does the Z10 still have separate icons for the different emails or is everything in the hub now? Also can you still put different ring tones for each email account ?

Everything is in the Hub, but emails from separate providers can be seen separately (grouped by provider) or altogether. You can also set what you want to see in the Hub (emails, bbm, texts etc).

Not sure about the ring tones question. I never use ring tones, just vibrate and/or the LED.

Hi everyone, especially people who live in the US. I heard that T-mobile will be releasing BB Z10 earliest!!! Go to and click on the link to the BB Z10 article~! (Last word of the link is "weeks")

Keep your fingers crossed ;)

I live in Canada by the way but im very happy to hear the news. Those who are angry that Z10 hasn't been launched in the US yet should be patient as its arrival will hopefully sort out all the bugs! I still haven't gotten my Z10 yet for that very reason~!!

Please spread out the good news so the other carriers will pull their a**** together and release the Z10 sooner ;)

Cheers ;)

What I would like to see is the ability to search for old emails on the server (like iOS does). I can still get to these emails via the browser, but it would be more efficient to just search on the server in the Hub.

I am patiently waiting for a Z10 [Australia] My stupid retarded Iphone 4s has an email limit of just 1,000 emails [IMAP account]. At this limit, as soon as new e-mails are received, the older ones disappear from the handset. I have a BB 9860 on os 7.1 and it appears to have unlimited email capacity.

Can anyone tell me what the e-mail limit capacity of a Z10 is whilst NOT running BES 10 software via a server?


How do you delete prior in the email hub by date.
With the 9900 I can delete prior a date and it will remove all emails.

Also will a demo on the PDF reader be done on the site. I am a medical professional and loved opening an email , then open a 20 page medical PDF and click the " view text" feature which removed all the formatng so I can just read the text and important information .

Can this be done with the Z10 ?

Hi Crackberry,

Sorry if my questions sounds stupid as I am not familiar with the email setting stuffs.
I am currently using 9790 and using IMAP setting on my work mail.
1. If I upgraded to BB10 phones, and my mail server support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, is that means I can sync other folders on my mailbox instead of only sync the inbox (which is my current BB did).
2. I guess because BB have "push" my mails to my 9790, so when I read a email on my 9790, the mail on server will also mark as read.
But when I read an email on my mac (e.g. thunderbird), the email on my bb will not marked as read automatically. Have this problem been solve if I upgrade to Z10?

Best Rgds,

My biggest (and only) gripe about the emails is that when there are pictures in the email, and it auto downloads you nearly always need to pinch the screen to zoom out so you can actually see the whole message. A recommendation in a future OS update, would be to auto zoom out emails (similar to webpages) so that we can see the message properly when opening it.

Anyone found how to quickly go to the next email without going back to the hub?

I think this is the most annoying thing I am facing right now with my new z10 that i may have to go back to my 9900
Why are we loosing basic blackberry efficiency?
Some of these features are what keeps us loyal
Without them it is just another phone

I am very disappointed

Number 3 is not available for me running seriously my Cogeco account doesn't work for reply/forward when I'm not on my home wifi. Does anyone know why this feature is no longer available or how to turn it on? And yes I checked the forums.

When did BlackBerry state that the Z30, and all blackberry 's will no longer allow use of " (carrier)- on the New Z30 & all Others as of 2015?? I have done research on the. Z10,Q10 & Z30' s since the news releases and did not hear of this until I was setting up my New "Z30??"?!