Top 10 tips for the BlackBerry 10 browser

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By Simon Sage on 15 Feb 2013 10:05 am EST

The browser on the Z10 is the smoothest web experience on BlackBerry to date, and if the benchmarks are any indication, it offers the best mobile browsing available today. Getting around the BlackBerry 10 browser is mostly self-explanatory, but there might be a few tricks that you didn't know about.

Hit the jump for our top ten tips to get the very most out of the BlackBerry 10 web browser!


1. Add shortcuts to your home screen by tapping the overflow menu button in the bottom-right and tapping Add to Home Screen.

2. Enable or disable Flash by tapping the overflow menu button in the bottom-right and tapping Settings, then Display and Actions, and toggle Adobe Flash from there.

3. To clear your viewing history, tap the tab navigator button in the bottom-left, tap History, then tap the trash can in the middle on the bottom.

4. Tap the overflow menu bottom in the bottom-right and tap Reader to view a page's text, uncluttered by graphics.

5. Double-tap parts of a web page to zoom in and have text fit full width across the screen.

6. To open a link in a new tab, long press the link, then tap Open in New Tab from the contextual menu on the right.

7. To share a web page, tap the overflow menu in the bottom-right, tap Share, and choose which channel to share through.

8. To change default search engines, start typing a query in the address bar, then tap the search engine icon in the top-right.

9. To view web pages in desktop mode by default, tap the overflow menu button in the bottom-right, tap Settings, then Developer Tools, and toggle Desktop Mode.

10. To not leave any history of web browsing, tap the overflow menu button in the bottom-right, tap Settings, then Privacy and Security, and toggle Private Browsing.

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BlackBerry Z10 owners, what hidden gems have you found while shooting e-mails to and fro? Are there any shortcuts you miss from the old BlackBerry OS? 

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Reader comments

Top 10 tips for the BlackBerry 10 browser


Don't forget implicit sharing via NFC. You can simply tap the phone against another one when you have the site open. Both need to have NFC enabled of course.

Nope. Downside: can't create big heirarchies of organization. Upside: bookmarks can painlessly inhabit multiple categories. 

Shame. There definitely seems to be a trend moving away from a hierarchical filesystem on the user end. In one sense, this is good because tags have taken the place of determining how directories should be structured but the ability to organise files the way you want is something many of us are comfortable with. Rarely do know find a website or file that could (or should) be placed in more than one directory and this is why I'd prefer to have the control.

Don't forget about Reader mode. it makes reading Crackberry post (or any other articles) easier to read as it will only display the relevant content. Reader mode is accessible via the Overflow menu.

Is there any way to get rid if the info bar at the bottom of the screen when browsing? It would be nice to be able to hide this to take advantage of the full screen sometimes.

Does it have the awesome "Column View" like in BlackBerry Device Software 5.0?

I miss my Column View. Reading has never been the same again ever since.

Why would you want to disable Flash? I get it about battery life, but if you're not watching videos does having it enabled still drain your battery?

I know this is for the Z10, but I hope the Q10 will still have keyboard shortcuts like "r" for reload, space to page-down, "f" to find on page, etc...

I know it says you can put shortcuts to websites, but can you put a shortcut that would open the browser straight into privacy mode?

yeah not having a find feature on the Playbook is annoying. Do you fellas know if this is coming anytime soon? Is there an option for that on Blackberry 10?

Just wondering if this was approved by White9900 before I move forward....

***most entertaining thread ever***

Great tips!!

Hey everyone, I'm a NBA league pass Owner and use my PlayBook to view my games via browser due to supporting adobe flash. The z10 is not available yet in the Dominican Republic But soon will I'm wondering if with its flash support will I be able to view Games on the z10 also??

It should be able to play just like the PB.

(BTW, I am too waiting for it in DR. I'm on Claro, but if Orange has it first, I might do number porting! They should have discount to entice switchers)

How do you save an image you want? for example i found a pic from google images and i want to save it to my phone i dont see a save as option. all i see is share photo

Hi, I've got some question as a BB-addict... Why even BB10 browser is only a "browser" ??? The new BB browser should have its own name; the name relating to speed + efficiency + reliability !!! Everybody has distinct browser's name, so: why BB10 browser is still only a "browser" :)

Think about BYOD - everything must be fit and cool to support building of the BB brand value in a prism of this quite new but quickly growing mobile market trend.

Nice work Simon. More videos would have been nice. We need to really showcase the browser, people always knocked on BB for their browsers. Let's show them more of what it can do in BB10.

I have Private Browsing on my Playbook turned on and it stays that way. On z10 however each time I close the browser and open it again, the private browsing is always set to off. Is it a glitch or is there other way to switch it on permanently ?

Hey, is there a way to open more than one browser rather than just opening new tabs? Some of these mobile sites are as good as/better than the actual apps, and it would be nice if I could open them in their own active panels.

Not sure if this is mentioned. If you press and hold the back arrow at the bottom next to the address bar, it will show the previous pages.