Top 10 tips for the BlackBerry 10 calendar

By Simon Sage on 19 Feb 2013 10:14 am EST

The BlackBerry 10 calendar continues the tradition of being powerfully practical and easy to use. Thanks to a handful of acquisitions, BlackBerry's calendar is now more social-powered than ever, plus there are a few new subtle touches that will be refreshing to those that have lived by the BlackBerry calendar for years already. We've rounded up some tips that every new BlackBerry Z10 owner should know about before booking their next appointment. Check 'em out! 

Top 10 Must-Know BlackBerry 10 Calendar Tips

1. Calendar colors can be changed by swiping down from the top of the Calendar app, tapping Settings, and choosing Calendar Colors. 

2. Your upcoming calendar items are tucked above the messages in the Hub, just scroll up.

3. Calendar appointments can be created from the Hub by long-pressing a message and selecting Invite to Meeting. Its description will be populated with information from the message. 

4. Swap between full schedule, agenda, or people-based calendar views by tapping the date bar at the top of the Calendar.

5. Appointments with dial-in information for conference calls will automatically pop up with a shortcut to initiate the call.

6. Active calendars being shown can be set by swiping down from the top of the Calendar app and selecting Manage.

7. All-day events can be created by tapping the "24" icon at the top of a calendar date. 

8. To get a quick look at the next four months, swipe down from the month view. From there swipe left or right to navigate further into the year. 

9. Days with bigger numbers in the Month view have more meetings booked.

10. Calendars can be disconnected from the BlackBerry by swiping down from the top of the home screen, tapping Settings, diving into Accounts, tapping the calendar you want to get rid of, then selecting the delete button at the bottom. For ActiveSync accounts, this may be a toggle switch instead.

More BlackBerry 10 Tips and Tricks 

With all of that, hopefully we've been able to save you a few minutes here and there. How packed is your BlackBerry calendar? How much are you affected by limited access to shared calendars? Are there any shortcuts you miss from the old BlackBerry OS? 

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Reader comments

Top 10 tips for the BlackBerry 10 calendar


Good information. Thanks.

I've never owned a full touch device before so I have an on-screen keyboard related question if anybody knows the answer, please chime in. Let suppose I'm calling my bank to checking my account that requires an authentication. I'm asked to enter my passcode. How do I access the on-screen keyboard? Do I have to use a specific gesture for it to show up on the Z10? Thanks in advance.


It depends on if your passcode is numeric or alpha-numeric. If it's the former, you can use the dialling pad as usual. If it's alpha-numeric, you can bring up the keyboard by swiping upwards with TWO fingers simultaneously from the bottom bezel area. FYI - this gesture will bring up the keyboard anywhere within BB10.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the tips, but 1 and 7 are the same, as Im sure someone will point out.

Edited: And now it looks like Im making things up =S.

One of my frustrations with the Calendar is you can turn calendars on and off in the app but as long as the calendar is "there" you can't stop events from showing up in the Hub or Lock screen. If you don't want calendars to show, the only way you can really do this is to tweak the account settings (to not pull the calendar from an account), or delete the calendar from the source (so if you're pulling in your Outlook calendars you have to go to Outlook to delete the calendar altogether that you no longer want to pull, disabling it from the BB won't totally remove it).

Great tips, and pleasantly surprised by the calendar pull-down option - nice!

Quick question: is it possible to use the calendar to schedule a BBM Voice or Video call with a client/contact?

edited: Another great tip: tap the Day, Week or Month button at the bottom to scroll back the the current day within that view (even if already looking in that view, but say you're looking ahead a few weeks) - there's no "today" button like in the playbook calendar.

Often I look ahead of a few days, weeks or months, and I kept scrolling back to get to the current day. (ie the long way)


Seriously, this is the tip that I was hoping to read about in this article. Like you, I was always having to scroll back to the current date.

Is the calendar still tied into Facebook or is it back to being separate? Really HATE with a passion how Facebook takes over calendar even if you do not select that option in Facebook.

anyone having issue with your calendar? i start my in month view and lets say i would like to add an event on any date.. I fill in my info ( subject, location etc) but as soon i select the time the calendar apps shuts down.. the only way for me to actually add an even is by going into day view add an event but dont change the time yet then save it.. after that edit it and then now you can change the time.

I'm having the exact same issue too. The Calendar app closes or crashes when you try to chagne the date when adding a new one.

I have an issue with entering addresses into the location field and having them so that they will actually send the map location correctly. If I enter 10154 108 Street, Edmonton, Alberta it will only do the 108 street portion. If I put it in as 10154-108 Street Edmont, it will not open the map app at all.

I have a good work-around for this: type "10154 108th Street, Edmonton, Alberta"

That seems to work fine.

I don't have a BB10 yet (yay, USA! lol), so I don't know if it's true or not, but I heard you can switch your day/week/month view using pinch to zoom. Can anyone confirm this?

Received my Z10, 15 hours ago. So far I am loving it!!!
I really like the Calendar, the Hub, everything!
These are some great tips for the calendar!

The thing I miss most from BB7 is being able to add alarms to the calendar. I am a teacher-on-call so when I get calls days in advance, I like to schedule my work into my phone and set the alarm to wake me up for 90 minutes beforehand.
Alarms are much better than reminders since reminders don't make noise in the "Phone Calls Only" profile.

Am I missing something?

I have the same problem or gripe
One of the great features of my BBOS7.X device was the ability to create unlimited number of alarms from the calendar. Is this feature lost forever?

Hah! Sharp eye. Actually going down to Boston for PAX East to check out mobile games, but if anything else happens while I'm down there, it would be pure serendipity. 

I think the calendar entries on "Day" are too large, I need to scroll down with just a handful of events events.
Also, I miss how events faded when finished on OS7.
And my BBM Group calendar is mis-firing all over the place.
But apart from that it's perfect! ;)

What do you mean your BBM group calendar is "misfiring"? That feature is the #1 reason I have a BlackBerry so I hope it is as full featured as 7.1 is.

This is between a 9900 and a Z10.

I get no notifications on the Z10. And no option to share edits with group.
But more worryingly... I get duplicate entries when editing on the Z10. And deletions on the Z10 don't always register on the 9900.

For example:
I edited a swimming lesson. Single occurrence in a recurring series, added detail to the subject line. This resulted in me having two identical swimming lesson entries. So, I deleted one, and both disappeared.
And, if I delete an entry on my phone, it disappears. But the 9900 still has it, and if it is edited at that end, it re-appears on the Z10.

Just tonight, for the duplicate entries, I saw the recurring symbol had a line through it on one of the entries. So I deleted this one and it seemed to delete that one only.
And on the second example, it is possible that it depends who is administrator for the group.

But whatever workarounds there are or may be, it is not functioning correctly.

I too rely on this and it worked a dream between a 9900 and 9790. I am sticking with it in the hope BB fix it soon. Plus I do not have many other options right now.

Fingers crossed! :)

How do you delete a calendar entry on the BB10 calendar? I can't believe that it can't be done but for some reason, I cannot find out how to do it...

Long press on the entry, right hand side bar show appear with a trash can in the bottom right corner. Either drag the entry down or lift finger and tap trash can.


I get edit, busy, alarm, share, and then delete right in the bottom corner where it always is.

What happens if you tap on the entry and then tap the overflow button (three dots in lower right)?

ah.. i guess there is an incomplete feature (or minor bug) here inside the app. if your entry is a local calendar entry, you can edit & delete or do whatever you want with it BUT if the entry is NOT a local calendar entry (that means you enter that by using your calDAV) then you can only SHARE that and if you wanna delete it, you need to delete that from your online calendar client.

yeah, i also sometimes notice some crashes with the calendar app. hopefully this will be addressed & optimized on future firmware updates but overall, the bb10 calendar app is RE-DESIGNED, RE-ENGINEERED & RE-INVENTED for sure!!

the calendar week now starts on Sunday like 99% of all calendars produced in North America! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the calendar has definitely improved, i'm confident notifications will be more customizable in a future os upgrade.

Swipe down from the top bezel to go into settings and you can choose any day of the week to start your weeks on.

This is configurable the same way in "Options" in BBOS 7.

Whoa, thanks for the top on Agenda view...I thought the Z10 didn't have it! But it only seems to display agenda view in 1 day intervals. I like to see a continuous view of all upcoming appointments. Any more tips for me?

Just to add - swiping down from month view gives you the 6 month view. If you swipe right, you get the next 6 months and so on...If you swipe left, you get the last 6
I am in Thailand where the Z10 is not yet officially launched. Got mine imported (not sure where from) but I am liking it...

Winston...I was just about to ask you how you did this and I figured it have to let your fingers do the walking, not just pull down but walk your fingers on the screen like a treadmill and the six month view appears...

I am wondering if anyone knows how I can see into my colleagues calendar's for my work calendar which is synced to Outlook. This worked for me on the Bold but I can't see the button to view peoples busy/free times in Z10.

A comment and a question:
Comment: The scroll wheel by which date and time are set in the calendar is poorly laid out and is very easy to input the wrong information (neither the vertical nor the horizontal line are differentiates by anything more than a narrow stripe, so it's like a uniform grid of numbers that the eye has a hard time locking in to). There are so many calendar layouts with scroll wheels out there, seems like BB could have does a better design than this. It's also really easy to shift time/date when trying to scroll down the calendar entry (since on the Q10 the scroll wheels take up a lot of the screen realestate, if one is touched in swiping up or down the date or time will shift inadvertently).

Question: I need to set an appointment for next year. I see no where in the calendar how to set the year. Again, BBOS7 had a perfectly fine layout for this sort of thing, it's puzzling why it would be abandoned for this inferior layout.

The Q10 calendar has one odd quirk, which is a HUGE problem -- It places my appointments in the next day! Yet, on the Agenda, it shows the appointments are the correct day. So on the Day view calendar, my Thursday appointments show up on Friday Day view. What is up with this?? This definitely needs to be fixed.

Anyone have problem with loading calendar? If i go into calendar it usually takes 20 sec to load up data. And its not problem of gsm/wifi network or server cause it takes same time if i switch to air mode. Btw its not a single device problem, we have about 40 pieces in company and every has the same issue. We are using BES10 and IBM Domino - Traveler 9. Any advice would be great thx.

Is there a way to set the Calendar app to keep appointments forever like there was on previous Blackberry platforms?

I'm in the process of migrating from an iPhone to a Q10 and trying to use Blackberry Link to sync calendar entries from my Mac. My calendar has entries going back to 1996 that I don't want to lose, but when I sync to my Q10, it only gets a month's worth of appointments. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

I searched on Google and found one other person with the same question (on the Blackberry forums). There was no reply to that question.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Update to my own question: I found that it's possible to sync with Outlook calendar on Windows as far back as you have events in your calendar. Anyone know why it's missing from the Mac version? Or, if it's not, how to set it?

My Calendar on Z3 has suddenly gone blank. I have tried resetting my email account but the calendar events do not appear. I also tried creating an event on the handset itself but even that event does not appear. The reminders for the event though pop up. Am I seeing a different calendar while the events could be stored in a different one. If so how do I switch back?

We recently went to Daylight Savings Time. My Blacberry did too (or at least my ISP did). Now all of my Calendar notes, bookings etc. are an hour out. The fix? Set my Blackberry back to winter time. Why are such little big things always totally ignored nor mentioned? It's a pain-in-the-clock-face.